The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1519

Chapter 1519: Elixir And Divine Treatise

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"My mission is complete!" At this moment, the figure standing in front of Wang Chong spoke once more, the voice getting weaker and weaker.

Clangclangclang! The tens of thousands of swords in the air rapidly lost their golden luster, turning into ordinary iron as they plummeted into the abyss.

The shoulders of the first-generation successor sagged and his head dropped. Now that he had completed his mission, he was immediately rendered motionless, the last bit of energy scattering as the swords plunged.


Seeing that the mind of the first-generation successor which had persisted for one thousand years was about to disperse, Wang Chong immediately stepped forward and placed a palm on the successor's shoulder.

He instantly felt a cold and icy sensation at his fingers.

He immediately used the new skill he had obtained.

Activate Vitalizing Ember!

As this thought passed through Wang Chong's mind, a tiny violet flame emerged from his fingertip and entered the first-generation successor's body.

The successor's body remained like a motionless statue, but as the 'Vitalizing Ember' entered, a faint red hue appeared on his skin. Meanwhile, the ember traveled through his meridians and into his mind.

The ember floated in his mind, upon which the scattered consciousness of the successor suddenly began to congregate once more around the ember.

The Vitalizing Ember needed time to work, but as Wang Chong had already had his cultivation defect cured, he now had the ability to defend himself for long enough.

This underground world was rife with danger, and Wang Chong felt safer having a peerless expert like the first-generation successor around.


After doing this, Wang Chong walked past the successor toward the altar.

At the end of the stone bridge, he had already noticed several objects placed on the altar, and he could now confirm that he hadn't been seeing things.

One of these objects was an extremely ancient wooden box, and the other was a golden gourd around six inches high, meant for holding pills.

The gourd was exquisitely built, and the medicinal energy that had seeped into it caused Wang Chong to smell its musky fragrance from afar.

"The Origin Immortal Elixir!"

Wang Chong glanced over and recognized the ancient script on the gourd.

Wang Chong immediately waved a hand, taking up the gourd and box. Ignoring the gourd with the Origin Immortal Elixir, he instead opened the red wooden box.

A small booklet had been placed in the box.

'Formation Divine Treatise'!

Wang Chong was delighted to see these words on the cover. He had found the item that the Formation Elder had asked him to find.

Wang Chong took up the Formation Divine Treatise and looked to see what was under it.

Wang Chong had believed that the martial art that the entire martial arts world longed for, the Origin Immortal Art, would be under the divine treatise, but after removing the Formation Divine Treatise, Wang Chong was struck dumb. There was nothing else in the box. It had only contained the Formation Divine Treatise.

"What's going on here?"

Wang Chong was baffled.

"Is the Origin Immortal Art not here?"

He had always believed that the Origin Immortal Art would be on the altar. After all, logically speaking, the first-generation successor was the last guardian, so the Origin Immortal Art should have been here. Was the situation not as he imagined? Was this not the last trial?

Countless thoughts ran through Wang Chong's mind.

But at this moment, an extremely cold voice called out from behind him.

"King of Foreign Lands, give the Origin Immortal Sword and wooden box to me!"

The shout was brimming with killing intent, and the temperature in the region plunged to frigid levels.

At the same time, cling! The cold-faced Bagushidu stepped onto the chains, and as his black robe flew around him, he began to charge forward like a lightning bolt.

His eyes were fixed onto the Origin Immortal Sword and the wooden box!

The first-generation successor's energy had completely vanished from the air, and the Origin Immortal Sword Formation had already fallen apart. As for the Origin Immortal Sword and the Origin Immortal Art he believed to be in the wooden box, he was determined to obtain them. No matter what, he would take them back to the Solar Holy Mountain, and anyone who dared to get in his way would die!


As Bagushidu flew forward, his face turned cold and he sent his powerful energy hurtling through the air to lock onto Wang Chong.

"Hmph, Bagushidu, you're delusional!"

Wang Chong had immediately sensed Bagushidu's movements and immediately turned to face him.

A gentleman could wait as long as ten years to take revenge, but there was no need to wait this long for Bagushidu.

Whether for that seal Bagushidu had placed in his body, his various shameful acts, or his plans for the Great Tang, Wang Chong had to remove this 'future state teacher' of the Eastern Turks.


Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong grabbed the Origin Immortal Sword and jumped from the altar. He lightly landed on a chain before also shooting at Bagushidu. Now that his infirmities were no more, he no longer feared Bagushidu.


Gales roared and thunder boomed as the images of the sun and moon that were emblematic of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art appeared in the air. This time, they seemed so realistic as to be the actual sun and moon in miniature.

Vast amounts of energy had been gathered in the heart of the Origin Immortal Treasury, and now it was surging forward, combining with the Origin Immortal Sword into a thunderous slash!

"Great Yin Yang Art!" Wang Chong furiously bellowed. This attack contained not just Wang Chong's power, but the power absorbed from the abyss by the Great Yin Yang Art, and its strength was difficult to fathom.

"Uphold the Heavens!"

Bagushidu's eyes turned cold as he raised the middle three fingers of his right hand, aiming them like claws at Wang Chong.

Bongbongbong! The three Earthblood Cauldrons emerged around him and opened a passage into the depths of spacetime. A dark and pure energy of unimaginable terror began to hurtle toward Wang Chong.

Uphold the Heavens!

This was one of the strongest techniques of the Earth Sect lineage. It was a condensation of the complex into the simple, a return to nature. Despite its simplicity, it was immensely powerful.


The two vast energies fiercely clashed in a tremendous explosion, sending shockwaves in every direction and scattering the thick fog that perpetually engulfed this place.

Clang! A violet lightning bolt slammed into one of the three Earthblood Cauldrons around Bagushidu. Bzzzz! Bagushidu swayed on the two chains before quickly steadying himself.

Across from him, Wang Chong appeared to have received a heavy blow. He staggered backward six or seven steps, almost falling down.

"Haha, King of Foreign Lands, you're simply no match for me!"

Bagushidu loudly laughed, and he gave a confident and assured smile.

"What does it matter if you have the Origin Immortal Sword? You don't have the strength to use its power. Even with it, you're no match for me. I advise you to hand over the Origin Immortal Sword and the objects from the altar, and perhaps I can consider sparing the lives of you and your master!"

Without even needing to turn his head, Bagushidu knew that the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man had come up behind him to surround him. Bagushidu was unafraid. As the Sect Master of the Earth Sect, he possessed astounding talent, a sturdy foundation, and impressive perseverance. He was not one bit weaker than a tyrant of the Central Plains like the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

Moreover, he also had the three Earthblood Cauldrons, powerful ritual tools that had preserved half of Ishinishidu's strength. With these tools, he had already reached the Dark Radiant Heaven spoken of in the legends of the Eastern Turks. This made him stand somewhat above the likes of Wang Chong's group.

"Bagushidu, cease your nonsense. If you want the sword, you'll have to beat me first!"

Wang Chong chuckled. Gripping the sword, he stared fearlessly at Bagushidu.

"Truly seeking death!"

Bagushidu's eyes flashed with rage.

"Since you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish!"

Boom! Bagushidu stomped forward, his robes snapping around him. His strength abruptly soared once more, and he once more launched a new wave of attacks.


But as he stomped forward, he heard a soft sound like a porcelain vase cracking. It was almost inaudible, but it might as well have been a peal of thunder to Bagushidu. He immediately froze, ceasing all movement.