The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526: Intense Battle Beneath The Earth I
Chapter 1526: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"If my guess is right, the real Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art should be hidden in there!"

"The Origin Immortal Art! It's the Origin Immortal Art! Let's hurry and get over there!"

"Hahaha, the Origin Immortal Art is mine this time! Anyone who dares to oppose me will die!"

"Stand aside! The world's number one art is mine!"

Wang Chong was far from the only one who had understood what was going on. The moment the dazzling Origin Immortal Palace descended from above, some martial artists immediately cast the men in black aside and used movement techniques to rush ahead.

Whoosh! The martial artists charged across the stone bridge and onto the chains like they were madmen.

But when these people touched the golden light around the Origin Immortal Palace, the light blazed. As if some seal had been triggered, a dreadful and unstoppable energy erupted.


Those martial artists who had been able to survive up until now were all experts of unusual strength, but all of them were tossed like ragdolls by the attack from this golden light, and behind them was the abyss!

The sounds of their screams faded into the distance, and it took only a few moments for all of them to completely vanish.

"Hmph, idiots!"

The tiger-masked man at the passage coldly chuckled as he jeered at the fate of those who had rushed ahead.

They had planned out this operation for a very long time. If the Origin Immortal Palace did not have a seal to prevent intruders, would they really have allowed these martial artists to enter before them?

"Everyone, hear my order! Kill them all! Don't leave a single person standing!"

His eyes cold and cruel, the tiger-masked man waved a sleeve, ordering that all the martial artists before him be slaughtered.


Without the slightest hesitation, all the men in black at the passage exploded with killing intent and rushed at the vast crowd of martial artists.

Even though the martial artists were far more numerous, these howling men in black always seemed to feel like they had the absolute upper hand.


Bestial roars resounded as the men in black changed forms into halfLu Wus or mighty Black Flame Asuras. With thunderous speed, they lunged at the martial artists.

The massacre had begun!


"Watch out! It's going to be a fight!"

The martial artists had their backs to a cliff, so their eyes turned red as they began to battle with the men in black. Weapon clashed against weapon, Stellar Energy against Stellar Energy, and chaos ensued!


Blades cut through flesh as the halfLu Wus and Black Flame Asuras charged into the martial artists like wolves on a herd of sheep, charging here and there and scattering the crowd.

The men in black blocked the attacks coming in from all around purely by using the immense physical strength of their dreadful forms.

They didn't even need to use their weapons, simply stabbing with their fingers to break the Stellar Energy of these martial artists and gouge out bloody holes in their bodies.

One martial artist after another dropped to the ground, their bodies trembling. Other martial artists were suddenly shrouded in black flames that caused them to scream in terror.

"Hmph, the harvest has only just begun!"

A bamboo hat man lowered his head and suddenly lunged forward, a thin and callous smile visible beneath the brim of his hat.

Clang! As he lunged forward, he unsheathed his saber. It gleamed like a bolt of lightning, and gave a shriek that chilled one's heart to the core.


Air exploded as the bamboo hat man suddenly vanished.

"Greater Void Step!"

The bamboo hat man's movement technique allowed him to move as quickly as lightning, so quickly that the eye couldn't keep up. All he left were faint white ripples that spread through the air. Bang! Bang! Bang! His blade flashed again and again. Martial artists froze in mid-attack, then toppled over like wooden pillars, gushing blood.

The other two bamboo hat men also began to make their move.

In order to finish this task once and for all, the Deer Immortal had called over two other Immortals. It was incredibly rare for three Immortals to gather together, and so even the three bamboo hat men did not dare to be careless and used their full strength.

Almost all the men in black moved out, and the air was soon resounding with screams. The martial artists were incapable of holding back the tide and suffered severe losses.

"Take up formation!"

Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi's eyes brightly gleamed as he gave the order. His voice was deep, steady, and extremely calm. Amidst the chaos, he imbued the hearts of his men with stability and confidence.

The surrounding martial artists subconsciously began to gather around the Righteous Alliance.


The Righteous Alliance experts immediately divided into teams of three, each of which formed a small formation, and five small formations combined into a major formation. All the formations rippled with energy that combined together into a single whole.


The men in black advanced, and they were soon assaulting Song Yuanyi's position.

A halfLu Wu man in black, his hair disheveled and his face savage, viciously howled and then lunged at Song Yuanyi.

"Alliance Lord, watch out!"

Cries of alarm could be heard. These men in black transformed into halfLu Wus had tough bodies that could hold fast against Stellar Energy, and they had already killed numerous martial artists.

In the face of it all, Song Yuanyi was calm and composed, no sign of panic in his eyes.

Boom! As the man in black charged over, a green light gleamed on his body.

Without Song Yuanyi even moving, the bestial halfLu Wu came to a sudden halt three feet from him as if he had run into an invisible barrier.


Song Yuanyi remained motionless, his hands behind his back, but his robe snapped for a moment. A jade-green Stellar Energy surged out, entering through every pore of the man in black's body.

Creak! Crack! Countless leaves and vines erupted from every pore of the transformed man in black, even some blood-colored flowers.

His exposed skin rapidly turned from black to green.

"How could this be?!"

The man in black raised his head with great difficulty and stared in disbelief at Song Yuanyi's indifferent face.

Creak! Crack! A few moments later, the tough and unstoppable body of the halfLu Wu had turned completely into a tree that stood in front of Song Yuanyi.

But his life energy had utterly vanished.

HalfLu Wus!

By sacrificing a large quantity of Stellar Energy and latent potential, one could greatly increase one's physical strength and speed, becoming a monster.

Alas, this sort of pure physical enhancement was very easily dealt with by Song Yuanyi's Eternal Spring Mantra.


A bamboo hat man who saw this turned cold, and he immediately rushed at Song Yuanyi and the Righteous Alliance experts behind him in a black whirlwind.

"Universe Sundering Art!" At this moment, a confident and assured voice spoke, and Vice Alliance Lord Xie Guangting stepped forward and punched.

His fist moved with deceptive speed, and Xie Guangting's attack arrived before the bamboo hat man could get close.


The earth rumbled and Stellar Energy howled. A white light more dazzling than the sun erupted from Xie Guangting's fist.

The fabric of space itself trembled in the face of Xie Guangting's art, countless cracks appearing on it as if it was made of glass.

At the same time, it sundered the blade-like Stellar Energy of the bamboo hat man.

"Universe Sundering Art!"

When it came to single combat, shattering martial arts, and blasting through Stellar Energy, no art in the world could compare to the Universe Sundering Art.

Even Song Yuanyi and his masterful grasp of the Eternal Spring Mantra, granting him an extremely dense Stellar Energy and a peerless defense, would be in danger of having his defenses breached by Xie Guangting, let alone anyone else.

"All Righteous Alliance disciples, hear my order! Attack!"

Song Yuanyi's expression chilled as he gave the order to go on the offensive.


Several dozen Righteous Alliance experts, Elder Sikong Yuanjia amongst them, angrily howled as they charged at the men in black.

Bang! Song Yuanyi stomped forward, sending streams of Eternal Spring Stellar Energy traveling through the earth and into the bodies of the Righteous Alliance experts.