The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Underlying Dangers

Chapter 157: Underlying Dangers!

Hahaha, the heavens are on my side!

Initially, the Demonic Emperor Old Man was still feeling a little depressed, but at this very instant, all his negative emotions were swept clean.

Chong-er! Do you know why that bastard betrayed me? The Demonic Emperor Old Man abruptly turned to glance at Wang Chong.

I dont.

Wang Chong was actually rather curious about this matter. He knew that the Demonic Emperor Old Man was betrayed by someone who was likely to be his disciple, but he hadnt heard the details.

Hmph. I treated that bastard as my own son. Even though I, Zhang Wenfu, am I would never mistreat my disciple. It was due to that bastards lacking talent that I chose to impart him the Little Yinyang Art only. Yet, he suspected that I was withholding my secret arts from him, and he conspired with outsiders to backstab me.

That bastard never tried to consider the fact that given his root bone, talent, and that he has missed the ideal period for tempering ones root bone, if I were to impart him my ultimate art, itll just a matter of time before his cultivation goes berserk.

I treated him so well, taking his welfare to be my priority, yet he backstabbed me!

The Demonic Emperor Old Mans rage surged as he recalled the past.

Wang Chong fell silent. The Demonic Emperor Old Man wasnt a good person, but Wang Chong could feel that he treated those whom he held dear kindly.

It might be karma that landed the Demonic Emperor Old Man in his current state, but regardless, his disciple shouldnt have been the one holding the knife.

Master, rest assured! Ill surely avenge you!

Wang Chong spoke in a heavy tone.

Hahaha, good! Chong-er, I truly didnt misjudge you. Im content with just your words.

Delight shone on the Demonic Emperor Old Mans face. He took off his belt as he spoke, and Wang Chong realized that there were some inner workings to his belt.

It looked ordinary on the surface, but there were several hidden compartments to it.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man opened one of the compartments and took out a heavy, black thumb-sized pill.

Whats that?

Wang Chong was taken aback.

This is the last Dragon Transcension Pill in my possession! Only those who have reached Tiger Bone 3-dan pinnacle can use it! Initially, as long as that bastard behaved obediently and cultivated his root bone to Tiger Bone 3-dan pinnacle, I would have given it to him. However, that bastard was simply too anxious, and so, he missed out on this Dragon Transcension Pill.

As he spoke, the Demonic Emperor Old Man generously passed the Dragon Transcension Pill over to Wang Chong.

Ill officially give this Dragon Transcension Pill to you. Chong-er, once you assimilate this pill, youll be able to reach Dragon Bone realm. After which, Ill impart you some martial arts.

Thank you, master!

Wang Chong was delighted. He thought that it would take a lot of time and effort for him to reach Dragon Bone realm, and he didnt expect such an opportunity to come his way. To think that he would obtain the legendary Dragon Transcension Pill from the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

Swallowing the Dragon Transcension Pill, Wang Chong felt a deep aura gushing through his body. This aura felt incomparably powerful, and there was a trace of a violent and destructive power within it.

The pills of the unorthodox ways are indeed different!

Wang Chong only managed to formulate this thought before he exploded. Kachacha, the crisp sound of bones cracking echoed from his body, and this very moment, all he could feel was a blazing heat searing every single cell in his body.

Hold your breath, guard your spirit, and slowly take in the medicinal energy. Dont move recklessly!

An imposing voice sounded in Wang Chongs ears.

Wang Chongs heart jolted, and he quickly stopped all motions. Then, a palm struck his mingmen from behind, and a surge of warm Origin Energy immediately seeped into his body.
(An acupoint)

Then, from another location, the palm struck once more, and another surge of Origin Energy seeped into his body.

Under the assistance of these external palm strikes, the burning inferno within Wang Chongs body seemed to have been quenched with cool, refreshing spring water, alleviating the searing heat.

Time slowly passed, and Wang Chong soon reached an imperturbable state.

After an unknown period of time!


A crisp roar of a dragon sounded, and the air behind Wang Chong blurred. Vaguely, one could make out the silhouette of a flood dragon.

The flood dragon danced in the air for a moment before disappearing.

At the same time, Wang Chong opened his eyes, and a piercing light glared out from within.

Finally, Dragon Bone realm!

Wang Chong relaxed his arms, overjoyed.

Even though Wang Chong had only reached Dragon Bone 1-dan, there was a significant qualitative improvement to his physical condition.

He could feel energy surging through his body, and his endurance, stamina, and burst strength were enhanced greatly. His cultivation was still Origin Energy Tier 7, but his foundation became extremely solid.

Finally, Ive reached the realm that I was unable to break through in my previous life!

Wang Chong thought in exhilaration. Since the Dragon Bone was forged, he would no longer be limited by his root bone as he was in his previous life.

Good, youve succeeded. To be able to reach the Dragon Bone realm at fifteen, you have a boundless future before you!

An ancient voice sounded from behind him. The Demonic Emperor Old Mans face had turned white, and his voice was trembling in weakness.

Thank you, master!

Upon seeing the weak state of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wang Chong felt touched.

Master, dont worry. Even if the entire world betrays you in the future, Ill never betray you!

Hehe, Ill take your word for it then. This is the foundation formula for Little Yinyang Art. No matter what cultivation technique one cultivates, one has to build on it steadily. Be it unorthodox techniques or orthodox techniques, there is nothing that can escape this rule! After you master the foundation formula, Ill teach you the complete Little Yinyang Art. Then, once you master the Little Yinyang Art, Ill impart you my true ultimate art!

Thank you, master!

After taking the foundation formula for the Little Yinyang Art, Wang Chong instructed Shen Hai and Meng Long to stand guard at the Purple Bamboo Garden before leaving.

Paying respect to master!

Just as Wang Chong left the Purple Bamboo Garden, at another residence in the east of the capital, several hundred black-robed men were gathered together, and every single one of them exuded a powerful malevolent aura. Facing the roof, they kneeled and paid respect to a young black-robed man whose face was concealed with a ghost mask.

This courtyard was hidden deeply amidst trees, making it impossible for anyone to notice this location from the outside.

Listen well!

Standing on top of the roof, with his hands behind his back, the masked black-robed young man lifted his head coldly and gazed down on the others with a look of superiority.

That old geezer isnt dead yet! I want you all to infiltrate deep into Great Tangs capital and search through the alleys in the region. Its impossible for that old geezer to mask his malevolent aura given the creation plundering demonic art he cultivates. Ive obtained a unique search tool that will allow you all to sense that old fellow as soon as he comes into a certain radius around you.


The masked black-robed young man flung his sleeves, and a black flame flew forth from his hands. The flame dissipated in midair, splitting into thousands of fragments. With a sound reminiscent of the wailing of ghosts, the fragments dived into the bodies of the black-robed men below.

Their bodies jolted, and their aura immediately changed slightly.


Yes, master!

The hundreds of black-robed men immediately scattered in all directions.

You all are too careless!

Not too long after the black-robed men scattered, a black silhouette appeared before the masked black-robed young man.

A snake that doesnt die will strike back. Do you all know what will happen to us if that old geezer survives?

A black circle vaguely appeared in his eyes, giving him a bizarre and demonic appearance.

How could I have expected that the old geezer would have cultivated a secret escaping art? Ive been with him for so long, but Ive never noticed it.

The masked black-robed young man said indignantly.

Even so, he cant escape for long. His spirit sea was shattered, and on top of that, given the searching tool and my Origin Energy, well definitely be able to find him within twenty days even if he were to burrow underground!

Lets just hope so!

The silhouette replied, and in the next instant, he vanished from the rooftop.

After finding the Demonic Emperor Old Man and acknowledging him as his teacher, Wang Chong was finally able to lay down a burden on his heart, and he felt much more relaxed. In the next few days, other than accompanying Su Zhengchen for chess matches in the Ghost Tree District and visiting the Demonic Emperor Old Man at the Purple Bamboo Garden, Wang Chong devoted all of his time to cultivating the foundation formula of Little Yinyang Art.

Have you met someone recently?

Beneath the Chinese scholar tree, Su Zhengchen suddenly stared at Wang Chong and asked.


Wang Chongs heart skipped a beat. Su Zhengchens gaze felt as though it could peer straight into his heart, and he suddenly felt a bad premonition.

Elder, are you pulling my leg? There are so many people walking to and fro the streets every day, of course Ill meet with a lot of people every day!

Is that so?

Su Zhengchen replied impassively. Then, he picked up a white stone and continued on with the chess match, not pursuing this matter any further, as though nothing had happened.


Wang Chong heaved a deep sigh of relief within. Su Zhengchen was the war god, a top-notch expert. It was highly likely that his skills were par with the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

For a moment, Wang Chong forgot that these two men stood at two polar ends of the spectrum, and their relationship was like water and fire.

How did I forget about Elder Sus righteous personality? He bears a deep hatred for evildoers. Fortunately, I have only just started cultivating the Little Yinyang Art, so perhaps he hasnt realized anything yet.

Wang Chong suddenly felt his hair stand on end. Being caught cultivating the Little Yinyang Art was a small matter; more importantly, if Su Zhengchen were to notice the existence of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, it would cause a calamity.


Wang Chong thought.

Your mind is wandering.

A calm and nonchalant voice suddenly drifted by Wang Chongs ear. Brought back to reality, Wang Chong realized that he had made a wrong move.

Hehe, elder, you sure are incredible. To think that I would misread the situation Come, come, eat a slice of braised beef!

Wang Chong chuckled as he placed a large slice of braised beef into Su Zhengchens plate.

Su Zhengchen had an austere personality, and upon seeing Wang Chong place a piece of braised beef on his plate, his face froze.

Haha, come, lets continue with the match!

Wang Chong felt that it was a close call. He hurriedly made a move to divert Su Zhengchens attention.

The match lasted from noon until early evening, and eventually, it ended in Su Zhengchens loss, as usual.

Elder, youve lost again.

Wang Chong burst into laughter. Then, just like the previous times, he bade his farewell and left.

Su Zhengchen smiled silently in response. When Wang Chong finally disappeared into the distance, the smile of Su Zhengchens face faded, replaced by graveness.

Fang Hong!

Master, what is it?

Behind the tree, the old servant Fang Hong appeared.

That child seems to be dabbling in demonic arts recently. A person from the unorthodox ways must have approached him recently. Bring me a black kite, I need it!
(Black kite is a bird species)

Su Zhengchen spouted coldly, and a hint of killing intent flashed across his face.

If the Great Tang wanted to soar to greater heights, then the grooming of the younger generation was of utmost importance. On top of dabbling in demonic arts, Wang Chong even tried to conceal the matter, not knowing that he had already seen through it.

That childs gift didnt come easily, and even Su Zhengchen had no choice but to admit that he wasnt a match for him. In the future, he would surely become an important pillar of the royal court. He couldnt allow anyone to lead him astray.

Master, you said that he has cultivated demonic arts?

Old servant Fang Hong was astonished.

Un. Dont reveal this matter before him, Ill deal with it myself.

Su Zhengchen replied.

Yes, master!

Old servant Fang Hong lowered his head.

Before long, a huge black kite was brought over. This was a special breed exclusive to the Su Residence, and it was very gifted in tracking. Huala! Su Zhengchen took off the collar around its neck and waved a black stone that Wang Chong held just awhile ago around its nose before releasing it. Hu! The black kite took off to the skies. It hovered around the area for a moment before darting straight to the direction where Wang Chong left