The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Marchioness Yi

Chapter 189: Marchioness Yi!

Gongzi, well have to send you off at this point!

Around several li later, Li Zhuxin and Miyasame Ayaka suddenly stopped. Their complexion didnt look too well.

Li Zhuxin was still fine but Miyasame Ayakas face was already ghastly pale.

There are too many experts on the mountain. Putting aside the True Martial realm martial artists, there are quite a few Profound Martial realm experts as well. Ayaka and I will be seeing you off here.

The cultivation of the duo was far higher than Wang Chong, Wei Hao, Zhao Jingdian, and the others, and thus, they could sense the pressure from those experts on the mountain far more acutely than them. On top of that, the pressure seemed to be focused on them. They could clearly sense the dense hostility coming from the innumerable experts around the Kunwu Training Camp.

All this left Li Zhuxin and Miyasame Ayaka in great discomfort.

Huh? Why cant I sense anything at all?

Wei Hao looked around in bewilderment.

Its fine, the two of you should return first then.

Wang Chong raised a hand to stop Wei Hao before waving his hands and dismissing the duo. Their words had reminded Wang Chong of something.

The Three Great Training Camps were intentionally to prevent the various trainees from bringing their personal bodyguards or servants to the training grounds. For this purpose, experts were stationed around the various camps, and they could easily determine whether one was a trainee or a servant even from afar.

Without a doubt, the pressure that Li Zhuxin and Miyasame Ayaka felt must have come from them.

Given how the other party was able to synchronise the auras of all the Imperial Army members in the vicinity to exert a mountain-like pressure on any uninvited guest, Wang Chong was sure that there were experts of the royal family among them.

With experts of such caliber standing guard, it was completely impossible for Li Zhuxin and Miyasame Ayaka to enter.

Miyasame Ayaka, help me look after my cousin. Get rid of anyone who wishes to do him harm from the shadows and escort him all the way to the ocean.

Mister Li, take care of Zhang Munian for me.

Since Wang Chong wouldnt require the help of these two top-notch experts for the time being, he decided to dispatch them for other purposes.

Yes, gongzi.

The duo hurriedly turned around and left along with Shen Hai, Meng Long, and the rest of the guards, leaving behind only Wang Chong, Zhao Jingdian, Wei Hao, and the other scions.

Several massive tents were erected at the foot of the mountain, and at the top of each individual tent, a military flag with the word Kunwu written on it fluttered in the wind. On this aspect, Kunwu Training Camp didnt seem any different from an ordinary military barrack.

Flashing their qualification tokens, Wang Chong, Wei Hao, Zhao Jingdian, and the other scions managed to get past the sentry without any problems and they began heading up the mountain.

The mountain chosen for Kunwu Training Camp was the highest one within a radius of a hundred li. Walking on this immense mountain, one couldnt help but feel as insignificant as an ant.

Tents were erected in all around the mountain from the foot to the top, and stationed around these tents were powerful black-armored guards.

There were already many people on the mountain by the time Wang Chong and the group was proceeding up the mountain with their mount in hand

Thats weird. Why are there so many scions and nobles here?

Taking a glance around, Wang Chong muttered with a frown.

The members of Kunwu Training Camp should comprise mainly civilians but for some reason, Wang Chong found a significant number of scions among the mix. Dressed in silk robes, it was clear that they came from affluent clans with a single glance.

On top of that, there was quite a number of them.

Most of the scions and nobles should have been at Shenwei and Longwei Training Camp. Why were they appearing here instead? Could this be a result of his intervention?

Wang Chong was bewildered.

The scions behind Wei Hao looked at one another hesitantly. There was a bizarre expression on their faces.

Gongzi, do you really not know?

One of the scions finally asked.

Know what?

Wang Chong was even more intrigued now. The situation in Kunwu Training Camp was very different from how he remembered it to be. Kunwu Training Camp was a significant chain in his plans so he had to view this aberrance with utmost importance.

Wang Chong was just asking this question casually, not expecting anyone to reply it at all. Yet, Wei Haos followers seemed to know the answer to his doubts.

Hahaha, Wang Chong, it seems like youre indeed uninformed. Let me ask you then. Of the Three Great Training Camps, Shenwei, Longwei, and Kunwu, which one is the most popular?

Upon hearing Wang Chongs doubt, Wei Hao couldnt help but chuckle.

Of course its Shenwei and Longwei, is there even any doubt about it?

Wang Chong answered without any hesitation.

Hahaha, youre indeed unaware of it. Let me tell you then, the most popular camp right now isnt Shenwei or Longwei, but Kunwu!

How can that be?

Wang Chong was completely dumbfounded. What was this situation? However, Wei Hao didnt seem like he was joking with him, and this only left Wang Chong even more baffled.


Wang Chong asked. Could it be that the path of this world had changed from the moment he leaped back in time?

Gongzi, are you truly unaware of it? Its all because of you!

A scion finally couldnt hold himself back anymore.

Because of me?

Wang Chong answered with a blank look on his face. He couldnt process those words for a moment.

Hehe, it seems like he really doesnt know.

Wei Hao turned around to look at Wang Chong and smiled mysteriously.

Wang Chong, youre probably the only one left in the dark. For the Three Great Training Camps, do you know whose movements is everyone the most concerned with? Hehe, it is you!

While youre still in the imperial prison, everyone has already been trying to look into which of the Three Great Training Camps you are intending choose. It just happens that I know something about it so I helped you spread the news a little.

Of the entire Great Tang, the one closest with the Han faction is you. Everyone has been saying that as long as one follows you, no matter which camp one goes to, one will definitely enjoy a smooth-sailing career. Shouldnt it be obvious given how even I have followed you to Kunwu?

Wei Hao smiled gleefully.

Kunwu Training Camp is known to be the worst of the Three Great Training Camps, but due to gongzis halo, it has become the most popular one at the moment. While part of the reason why were here is due to Wei gongzi, another part is actually due to you. Otherwise, even if we wanted to join Kunwu Training Camp, our clans would definitely oppose to it!

One of the scions behind Wei Hao added.

So its because of the regional commanders incident?

Wang Chong fell silent. Only now did he realize that he had been severely underestimating the impact of the matter. After all, it had only been two days since he was released from the imperial prison so he didnt have sufficient time to get a good grasp on the current situation.

Due to the close proximity in the timing of the matter with the implementation of the Three Great Training Camps, it was no wonder why he would influence the decisions of the scions and nobles.

Even though Wang Chong was slightly astounded by the abrupt turn of events, this might turn out to be beneficial for his plans.

Hm? Thats weird. Why are there ladies in the training camp?

Suddenly, at around several hundred meters away, Wei Hao seemed to have noticed something and he suddenly exclaimed.

Is that so? Each of the training camps is divided into four sub-camps; Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermilion Bird. It isnt really that bizarre for there to be a lady here. If Im not wrong, she should be from the Vermilion Bird camp.

Wang Chong chuckled. Even though he didnt specially look into it, he had a rough idea on the basic structure of Longwei, Shenwei, and Kunwu Training Camp.

What was completely unprecedented and revolutionary about the Three Great Training Camps was that it accepted females as well. This was unprecedented. This contributed greatly to the widespread attention on the training camps.

Thus, Wang Chong wasnt surprised by Wei Haos words at all.

The various tents lying around Kunwu Training Camp impeded ones vision so Wang Chong had to move to the side to catch a glimpse of the ladies that Wei Hao was speaking of. However, upon seeing the other partys appearances, Wang Chong eyes suddenly narrowed as though he had been pierced by a needle, and his face abruptly warped in shock.

Wei Hao, Zhao Jingdian, dont speak. Lower your heads and quickly move to the side of the road.

Wang Chong hurriedly lowered his head and pulled Zhao Jingdian to the side.

Zhao Jingdian had absolute trust in Wang Chong so he immediately followed him without any hesitation. However, Wei Hao was different. Given the surge in his cultivation recently, his confidence had reached a new high. On top of that, he didnt think that there would be any threats lurking in the training grounds.

Wang Chong, what are you running away for?

Wei Hao muttered as he walked over to the ladies on the path.

Look, they seem to be waiting for someone!


At this moment, seemingly having heard something the white ears of one of the ladies of the group trembled and she abruptly turned her head around. Before Wang Chong could get away, the harsh voice of a lady echoed.

Wang Chong, you dare to escape?

Hm? Wang Chong, you know them?

Wei Haos eyes lit up. He immediately walked up to the few smooth-skinned, white-robed, beautiful ladies with two of his followers tagging behind him.

That bastard Wei Hao, how can he get blinded by women so easily?

Hearing the commotion behind him, Wang Chong cursed internally. That fool, Wei Hao, had a bad habithis rationality would be easily blindsided by beautiful women.

While it was fortunate that he didnt harbor any bad intentions, his intelligence would drop to bare zero at such a moment.

Youngster, you should at least learn how to discern the situation! Cant you sense the domineering queen-like aura she is exuding?

To think that you would run toward them!

Wang Chong, you still dare to leave? Dont blame us for getting nasty then!

The voice as cold as the northern glaciers echoed for the second time, and this time, it was laced with threat. From afar, the fools voice sounded:

Oh, you all are waiting for Wang Chong! You all can call me Wei Hao Aiyo!


A cry of agony echoed in the air. For an instant, the entire mountain seemed to tremble and a huge cloud of dust gushed into the air.

The commotion at the middle of the mountain immediately attracted the attention of many people and innumerable gazes turned here from all directions.

Wang Chong turned around, only to see a valiant figure staring down at him with cold eyes. Her hair was fluttering in the wind, but the depth of her eyes was filled with threat.

Wei Hao, having cultivated the Mountain Ascension Formula, had just broken through Origin Energy Tier 7 and he was filled with confidence. However, at this very moment, as though a toad struck by a bolt of lightning, he was sprawled beneath the other partys feet.

The Mountain Ascension Formula made it hard for him for those of the same cultivation realm to rival him. Yet, to think that he wouldnt even survive a single kick of this slim lady.

Marchioness Yi!

Wang Chong muttered as he gazed at the beautiful figure standing in the middle of the mountain path.