The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1524

Chapter 1524: Three Masked Men

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The second-generation successor!

Wang Chong's eyes widened as he lost his composure. The corpse that had been thrown out of the passage was prostrate so that he couldn't see its face, but Wang Chong still recognized the robes of the Western Han Dynasty.


There was a cold flash of light as a sword was tossed out of the passage and fell to the ground. The sight of it made Wang Chong's heart sink even more.

It was the second-generation successor's sword!

Wang Chong had been extremely close to this sword when traversing the underground palace, so he knew what the hilt looked like and the designs on its surface. While the inability to see the corpse's face had only left him with conjectures, now that he saw the sword, he was absolutely sure.

"How could this be!?"

Wang Chong's mind was shaking. He suddenly understood why this crowd was fearful, and he also understood why these mediocre martial artists had been able to reach this place without difficulty.

It's them!

A thought flashed through Wang Chong's mind.

The second-generation successor was already in the Subtle realm and possessed the formidable Origin Immortal Art that made ordinary Subtle realm experts unable to contend with him. Across these caves, the only group with enough power to destroy the second-generation successor was them!


A few moments later, a large group charged out of the narrow passage as if answering Wang Chong's thoughts. Unlike the other martial artists, these people had savage eyes and confident expressions.


"They've come out!"

The appearance of these men in black agitated the crowd. In the uneasy atmosphere, the martial artists stared with wide eyes and swallowed, cold sweat trickling down their foreheads as expressions of fear appeared on their faces.

Wang Chong said nothing, but his face turned solemn.

The problem was obvious. After all the time that had passed, these mysterious and powerful men in black had finally reached the core. This was not Wang Chong's first time interacting with these people, and he was well aware of how brutal and vicious they could be.

But what was most important was their terrifying strength.

It's going to be difficult to get out of this! Wang Chong grimly said to himself.

At this moment


Three enormous energies appeared in the passage, blazing and upright like the scorching sun.

Those who had been able to survive the numerous traps and dangers around the core area were all experts, but these three energies made everyone else feel like ants.

Boom! The earth quaked as three figures confidently strode out, their scornful eyes looking out from golden masks. Like gods descending to the mortal realm, they emerged from the passage and appeared before the crowd.

The air seemed to freeze as the invisible pressure exerted by this trio weighed on everyone else like a mountain.

Even Song Yuanyi, Xie Guangting, the Black Yin Ancestor, the Bone Devil Ancestor, and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor couldn't help but become vigilant, for the first time showing tension on their faces.

"Three people!"

Those god-like masked men brimming with golden light made Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the Wushang Village Chief, and the Lone Silence Ancestor tremble in shock.

Wang Chong had run into one of these three before. This was the man with the three-eyed deer mask who had used a pair of giant golden hands to tear apart the barrier around the Origin Immortal Formation.

The man had sharp and cold eyes, and his body was brimming with a destructive high-level energy. He was clearly a peerless expert of the Subtle realm.

When one reached the Subtle realm, one would stand far above the vast majority of mortal experts, including peak Great Generals. It was like one was standing in the heavens while the other stood on the earth. Wang Chong's group was already deeply aware of this difference in power.

The man with the three-eyed deer mask possessed unfathomable strength, and he was not one bit weaker than the second-generation successor.

As for the other two

One was wearing a golden goat mask sprouting four black horns, and the other was wearing a golden-red tiger mask. They both seemed devilish, mighty, and mysterious.

The man with the goat mask was somewhat weaker than the man with the three-eyed deer mask, but the man with the tiger mask possessed a boundless sea of energy that was far more terrifying than the other two.

One could also tell from his position in the center that the tiger-masked man possessed greater strength and status than the deer-masked man.

The man with the three-eyed deer mask had been hard enough to deal with. Wang Chong had never imagined that someone even stronger than him would show up.

Wang Chong's heart was heavy and his face had turned into a nasty scowl.

"Don't let even one of them escape!" the man with the golden-red tiger mask suddenly said. An immense energy weighed down on the entire area, and even Song Yuanyi, the Black Yin Ancestor, and the other martial arts titans paled.

After he said this, countless men in black charged out, with the three bamboo hat men being the most obvious. But besides them, there were four or five experts of nearly equal strength.

"It's over! We're dead!"

"Just who are they? Why are they doing this?"

"No! I can't die here! Let's fight!"

Fear and despair swept through the crowd, and countless martial artists began to back away from the passage.

"Bastard! No matter what, you can't be allowed to succeed!" The stern shout of a woman echoed through the core, sharp and obvious amidst the chaotic crowd. As the crowd looked over, they could see that the tiger-masked man was holding an arm high in the air, its fingers clenched tightly around the neck of a beautiful middle-aged woman.

The woman's hair was in disarray and her expression was mournful. Her eyes burned with hatred.

It's her!

Wang Chong hadn't recognized her at first, but when he saw the familiar white robe, he instantly realized who she was. The woman the tiger-masked man had captured was none other than the Origin Immortal Village Chief who had appeared in the cave of green fire.

The golden mask she had been wearing before had long ago gone missing, and judging by her ragged breathing, she was in a very weak state.

The blood trickling from the corner of her lips indicated that she had probably been tortured.

As expected, she fell into their hands!

Wang Chong raised an eyebrow. He had heard the tremors of three large mechanisms being activated while he had been in the underground river. Even though she had ultimately been captured by the three masked men, it seemed that she had made them pay a hefty price.

"Hmph, foolish woman, we have our ways of making you speak," the tall and thin man wearing the mask of the four-horned goat said, his voice cold and sinister. "Even though you used all your mechanisms to try and stop us, in the end, we still arrived at this place. Don't think that we can't get the location of the object we seek from your mouth!

"Come; bring over the captured Origin Immortal Villagers!"

The goat-masked man gestured behind him, and the men in black soon brought up seven or eight Origin Immortal Villagers, some of them rather old.


Without even a word, a man in black swung a saber and beheaded one of them. Blood gushed out as the corpse dropped to the ground.

"Bastard! You bastards! I won't let you get away with this!"

The Origin Immortal Chief seemed to go mad, her eyes turning red as he fiercely struggled and cursed.

"Kill a few more, and kill that elder as well!" the deer-masked man ordered, his voice even colder and crueler than the goat-masked man's.

Four men in black immediately stepped forward, each standing next to an Origin Immortal Villager.

"Bastards! You bastards! Even when we're ghosts, we won't let you go!"

The Origin Immortal Villagers cursed and raved, their eyes exploding with hatred. They struggled with all their might, but their energies had been sealed, making them incapable of escape.


Three Origin Immortal Villagers were slain, their bodies dropping to the ground to soon be drenched in their own blood.

"It's your turn now!"

At this moment, an expert on par with the three bamboo hat men walked up to a white-bearded Origin Immortal Elder. He swung his sword at the elder's neck, and its sharp edge immediately cut open a deep wound from which blood gushed out.

"There's no need for all that trouble. Since she won't talk, just kill off all the Origin Immortal Villagers! The Origin Immortal lineage no longer has the right to exist in this world!" said a stern and dignified voice, tinged with a domineering and intimidating aura. It was the voice of the tiger-masked man.

Merely by standing there with one hand behind his back, his stalwart and imposing figure seemed to be like a pillar of heaven. The storm of energy unleashed by his body was so oppressive that it made breathing difficult.