The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1520

Chapter 1520: Heaven And Earth Reverse The Subtle Emerges From The Infinite Void

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"The Earthblood Cauldrons!"

Bagushidu suddenly scowled, his face turning ghastly pale.

His energy was fused together with the Earthblood Cauldrons, and he could sense at this time that one of the ritual tools that had been passed through the Earth Sect for hundreds of years had suffered a crack around six inches long, a crack that was still lengthening.

"No! This is impossible!"

Bagushidu's eyes bulged in disbelief.

These three ritual tools of the Earth Sect were incredibly sturdy and powerful, and even the best weapon could not even think about leaving a scratch on their surface. This was because the Earthblood Cauldrons had taken decades to forge and the strength of the entirety of the Turkic people. The rarest and best materials had been gathered from all across the world, and the peerless experts of the Earth Sect had applied all kinds of secret arts and seals.

In Bagushidu's understanding, these ritual tools were indestructible!

But a single strike from Wang Chong's sword had been able to crack one of them.

Although it was only a small crack, Bagushidu felt like his heart was about to tear apart.

"Hahaha, Bagushidu, you got ahead of yourself!" A voice resounded through the space, breaking the silence. "You're only relying on these Earthblood Cauldrons, so once I destroy these ritual tools, I'd like to see what other tricks you have!"

Wang Chong had also noticed what had happened to the Earthblood Cauldron, and his eyes were shining brightly.

The Origin Immortal Sword could actually counter Bagushidu's Earthblood Cauldrons!

This was definitely a surprising discovery for Wang Chong.

Wang Chong hadn't feared a clash with Bagushidu because his injuries had been healed and he had the immense energy within the Origin Immortal Sword. Now, this discovery only made him feel better about his chances.

"Bagushidu, let's go again!"

There was a bizarre light in Wang Chong's eyes, and he once more lunged into the air, gathering around him the thick Origin Energy of the world.


There was a thunderous boom as a white lightning bolt seemed to pass between the two. This time, Wang Chong remained motionless while Bagushidu was sent staggering back several steps.

Crickcrack! The hair-thin crack on Bagushidu's Earthblood Cauldron grew more and more obvious as it grew larger, and this was only after taking a second blow. It seemed like just another few swings would be enough to cut it apart.

"Impossible! This can't be! I don't believe it!"

Bagushidu's mind was shaken. The two sword strikes had left him speechless, collapsing his understanding of the world. Not only had Wang Chong's sword cracked the Earthblood Cauldron of the Earth Sect, it had sundered his convictions of the world.

Even worse was that the three Earthblood Cauldron were his ritual tool, and Bagushidu's soul was fused with them. When one of them cracked, Bagushidu could feel his energy leaking out, his formidable power dropping.

"Bagushidu, hand over your life! Now is the time for you to pay the price!"

In the fog behind him, two storms of energy began to furiously blaze and simultaneously attacked Bagushidu.

"Myriad Energies Become One!"

"Yang Ren God Art!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief furiously attacked together from behind. In front, Wang Chong wielded the Origin Immortal Sword and swung it once more at Bagushidu.

The space to maneuver was limited on these two chains, and not even Bagushidu was capable of dodging these attacks.


Bagushidu was shocked and furious, bereft of all his elegance and confidence.

"What does it matter if you have the Origin Immortal Sword? Even if I must sustain heavy injuries, I'll finish off both you and your master in this place!"

Forced into this dire situation, Bagushidu exploded with killing intent.

"Sunder the Earth!"

Bagushidu's eyes coldly flashed as he used another one of the powerful techniques of the Earth Sect.

Rumble! The entire cave began to fiercely shudder under the influence of an invisible energy, seemingly on the verge of collapse. The three cauldrons flew into a triangle formation and began to slowly spin around Bagushidu.

At the same time, Bagushidu poured in his Stellar Energy, causing the three Earthblood Cauldrons to erupt with a heavy energy that made them seem like three mountains.


The attacks of the trio barraged Bagushidu, but they were all blocked by the fortress created by the Earthblood Cauldrons.

"Trifling tricks! I'll kill you two first, and then the brat!"

Bagushidu was infuriated by his situation. As his Earthblood Cauldrons held out against the attacks of his enemies, he turned his cold and sinister gaze toward the Wushang Village Chief and Demonic Emperor Old Man, his hand reaching out like a claw.


The air howled as the black Stellar Energy around him instantly turned into blood-red pythons that savagely lunged at the pair.

"Earthblood Python!"

This was another technique of the Earth Sect, one that made Stellar Energy as tough as steel and as sharp as the finest weapon. In a melee between top-class experts, it could force its way through an opponent's Stellar Energy.

Bagushidu had used this technique to defeat many of his rivals in the Solar Holy Mountain, allowing him to take the seat of sect master. One could easily imagine how strong this technique was from this fact.

Wang Chong was currently at the peak of his power, but this was not at all the case for the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man. Moreover, the pair did not have any divine sword, so they were still lacking compared to Bagushidu and his Earthblood Cauldrons. As for Bagushidu, as long as he captured this pair, he could use them to threaten Wang Chong.

At that point, the Origin Immortal Sword and the treasures on the altar would naturally be his.

On the swaying chains in the back, the Demonic Emperor Old Man instantly understood what Bagushidu was up to. However, as Wang Chong's master, the Demonic Emperor had his own sense of pride, and he had no intention of backing down in front of Bagushidu.

"Village Chief, we can only use that move!"

"It seems so!"

On the other chain, the Wushang Village Chief understood what the Demonic Emperor Old Man wanted.

On this journey, the two of them had constantly been exchanging information and learning, both reaching for that higher realm. Although neither had reached the Subtle realm yet, they had managed to develop a combination technique.

They had developed this technique by studying the Subtle realm energy that Qutaybah had once used. It was a technique that combined their power to open a passage to the Subtle realm. The demands were extremely strict, requiring the two participants to share a superb understanding with each other and also be half a step into the Subtle realm. Moreover, the technique was also not fully mature.

As this was merely a trick and not a real way to reach the Subtle realm, the chance of failure was high, and there was also a certain degree of backlash.

The Wushang Village Chief and Demonic Emperor Old Man had predicted that they would need three or four months to complete it, but they could no longer worry about such things.

"Heaven and Earth Reverse; the Subtle Emerges from the Infinite Void!"

The Wushang Village Chief and Demonic Emperor Old Man both turned grim, bringing one set of hands together while the other pair pushed forward at Bagushidu.


The place where the hands of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief joined exploded with the light of the blazing sun, radiating a dreadful pulse of energy. At this moment, a passage to another spacetime was suddenly opened.

By bringing together their strength, the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief had actually succeeded in forcing open the fabric of space and creating a passage to the Subtle realm, allowing its energy to surge into their bodies.

"How could this be?!"

As he sensed the pair simultaneously entering the Subtle realm and swelling in power, Bagushidu trembled in shock and disbelief.

The martial path was a solitary journey, and the more powerful one became, the more difficult it became to rely on external aid to break through barriers. Bagushidu had expended several years to refine the Earthblood Cauldrons, and paid a harsh price besides.

Moreover, he had only broken into Dark Radiant Heaven using an external object. His actual cultivation level still remained half a step into the Subtle realm, unable to step over the last threshold.

It was simply unimaginable for him that the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief could combine their strengths and break through the spatial barrier, simultaneously ascending to the Subtle realm.


Before Bagushidu had time to think, the pair's combined attack slammed into Bagushidu's Earthblood Pythons.


Nine massive blood-colored pythons slammed into the golden wave of Subtle energy, and they immediately howled in pain and began to melt like snow. A fierce explosion rocked the chains, but the pair had succeeded in blocking Bagushidu's attack.