The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1529

Chapter 1529: Intense Battle Beneath The Earth Iv
Chapter 1529: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! (IV)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"It's him!"

The Goat Immortal had just begun to move when Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor both sensed it. The two of them turned to the tall and thin masked man, their faces paling.

This was not their first clash with this Goat Immortal. They had fought with him in the caves, but neither Song Yuanyi nor the Black Yin Ancestor had been any match.

"This is a problem! That kid might not be able to hold out," Xie Guangting suddenly said. He had no good impressions of the Demonic Emperor's disciple, but these mysterious and powerful men in black clearly wanted to wipe them all out. Whether or not they liked each other, they were all in the same boat. If Wang Chong were defeated, the rest of them would all probably be killed.

Song Yuanyi said nothing, but there was an inscrutable light in his eyes.

"Damn, that bastard's coming again!"

On the other side, the Black Yin Ancestor wasn't thinking that far. As the golden-masked Goat Immortal slowly came forward, the Black Yin Ancestor broke out in a cold sweat. When Wang Chong had pulled out the Origin Immortal Sword, causing the caves to quake and drawing everyone to his location, the Black Yin Ancestor had encountered this Goat Immortal.

For the first time in his life, the Black Yin Ancestor had been one-sidedly beaten down, only able to take blows without countering, and he had even been reaching his limits as a punching bag.

The reason the Black Yin Ancestor had emerged from the passage in his dragon form was that the Goat Immortal had still been chasing him down. The Black Yin Ancestor felt dread and death from this man like never before.

"That kid is doomed. None of us is a match for that Goat Immortal. Probably eighty percent of the people will die here. Once they act, we'll look for a chance and do our best to break out!"

A mental wave came from his side. The Bone Devil Ancestor, as a member of the evil path, was a very pragmatic person. In his eyes, Wang Chong had already lost.


The earth quaked as the tall and thin Goat Immortal suddenly shot forward with astonishing speed, much faster than the Greater Void Step used by the bamboo hat men.

Above him, the Goat Immortal left a faint scar in the air. His immense energy was actually cutting through the air and making it part.


Everyone heard a strange bleat, then golden light exploded, and a massive golden goat appeared above the cliff. This golden goat had narrow eyes and silver pupils. It exuded an aura of cruelty and power, like a god descended to earth.

The golden goat looked down from the heavens, locked onto Wang Chong, and then shot toward him like a comet.


Before Wang Chong could even act, the righteous and evil martial artists, as well as the numerous unaffiliated martial artists, felt a dreadful pressure that made them shriek in fear.

The Goat Immortal's attack hadn't even struck yet, but the vast pressure it radiated was already enough to render them motionless. As their bodies trembled, they could feel their meridians beginning to crack and groan.


Wang Chong looked up at the Goat Immortal, who seemed intent on bringing down the entire cliff, and his eyes erupted with unprecedented killing intent.

This Goat Immortal had clearly reached the Subtle realm, and his strength was perhaps even above Bagushidu when bolstered by his three cauldrons. But Wang Chong had no intention of backing down.

Wang Chong could clearly sense heat from the Origin Immortal Sword, and a destructive energy was surging in a seemingly infinite torrent.

This was the first time Wang Chong had ever seen a weapon like this, a weapon that had transcended the category of swords. The divine sword caused Wang Chong's mental energy and various martial arts to soar in power to unprecedented levels.

"It's time to see just how powerful the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art at the Subtle realm is!"

Wang Chong's black hair danced in the wind. His body felt slightly hot, the divine sword boosting him so much that his power threatened to burst out of his body.

Boom! Wang Chong leaped forward like a cannonball, shooting toward the Goat Immortal. As Wang Chong rose into the air, the world howled. The vast quantities of Origin Energy built up in the core of the treasury over a thousand years together with the spiritual energy from deep in the earth was all drawn toward Wang Chong.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!

The number one evil art exhibited a might that could awe the world. This was a power that not even the Demonic Emperor Old Man in his prime, when he dominated the martial arts world, could match.


Countless people backed away, their eyes wide open in fear.

At this moment, a golden sun and red moon had appeared in the air, dozens of times larger than before, dominating the airspace.

Even the Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi were taken aback by this sight.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was the supreme evil art, and once activated, it would cause the Stellar Energy of everyone in the vicinity to leave their bodies and flow into the body of the user. But at this moment, even though Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had surpassed the peak Great General level and ascended to an even higher realm, it had no effect on any of the people in the area.

Its power was completely concentrated on the Goat Immortal. Wang Chong had clearly reached a transcendent level of proficiency in the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. At this level, there was no distinction between righteous and evil.

"Impossible, impossible! How could the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art be this powerful?!" the Black Yin Ancestor, Myriad Ghost Ancestor, and Bone Devil Ancestor all shouted in stupefaction, astounded by Wang Chong's power.

Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting were also greatly moved by the sight.

A split-second later, two attacks of unprecedented fury collided like competing comets, several hundred feet above the cliff.

"Great Destruction Art!" Wang Chong suddenly called out, his icy voice like a boom of thunder.


For a moment, all light seemed to vanish from the core region, plunging everything into the darkest night. But the rumbling and booming in the air did not cease, only grew louder and louder. The two dreadful Stellar Energies were constantly colliding with each other like primordial beasts, constantly gnawing and slashing.

As they 'looked' above, even the tiger-masked man and deer-masked man couldn't help but pale. They had believed that the Goat Immortal was more than enough to instantly take care of Wang Chong and all those other martial artists.

They had never expected the Child of Destruction to be this frightening. Even the Goat Immortal would need some time to take care of him.


At this moment of stalemate, a fair and slender palm suddenly thrust forward, pressing up against the chin of the giant golden goat.

"What is this?"

Even the Goat Immortal was taken by surprise by Wang Chong's abrupt action, confused as to what he was up to. But a moment later, he heard Wang Chong speak in a voice that was neither too loud nor too soft, one that was faintly tinged with a despotic aura.

"Yin and Yang in Resonance, the Hundred Rivers Join the Sea!"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed with cold light. He merged his understanding of the Origin Immortal Art with the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and unleashed their combined power. Rumble! A moment later, Wang Chong's Stellar Energy began to circulate in reverse, and a whirlpool appeared in his dantian, the symbol of the 'Origin'.

And this also caused a shift in the stalemate


Space depressed around Wang Chong's left palm, and that giant golden goat that was capable of sundering the heavens and earth began to deflate like a balloon. That blazing Subtle Immortal Stellar Energy began to surge into Wang Chong's body.


The Goat Immortal instantly paled, his composure and confidence lost.

This Child of Destruction had displayed wondrous strength, but it had still not been enough to defeat him. The Goat Immortal had never imagined that a meek ant would be able to steal his energy.

No! This was no longer simply stealing. He was swallowing his energy like some great whale!

The Goat Immortal was losing energy at an astonishing rate, and all of it was empowering Wang Chong.

At the Subtle realm, one's Stellar Energy became like an impregnable fortress, and no outside force could shake it, at least for ninety percent of the world's martial artists. He had never imagined that an ant that had not reached the Subtle realm would be able to absorb his Stellar Energy which was as heavy as a mountain!

This was in complete defiance of his understanding of the world!