The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 177

Chapter 177 Wang Chong Is Released 2

Chapter 177: Wang Chong Is Released (2)

After escaping from the clutches of Cousin Wang Zhu Yan, the carriage traveled amidst the crowds cheering from the gates of the royal palace to the Wang Family Residence.

At this very moment, the person that Wang Chong desired to meet the most was his mother. Back then, when he wrote the memorial to the Sage Emperor, he acted on his own whim. He failed to inform his mother about it, and given the huge mess he had gotten himself into, it was hard to imagine how worried his mother was.

His mother had probably suffered great agony in the past three months.

Even though Wang Chong didnt see his mother amidst the cheering crowd, he knew that it was not because she was unconcerned but that it was inappropriate for her to do so given her position.

Third brother, youre back!

As soon as Wang Chong alighted from his carriage, a small girls eyes lit up. She dashed forward and pounced into Wang Chongs embrace. The immense force in her movements caused Wang Chong to stagger, and he nearly tumbled over despite driving his Origin Energy to withstand off the impact.

Little sister, seems like you have grown stronger!

Hugging his younger sister, Wang Chong smiled bitterly.

He had been working diligently during this period of time, training whenever he could, thus inducing an significant growth in his cultivation. 

However, it seemed like his younger sister hadnt been slacking either. Most cultivated by putting their bodies through great torture, but Wang Xiao Yao did so through eating.

There was probably no one else other than his younger sister who could render him helpless with just brute strength. 

Third brother, you arent allowed to mock me. Otherwise, Im going to get angry!

Wang Familys little sister lifted her gaze and stared at Wang Chong furiously. Killing intent raged within her little eyes.

Wang Chong burst into laughter, but he didnt dare to say anything.

His little sister might be innocent, but she was a force to be reckoned with when she flew into a rage. Even with Wang Chongs current strength, he might not necessarily be a match for her.

After parting with little sister, Wang Chong went to greet his mother before looking for Shen Hai, Meng Long, Arloja, Ablonodan, Tuoba Guiyuan, Li Zhuxin, and Miyasame Ayaka.

Master, welcome back.

This was Miyasame Ayaka.

Hehe, I thought you werent going to return.

This was Li Zhuxin.

Toward Miyasame Ayaka, Wang Chong smiled in appreciation. But toward Li Zhuxin, Wang Chong could only roll his eyes.

Mister Li, arent you afraid of not having any pay for the next month?

Haha, thats true. There arent many wealthy employers like gongzi around.

Li Zhuxin chuckled.

Even though they were interacting as per normal, Wang Chong could sense that everyones attitude was a little different.

However, this didnt impede their intimacy.

On top of that, Wang Chong had also received a huge pile of letters from Han generals all over Great Tang.

Everyone knew when Wang Chong was going to be released, and they calculated the timing to send the letters over precisely. Other than congratulating Wang Chong on his release, they also extended an invitation to him to join their army.

Given the generals power of appointment, it was a simple feat for them to grant him the position of a captain or even a major as soon as he joins them.

Just by this itself, Wang Chong would have a huge headstart.

Gongzi, of all of these invitations, which one are you going to accept?

A voice echoed behind. When Shen Hai and Meng Long walked into Wang Chongs study and saw that huge pile of invitation letters on the table, their eyes grew hot in agitation.

The both of them came from the military so they understood the significance of this opportunity. They couldnt help but feel slightly envious.

That was the position of a captain and a major!

The both of them had never achieved such heights in the military before.

It was unthinkable for one to be given such a high position as soon as one joined the military. For many, such heights were unreachable for them throughout their lives.

Yet, to their young master, it was just a matter of nodding his head.

If it was anyone else, it would surely result in acrimony. However, given that it was the young master, they believed that no one, from the royal court down to the generals and the troops, would dare to utter a single word of complaint.

Most probably, even the Sage Emperor would be delighted to see this happen.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have protected Wang Chong despite the immense pressure from the Hu.

Hehe, even though its extremely tempting, I wont accept any one of them.

After taking a brief glance, Wang Chong placed the invitation letters back onto the table.

Ah? Why?

The two of them were dumbstruck.

Gongzi, its a captain and major rank! If gongzi becomes a captain or a major as soon as you enlist, youll be spared from many years of effort!

Shen Hai and Meng Long exclaimed in shock.

Hehe, let me ask you then. Given my current strength, do you think that Im qualified to be a major? The military is a place where might reigns supreme. Even if I manage to land that position, Ill never earn the respect of my men.

Even before such a huge opportunity, Wang Chong was still able to retain his composure. The thought of it was wonderful, but Wang Chong knew that this wasnt what he wanted.

Besides, the training camps are about to open. I cant possibly join other armies now.

Many things had happened in the last three months. Not only was the matter regarding the Three Great Training Camps confirmed, the rough construction of the training grounds was also completed.

All of the instructors, involved personnel, and required equipment had been brought into the camps as well.

This was what Uncle Li Lin told him.

Wang Chong only had two to three days to prepare, so he was sorely lacking in time.

Wang Chong thought that he would miss this huge affair due to his three months of imprisonment, but it seemed like the Sage Emperor had considered this matter on his behalf.

However, even if you graduate from the training camp, itll still be difficult for you to become a major in the short run!

Meng Long protested, unable to understand the rationale behind his young masters decision.

Hehe, Meng Long, its hard to explain the matter now, but youll understand it in the future. The Three Great Training Camps is a huge matter, and becoming a part of it will bring far greater benefits than climbing onto a high position.

Wang Chong chuckled.

However, even if thats the case, gongzi can put the invitation on hold and come under a general right after you graduate from the training camp too!

Shen Hai said.

Wang Chongs father, Wang Yan, was a general of Great Tang. However, of those who sent the letters, there were many who possessed far greater standing than him.

This time, Wang Chong only shook his head silently.

He had his own considerations. He didnt like being restrained, and before the huge catastrophe that was about to befall Great Tang, he couldnt go about doing things the standard way like the others.

This wasnt where Wang Chongs ambitions lay. Becoming an influential official was a mean, not a goal.

Walking out of the study, Wang Chong welcomed the first batch of guests.

Paying respect to gongzi!

Eight well-built men stood in a line before Wang Chong. They were all former instructors of the Imperial Army. They had some age to them, and even the youngest of them was in his late forties. They carried an authoritative disposition, and with a single glance, it was clear that they had weathered through many storms.

They were figures who would be well-respected even within the royal palace. Yet, before Wang Chong, all of them lowered their heads and bent their taut backs.

Lord Wang Mi has brought us over. Theres a rule among Imperial Army instructors that even after retirement, one is to not serve as an instructor for others casually. Initially, were worried that gongzi might harbor some other intentions, but from the looks of it, it seems like we were overthinking it. Given gongzis character, no matter what gongzi wants us to do, were willing to give it our all!

Money and such are just insignificant material possessions. Just on gongzis reputation itself, were willing to volunteer our services without remuneration!

The eight of us are only the first batch. Weve talked to another eight highly-qualified instructors for gongzi, and theyve indicated their willingness to work for gongzi without remuneration as well. Theyll be arriving tomorrow!

The eight of them spoke respectfully toward Wang Chong.


Wang Chong was stunned for a moment before furious joy gushed into his heart. These Imperial Army instructors were reputed for being difficult to employ, and each of them had an incredibly obstinate character.

No matter how high the price one offered, the other party might not necessarily be willing to offer his services.

Thus, for a very long time, there was no news from little uncle.

Wang Chong didnt expect that the reputation he earned from the regional commanders incident would aid him in convincing these obstinate Imperial Army instructors.

In Wang Chongs initial plan, it would already be great if he could hire three Imperial Army instructors. Thus, he intended to pick the more outstanding students to lead the new recruits so as to slowly broaden the number of instructors.

Even though it would take a much longer time, it was still feasible.

But at this moment, eight highly-qualified Imperial Army instructors had come to look for him, and this was only the first batch. This had far surpassed Wang Chongs expectations.

Furthermore, these obstinate men were actually willing to work for him without any remuneration.

This was a thought that Wang Chong dared not harbor.

With the help from these people, Wang Chong would be able to push forward his plan.

There was no better news than this to him at the moment.

It could be said that this was the best news he had heard today.

Everyone, I am delighted that you are all willing to offer your services. Regarding the matter of remuneration, I appreciate your thoughts. However, it is something Ive decided upon from the start so Ill still pay you all according to the initial agreement made.

Wang Chong said.

Wang gongzi, this is something weve all decided upon beforehand. The reason why were willing to help you without demanding any compensation is out of admiration for you, thats why we chose to respond to Lord Wangs invitation.

If gongzi were to insist on paying us, were going to take it as an insult.

One of the instructors who was built like a bear spoke up with a stern expression.


Wang Chong was tongue-tied.

He knew that these qualified Imperial Army instructors were obstinate people, and once they had decided on something, it would be difficult to change their mind. But to think that they would be stubborn on such a matter as well!