The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Wang Chong Acknowledges A Teacher

Chapter 155: Wang Chong Acknowledges a Teacher!

Shen Hai and Meng Long, hurry up and carry him to my carriage. Well bring him to the Charity Hall.

Wang Chong beckoned.

By now, a large group of spectating passers-by had already gathered in this area. Wang Chong wasnt afraid of the congregation of a large crowd, but if the disciple of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and his companions were still around this area, this might potentially alarm them.

Thus, Wang Chong glanced toward Shen Hai. The latter nodded and started to bellow loudly.

Darned old beggar! I dont know where you came from, but how dare you disrespect our young master? Carry him up to the carriage and give him the beating he would never forget! Then, just bury him by the city walls!

The Wang Family Residence guards immediately understood the intentions behind Shen Hais words, and they hurriedly carried the Demonic Emperor Old Man into Wang Chongs carriage.

Initially, the crowd was still curious at what was going on. However, upon hearing the other party confirm that it was just a scruffy old beggar, they lost their interest and scattered.

While there were a handful of sharp-eyed people who saw the movements of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and knew that this matter wasnt that simple, they could only follow the crowd. Besides, they had nothing to do with this matter, so there was no reason for them to think too much into it.

Before long, the carriage rumbled away from the vicinity of Zhou Ji Charcoal Wine Brewery.

The entire carriage was silent.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man lay on the mat motionlessly, and his breathing was very faint. Wang Chong glanced at him with a complicated expression.

To think that he would succeed in getting this close to obtaining the almighty Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art that was way out of his reach in his previous life!

Back then, he would have never imagined that there would come a day that the mysterious Demonic Emperor Old Man would be right before him.

Even so, Wang Chong knew that the operation couldnt be considered as a success yet.

The catastrophe is approaching, and a top-notch expert like the Demonic Emperor Old Man would be an invaluable asset. No matter what, I have to find a way to cure him!

Wang Chong thought silently.

In his previous life, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had transferred all of his strength to Zhou Wen, allowing Zhou Wen to become a top-notch expert overnight.

However, in Wang Chongs opinion, there was no need to sacrifice the Demonic Emperor Old Man for one to master the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and become a top-notch expert.

The best case scenario was to get the best of both worlds.

Even if an unparalleled expert like the Demonic Emperor Old Man lost his cultivation, his experience, discernment, and skills were still present Ordinary men still werent a match for him.

Only in his hands would the unparalleled mystic art, Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, display the greatest might!

While the callous personality of the Demonic Emperor Old Man was a huge flaw, and Wang Chong himself nearly died because of it, he still believed that the other party could change. After all, the experience from his previous life already showed that it was possible.

Just by this itself, Wang Chong felt that it would be worthwhile to go through all the effort to save him.

Not only so, he was determined to find a way to safeguard his cultivation foundation as well.

As such thoughts flashed across Wang Chongs mind, an epiphany suddenly struck Wang Chong.

Saint-tier recovery pill I wonder if this one works?

Stretching his hand into his embrace, he retrieved a large round recovery pill. This was the pill he received from Six-fingered Zhang during the last trade. Even though he wasnt sure if it was a Saint-tier pill, it did come from the royal palace.

Forget it, I should just give it a try. Even though I dont know whether this pill is a Saint-tier recovery pill or not, at the very least, its of much higher quality than all other medicinal pills out in the market.

Thinking so, Wang Chong squatted down, pried open the Demonic Emperor Old Mans lower jaw, and placed the round recovery pill inside. The pill immediately dissolved as soon as it entered his mouth.

In just a brief moment, the entire pill was reduced to a puddle of medicinal fluid, and it flowed straight into the stomach of the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

In a few short breaths, a red glow appeared on the pale face of the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

His faint and erratic breathing also gradually grew stronger and more stable.

At least I didnt spend that two hundred thousand gold taels for nothing!

Bending down, Wang Chong checked on the physical condition of the Demonic Emperor Old Man before heaving a huge sigh of relief. He suddenly felt relieved that he had spent that huge sum of money in approaching Six-fingered Zhang and paying for the Shadow slot to join the secret alchemist organization.

This, by itself, meant that his investment had paid off.

The effectiveness of the recovery pill crafted by the imperial alchemists was much more potent than what Wang Chong expected. If not for this pill, the Demonic Emperor Old Man would have most probably lost all of his cultivation.

Shen Hai, head to the Falling Jade Pavilion and tell Six-fingered Zhang that regardless of the means, bring me three more of such recovery pills as soon as possible. The more potent it is, the better it will be! Im fine with using my quota this month to purchase them.

Yes, gongzi!

Without wasting any time, Shen Hai turned around, opened the carriage door, leaped out, and immediately dashed straight for the Falling Jade Pavilion.

Wait a moment!

Right after Shen Hai left, Wang Chong pondered for a moment and changed his mind.

Head to the Purple Bamboo Garden instead!

Purple Bamboo Garden was the secret residence that Uncle Li Lin prepared for Wang Chong. As Wang Chong didnt think that it was appropriate for him to move out at such a young age, it had been lying empty for awhile now.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man was currently severely injured, and what he needed at the moment were tranquility and rest. The Purple Bamboo Garden happened to fit these criteria.

The carriage made a turn and headed straight for the southern part of the city.

Soon, a silent residence came into sight. It was surrounded by a lush and dense bamboo forest, and it looked exceptionally refined and peaceful.

At the entrance, there was a plaque that read Purple Bamboo Garden.

The carriage rumbled through the entrance, and soon, they arrived at the courtyard.

The Purple Bamboo Garden was large, and everything within seemed to have been crafted from materials available in the surroundings, be it the garden, pond, buildings, pavilions, training ground, living quarters The entire residence exuded elegance.

However, there wasnt a single person in the residence, be it maids, guards, or servants,

As Wang Chong had yet to move in, there wasnt anyone hired to tidy up the place.

Stand guard at the door and protect the courtyard. Dont allow anyone to approach this area!

Wang Chong instructed.

Yes, gongzi!

The guards answered.

Wang Chong placed the Demonic Emperor Old Man on the bed. Around an hour later, Shen Hai entered drenched in sweat. Having accomplished the task asked of him, he returned with three even larger recovery pills on him.

Six-fingered Zhang was indeed loyal; upon hearing that Wang Chong needed it urgently, he immediately fetched three of the most potent recovery pills without any hesitation and handed it over to Wang Chong without demanding for any money at all.

After consuming the three top-notch Saint-tier recovery pill from the royal palace, the condition of the Demonic Emperor Old Man seemed to have alleviated, and the wound on his back gradually closed up into a scar.

Around four hours later


Five forceful fingers shot out from the bed and grabbed Wang Chongs neck.

Let go!

What are you doing?

The room flew into a panic. Seeing the unconscious Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly making a move on Wang Chong, everyone was scared out of their wits. They hurriedly drew their swords, and the atmosphere grew tense, similar to the situation back in the streets.

Sheathe your swords, its just a reflex action!

Wang Chong ordered nonchalantly, as though the neck the Demonic Emperor Old Man was grabbing wasnt his.

His vigilance is incredible!

Wang Chong thought.

Of the entire room, probably only Wang Chong was capable of telling that the movements of the Demonic Emperor Old Man was instinctive. The stronger a person was, the more guarded he was. If someone were to approach him, his body would respond automatically.

Even Wang Chong was the same in his previous life, needless to say, a member of the unorthodox like the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

Lad, youre the one who saved me?

On top of the bed, the Demonic Emperor Old Man finally roused from his sleep, and he slowly released his grip. Due to the foreign surroundings, he felt a little lost.

However, he recognized the lad before him. He was the young man who intended to save him on the streets.

Thats right.

Wang Chong smiled, not denying the matter.

Then, the room fell silent. The Demonic Emperor Old Man sat up, and his gaze swiftly swept across the surroundings. Soon, he realized that he was in some kind of living quarters.

Is this your house?

The Demonic Emperor Old Man asked.

It isnt.

Wang Chong shook his head. You must be jesting! Before confirming whether the Demonic Emperor Old Man had changed for the better, how could he dare bring the other party to his home?

Nostalgia flashed across the eyes of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, but soon, he noticed something shocking.

You actually treated my injuries? You possess Saint-tier recovery pills of the royal palace?

The Demonic Emperor Old Man was astounded.

Even though it took him awhile to realize it, he could clearly sense that most of his injuries had healed.

He was already prepared to have his cultivation crippled, but to his delight, he realized that his Origin Energy had stopped seeping out from his spirit sea, and it had fallen into a calm state.

This meant that he managed to retain a bit of his foundation.

Has elder forgotten that Im from a clan of generals? Surely it isnt surprising that I would possess some of the recovery pills of the royal palace?

Seated by the corner of the bed, Wang Chong replied with composure.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement. What Wang Chong said made sense.

Even though the Saint-tier recovery pills of the royal palace was hard to procure, it might be slightly easier for the offspring of a clan of generals to obtain it.

Its truly heavens will! To think that I would end up being saved by a noble. Perhaps, this is the arrangements the heavens has laid out for me.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man smiled bitterly as he glanced at the ceiling. Numerous emotions flickered across his face, and for a long moment, he wasnt able to utter a single word.

Lad, are you willing to become my final disciple? As long as you agree to take me in as your master, Ill impart you everything that I know. However, I hope that you can agree to a wish of mine.


Hearing those words, Wang Chongs heart beat furiously. No matter how slow he might be, it was clear that the thing he had been wishing so fervently for was finally coming true!

Despite being betrayed by his closest kin, the Demonic Emperor Old Man probably felt that he was incapable of exacting his vengeance. Thus, he decided to accept one last direct disciple to deal with that wretched disciple who betrayed him!

Finally, the unparalleled art, Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, had shown a glimmer of itself to Wang Chong. A huge opportunity was waving right at him.

Im willing!

Delighted, Wang Chong immediately kneeled before the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

Hahaha, you saving me and me taking you in as my disciple, it feels as though the working of destiny! I, Zhang Wenfu, swore that Ill never accept anyone from the pugilistic world as my disciple anymore, but you dont count within that category. Whats your name?

Wang Chong!

Haha, good! Wang Chong, youre my last disciple! As long as you dont betray me, Ill never betray you!


Wang Chong hurriedly greeted him.

Hahaha, to think that I, Zhang Wenfu, would find myself another disciple!

The Demonic Emperor Old Man laughed heartily. He thought that all that awaited him was death, but when the ominous clouds parted, the heavens showed him another ray of hope.

He was filled with resentment toward the pugilistic world. Even to his deathbed, he was unwilling to accept any disciple from there.

However, Wang Chong, as the offspring of a clan of generals, an indirect member of the royal court, wasnt related to the pugilistic world.

He had never accepted a person from the royal court as his disciple before.

But now, he felt that it was worth a try.

Seeing the Demonic Emperor Old Man putting down his guard and laughing heartily without any hidden intentions, Wang Chong suddenly felt as though he had discovered another side to him.

Unknowingly, a smile crept onto Wang Chongs lips as well.

He had finally found a person who was worthy of becoming his teacher!