The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525: The Origin Immortal Palace

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The men in black bowed and walked up to the remaining Origin Immortal Villagers, preparing to execute them.

"In addition, it seems like some ants have followed us. Goat Immortal, cut the weeds and dig out the roots! I leave this task to you!" continued the tiger-masked man. These words became the straw that broke the camel's back.

"Beast! You damn beasts! I'll tell you! Let them go! I'll tell you everything!" the Origin Immortal Village Chief hysterically yelled, her composure utterly crumbling.

All these men in black were the cruelest and most determined assassins. Once the order was given, they would let no one go. If the tiger-masked man maintained this order, the Origin Immortal Villagers who had persisted in this world for more than one thousand years would be completely annihilated.

"You bastards! None of you will meet a good end!"

The voice shrilly resounded through the air.


A moment later, the tiger-masked man brought the hysterical Origin Immortal Village Chief up close so that she was less than half an inch from his golden-red mask.

"Foolish woman, are you cursing a god? Death has no meaning to us! Tell me what I want to know!" the tiger-masked man coldly said. As he spoke, an immense Psychic Energy emerged from his body and linked him with the Origin Immortal Village Chief's mind.

A few moments later, the tiger-masked man threw the Origin Immortal Village Chief to the ground.

"Hmph, if I had known this earlier, there would have been no need for all of this!"


He extended a finger and lightly flicked. A golden-red Stellar Energy, so dense that it seemed to be made of tiny golden particles, appeared in the air and began to transform. In the blink of an eye, it had taken the form of an Origin Immortal symbol two meters in diameter, slowly turning in the air.

Boom! The tiger-masked man extended his right hand and pressed it against the Origin Immortal image. Suddenly, the air pulsed and the earth rumbled. Dust and rocks came down from the ceiling while the thick fog began to seethe.

The tiger-masked man's palm had seemingly unlocked some sort of seal in the air, and a few moments later, the ground close to the three masked men split apart, allowing a mysterious bronze pillar to emerge.

The short pillar was covered in ancient inscriptions and carvings of ancient beasts. It exuded a dignified, solemn, and mysterious aura.

The tiger-masked man slowly walked over. At that moment, everyone noticed that there was a disc carrying the Origin Immortal symbol at the top of the pillar.

The masked man spun the disc left and right, and then he pressed down.

But nothing happened. Everyone else stared in confusion.


Wang Chong turned to the Demonic Emperor Old Man, who merely shook his head and stopped Wang Chong.

"Whether it's the Origin Immortal Villagers or these men in black, they all treat us with hostility. It's true that the men in black wanted to kill us, but the Origin Immortal Villagers also wouldn't let us go. Moreover, based on their actions, this Origin Immortal Treasury seems to be hiding a 'heavenly grotto'. We cannot make any reckless actions. Let's watch and wait."

Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief were top-class experts, but this was only amongst the known experts of the mortal world.

These men in black belonged to no faction, and not even Wang Chong, who had run into these men in black so many times, knew much about their origins, let alone anyone else.

Wang Chong said nothing, only frowned, his eyes subconsciously inspecting his surroundings.

Everyone else, including Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor, had wary and cautious expressions. None of them dared to act recklessly.

It was clear that they were very afraid of the men in black.

On the other end, the tiger-masked man's eyebrows creased together as he pondered the situation before him.

But his brow quickly relaxed in understanding.


The tiger-masked man coldly snorted as he thrust out a hand behind him.

Nearby, the Origin Immortal Village Chief was drawn in by invisible strings and pulled into the hand of the tiger-masked man.

Swish! There was a bloody flash of light as the masked man swept a finger across the woman's arm, spraying her blood on the bronze pillar.

This crimson blood instantly began to seep into the pillar, and it took only a few moments for all of it to be absorbed.

Rumble! With a terrific boom, the bronze pillar drew back into the ground, and then a great tearing and sundering came from the depths of the earth, accompanied by the sounds of turning gears.

"What's going on? Is there another mechanism under here?"

The surrounding crowd called out in alarm and began to back up, afraid that there was some mechanism lurking under their feet.

"What are these people looking for? If it was just for the Origin Immortal Art, would they really have gone through such great pains?"

The martial artists were shocked and confused.

These men in black gave off a strange feeling that made them stand out from everyone else.

Hidden in the middle of the crowd, Wang Chong said nothing. Unlike the others, with his powerful Psychic Energy, he had been able to sense a pulse of energy coming from the pillar as it sank into the ground, traveling upward to a place high above the abyss.

This ripple grew fainter and fainter as it continued upward, and the sounds eventually died away to nothing.

Absolute silence reigned.

Everyone nervously waited for anything to happen. Even the men in black were looking upward into the dense fog.

Time passed by, with the air itself seeming to freeze.

"This is!"

Wang Chong was the first to sense something.

A few moments later, boom! A vast sound came from above like some enormous object had shifted.

This sound soon crescendoed into a deafening rumble.

"Look over there!" someone suddenly shouted.

Phweeee! There was a sharp whistle in the air, and then a dazzling golden light appeared, growing larger and larger like a comet descending to the earth.

At first glance, the golden light had been the size of a sesame seed, and it had been eight to nine thousand meters away from the crowd.

But in the blink of an eye, the light had swelled to tens of thousands of times its original size, becoming a massive golden sphere.

And there seemed to be something inside the golden sphere.

"Not good!"


The blazing comet seethed with scorching heat and lit up this dark world as brightly as day.


In only a few seconds, the massive golden sphere crashed into the ancient altar floating at the end of the chains, suspended over the abyss.

The golden ball had come from high above the abyss, and the force of its impact sent a massive shockwave sweeping through the area.


A martial artist standing at the cliff was caught off guard and bowled over by the impact.

The quiet crowd of martial artists immediately fell into disarray.

"What was that?"

Boom! Wang Chong spread out his Stellar Energy, but his eyes were already focused on the golden ball of light. As the explosive shockwave spread outward, Wang Chong resisted its power to see into the heart of the impact zone.

"How, how how could this be?!!"

Wang Chong had mentally prepared himself, but when he saw the ball of light on the distant altar, his body trembled in shock.

Across the stone bridge and past the two chains, Wang Chong saw a golden light, and within this golden light was an ancient palace. Its dazzling arches and golden walls exuded an otherworldly beauty.

Wang Chong felt like he had gone back in time to the ancient times of the Spring and Autumn Era. This grandeur, solemnity, and serenity filled his heart with respect and admiration!

But Wang Chong's focus quickly turned to the golden words in ancient script written on the signboard above the palace gate.

'Origin Immortal Palace'!

These words were written in a bold and vigorous style that radiated divinity and majesty.

It's really the Origin Immortal Palace!

Wang Chong's body trembled in shock, an indescribable feeling in his heart. When he didn't find the Origin Immortal Art in the center of the treasury, he had felt that something strange was going on, that this excursion was not as simple as it seemed. There seemed to be something else hidden behind the trial of the first-generation successor and the Origin Immortal Sword.

But those had only been speculations, and he hadn't been able to see anything else in the core.

If not for these men in black, Wang Chong would have never imagined that the treasury's core was concealing a 'heavenly grotto'. The true treasury had been placed far above the abyss.

These men in black already knew that there was a secret to this place!

In a flash of sudden insight, Wang Chong sensed that the men in black had some sort of special relationship with the Origin Immortal Lord.