The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Marchioness Yis Warning

Chapter 190: Marchioness Yis Warning!

Wang Chong, if you dare to take another step, this world will find itself missing another lad!

The valiant figure spoke coldly as she exerted a little more force on her leg. The spineless Wei Hao immediately started howling.

Wang Chong, save me!

No matter how slow Wei Hao was, it was clear that this group of valiant, beautiful ladies were here for Wang Chong.

Every single one of them was beautiful and slim, but only heaven knows why they were so strong. Despite Wei Haos Origin Energy Tier 7 cultivation and his mastery of Mountain Ascension Formula, he was still unable to move at all.

He had tried to push back several times only to end up being kicked back down. It was as though he was firmly pinned to the ground.

The huge disparity in strength left him completely helpless before the other party.

This explained why Wang Chong backed away as soon as he saw this beautiful lady. Wei Hao truly regretted not listening to him!

With Wei Hao in captive, Wang Chong could only walk stiffly over to the lady above.

That short distance felt like a long journey to Wang Chong.

Luo luo luo!

Before Wang Chong could speak, the other two beautiful ladies by the side couldnt help but chuckle upon seeing his stiff face. For a moment, it was as though flowers had bloomed.

Marchioness Yi!

Looking at the cold-faced young lady who seemed to be around eighteen to nineteen, Wang Chong greeted.


Wei Hao, who was still struggling a moment ago, suddenly went pale as though a bolt of lightning had fallen on him. Deep fear immediately surfaced in his eyes.

Marchioness Yi? Youre saying that shes Marchioness Yi, the one who often hangs out with your cousin?
(Wang Zhu Yan)

Wei Hao suddenly exclaimed in unease.

Didnt I tell you not to go already? You just had to ignore my advice.

Wang Chong complained resentfully.

How would I know that she is that demoness

Damned brat, what did you say? Who are you referring to as a demoness? Dont you know the longer ones tongue, the shorter ones lifespan? Are you that tired of living?

A menacing voice sounded from above.

Dont! Big sister, this isnt what I mean. That, I wasnt referring to you Aiyo!

Before Wei Hao could finish his words, he suddenly yelled in pain. He was lifted from the ground, and as though a cannonball, he shot off into the distance.

Wei gongzi, Wei gongzi!

Wei Haos followers immediately ran over anxiously.

What are you doing?

Feeling immense threat from the violent actions of the lady before them, Zhao Jingdian immediately stepped forward to cover Wang Chong.

Hmph! Is this your place to speak?

Before Wang Chong could even intervene, a shadow flashed across and peng!, Zhao Jingdian was sent flying a dozen zhang away, and the speed at which he flew at was inconceivable.

Before this cold-faced lady, Zhao Jingdian was completely helpless. But regardless, he came from a prestigious military clan. His cultivation might be lacking but his instinct was impressive. He forcefully twisted his body in midair to stabilize his body, and even though he retreated several steps backward upon touching the ground, he managed to keep his balance.

Oh? Seems like you arent as weak as I thought!

The cold-faced lady finally turned around to assess Zhao Jingdian properly.


Zhao Jingdian wasnt someone who would give in that easily. He immediately charged forward, but barely after he advanced two steps, he abruptly came to a halt. A stream of blood flowed from the edge of his lips.

It seemed like that palm from before had left him wounded after all.

Jingdian, stop!

Seeing that Zhao Jingdian was going to make a move, Wang Chong hurriedly instructed him to stop. Even though the lady before him looked young, her strength was on the same level as Second Sister Wang Zhu Yan.

If one were to underestimate her fighting prowess just because she was a lady, then one couldnt be any more mistaken.

In truth, she had held back already. If she had exerted her full strength previously, Wei Hao and Zhao Jingdian would surely be unable to stand now.

Wei Hao isnt injured.

Wang Chong said.


Zhao Jingdian was astonished by Wang Chongs words. He immediately turned around, only to see three figures rushing up the mountain.

Wang Chong, I think I should clear the examination for the training camp as soon as possible so I wont be accompanying you for now. Take your time to have a good chat!

Wei Haos voice sounded from afar.

You must be joking!

That lady was Marchioness Yi, the demoness who often hung out with Wang Chongs second sister. This lady was callous in the truest sense. Even though Wei Hao had never met her, he had heard plenty of her glorious affairs from Wang Chong.

If he had known that it was her, he would have even considered switching to another camp. How could he be so foolish as to walk up to her? He must truly be blind!

Gongzi, is there really a need to be that frightened of her?

The two followers by Wei Haos side spoke in indignation.

Hehe, you two dont know anything at all. Its not that I dont want to be loyal, but there are just simply a few people in the capital that one mustnt trifle with at all cost. His second sister is one of such figures, and that Marchioness Yi is another one. If we were anywhere else, I would have surely fled as far as I could the moment I hear of their names!

Wei Hao declared proudly as he made his escape.

Wei Hao had experienced the might of Wang Chongs second sister for himself. Back then, when she was teaching Wang Chong a lesson, he had tried to stand up for him out of loyalty.

That memory eventually became a nightmare that haunted him for a very long time.

Before that person, even the name of Duke of Wei was completely useless.

Birds of the same feather flock together. How could anyone who hung out with Wang Chongs second sister be ordinary? This person was one of the few who, just like Wang Chongs second sister, could tame Wang Chong.

He would be truly foolish if he didnt escape as soon as the opportunity arose.

Wang Chong, Ill be willing to travel to the ends of hell with you on other matters, but for this Ill be wishing you luck!

Wei Hao solemnly grieved for Wang Chong as he picked up his pace.

You seem to have an unfortunate eye for friends!

Marchioness Yi uttered coldly. Her two bosom friends beside her laughed even harder. 

Along with Wang Chongs second sister, they had watched him grow up.

They couldnt help but laugh whenever they saw those messy friends of Wang Chong.

Indeed! Those unloyal rascals!

Wang Chong nodded in agreement. That bastard Wei Hao, he shouldnt have saved him at all!


Seeing that Wang Chongs attitude was good, Marchioness Yi decided to let the matter rest.

Wang Chong, it seems like your wings have hardened. Do you take us for nothing now?

Marchioness Yi suddenly scowled in discontentment.

Big sisters, there must be some misunderstanding somewhere!

Wang Chong howled in indignation.

He was only fifteen this year while even the youngest of the ladies before him was already nineteen. Given the disparity in age, it wasnt inappropriate for Wang Chong to be calling them big sister.

Hmph, you still dare to deny it. Fine, let me ask you then. Why didnt you come over when I called you over?

Marchioness Yis face was frigid.

Arent I here right now?

Luoluoluo, your Big Sister Yi isnt talking about this.

Try thinking back, did you turn down Marchioness Yi when she extended an invitation to you recently?

Seeing Wang Chongs face, the two valiant young ladies by the side chuckled.

Turned down her recently?

Wang Chong was dumbstruck. He truly didnt recall such a matter. He had been intentionally hiding from the other party all along so how could he have possibly met her for her to extend an invitation to him? 

Besides, if there was truly such a matter, how could he possibly not remember it?

Do you need a hint? Three months ago, I asked your second sister to invite you!

Marchioness Yi placed her hands on her hips as she spoke.

What? So the ones that my second sister said shes bringing me to meet are you all?

Wang Chong finally understood what was going on. However, it was precisely because of this that he felt even more astonished.

He finally understood why Marchioness Yi was waiting for him here.

Three months ago, at the Four Quarters Embassy, during grandfathers birthday, his second sister had mysteriously mentioned that she was going to bring him to meet a few people after the gathering.

However, due to the excessive guests on the day, she eventually chose to drop the matter.

Back then, Wang Chong was perplexed over the matter for awhile. In the end, it seemed like it was Marchioness Yi and her group who invited him over.

Second sister must have forgotten to inform him about the matter, thus causing Marchioness Yi to think that Wang Chong was snubbing her. This explained why she was waiting for him here.

Finally understanding the matter, Wang Chong smiled bitterly.

How could I possibly dare to do so? That day is my grandfathers birthday

Wang Chong hurriedly explained the matter to the other party. Upon seeing Wang Chongs appearance, the two ladies by Marchioness Yis side burst into laughter yet again.

Alright, Sister Yi, you should stop teasing him.

What are you talking about? I think that its pretty fun. That fellow Zhu Yan sure isnt loyal. With such an interesting younger brother at home, she should bring him out more often so that we can play with him.

Wang Chong fell silent. Indeed, the ladies who hung out with his second sister were abnormal!

But he had no choice either. It was impossible for him to subdue them. None of these ladies were pushovers; they were at least at True Martial realm. If Wang Chong were to try to fight back, he would just end up like Wei Hao and Zhao Jingdian.

Besides, a gentleman doesnt bicker with a lady, it wouldnt reflect well on him either!

Listening to the conversation behind Wang Chong, a bizarre expression appeared on Zhao Jingdians face.

After the huge storm Wang Chong had raised in the royal court, he had become a famous figure throughout the empire. However, before these ladies, the force he had shown before seemed to vanish all of the sudden, as though he was being curbed completely.

This was his first time seeing the various ladies in Wang Chongs life!

Hmph, Ill let you off for now then!

Marchioness Yi pulled back her slim and long right leg and placed the whip in her hands back on her waist. Her dashing and valiant stature was reminiscent of the Patriotic Heroines. 

Im here to warn you that Zhou Jue of the Black Kirin has already put out word that as long as you join any of the training camps, hell definitely teach you a lesson.

You should know what kind of character Zhou Jue is, so be careful. He probably wont dare to do anything on the training grounds but outside of that, itll be hard to guarantee that he wont make any movements at all.

Marchioness Yi warned.

Zhou Jue?!

Wang Chongs face immediately darkened upon hearing that name.

Zhou Jue? Whos Zhou Jue?

Zhao Jingdian stepped forward and asked in bewilderment. Judging from the expressions of the others, that Zhou Jue person seemed to be a formidable person. However, he didnt recall hearing about such a person before.

Ill tell you later.

Wang Chong stopped Zhao Jingdian before turning back to Marchioness Yi and asked grimly.

Why does Zhou Jue want to deal with me? I dont think there is any grudge between us?

Seems like youve forgotten about it. Censor Zhou Zhang is his second uncle, and because of you, Zhou Zhang was slapped several times by Old Censor He Can on the royal court. Humiliated before so many influential officials, he nearly hung himself after returning home that day.

As his father died early, Zhou Zhang pampered Zhou Jue from young. Given that such a matter occurred, if you were in Zhou Jues shoes, wouldnt you want to teach the other party a lesson as well?

Marchioness Yi said.

Seems like your wings have hardened
Refers to a hatchling growing up; usually, this phrase is used like a junior disrespects a senior.

Patriotic Heroines
-Sorry for the lack of a better word, but in any case, there is this thing in China known as the Four Great Heroines.

They are namely:
 (In case you all dont know, shes a fictional character originating from a poem)
 (The mother of the 7 sons of  the Yang Clan is a prestigious clan of generals in the Song Dynasty, and there has been much literature works on them, including drama adaptations. Unfortunately, just like most great generals, the clan eventually met with a tragic fate though they had their fair share of glory as well.)
(The wife of Yang Zongbao of the )
(Fought alongside famous general Yue Fei against the Jin Dynasty; if it rings a bell, Yue Fei is the famous general whose mother inscribed the words Loyalty and Repaying Ones Country on his back)

Since they are miscellaneous, I wont touch too much about them. Ill just leave the links here if youre interested. Of the four of them, only Hua Mulan is fictional.

Just for reference purposes, I took some liberty with the names (Zhou Jue <-> Zhou Zhang)
If you still remember, the one being slapped in the previous chapter in the regional commanders arc is Zhou Zhang but the author is writing it as Zhou Jue at the moment. Thus, I decided to just go along and swap the two names.

Btw, Old Censor He Cans name is pronounced as her chan in case youre wondering how to pronounce it.


Speaking of fictional, its kind of weird how Diao Chan (If you have played the Romance of the Three Kingdom video games before, its the one holding two maces and often paired with Lu Bu) is considered as one of the Four Great Beauties despite being a fictional character as well.

And regarding the argument on Kris, I understand that quite a few people are unhappy with it. I did some research and I realized that theres a huge gap in the information between Chinese sources and English sources. Well, I agree that the author probably hasnt done sufficient research but in any case, since Im not too sure whether the countries will play a huge part in the story, Ill just keep it as it is now.

But in any case, for the readers who might have been misled by the information,
Kris is recognized to have originated from Indonesia, not Philippines or India.