The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Ten Directional Lightning Fingers

Chapter 195: Ten Directional Lightning Fingers

Single Character Consecutive Slash!

Melding together with his sword to form one entity, Wang Chong charged forward. He perfectly displayed the notion of silent as though a docile lamb, agile as though a fleeing hare. With just this move, he was already superior to more than ninety percent of the examinees here.

Even though Wang Chong had disappeared, most of the eyes of the examinees were still fixated to Wang Chongs original spot due to the ringing of the sword.

Hehe, interesting!

The instructor smiled lightly on top of the rock. Even though Wang Chongs Single Character Consecutive Slash was extraordinarily swift, taking many by surprise, it was still insufficient to fool his eyes.


The instructor raised his right hand, and at the very moment that Wang Chongs sword was just about to reach him, he sent a palm straight toward him.

This palm strike was no different from that which he used to deal with the other examineessimple, but swift like a bolt of lightning and heavy as though a mountain. It felt like nothing in the world could withstand it.

But in the very next moment, something unexpected occurred.


Without any signs, just as Wang Chong was just a few steps away from the instructor, a sword flashed past, and in that short instant of blindness, Wang Chong disappeared once more.

And almost instantaneously, klang! The crisp sound of a swords call echoed and a sword came horizontally from the side behind the instructor. The sword was close to the ground, aiming for the lower body of the instructor. By that moment, the sword was only several cun away from the instructors right leg.

The abrupt change caused even the instructors composed face to warp in astonishment. To be able to change his movement so abruptly despite the exceedingly swift movement, Wang Chongs skills were clearly far above all of the previous examinees.


With a slight flick of his arm, his sleeve struck Wang Chongs sword. Surprisingly, the clash between the soft sleeve and hard sword resulted in a metallic reverberation, as if the sleeve was made of steel.

At the same time, reminiscent of an eagles talon, a callus-filled palm darted forward. Complemented with a movement technique, what the hand grabbed for wasnt Wang Chongs sword but the hand holding the sword, which was beyond his range from the rock.

In the long period of time since the examination started, this was the first time he was forced to step away from the rock.

Wang Chongs attack was aimed for his feet. If he didnt want to be crippled, he could only step away from the rock.


Wang Chongs body moved alongside the sword. Executing the Celestial Steps, his sword swam around as though a nimble snake, treading around the instructors sleeves and slashing upward right at the instructor.


A grim expression finally appeared on the instructors face. With another jolt of his arm, his sleeve struck out with immense force, knocking Wang Chong into the sky.


Shocked exclaims sounded in the area. Everyone knew that it was nearly impossible to move with agility in the sky. In the end, the gap between instructors and examinees was simply too great. With just raw strength, an instructor could easily subdue a student.

Just the fact that Wang Chong was knocked into the sky had sealed his defeat.

Young master!

Zhao Jingdian, who was looking at the sight from afar, couldnt help but feel nervous. The situation was overwhelmingly against Wang Chongs odds.

But something astonishing happened. Just as Wang Chongs body was knocked into the air, his body defied the law of the world and, of all impossibility, descended vertically downward. Making use of the momentum of the descend, a sword as swift as lightning slashed downward with immense force toward the hands of the instructor.

Hahaha, great! No wonder you insist on clearing my test. Your cultivation has already reached Origin Energy Tier 7!

The instructor burst into laughter. The fact that Wang Chong could make use of his strength against him under such abrupt circumstance left him delighted.

In the entire day, he was the first examinee who could cross blows with him like that.


Facing Wang Chongs incomparably sharp sword, the instructors aura gushed out. His robe fluttered along with the wind, and astonishingly, he didnt choose to retract his fingers before the trajectory of the blade. Instead, he maneuvered his fingers to avoid the sharp edge, and with his ten fingers, he struck ceaselessly on the body of the sword.

His fingers struck heavily on the sword. Even though each blow seemed light on the surface, it carried the weight of a mountain. And no matter what Wang Chong did, be it a slash or a cut, he was unable to chop off the other partys fingers, needless to say, strike the other partys body.

It was almost magical for ones fingers to be dexterous to this extent.


A spectating examinee from afar muttered, dumbfounded by the sight before him. He was only passing through here to look for another instructor to try his luck. He didnt expect to see such a sight here.

The instructors fingers were as though a fortress. No matter how swift Wang Chongs swordsmanship was, no matter how he moved, he was unable to overcome the wall created by the fingers of the instructor.

This was the first time he was seeing such a peculiar battle technique.

There were also many examinees around him who were equally shocked by the sight before them. In this instant, they suddenly had a feeling that the unkempt but amiable middle-aged man who had been standing on the rock for the entire day was probably the most formidable person of all of the instructors who appeared in Kunwu Training camp today.

How can a student fight with an instructor like that?!

What is that swordsmanship? To be able to turn the opponents strength against him and follow the opponent relentlessly, making it impossible for the opponent to shake off the sword, incredible!

Amidst the shock, many people turned their eyes onto Wang Chong. On this mountain, most of the recruitment tests involved fights against other students, and the strongest ones would be given priority for recruitment.

But this youth was challenging the instructor straight, and on top of that, he seemed to be crossing blows with the instructor on equal footing.

Wang Chongs positioning changed swiftly; for an instant, he was in front, in the next, he was behind. For a moment, he would be on the left, and the next, he would be on the right. Most of the strength from the strikes of the ten fingers of the instructor seemed to have been neutralized by his movements.

To most here, this was an unimaginable feat.

To think that gongzi would have achieved such incredible mastery in his martial arts!

Zhao Jingdians heart beat wildly. This was his first time seeing Wang Chong execute Single Character Consecutive Slash.

That ceaseless barrage of attack was reminiscent of the endless waves of the ocean. Anyone who witnessed this swordsmanship would surely be left with a deep impression of it.

However, itll difficult for gongzi to win with just this!

Zhao Jingdian frowned. Inheriting his clans deep knowledge in the field of martial arts, he swiftly discerned that even though Wang Chong seemed to be doing well on the surface, his slashes were slightly shaky, as though he couldnt control them well. On top of that, his pulse was also gradually becoming erratic. Clearly, Wang Chong was under great pressure from facing the instructor.


Suddenly, a deafening voice sounded. The instructor bellowed and his aura surged. A torrent of Origin Energy burst forth from his body as though a massive tsunami.

In the air, Wang Chong was washed away by that burst of Origin Energy. Unable to redirect that massive force, his body shuddered and he was sent flying.

Weng! Even so, Wang Chong reacted swiftly. While he was being knocked a dozen zhang away in the air, he swiftly executed the Origin Energy Tier 7s Thousand Jin Descension and forcefully pulled himself to the ground. Even so, he still staggered several steps backward before he was able to maintain his balance.

Lad, your fighting prowess isnt bad! Having been in the capital for dozens of years, I have seen all kinds of martial arts but Ive never seen your swordsmanship before. Did you create it yourself?

The instructor stepped forward and glanced downward at Wang Chong, who was a dozen zhang away, with gleaming eyes. His long hair fluttered along with the wind.

Thats right!

Grabbing onto his chest with his left hand, Wang Chong chuckled. The instructor was truly formidable. His Single Character Consecutive Slash could take down even the foreign invaders in his previous life easily, but yet, it was still insufficient to deal with this instructor.

In that clash, not only was Wang Chong unable to break the other partys defense, his pulse was even jolted to an erratic state. A significant amount of his stamina had been sapped as well.


Upon hearing Wang Chongs reply, the instructors eyes glowed even brighter. To be able to create such a formidable sword technique at his age, that lad was an incredible genius!

Your talent is indeed astonishing. If possible, I would really want to take you in as my disciple. However, given your current strength, itll impossible for you to pass my test. In the end, rules are rules; even I cant break them. If you cant defeat me, you wont be able to pass the test. The first test is over, do you still wish to continue on?

Of course! Why shouldnt I continue on?

Upon hearing those words, Wang Chong chuckled confidently. It didnt seem as though he was affected by his loss at all.


The instructors eyebrows shot up in intrigue.

Dont blame me for not warning you then. Just now, you were the one on the offense, I havent even started attacking it. Besides I havent used my full strength yet!

I know.

Wang Chong smiled. It wasnt out of a whim that he chose to wield his sword. Under the frighteningly sharp Wootz steel sword, the other party would have no choice but to hold back his movement. In this way, he could compensate for the massive gap between the two of them.

More importantly, in the previous clash, even though Wang Chong had ended in defeat, he had also obtained what he wanted.

Ten Directional Lightning Fingers! Eight Directional Deflection Might!

Wang Chong thought.

If he wasnt mistaken, the finger technique that the instructor executed was Ten Directional Lightning Fingers whereas the palm technique was Eight Directional Deflection Might.

These two were extremely profound martial arts, and they were the top-notch ultimate techniques of the military. These techniques were open to the generals to cultivate but very few of those who attempted manage to successfully cultivate them.

The Ten Directional Lightning Fingers wasnt just a finger technique; more than that, it was a method to channel ones inner might.

The purpose of this martial art wasnt to train ones finger but the inner might throughout ones body. The finger technique was just a physical manifestation of ones inner might when one reaches a certain mastery in the technique.

The Ten Directional Lightning Fingers was suited for both offense and defense, and once one mastered the technique, ones fingers would become as resilient as steel. On the battlefield, even when bare-handed, one could easily stab through an opponents steel plate and tear them apart.

The ten fingers would become equivalent to ten sharp and indestructible swords, allowing one to stab through metal and shatter rocks. Furthermore, with inner might augmenting ones movements, ones fingers would be able to move with astonishing dexterity.

Thus, those who successfully cultivated this technique need not fear others dodging their offense.

On the battlefield, those who successfully cultivated this ultimate art were no different from indestructible human-shaped killing machines.

As for the Eight Directional Deflection Might, it was the simple palm strike that the instructor executed previously. Even though it looked light, it possessed unimaginable force!

Those who mastered these two ultimate arts would become a feared demon on the battlefield to the enemies, and the most valiant and reliable general to the allies.

Where one went would be where blood would flow!

Even though the instructor had tried his best to hide it, Wang Chong still managed to recognize the two techniques.

This person isnt simple at all!

Thinking so, Wang Chong raised his sword once more.

Eight Directional Deflection Might
I probably didnt do a good job coming up with the name. In any case, this technique is referenced from from Ban Lan Chui, which is one of the Five (Main) Fists of Taichi.
The primary concept of the technique is built on moving something and obstructing something.
The main idea is to deflect ones incoming attacks by redirecting their attacks such as pushing their hand slightly off the mark (idea of moving something) and thus obstructing their offense.

If you have watched Ip Man, its somewhat similar to how he fights.

As for Eight Directional, I cant confirm anything but its probably another concept behind Taichi (If you know of Zhang Sanfeng, he created a fist known as the Eight Trigram Fist, or perhaps you might better recognize it as the fist that Neji from Naruto used.)
I think what that I just typed might probably be irrelevant to the details of the story but Im a little unwilling to delete them. Thus, Ill leave it here.