The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1522

Chapter 1522: The Might Of The Divine Sword

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Bagushidu, take this! Art of God and Demon Obliteration!" Wang Chong furiously roared, his eyes shining like stars. As the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wushang Village Chief, and Lone Silence Ancestor barraged Bagushidu, Wang Chong lunged forward and used the strongest technique he possessed.

It was not the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art that Wang Chong was so skilled in, but his other supreme technique.


A lightning bolt seemed to flash through the air.

At the same time, Wang Chong focused all of the energy of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art onto the Origin Immortal Sword, which the sword took and rapidly compressed into an incredibly dense and tyrannical ball of energy.


Wang Chong's aura suddenly shifted. What was at the start like a steady and sturdy mountain became sharper and more frightening. He began to seem like an invincible sword that could cleave through all opposition.

No! It was no longer just a 'seeming'. Wang Chong had truly become an astonishingly sharp sword.


In the blink of an eye, Wang Chong had fused with the sword and become a milky-white sword more than thirty meters long and brighter than the sun. It was slashing toward Bagushidu with frightening speed.

At this moment, Wang Chong exuded a pure sword intent that could obliterate and crush all things.

"What sword art is this?"

Let alone Bagushidu, even the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief were taken aback.

This new sword intent Wang Chong exuded was simply terrifying and was aimed straight at the soul. The path of the sword was one that sought to obliterate all things in the world, together with the world itself!

This was doom for all living things!

Anyone who saw this sword would feel a fear that came from the very depths of their soul.

Art of God and Demon Obliteration!

Wang Chong, with the help of the Origin Immortal Sword, had finally been able to use the supreme art ranked only beneath the Origin Immortal Art.

"Not good!"

Sensing this dreadful Sword Qi, Bagushidu paled and hastily turned around, calling his Earthblood Cauldrons to defend with all they could.

Bagushidu had reacted very quickly, but he had still underestimated this sword.

Boom! The milky-white light made the underground world as bright as day, and the Sword Qi moved with such incredible speed that it cut through the air, leaving a long scar extending several dozen meters.

Bagushidu didn't even have time to activate the full power of the Earthblood Cauldrons before Wang Chong's sword cut into them, cleaving a path through. This Sword Qi had torn through the air so quickly that his thoughts weren't fast enough to keep up.

Swish! Plush!

A sharp blade cut through flesh, and Bagushidu trembled as the sword stabbed through his body. As destructive Sword Qi blasted through, it divided into tens of thousands of strands that rampaged through his meridians.

Wherever this Sword Qi went, Bagushidu's cells died, turning ashen white.

"How could this be?!"

Bagushidu's eyes went wide. He could sense the world before him turning white, a somber winter devoid of any other color.

This single attack had inflicted an unprecedented wound on Bagushidu.


With a miserable scream, Bagushidu was sent flying like a ragdoll by the immense might of the Art of God and Demon Obliteration.


The grandiose beam of Sword Qi sliced through the air, carrying Bagushidu along with it as it shot through the fog and finally slammed into the wall of the passage far on the other side.

The impact was so great that the wall cracked and the surrounding earth swayed. A sickening crack came from Bagushidu's body as blood gushed out. Numerous bones had been broken in that collision.

"I have to run!"

Bagushidu had lost all will to fight, and his face was stricken with fear. He had never encountered such a terrifying Sword Qi before, and the remnants of the Sword Qi were still in his body, robbing his cells of their life.

With each passing moment, Bagushidu's injuries were getting worse.

And what frightened Bagushidu most of all was the unstoppable edge of that sword. His formidable black Stellar Energy had been incapable of halting its advance.

Bang! Bagushidu thumped his right hand against the wall and charged into the passage.

"Bagushidu, you think you can run?!" An icy voice came from behind him, resounding through the area.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wushang Village Chief, and Lone Silence Ancestor attacked in unison, their formidable Stellar Energies howling forward and slamming into Bagushidu like comets.


Bagushidu screamed as his vitality rapidly weakened. He had become like a guttering candle in the wind, on the verge of extinction.


Bagushidu's back was to the wall, his clothes in tatters and covered in blood. Those eyes which had once seemed so composed and assured were now wide open with only dread and fear.

A single miscalculation had led to a wholesale loss!

The Origin Immortal Sword was so powerful that it was actually able to counter ritual tools. This was something he had never imagined possible. Without the protection of the three Earthblood Cauldrons, not even Bagushidu could face four experts at once.

Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man alone had been enough to counter Qutaybah after he had just entered the Subtle realm, and now they were joined by the Wushang Village Chief and the Lone Silence Ancestor. Bagushidu had no chance of survival.


There was a terrific boom as a milky-white bolt of Sword Qi once more turned darkness into day.

Bagushidu didn't even have time to cover his eyes before the whiteness engulfed him, and then all went dark and he knew nothing at all.

Thud! As the Sword Qi scattered, a head dropped to the ground and rolled. Bagushidu's headless corpse slowly slumped to the ground. A terrifyingly deep hole, ten feet deep, had been carved out in the wall behind him.

In a rush of wind, several figures emerged from the fog. Of this group, the Lone Silence Ancestor was the fastest, and when he reached Bagushidu's body, he gave a long sigh of relief.

"He's finally dead!"

The Earth Sect Master of the Eastern Turks had been far too dangerous. In front of all four of them and the third-generation successor, he had successfully pulled off an ambush and captured Wang Chong while also rendering the rest of them incapable of counterattacking.

But in the end, this peerless Eastern Turkic expert whose name had shaken the Great Tang had finally died at the hands of the four.

The reversal had been so great that the Lone Silence Ancestor was somewhat in disbelief. A terrifying existence of the Dark Radiant Heaven had actually died!

"How's the situation?"

The Wushang Village Chief, wielding his cane, was next to arrive.

"I'm fine!"

The Lone Silence Ancestor shook his head.

"But this fellow is as dead as dead can be! Without Bagushidu, the Earth Sect will be in chaos for some time. Last time, Ishinishidu was able to use his supreme skills to send the Earthblood Cauldrons back to the surface, but this time, the Earth Sect won't be so lucky!"

As the Lone Silence Ancestor spoke, he glanced at the three small cauldrons at Bagushidu's side.

These three cauldrons were powerful ritual tools of the northeast, but they were now covered in cracks, some of them even half an inch wide. Just looking at the damage made one shiver.

The small cauldrons had lost half their power, and they would need hundreds of years of repair to recover it.

"Truly, everything has its weakness! Bagushidu had become famous in the northeast through his schemes, intelligence, and strength, but who could have imagined that the Earth Sect Master would die at the hands of a teenager!? Bagushidu, you provoked the wrong person!"

The Lone Silence Ancestor emotionally sighed.

In this battle, Bagushidu had apparently been defeated by a joint effort from all four of them, but the Lone Silence Ancestor was well aware that it was all because of the Great Tang's King of Foreign Lands. If not for him, there would have been no chance of victory. In reality, until Wang Chong charged toward the altar along the chains, the situation had been firmly in Bagushidu's grip.

The fall of the third-generation successor into the abyss even made the Lone Silence Ancestor think about leaving on his own!

It was only when Wang Chong reached the altar and pulled out the divine sword that the situation substantially changed.