The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 191

Chapter 191 The Hidden Instructor

Chapter 191: The Hidden Instructor

After saying those words, Marchioness Yi walked away, leaving Wang Chong deep in contemplation behind.

Young master, who is Zhou Jue?

Zhao Jingdian asked. All he gathered from the previous conversation was that the person named Zhou Jue seemed to be a formidable figure.

Zhou Jue is the head of the Nine Gongzis of the capital, and a peer of my second brother. He has once crossed fists with my second brother and the fight ended in a draw.

Wang Chong said.


Zhou Jingdian exclaimed in shock. Even though he wasnt too sure who Zhou Jue was, he had heard of Wang Chongs second brother, Wang Bei.

Wang Bei was once regarded as the most likely candidate to inherit Duke Jius legacy. Regardless of whether it was his wits or his martial arts, he was far above that of his peers.

In the capital, Wang Beis reputation was immense. Even the Yao Clans Yao Feng had been taught a lesson by him. Otherwise, the latter wouldnt have gone to the extent of sending a thug, Ma Zhou, to frame Wang Chong in order to vent his anger

Weng Bei was an existence who no one dared to cross in the capital, and many thought that he would achieve great things in the future.

Regardless of whether it was among the scions or the nobles, there was no one who dared to trifle with him If only he wasnt afflicted with the Berserker Syndrome!

Wang Chong lowered his head solemnly.

In truth, Wang Chong hadnt revealed all that he knew about Zhou Jue to Zhao Jingdian. He knew that even though Zhou Jue looked like an honest and upright person on the surface, hidden deep inside was a heart filled with callousness.

What made things worse was that he possessed astonishing talent.

Second Sister Wang Zhu Yan, Marchioness Yi, and the others were also ranked among the top in the capital, but they were still a far way off from matching Zhou Jue.

Zhou Jue was in a class of his own.

On top of that, despite his apparent lack of backing, there had been some rumors of him being adopted as the foster son of King Qi. Although Zhou Jue had never acknowledged the rumor, he had never denied it either.

That being said, there were evidences that Zhou Jue was able to enter the King Qi Residence freely.

Besides, King Qi seemed to treat him exceptionally well too. At the very least, the powerful martial arts that Zhou Jue was equipped with definitely came from King Qi.

Otherwise, given Marchioness Yis background, there would be nothing for her to fear.

None of those whose names were put alongside Second Brother Wang Bei were mediocre.

Speaking of which, young master, what is the background of that lady from before? Marchioness Yi? How old is she for her to be conferred as a marquess? Does our Great Tang confer such titles on youths as well? Not to mention, a lady?

Zhou Jingdian rubbed the wound on his chest as he asked.

Hehe, Jingdian, you dont live in the capital before so you might be unaware of it. Shes known as Little Marchioness Yi, the daughter of Marchioness Yi. Of the Marquesses in the empire, Marchioness Yi is the only hereditary female nobility. Back then, Emperor Gaozu has decreed that as long as Great Tang exists, the title of Marchioness Yi will be passed down from generation to generation. An edict was even bestowed to enforce it.

Thus, despite her age, everyone still addresses her as Marchioness Yi as her position was already confirmed. It has been decided from the moment of her birth.

Wang Chong chuckled.

In the Great Tang empire, hereditary titles were mostly of the level of the dukes. On top of that, they were mostly the descendants of the group who built Great Tang along with Emperor Gaozu.

Marquesses shouldnt possess the qualifications to pass down their nobility.

The only marquess title that was hereditary in the Great Tang empire, not to mention a marchioness, was Marchioness Yi.

I see.

Zhao Jingdian came to a realization.

Wang Chong chuckled silently. In truth, he didnt expect for Marchioness Yi to appear in Kunwu Training Camp. At the very least, such a matter didnt happen in his previous life.

Too many things had changed from his previous life, but nevertheless, Marchioness Yi joining Kunwu Training Camp should be nothing but beneficial to him.

On top of that, Marchioness Yis appearance had also reminded Wang Chong of a crucial fact.

The establishment of the Three Great Training Camps was a groundbreaking affair for Great Tang, and he wasnt the only one interested in it. Even experts like Marchioness Yi were getting involved as well.

Lets go! Theres a limit to the number of trainees in the Three Great Training Camps and if were late, we might just end up being eliminated.

Wang Chong beckoned Zhao Jingdian, and the duo started ascending the mountain once more.

The number of people at Kunwu Training Camp was astonishing. Tents and humans could be seen everywhere despite the massive size of the mountain it was situated on.

It was always the most crowded on the first day.

Lets go, we should clear the first round of examinations first.

Wang Chong said.

There were many Imperial Army members stationed across the mountain, and the primary selection examination was conducted at guard posts.

There were basic requirements on ones cultivation and strength to qualify for Kunwu Training Camp.

If one couldnt even meet the basic requirements, there was no need for one to participate in the latter selection rounds.

The primary selection consisted of three trials.

First, the strength trial. The trial involved the lifting of a provided boulder, and any who were incapable of doing so would be directly eliminated.

Next, the punching trial. Any individual incapable of performing at least one punching routine would be directly eliminated.

Last but not least, the third trial. It was a random test to determine the true battle prowess of a martial artist.

Ill pass the trial as long as I can overcome three of your punches?

Wang Chong easily passed the first two trials, and he was currently standing before the examiner of the final trial.

Yes! As long as you can dodge three of my punches, Ill consider you to have passed the third trial.

The one who spoke was a man in his twenties. He had an impassive expression, and it didnt seem like he was from the Imperial Army. Rather, he seemed to be a itinerant martial artist recruited by the royal court to oversee this examination.

I understand.

Wang Chong chuckled. It seemed like his final trial was a test of agility.

Are you ready?

As soon as that man finished speaking, his fist immediately whipped out. Boom! Furious wind ravaged in the surroundings, but before he could get far, a fist appeared right before his face, merely a hair strand away from striking him.

The surroundings fell completely silent. Everyone stared at Wang Chong, flabbergasted. On the other hand, that mans complexion turned extremely awful.

Youve passed the primary selection. Please continue up the mountain.

With a reddened face, the man bowed and obediently backed to the side.

Thank you for going easy on me!

Wang Chong flung his robe back and stepped forth from the crowd with a smile.

It might have been difficult for him to pass tests of this level in the past, but after several months of hard work, these tests were nothing more than a walk in the park to him.

With his Origin Energy Tier 7 cultivation, even though he had never cultivated any speed-type or dexterity-type secret art, his Dragon tier root bone granted him speed, endurance, reflexes, and nimbleness far exceeding that of ordinary humans.

He could easily pass a trial of this level with just his raw physical speed.

Taking a glance behind, Wang Chong saw that Zhao Jingdian was still in the midst of queuing for his examination. Thus, he chose to proceed up ahead first.

Having passed the primary selections, the main show was up ahead.

Challenging the instructors!

There was a limit to the slots for the first batch of Kunwu Training Camp trainees. The instructors recruited by the royal court at the peak held the fate of everyone here in their hands.

Every single instructor was allocated a fixed number of students they could take in, and once they have met their quota, they would leave immediately. When all of the instructors have met their quota, the recruitment process would come to an official end.

There was also a trick to be accepted into the camp. Most people randomly choose an instructor as soon as they reached the peak, not knowing that the selection of instructors also played a crucial role in the examination.

Different instructors had different styles; some were skilled in charging at the forefront to break the enemys formation, some were skilled in the art of slaughter on the battlefield, some were skilled in one-to-one fights, some were skilled in cavalry fights

Most people were unaware that the instructors of the Three Great Training Camps were hand picked elite military officials, and all of them were veterans of the battlefield.

It was only many years later when some things were exposed did the alumni of the Three Great Training Camps understand the significance of their instructors.

To the future of the trainees, choosing a correct instructor was as important as getting hold of a top-notch cultivation technique.

The reason why Wang Chong had Wei Hao look for the bearded plump man was for this very reason. Wei Haos Mountain Ascension Formula, complemented with the plump instructors unique prowess in charging on the battlefield, could amplify his strength.

Similarly, Wang Chong was also looking for an instructor suited for him.

Kunwu Training Camp is very different from how I remembered it. I wonder if that instructor is still here!

Wang Chong thought.

There were all kinds of instructors in the Three Great Training Camps, but the one whom Wang Chong was looking for was an extremely unique instructor.

He doesnt teach the trainees on how to charge on the battlefield, nor does he teach them how to fight on a cavalry, or even how to clash squarely with other soldiers on the battlefield What he taught was the most advanced Art of Commanding.

In other words, of all of the instructors, he was a hidden gem.

And no one on the entire mountain, with the exception of Wang Chong, knew about it.

Based on what Wang Chong recalled, this instructor kept an extremely low profile throughout his stay at Kunwu, and he only remained here for three years. Thus, three years from now, there wouldnt be anyone teaching this skill in the training camp anymore.

And when that persons identity was exposed, countless people were filled with regret.

However, even though that person kept a low profile, it was, by no means, an easy feat to come under his tutelage.

Of all of the instructors, his conditions for recruitment were the harshest. Students who would easily pass with the other instructors were all flatly rejected by him.

However, the main reason why Wang Chong wanted to come under him wasnt because of his Art of Commanding. Rather, it was due to his authority as the highest ranked instructor in Kunwu Training Camp.

There were several ultimate arts within the Three Great Training Camps which would go missing in the future that could only be obtained through him. Other than that, the strict rules of the Three Great Training Camps were a bother as well.

Once one became a trainee, one would have to attend all trainings, morning practices, and sparring sessions. It was unavoidable regardless which instructor one came under.

For the others, such rules may not be much of a hindrance, but that wasnt the case for Wang Chong. The cultivation technique that Wang Chong had set his eyes upon, be it theGreat Yinyang Heaven Creation Art or Art of God and Demon Obliteration, were not techniques that could be learned or mastered through these sessions.

Wang Chongs level could no longer be raised through routine training.

Thus, he didnt wish to be constrained by such rules.

Of all of the instructors, only that person was the most lax. As long as one passed his test, one would be exempt from all of the routine training sessions.

All in all, Wang Chong found this instructors policies to be the most aligned with his preferences.