The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1518

Chapter 1518: Vitalizing Ember

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As Wang Chong pulled on the Origin Immortal Sword, a shaking came from the deepest depths of the earth. Far above, the dome of the cavern sent down countless large chunks of rock and dirt, and even pieces of the metal ore vein. One of the large slabs fell on the chain and immediately caused it to fiercely sway.

For a moment, it felt like the underground world was on the verge of collapsing.

"What's going on? What happened?"

Crssh! Crash! In another part of the caves, as dirt and dust fell from overhead, a group of focused and nervous martial artists raised their heads. One by one, they began to look in shock at the direction of the shaking.

"How could there be such major shaking? What in the world happened?"

At the same time, in another part of the caves, several evil path experts also looked up in shock and alarm. This vibration was simply too powerful, like the caves were about to come down and bury them here. No martial arts technique could possibly be capable of this.

"Haha, the Origin Immortal Art, it must be the Origin Immortal Art! Someone must have found it! Let's go!"

In a third place in the caves, a martial artist seemed to understand something, and before his comrades could react, he began to shoot toward the source of the vibrations.


Within the underground palace, the world was swaying and dust was falling from the ceiling. Boom! Crash! A thick metal pillar collapsed, crashing to the floor in a cloud of dust. The Righteous Alliance party instantly came to a stop.

"Alliance Lord?"

Everyone looked toward the man at the very front, Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi.

Song Yuanyi said nothing, only turned toward the source of the shaking. In a rare moment, the usually unperturbed righteous path leader slightly frowned.

"It seems like someone has already gotten there!" The familiar voice of Vice Alliance Lord Xie Guangting came from the back, and the man himself walked up to stand together with Song Yuanyi.

"The underground palace is guarded by the six generations of the Origin Immortal Lord's disciples, and the entire journey is fraught with challenges. What sort of person would be able to advance with such speed?"

Xie Guangting's brow was tightly furrowed and his expression was solemn. Many experts had gathered in the northwest and the Righteous Alliance had almost fully mobilized its forces, but they had still not been able to obtain the Origin Immortal Art. This was a major setback for the Righteous Alliance!

"I hope it's not him!"

This was all that Song Yuanyi said, but his words caused Xie Guangting to pale. Before anything else could be said, Song Yuanyi vanished as he rushed forward.

"Let's go! No matter what price we must pay, we have to force our way through!"

"Someone must have found the Origin Immortal Art! Let's go!"

Anxious shouts echoed through the palace. At the same time as Song Yuanyi was leading his group of Righteous Alliance experts charging at the core, the Black Yin Ancestor had transformed into his black dragon form and was bellowing as he led the way. Behind him was a massive bone devil and numerous Five Ancestor Alliance experts.

The Five Ancestor Alliance had lost many experts to the dangers of the underground palace, but they could no longer worry about such things. If they did not obtain the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art, they would have come to this place for nothing, and all those deaths would have been in vain.

Most importantly, the martial arts titans of the evil path could never countenance someone stealing treasure from right under their eyes.

Rumble! The group swiftly vanished into the passages as they rapidly made their way toward Wang Chong's group.

At this moment, anyone in this underground world who was able to feel the vibrations cast aside everything else to rush toward it.

Wang Chong was completely unaware of these developments, unaware that his pulling of the sword had driven everyone mad.

"Yield to me!"

At this time, Wang Chong was completely focused on the sword before him. When he had exerted his strength, the entire world had shaken, and Wang Chong sensed that he was not pulling on the sword, but the world itself.


After a seemingly interminable second, Wang Chong once more exerted his strength, the veins on his entire body bulging. Finally, with a massive boom, the ground cracked and the sword emerged in an explosion of golden light.

The moment he pulled out the sword, an immense tide of energy traveled from the divine sword into Wang Chong's body.

Pop! Bang! This righteous, solemn, and dignified energy from an ancient era flowed through Wang Chong's meridians and rushed into his dantian, extinguishing the energy Bagushidu had hidden within him in one fell swoop.

Not even a peak Great General was able to withstand the power of Bagushidu's Dark Moon's Flame. In the history of the Earth Sect, numerous peerless experts had died to this supreme sealing art. But in the face of the majestic and righteous energy of the Origin Immortal Sword, this energy melted away like snow before the scorching sun.

Moreover, as the immense energy surged through him, it nourished his every cell and meridian, restoring the energy he had previously consumed.

This energy was different from any other energy Wang Chong had encountered. While similar to the Origin Immortal Stellar Energy, it was even denser.

And while the Origin Immortal Stellar Energy was entirely gold, the divine sword's energy was gold tinged with violet, and it exuded a divine aura.

And what shocked Wang Chong the most

When this energy surged into Wang Chong's body, it obliterated all the thousands of different kinds of energy absorbed by the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, annihilating them in a single blow.

One had to realize that Wang Chong's cultivation defect had been caused by the thousands of different kinds of energy in his body clashing against each other. But as the divine sword's energy flowed into his body, the problem of mixed energies that had burdened Wang Chong for so long was instantly resolved.

This also meant that Wang Chong's cultivation defect had been completely cured!


Wang Chong was ecstatic upon realizing this, almost not daring to believe his senses.

Without this internal problem, he could once more use his peak strength, perhaps be even stronger than before.

Wang Chong was now in perfect condition.

But Wang Chong had far more to be shocked and surprised about.

"You're finally here!"

At this moment, a deep voice resounded in Wang Chong's ear, one tinged with dignity, respect, and a deep relief.


The sound of a knee striking the floor echoed in his ear, and then Wang Chong realized in shock that the imposing figure of the first-generation successor had gotten down on his knees and lowered his proud head.

What Wang Chong had been regarding as a corpse that had been dead for nearly one thousand years had actually yielded to him.


At almost the same time, the tens of thousands of flying swords shone as one, lowering their tips as if in obeisance to Wang Chong.

"What's going on here?"

The people in the distance had long ago been struck dumb. In the fog, the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief stood side by side, watching these strange events transpire in awe.

"Impossible! What's going on here?!"

No one was more stunned than Bagushidu.

He had immediately activated the Dark Moon's Flame in Wang Chong's body, but this legendary sealing art of the Earth Sect had been completely ineffective.

Bagushidu decided that there had to be a mistake, and tried three more times, but Wang Chong showed no reaction. It was like the sealing art no longer existed within him.

And the mighty Origin Immortal Sword Formation which had cast the third-generation successor into the abyss was now completely ignoring the outsider Wang Chong. Not only that, the flying swords and the first-generation successor seemed to be lowering their heads to Wang Chong.

Bagushidu had never in his worst nightmares imagined such things were possible.

That final trial which had seemed impassable to him and Ishinishidu seemed to not exist in Wang Chong's eyes.

"Impossible! This can't be!"

Even someone as composed as Bagushidu lost his composure after witnessing these impossible developments.

His eyes were cold, and as they stared at the young figure on the other side, they exploded with killing intent.

But Wang Chong was completely focused on the divine sword at this time.

"Congratulations to user! For triggering World Event: Origin Immortal Sword (Basic), user has been rewarded with 100,000 points of Destiny Energy! In addition, user has unlocked the skill, 'Vitalizing Ember'!

"'Vitalizing Ember': For fragmented consciousnesses that survive in the world through obsession and are on the verge of collapse, user can grant them the ability to move around for a short period of time!

"This skill requires absorbing the target's fragmented consciousness, so it can only be used once on each target!

"Note: As the skill needs to absorb the target's fragmented consciousness, it requires a certain amount of preparation time!

"Remark: The skill is not a typical combat skill!"