The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Myriad Spirit Sea Art

Chapter 158: Myriad Spirit Sea Art!


A carriage bearing the Wang Clans insignia traveled on the streets. Wang Chong sat motionlessly in the carriage, silently cultivating the Little Yinyang Art foundation formula the Demonic Emperor Old Man gave him.

Even though it was just the foundation formula, this cultivation technique wasnt as easy as Wang Chong imagined. In fact, it was more difficult than all the other cultivation techniques that Wang Chong had learned in his previous life. However, it was fortunate that the Demonic Emperor Old Man had warned him about it in advance. The first step was always the hardest one to make, and the cultivation of the Little Yinyang Art became easier the further one progressed. As long as Wang Chong broke through the initial bottleneck, the latter parts would be relatively easier.

Origin Energy coursed through his body, and under Wang Chongs control, it charged through one acupoint after another.

None of the paths between the acupoints collided with the cultivation techniques Wang Chong cultivated before, and every single one of these paths was bizarre and peculiar.

No wonder this cultivation technique is called a demonic art. Just the pathways for the Origin Energy is unorthodox in itself.

Wang Chong mumbled.

An hour later, a slight crisp sound echoed. Wang Chong had succeeded in forging a path between two acupoints once more.

With the clearing of this path, Wang Chongs Origin Energy grew slightly denser.


Just as Wang Chong was immersing in his gains, he suddenly felt an interruption, and his Origin Energy turned chaotic.

Hm? This feeling

Wang Chongs eyebrows twitched. He reached out and parted the window. Amidst the huge crowd outside, without any hesitation, his eyes fell on a cold-faced and suspicious man, who happened to be looking in his direction as well.

Wang Chong could sense a familiar aura from their body.

Theyre people from the unorthodox ways!

A thought flashed across Wang Chongs head, and he immediately understood what was going on.

The other party swiftly retracted his gaze, but this brief moment was more than sufficient for Wang Chong to realize that something was amiss.

Turn around, head southwest!

Wang Chong knocked on the carriage compartment and ordered.

This was the first time someone was tracking him in so many days.

Lets go over and take a look!

In the crowd, two figures hurriedly followed the carriage. The carriage traveled through several alleys, but it didnt seem to be headed for the Purple Bamboo Garden. Instead, it was traveling toward somewhere remote.

Heh, hes looking for it. I was just thinking that there wasnt any opportunity to strike when he delivers one to my doorstep!

Even though he isnt that old geezer, given how that brat is able to induce an Origin Energy disturbance similar to masters, he must be related to him. As long as we capture him, well be able to find the whereabouts of that old fellow!

The duo hurriedly followed behind Wang Chong, and despite being on their own two feet, they were still able to catch up to the carriage easily.

Before long, they reached an area shrouded by trees. There were very little passers-by in the region, and vaguely, one could hear the high-pitched squeaking of pigs being slaughtered.

This was a butchery, and due to the stench from the huge amount of livestock here, no one, other than butchers and traders, would be here at such a late timing.


Around a thousand meters away from the butchery, Wang Chongs carriage stopped.

Youre courting death!

Delighted, the two disciples of the unorthodox ways drew their swords, and without even thinking twice, they charged straight for the carriage. However, even though they were fast, Wang Chong was even faster!


The windows of the carriage broke apart, and Wang Chong darted out of the carriage like a cannonball. In midair, he had already started executing the Single Character Consecutive Slash with agility and preciseness way above the duo.


Be careful!

The two disciples of the unorthodox ways only saw a gleam of light, and Wang Chong was already right above their heads. Klang klang klang, Wang Chongs sword swiftly flew around as though bolts of lightning streaking across the air, and for a moment, he was actually able to stand his ground despite facing the assault of the two simultaneously.

His movements were profound, turning left at a moment, right at the next, forward in an instant, backward in the next. On top of that, the movements of his sword were completely unpredictable. Amidst their clash, not only was Wang Chong completely unscathed, he even managed to inflict a few wounds on the other two.


After one of the strikes, Wang Chong suddenly used the momentum to push himself ten zhang back, pulling open some distance with the pair.

You must be eager to die!

The two disciples dashed forward swiftly.

Miyasame, what are you waiting for!

Wang Chong suddenly bellowed.


As if responding to Wang Chongs voice, a black, lithe figure suddenly darted from the crown of a nearby tree, flying straight toward the trio.

Chi! Without any warning, during a momentary lapse of concentration by one of the unorthodox disciples, a sword stabbed straight through his heart cleanly and swiftly.


At the same moment, Wang Chong dashed forward and utilized the Single Character Consecutive Slash to tear apart the other disciples defense. Then, making use of the momentum from the clash, Wang Chong flipped to the other party back, and stabbed his sword straight into the other partys right chest.


Amidst a scream of agony, the second disciple of the unorthodox ways clutched onto his chest and dropped to the ground.

Wang Chongs swordsmanship was way too bizarre, he couldnt guard himself against it at all.

Speak! Who are you? Why are you following me?

Wang Chong crushed the disciple of the unorthodox ways beneath his feet while pushing his sword against the other partys neck. Just by a slight force, blood immediately streamed down the sword.

Pui! Do you think that Ill tell you?

The other party spat a mouthful of bloodied saliva at Wang Chong.

Heh, dont worry, youll speak.

Wang Chong replied calmly. Then, he turned around and said:

Miyasame, hes yours.

Extracting intelligence was one of the necessary skills for an assassin. Wang Chong didnt have to wait too long for Miysame Ayaka to pry open the other partys mouth.

Master, theres some trouble. It seems like the other party has sent quite a huge group of men to locate an old man, and these two are only a small part for the group. On top of that, they seem to possess some unique mean to sense the presence of that old man.

Holding a bloodied sword in her hand, Miyasame Ayaka walked over.

There were some things she didnt point out. Given that the duo had tracked Wang Chong even though their mission was to find an old man, it was clear that Wang Chong had a complex relationship with the person they were looking for.

I got it. You should return for now, Ill settle the matter here myself.

Wang Chong waved casually.

Miyasame Ayaka nodded before retreating, disappearing into the trees, leaving behind Wang Chong in silent contemplation.

Those fellows sure work fast!

Lifting his gaze, Wang Chong thought.

Wang Chong didnt point the matter out clearly before Miyasame Ayaka, but he was certain that the master that the unorthodox disciple was referring to was the wretched disciple the Demonic Emperor Old Man spoke of.

Three hundred men, and on top of that, they can determine the Demonic Emperor Old Mans presence through his aura. If thats the case the Purple Bamboo Garden isnt safe.

Wang Chong couldnt help but feel worried about the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

This cant do. I have to discuss the matter with master.

Wang Chong threw the disciple that Miyasame Ayaka had knocked out and tied up after the interrogation into the carriage, hopped on himself, and headed straight for the Purple Bamboo Garden.

So, thats the situation.

A moment later, at the Purple Bamboo Garden, Wang Chong threw the disciple on the ground and explained the entire matter.

The presence of this unorthodox disciple was more convincing than any words Wang Chong could have said.

That bastard!

Seeing the unorthodox disciple on the ground, the Demonic Emperor Old Man trembled in anger. It was his martial arts that the disciple was cultivating, how could he possibly not recognize it?

The cultivation technique that these men were using came from him.

Does he really think that I have no way to deal with him just because my spirit sea is shattered?

The Demonic Emperor Old Man stretched out his hand, and a black aura gushed out of the body of the unorthodox disciple and seeped into his body.

The face of the unorthodox disciple paled, and his skin swiftly turned gray. Then, he fell motionless.

At the same time, upon gathering this surge of Origin Energy, the aura shrouding the Demonic Emperor Old Man grew by a slight bit.


Wang Chong was astonished. He witnessed the might of the Great Yinyang World Creation Art in his previous life, but it was clear that Zhou Wens proficiency was lacking compared to the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

The latters cultivation had already fallen to Origin Energy realm, but even so, he was still able to steal the unorthodox disciples Origin Energy easily from a distance.

Chong-er, remember this. There are four layers to the lineage of our demonic art. The first layer is the foundation, the level which you are currently at. The second layer is the Little Yinyang Art, and at this level, one will require a medium to absorb the Origin Energy of another. At the third layer, one will be able to absorb Origin Energy from a distance, just like me.

Even though my cultivation has deteriorated, my proficiency in the technique still remains.

Theres still another level above the third layer. According to what I know, only the creator of the technique had succeeded in reaching the fourth layer, and it seems to be related to space and time. However, as Ive never cultivated the last level, Im not too sure either.

But in any case, youll have to progress through the various layers one by one. If there comes a day that you reach the fourth layer, youll have become a God Martial expert. By then, therell no one who can stand against you in the world.

As the Demonic Emperor Old Man said so, his face slowly turned pale. The Origin Energy he had just absorbed leaked out from his body as though a pierced balloon.


Initially, Wang Chong was still listening seriously, but upon seeing this abrupt sight, his face warped, and he hurriedly rushed forward to support the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

Hehe, dont worry. Its just that my spirit sea is shattered, so Im unable to retain Origin Energy. If I forcefully execute the Great Yinyang World Creation Art, Ill suffer a backlash. That wretched disciple knew about this, thats why he dares to send these small fries against me.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man pushed against the table with his hands to support his body.

Master, are you infusing Origin Energy into your acupoints?

Wang Chong suddenly asked.

You know of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art?

The Demonic Emperor Old Man looked at Wang Chong in astonishment, but he soon nodded.

This is an ultimate art of our lineage, and since ancient times, only the sect leader is entitled to cultivate it. On top of that, its extremely hard to cultivate, and there are very few people who succeeds in it. As my spirit sea is shattered, resulting in my inability to infuse Origin Energy into my dantian, I can only use my acupoints to replace the role of my spirit sea to retain Origin Energy. This is the only option I have left.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man didnt bother hiding anything before Wang Chong.

Stunned, Wang Chong couldnt find a word to say.

He had heard of the theory of utilizing ones acupoints as spirit sea, and he knew that there were some incredible techniques in the world capable of this feat. However, this was an extremely abstract and profound topic, and even Wang Chong had never seen it before.

Even the elders in his previous life had described this cultivation technique as bizarre and profound, and it wasnt something that an ordinary person could cultivate.

No wonder hes able to infuse energy into Zhou Wen eventually!

Wang Chong suddenly understood something.

Theres a part thats a little weird.
I understand that theres a part which writes Miyasame Ayaka addressing Wang Chong as master in the previous chapter is weird and uncommon in the Central Plain. The term she used is , which is (using a not exactly correct example) somewhat how a slave calls his master.
On the other hand, usual servants simply call their employers as or (young master and old master)
Then, when Wang Chong addresses the Demonic Emperor Old Man, he calls him , which means teacher, but in usual translations, master is used instead.

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