The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530: The Deer Immortal Strikes

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Art of God and Demon Obliteration!"

Wang Chong's cold voice resounded through the core region, his eyes sharp. Boom! Bang! The Origin Immortal Sword tore through spacetime, allowing a boundless golden energy from a higher dimension to pour in. This pure and blazing energy traveled through the Origin Immortal Sword into Wang Chong's body.

Others were slow to realize what this golden liquid flowing through this spatial tear into Wang Chong was, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief were both flabbergasted.

The energy of the Subtle realm!

The two of them had recognized this power at a glance.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief had previously joined together to make a breach into the Subtle realm that they had used to defeat Bagushidu, but the effort had left them so exhausted that they had chosen not to join the battle for now. And the two of them had been rather worried that Wang Chong would not be a match for his foe.

They had never expected Wang Chong to be this formidable. He was somehow able to absorb the Subtle realm Stellar Energy of the Goat Immortal and then use this energy to open a passage to that higher dimension and obtain its power.


The world quaked as an immense energy erupted from Wang Chong's body. In the blink of an eye, a white bolt of Sword Qi thousands of times brighter than the sun shot forth.

As this Sword Qi flew through the air, it cut through space and also cut through the giant golden goat form that the Goat Immortal had assumed.


As everyone else cried out in alarm, the Goat Immortal screamed. His Stellar Energy was scattered, the golden goat vanishing like melting snow. The tall and thin figure left behind flew through the air like a ragdoll to slam into a rock wall thirty-some meters away. The wall immediately caved in, and rocks and dust rained down from the ceiling.


As the Goat Immortal's tattered figure dropped down from the wall, all the men in black paled, including the three bamboo hat men. Even the Yellow Scarf Warrior's eyes flew open in alarm.

Only he understood what sort of status the word 'Immortal' held in their organization. Their immense strength made them true immortals, and even he felt that he would be no match for the Goat Immortal.

The gap between the two was a massive chasm!

But to his surprise, the Wang Chong who had been forced to avoid them and flee from the capital to the northwest had actually defeated an Immortal.

The Goat Immortal might have been the weakest of the three Immortals, but he was definitely an existence that mortal warriors of this world could not compare to.

"How could this be!?"

The bamboo hat leader's mind was reeling in shock. For the first time, he sensed that he had deeply underestimated this Child of Destruction!


On the other side, Wang Chong somersaulted in the air and smoothly landed back on the ground.



"Kill these men in black!"

"The Demonic Emperor's disciple! The Demonic Emperor's disciple!"

Wang Chong's landing seemed to be like a shot in the arm to the crowd of martial artists, and all of them raised their weapons in elation as they cheered. These men in black were simply too strong, and they had been slaughtered like lambs as they fled here.

These men in black had driven them here with the intent of massacring them all in one fell swoop.

Their panicked hearts were truly in dire need of someone who could rally them.

While one side rallied, the other fell. The morale of the men in black plunged, and their two remaining leaders had nasty scowls underneath their masks.


The man with the golden-red tiger mask said nothing, but at this moment, the Deer Immortal, with his three-eyed deer mask, suddenly took two steps forward, his eyes completely focused on Wang Chong.

The title of 'Immortal' represented supreme prestige and glory, an existence deeply revered by all the men in black. In front of the Immortals, no one could resist. For Wang Chong to defeat one Immortal in front of so many was simply unforgivable.

"Let me come and kill him!" the Deer Immortal suddenly said, his words directed at the Tiger Immortal behind him.

The Tiger Immortal said nothing, but his eyes gleamed with an inscrutable light.

Goat, Deer, Tigerthese three Immortals were a team, and of the three, the Tiger Immortal was the strongest and possessed the highest status. When the Tiger Immortal was present, the Deer Immortal had to follow his lead and obtain his approval before acting.

After a long while, the Tiger Immortal finally nodded. "Mm."


After receiving the Tiger Immortal's approval, the Deer Immortal began to slowly walk forward. His pace was slow and the length of his stride not very great, but each step exuded the power of a storm.

As the Deer Immortal walked forward, an extremely cold and boundless energy began to rise from his body and spread throughout the area. The temperature rapidly plunged, the contrast like that between a scorching summer day and the depths of a winter blizzard.


The Deer Immortal's move caused the cheering crowd to fall silent. Everyone began to watch the Deer Immortal's movements, the air growing tense.

The martial artists swallowed and turned to Wang Chong.

Wang Chong was not a member of the martial arts world, and he was even the Demonic Emperor's disciple. But nobody cared about that at this point. He was the only person who could contend against these three powerful and mysterious masked men.

All of their lives were tied to Wang Chong. He was their only hope.

In this silence, Vice Alliance Lord Xie Guangting suddenly spoke. "I truly didn't think that the one who would save us in the end would be the Demonic Emperor's disciple who we so despised." While his face was devoid of emotion, there was a complicated mixture of emotions in his eyes.

Both Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting were extremely proud individuals, and at any other place, the two of them would never have been willing to be even slightly connected to Wang Chong. But it was no longer their decision at this point. Even if they weren't thinking about themselves, they had to consider the Righteous Alliance disciples behind them.

"It seems like the tremor that drew everyone here was caused by him. That sword is probably the legendary Origin Immortal Sword. But he's already been through several battles. He might not have enough strength to defeat these men in black alone.

"This kid needs our help!"

Xie Guangting communicated with Song Yuanyi through a voice transmission art. If Wang Chong had heard these words, he would have undoubtedly been stunned. After all, back on the mountain, Xie Guangting had been determined to kill him.

But now, he was the first to propose helping Wang Chong, and he apparently had a rather high opinion of this member of the evil path.


Song Yuanyi merely grunted, his eyes flashing. But for Xie Guangting, this simple grunt contained far too many emotions.

"Kid, you've truly got a lot of luck!" At this moment, a thunderous voice resounded in everyone's ears.

The Deer Immortal suddenly stopped several dozen feet in front of the passage entrance. The cold metal mask on his face completely concealed his emotions.

But the chill in his voice made one's heart freeze.

Wang Chong smiled and retorted, "Heh, it's not my luck! If I don't want to die, no one in this world can kill me!"

As a reincarnator, he had relied on his formidable obsession to overcome death and seize this chance at revival. No matter what, he could not die until he accomplished his mission, could not allow anyone to take his life.

But the Deer Immortal had clearly misunderstood Wang Chong's meaning.

"Hmph, is that so?"

A cold light gleamed in those eyes peering from the golden mask, and then the Deer Immortal attacked.


The air for several hundred feet around the passage howled upward like a great wave, and the Deer Immortal vanished like a ghost.

"Chong-er, careful!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man worriedly shouted.

"Master, relax!"

A mental wave resounded in the minds of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief. A moment later, Wang Chong also vanished.

These men in black were each stronger than the last. The Deer Immortal was much stronger than the Goat Immortal and his speed much faster. But no matter how fast the Deer Immortal was, Wang Chong had spread his tangible Psychic Energy out like a spider web, and no movement technique could escape his perception.

"Found it!"

When everyone else was searching for any sign of the Deer Immortal, Wang Chong raised his head and half-closed his eyes. His perception had already found the Deer Immortal's position.

He was standing above Wang Chong, thirty to forty meters from the ground.