The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Set Off The Three Great Training Camps

Chapter 187: Set Off, The Three Great Training Camps!

Amidst the silence of the morning, Wang Chong sat cross-legged on the floor of his bedroom, motionless. On his abdomen, one could vaguely see two bundles of light, one big one small, one gold one silver, and they resembled a miniature version of the sun and the moon.

The sun and the moon both trembled slightly, attracting one another. Under the influence of these two bundles of light, the Origin Energy in the air began gushing swiftly into Wang Chongs body.

This was the technique that Wang Chong had just mastered recently, Little Yinyang Art. Putting aside its offensive capability, its ability to hasten the absorption of Origin Energy from the surroundings already made it a valuable cultivation technique.

Having reached a certain mastery in both Might of the Barbaric God and Little Yinyang Art, Wang Chongs rate of cultivation was enhanced significantly.

Time slowly passed as Wang Chong continued meditating on the ground. His aura gradually grew stronger, and after an inestimable period of time


All of a sudden, a huge gale suddenly blow. It carried an immense force that distorted even space itself.

For a moment, Wang Chongs figure seemed to warp slightly amidst the wind as well.

Congratulations to user for successfully tiding past the second World Constraint. 30 Destiny Energy is consumed. Remaining balance: 15 Destiny Energy

Countdown to the next World Constraint: 6 months!

Destiny Energy required: 40 points!

As soon as that immense force vanished from Wang Chongs room, the voice of the Stone of Destiny sounded.


Wang Chong heaved a long sigh of relief. When he opened his eyes once more, he realized that beads of sweat were dripping profusely down his forehead.

Ive finally tided through the ordeal!

Even though the World Constraint was said to be three months, the actual timing of the occurrence was actually between three to four months. Wang Chong had gone through it once before but it still felt like a nightmare to him.

However, despite his aching and exhausted body, it wasnt like the ordeal was completely devoid of benefits. After surviving the World Constraint, Wang Chong could clearly sense his root bone becoming more compact. At the same time, his muscles and tendons became more resilient and powerful as well.

Not only so, Wang Chong felt a portion of the energy seeping into his meridians as Origin Energy.

Just this surge of energy was equivalent to three months of his cultivation. His overall strength had been boosted significantly just by surviving the World Constraint.

However, the Destiny Energy consumption required for the World Constraint is growing higher. Initially, it only took twenty points. It has risen up thirty now, and the next time is going to be forty

Upon recalling this, Wang Chong couldnt help but feel slightly fearful. If he hadnt obtained the 50 Destiny Energy from the Consort Taizhen and regional commanders policy incidents, he would have probably been killed by this World Constraint.

The strength of the World Constraint was growing significantly with each passing. It wouldnt be easy for him to ward it off.

Its fortunate that the intervals are increasingthe first one is one month, the second one is three month, and the third one is six month. Otherwise, Ill really be unable to keep up with the cost.

Wang Chong thought as he felt a heavy pressure weighing him down.

As the World Constraint hadnt worked up for the past three months, he had nearly forgotten about it. This matter had reminded Wang Chong to remain alert at all times.

Without sufficient Destiny Energy, he could very possibly end up dead.

However, six months is sufficient time for me to accomplish many different matters.

Wang Chong thought.

Changing destiny wasnt an easy matter. The greater the degree of change, the stronger the World Constraint.

Wang Chong wasnt too surprised by this outcome.

In any case, since he had survived the current World Constraint, he should turn his attention to what he should do in the next six months instead.


After recovering some strength, Wang Chong suddenly recalled something. Klang, with a metallic sound, he drew a sword placed beside him.

This sword wasnt Wang Chongs Wootz steel sword but a three chi long crimson sword. It had some inscriptions reminiscent of a snakes scales on it.

The sword didnt look as sharp as the Wootz steel but it carried a unique aura.

This is the Little Yinyang Sword?

Looking at the sword in his hands, a peculiar gleam flashed across Wang Chongs eyes. This was the sword that Wang Chongs master, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, had tasked someone to send to him upon learning that Wang Chong had successfully completed the cultivation Little Yinyang Art.

The martial arts of the Demonic Emperor Old Mans lineage walked down a very unconventional path. For normal martial arts, one would be able to achieve a higher degree of mastery through training diligently.

The Little Yinyang Art didnt obey this conventional law. To reach higher realms, one had to absorb Origin Energy from others.

In other words, Wang Chong had to kill others.

The reason why the Demonic Emperor Old Man was considered to be a member of the unorthodox ways and had so many enemies in the pugilistic world was mainly because of this.

Due to the mastery of Wang Chongs Little Yinyang Art being too low, he could only absorb Origin Energy from enemies far weaker than him. At present, he could only take in Origin Energy from animals such as tigers and panthers.

This was also the reason why the Demonic Emperor Old Mans lineage crafted the Little Yinyang Sword.

As long as ones enemy is on the verge of death or in an extremely weak condition, the Little Yinyang Art allowed one to absorb the other partys Origin Energy.

Just like you said, whether the Little Yinyang Sword is righteous or malevolent depends on the one using it. Youre a member of nobility so you probably have your own considerations. Thus, Ill leave the decision in your hands.

These words came in a letter delivered along with the sword. The cultivation techniques of the unorthodox ways were peculiar and hard to accept, especially techniques like this which involved killing to cultivate.

In the Demonic Emperor Old Mans view, given that Wang Chong had come from a prestigious clan of generals and ministers, it wouldnt be appropriate for him to go about slaughtering others. However, Wang Chong thought that the Demonic Emperor Old Man was worrying needlessly.

The most suited location for the cultivation of Little Yinyang Art isnt the pugilistic world but the battlefield. Only in the battlefield will this ultimate art shine through. With endless enemies on the battlefield, one will be able to reach a high level of accomplishment within the shortest period of time. Master, youre worrying needlessly!

Wang Chong muttered as he slid his finger across the crimson blade of the sword. A clear crisp sound echoed in the air.

The Little Yinyang Art and Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art were demonic artsthere was no doubt about it. However, from the very start, Wang Chong had never intended on using it anywhere else but on the battlefield.

The problems that the Demonic Emperor Old Man had been worrying over were non-existent to Wang Chong.

Di da da!

Just as Wang Chong was still deep in contemplation, the sound of the galloping of a horse sounded, and even from afar, one could hear the neighing of a war steed.

Hahaha, Wang Chong, are you done with your preparations yet? The training camps are about to open!

Wei Hao spoke passionately, and his voice echoed throughout the entire Wang Family Residence.

Im coming!

Wang Chong chuckled as he placed the Little Yinyang Sword back into its sheath. After waiting for such a long period of time, the matter that he had been anticipating was finally about to come.

The Three Great Training CampsKunwu, Shenwei, and Longweiwas finally about to be opened.

Today was the day of their official opening.

After making arrangements for all of the matters he had at hand, he invited Wei Hao to set off together on this day. After bathing, changing into a fresh set of clothes, and fastening his coronet with a pin, Wang Chong walked out from his room revitalized. In his current dress-up, he looked extremely dashing.


Just as he walked out from his room, the neighing of a young colt sounded. With a flash of light, a huge shadow suddenly charged into Wang Chongs embrace.

While munching on the tree leaves torn off from the trees in the courtyard, the indigo colt licked Wang Chong fondly.

Wang Chong immediately understood its intentions. He hurriedly grabbed a sack from his waist, took out a few yellow beans, and fed it to the indigo colt through cupped hands.

As expected of a spirit colt!

In just two short days, this White-hoofed Shadow had already regarded Wang Chong as its true owner. At the same time, Wang Chong also treated him as a fellow peer. Rather than locking it in the stable, he allowed it to wander around the courtyard freely, heading and eating wherever and whatever he wanted.

This was beneficial to the maturing of a spirit colt.

Little Shadow, lets go! Ill bring you over to somewhere bigger today.

When the indigo colt was finally done eating the yellow beans, Wang Chong patted its neck and led it forward. By the time he walked out of the Wang Family Residence, a huge row of people were already lined up by the entrance.

Young master!

Upon seeing Wang Chong, Shen Hai, Meng Long, Tuoba Guiyuan, and Miyasame Ayaka lowered their heads in respect. Even though Li Zhuxin didnt lower his head, he gestured through a nod.

Un, time to set off!

Wang Chong smiled.

Outside the gates, seated proudly upon several dashing and valiant war steeds, Wei Hao and his group of followers were waiting outside.

On the other side, Zhao Jingdian was holding onto several war steeds while waiting for his arrival. Standing by him were Elder Hu, Duke of Hu, and the others.

Today was the day that the Three Great Training Camps was going to be launched, as well as the day of Wang Chongs enlistment. Those who had received the news had come to see him off.

Chong-er, this is your first time being placed in a military environment. Mother wont be around so youve to learn to take care of yourself.

The madam stood at the doorstep with eyes reddened in sorrow.

Even though this couldnt truly be considered as enlistmentafter all, it was only a training campthis was the first time that Wang Chong was leaving her side.

The hatchling had finally grown up, and it was time for it to soar into the vast world.

Mother, dont worry. Take care as well.

Wang Chong smiled.

Hmph, third brother. I heard that the people there are quite formidable, but if they dare to bully you, tell me. Ill deal with them for you!

The Wang Familys little sister pouted in Madam Wangs embrace. She waved her two little fists, as though trying to vent Wang Chongs indignance as she did back in the Vast Crane Pavilion.

Wang Chong burst into laughter. His little sister was probably the only one who thought of him as the same weak third brother of the past.

Little sister, I got it.

Hmph, dont pinch my nose! Otherwise, Im going to get angry!

Seeing that his little sister was going to fly into a tantrum, Wang Chong laughed heartily. Then, he slowly backed away and bowed.

Mother, little sister, and the elders here, Ill be taking my leave!

Wang Chong bided everyone here farewell before leaping onto the horse. Then, along with Li Zhuxin, Miyasame Ayaka, Wei Hao, Zhao Jingdian, and a few others, he galloped off into the distance, leaving behind a trail of dust.

The start of a new journey!

I realize that my terminology for martial arts has been a little vague.
Im currently a little lazy to edit the previous chapters but Ill follow this from now onward.
Successful/completed cultivation of a martial art = Having opened up all meridian pathways to execute the technique
Mastering a martial art = Having reached the top level of the technique