The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 160

Chapter 160 A Gale Blows

Chapter 160: A Gale Blows!

Troops are valued on their speed.

The eyes of Wang Chongs Third Senior were spread all over the capital. According to Wang Chongs master, his Third Senior wasnt capable of such a feat by himself.

Saint Martial realm experts were involved in this matter, and even the Wang Clan was helpless toward it.

Sects had always operated by a different law from the rest of Great Tang. That world was never comprehended by Wang Chong, be it in his current life or previous life. All he knew was its existence.

I can only hope that master can pass through the city gates and reach the spirit vein safely.

Plagued with worry, Wang Chong subconsciously tapped his forefinger continuously on the table in the study. The city gates were the only way out of the capital; Wang Chong knew that it was impossible for the other party to not station any men there.

However, the city gates were manned by the Imperial Army.

Wang Chong had already informed Uncle Li Lin and Zhao Fengchen of the matter. Given their current standing in the royal palace, they could easily liaise with the gate guards and have them cause a huge ruckus to clear away those unorthodox disciples.

Ive already sent Li Zhuxin and Miyasame Ayaka to support them There shouldnt be any problem.

Even so, Wang Chong couldnt help but feel slightly anxious.

Wang Chong should have gone over to assist as well, but he had just started cultivating the Little Yinyang Art. It was possible that his presence might simply worsen the situation.


Suddenly, a Wang Family Residence guard rushed in hurriedly. His entire forehead was filled with sweat.

Young master, the old master has been sent out successfully!


Hearing those words, Wang Chongs face flushed in agitation. Now that his teacher had been sent out of the city, that was another burden off his heart.

Where is Li Zhuxin and Miyasame Ayaka?

Wang Chong asked.

Following young masters orders, the two of them are currently escorting the old master. Theyll return once they are ten li deep into the mountains.

The guard replied respectfully.

Hearing those words, Wang Chong heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Those who participated in this exercise were old guards who served the Wang Clan for more than a decade. There was no questioning their loyalty.

As for Li Zhuxin, based on Wang Chongs understanding of the other party, he was definitely trustworthy. If he gave his words, he would definitely accomplish it, even if it meant his death.

On the other hand, even though Miyasama Ayaka might not be as loyal and trustworthy as the others, she shouldnt be a problem since she didnt know much about the matter.

The only order that she received was to cooperate with Li Zhuxin.

As long as she wants the solution to the flaws of the Spectre Steps, she should remain loyal to me.

Wang Chong thought.

Different people require different ways to utilize. For Miyasame Ayaka, her fatal flaw lay in the Spectre Steps, and she knew it herself.

Thus, as long as she wished to preserve her own life, she would remain a reliable ally.

Itll be up to master to see whether he can change his own destiny.

Wang Chong muttered under his breath.

He didnt know what the Demonic Emperor Old Man went through in his previous life, but given the limited strength and influence of him and Zhou Wen, he probably didnt fare well against the pursuers of that wretched disciple of his.

Everything had changed in this life, and toward the very first master in he acknowledged in his current life, Wang Chong presented him the massive spirit vein out of filial piety.

With the support of endless spiritual energy, the progress and success rate of cultivating the Myriad Spirit Sea Art should much faster and higher than in his previous life.

Wang Chong also hoped for the success of the Demonic Emperor Old Man.


A gust of wind blew through the room, and Wang Chong returned back to reality. Slowly, he turned his gaze to the Little Yinyang Art formula on the table.

This was the complete Little Yinyang Art formula the Demonic Emperor Old Man gave to Wang Chong this morning.

Wang Chong was still unable to cultivate anything further than that.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had to be cultivated step by step. As long as Wang Chong didnt reach the apex of Little Yinyang Art, he would not be able to cultivate the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

Browsing through the manual on the table, Wang Chong was soon immersed into it.

This morning was silent, and just as everyone thought that it would end peacefully, a slight chaos occurred by the gates of the capital.

The chaos dispersed as quickly as it came, so most of the populace was unaware of it. In the end, some unorthodox cultivators were captured and locked in cells.

Then, peace returned to the city gates.

I came too late!

Not too long after the Demonic Emperor Old Man left the capital, a black silhouette appeared outside the Purple Bamboo Garden. His figure was taut, as though a massive sword piercing through the heavens.

Su Zhengchen gazed at the silent and empty Purple Bamboo Garden coldly. On his shoulder was a black kite, and despite its sharp beak and powerful wings, it seemed to feel uneasy.

By his feet was the carcass of the black kite the Demonic Emperor Old Man killed yesterday night.

Silently gazing at the empty Purple Bamboo Garden, Su Zhengchen slowly turned around and disappeared into the thin morning fog.

Time passed slowly. The departure of the Demonic Emperor Old Man seemed as though a magnet, pulling away the storm within the capital together with him. Slowly, tranquility returned to Wang Chong.

However, in somewhere beyond Wang Chongs sight, a giant storm was brewing.

A few days later.


The room to Wang Chongs study was abruptly pushed open with great strength. Then, a beautiful maid who was sweating profusely dashed into the room.

Xiao Zhu?

Halting his cultivation, Wang Chong glanced at the doorway in astonishment.

He recognized this maid. She was his mothers personal maid, Xiao Zhu. Based on what he remembered, she was a smart and astute person. Under normal occasions, she would never interrupt him.

On top of that, Wang Chong clearly remembered instructing the personnel of the entire residence to not disturb him without his permission.

Young master, madam urges you to head to the lounge now! This matter is extremely urgent, so you have to rush over now! Quick!

Before Wang Chong could say anything, Xiao Zhu grabbed onto the door frame to support her exhausted body and hurriedly spouted a huge bunch of words. Her tone was swift and anxious, and it seemed like she was in a rush.

Wang Chong was taken aback.

It wasnt like Xiao Zhu to make such a breach in etiquette. What had happened to leave her in such a state?

Wang Chong was intrigued.

Young master, hurry!

Xiao Zhu stomped her feet as she urged Wang Chong to hurry up.

Seeing how anxious Xiao Zhu was, and considering that it was his mothers instructions, Wang Chong didnt dare to dilly-dally. He swiftly stripped off his loose training clothes and changed into a set of formal clothes before rushing to the lounge along with Xiao Zhu.

Un? How fragrant!

The lounge was tightly shut, and from more than twenty zhang away, Wang Chong suddenly caught a whiff of the concentrated smell of incense.

This is the smell of top-quality incense! For such an incense to be used, what kind of esteemed guest has arrived at our Wang Family Residence?

Wang Chong thought in astonishment.

Almost all nobles would collect some incense in their residence.

There were different grades to incense, and usually, it wouldnt be used unless an esteemed guest visits.

Such a top-quality incense wouldnt be used even if King Song visits. Yet, Wang Chong was certain that he wasnt mistaken.

Whats going on?

Wang Chong was getting more and more bewildered.


Pushing the door open, Wang Chong saw his mother kneeling respectfully on the floor. Beside her were a group of nannies and maids, and they were kneeling as well.

Standing in front of them was a eunuch dressed in a yellow robe with cloud embroidery. Behind the eunuch were around a dozen gold-armored Chamberlains of Imperial Insignia, and each of them exuded an extremely powerful aura.

The creaking of the door from Wang Chongs entry caught everyones attention, and all eyes immediately shot toward him.

As soon as Wang Chongs eyes met that of the leading eunuch, gedeng!, his heart skipped a beat, and his face warped in shock.

This was a eunuch of the royal palace!

On top of that, a yellow-robed eunuch!

Yellow was a color representative of the dragon, and there was only a type of eunuch who dared to don on a yellow robe with cloud embroiderythe head eunuchs who served the Sage Emperor.

This was the first time Wang Chong was meeting with a person of such high standing in his current life.

Hurry up and kneel down!

Fearful of offending this head eunuch, Madam Wangs stern voice echoed across the lounge. Recovering from his shock, Wang Chongs face changed, and he hurriedly stepped across the doorsill and walked in.

Paying respect to gonggong!

Wang Chongs heart beat furiously and he hurriedly bowed politely. Even though the person before him was a eunuch, he was representative of the emperor.

Head eunuchs would never appear outside the royal palace for no good reason.

Little gongzi, receive the imperial edict!

The head eunuch glanced at Wang Chong and spoke nonchalantly. His face was austere, and not a single thing could be discerned from his expression. He felt unfathomable.

Just like his mother, Wang Chong kneeled down. However, what he was kneeling to wasnt the head eunuch, but the yellow imperial edict on top of the silver plate in the head eunuchs hands.

In place of the heavens, the emperor proclaims:

The son of the Wang Clan, Wang Chong, is to enter the palace immediately to face the emperor. End of edict!

The head eunuch picked up the imperial edict within the silver plate, unrolled it, and read it before Wang Chong and his mother. The entire imperial edict only consisted of that single sentence.

There isnt anything else?

Dumbstruck, Wang Chong lifted his head and stared blankly at the eunuch before him.

Little gongzi, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and receive the imperial edict!

The head eunuch glanced at Wang Chong, and his snowy eyebrows frowned slightly, indicating his displeasure.

Wang Chong accepts the imperial edict!

Wang Chong hurriedly stood up, and with a lowered head, he respectfully took the imperial edict from the head eunuchs hands. Only then did the head eunuch nod his head in satisfaction.

Wang gongzi, hurry up and cleanse yourself. Youll follow me to the royal palace to meet His Majesty after youre done with your preparation!

Wang Chong understands. Youve been troubled, gonggong.

An incenses time later, Wang Chong was clean and tidy. He wore a loose white robe with an amethyst coronet on his head.

The courtyard was silent. All of the servants had retreated, leaving only the head eunuch and the Chamberlains of Imperial Insignia waiting there.

Wang Chong gazed at the sky, and ominous cloud seemed to be pushing down on the earth, exerting some sort of pressure on those standing below.

A gale blows!

Wang Chong thought silently as he looked at the sky. For an instant, at somewhere beyond the scope of his physical eyes, Wang Chong seemed to catch the scent of a wind.


As though responding to Wang Chongs inner voice, a huge wind blew, scraping the fallen leaves off the ground and tugging on Wang Chongs robe.

Amidst the powerful wind, Wang Chong dived into the carriage in the courtyard.

A moment later, the carriage galloped out of the Wang Family Residences gate.