The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Chen Burang

Chapter 197: Chen Burang

Lets go! Ill help you to the side.

Wang Chong supported Zhao Jingdian over to the side. After he consumed the pill and rested for a moment, Zhao Jingdians complexion gradually recovered.

Gongzi, how do you know that Im cultivating Horse Trampling the Barracks?

After looking around and ensuring that there was no one within earshot, Zhao Jingdian finally asked Wang Chong the question that had been bugging in his mind.

Horse Trampling the Barracks was an ultimate technique of the Zhao Clan. It enhanced ones agility explosively for a short period of time, allowing one to create three after images to confuse and break through an opponents defense.

Usually, when on defense, ones attention would be focused on the enemys upper body. However, the crux of the Horse Trampling the Barracks actually lay in the feet.

All it took was a momentary lapse in judgement for the instructor to fall for Zhao Jingdians ploy and be kicked on his chest.

However, even though this was a mystical move that was exceptionally useful in breaking through an enemys defense when the other party was unprepared, it was extremely difficult to cultivate. Hence, there were very few Zhao Clan members who had managed to successfully cultivate it.

In truth, Zhao Jingdian had cultivated Horse Trampling the Barracks on secret. Even his grandfather was unaware of it. As he hadnt completed his cultivation of the technique yet, he didnt even consider using it in a practical battle. In truth, the mouthful of blood he spewed previously was mostly due to a backlash from his inner energy.

Heh, my grandfather had once told me about the Zhao Clans Horse Trampling the Barracks and gauging from your Origin Energy Tier 7 cultivation, I guessed that you might have started cultivating this secret art.

Wang Chong said.

So its Duke Jiu!

Zhao Jingdian was stunned for a moment before coming to a realization. Any bizarre occurrence could be explained if Duke Jiu was involved. He might have been able to hide the fact that he was cultivating Horse Trampling the Barracks from others but he didnt think that he would be able to conceal it from Duke Jius sharp eyes.

Seeing Zhao Jingdians expression, Wang Chong couldnt help but chuckle internally.

Was there even a need for him to ask grandfather on Zhao Jingdians affairs? In his previous life, the two of them had fought alongside and conquered many battlefields together. He couldnt be any more familiar with the other partys martial arts.

Whether Zhao Jingdian had cultivated Horse Trampling the Barracks or not and how far he had progressed in it, Wang Chong could tell in a single glance.

Theres a reason why I insisted for you to come under him. Even though those who graduate from the training camp in the future would eventually reach great heights in the future, that instructor is different. While others have to spend several years toiling at the bottom layer, well be able to take on the role of a lieutenant straight and lead an army to a battlefield. By then, youll know that this mouthful of blood was worth it.


Zhao Jingdian exclaimed in astonishment as he abruptly raised his head.

Wang Chong nodded silently. One who learned the Art of Commanding couldnt possibly walk on the same path as the others.

Other graduates, including those from Shenwei and Longwei, usually started out from the smallest section commander. On the other hand, those who studied the Art of Commanding were given the position of a lieutenant as soon as they graduated.

This was also one of the reasons why Wang Chong insisted on coming under this instructor.

In his previous life, Wang Chong idled most of his time away. It was only after the catastrophe struck and he caught the sight of the elders that he rose in a single go to become the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains. But by then, it was already too late. He had already missed too many opportunities.

As such, Wang Chong was determined not to allow the same to occur in this life. As such, he turned his eyes to that instructor. Lieutenant was a very good starting point. Under normal circumstances, it would take at least several years for even a talented footsoldier to rise to the position of a lieutenant.

And to Wang Chong, he lacked nothing but time. If he could become a lieutenant from the moment of his graduation, he could save a lot of hassle.

Theres still a while longer before the examination ends. You should rest here first, Ill go out and take a walk!

Wang Chong said before walking down the mountain.

In Wang Chongs view, the current Kunwu Training Camp was a treasure trove in itself. There were too many future great generals lying in here.

As long as he played his cards well, with the strengths of these future great generals, he might be able to change Great Tangs future altogether.

The future Grand Marshal of the Central Plains and many rising great generals working hand-in-hand; this was a force that no one could disregard. It could possibly change many things.

Wang Chong soon disappeared amidst the crowd. At the same time, several figures appeared from the crowd.

Lets go. Well give it a try as well!

In truth, Wang Chong and Zhao Jingdian werent the only ones who had been spying on the instructor. Wang Chong had only been observing the situation for an hour, but there were a few who had already been observing for several hours now.

It was impossible a student to defeat an instructor. As such, most people didnt harbor much hope for this. However, from the precedent with Wang Chong and Zhao Jingdian, they had learned quite a few things.

Wang Chong was unaware of the changes at the top on the mountain. At this moment, his attention was completely absorbed into something else.

Too many things had happened, resulting in the future path to be diverted. The current Kunwu Training Camp was very much different from how he recalled it to be. At the very least, back then, there werent so many scions here.

Due to Wang Chongs influence, many things had changed.

However, one thing to rejoice over was that the number of recruits Kunwu Training Camp accepted had also increased as well. This meant that his impact on those future great generals who came from humble backgrounds was minimal.

The great generals who should appear here should still appear here.

This was something Wang Chong was extremely relieved about!

A huge crowd walked to and fro the massive mountain. Most of them were wandering around worriedly as they attempted to find an instructor whom they could clear the test with. Different from them, Wang Chongs attention was on the crowd instead. His gaze swept across the innumerable faces passing him by.

Suddenly, a figure who kept turning around aimlessly caught Wang Chongs notice. That person had a large bow hanging on his back, and he was loitering around the Imperial Army guards, seemingly at a loss.

Its him?

Wang Chong suddenly chuckled. Seeing the symbolic large bow, a memory gradually surfaced in Wang Chongs head. Legend has it that in the first batch of recruits of Kunwu Training Camp, there was a first-timer who, due to coming from a rural location and was visiting the capital for the first time, was unable to differentiate between the Imperial Army guards and instructors.

As such, he spent a lot of his time walking to and fro the Imperial Army guards, pleading with them to give him a chance for the test.

The Imperial Army guards had told him repeatedly that they werent instructors and the instructors were further up the mountain, but that person advanced forward only to look for the other Imperial Army guards stationed higher up the mountain.

This matter became a huge laughingstock in the Kunwu Training Camp, and there were many jokes born from that.

Even so, that persons strength was no joke at all, and the massive bow he carried behind him proved testimony to that.

Rumor has it that this person was capable of accurately shooting an apple on a tree from several li away, and a base reinforced by the squad of archers that he led would become the sturdiest fortress on the battlefield.
(One li -> 0.5km)

Seeing that person wandering about as though a confused fly, Wang Chong chuckled lightly and walked over.

Brother, may I know how to address you?

Only after walking closer did Wang Chong catch a closer glimpse at the other partys appearance. The other party was around sixteen to seventeen-year-old, and he was dressed in beastskin. He was a perfect fit for the stereotype of a mountain hunter.

Thi-this I am Chen Burang! Its the Northern Governor who recommended me here.

The youth hunter looked slightly restrained.

Its indeed him!

Wang Chong was taken aback. There was no mistake about it, it must that person. After all, even the name was right. It was just that he didnt expect the other party to come from a family of hunters.

It was no wonder why he didnt ask any of the other examinees for directions even though so many of them were walking by him. Most probably, he rarely interacted with others on normal occasions, thus making him slightly socially awkward.

Are you looking for the instructors?

Wang Chong asked.

Y-yes! However, I cant seem to find where the instructors are Is the recruitment exercise over already?

Speaking til the end, Chen Burang nearly burst into tears.

On the other hand, Wang Chong nearly burst out laughing. Since this person was able to pass the prior tests, he shouldnt have been so ignorant. It must really be his first time taking such a long journey away from home.

Hehe, dont worry, the examination is far from over. Why dont I bring you to the instructors?

Wang Chong offered.

Ah! That would be great!

Delighted, the youth gazed at Wang Chong in gratitude. This was the first time someone had walked forward and offered him help ever since he entered Kunwu Training Camp.

Thus, Wang Chong brought him up to the mountain peak.

The ones that you spoke to were all Imperial Army guards. The real instructors are all near the peak of the mountain. Even though their disposition feel the same, they are two completely different groups of people. On top of that, their dress up is different as well. The armor that the instructors are dressed in is vastly different from the armor the Imperial Army guards are wearing.


Chen Burangs look of realization piqued Wang Chongs laughter.

Along the way, Chen Burang seemed to be interested in everything in the surroundings. It seemed like there really was a good reason for the jokes he created back then.

Since you practice archery, I can introduce an instructor to you. That person also specializes in archery.

Wang Chong said.

Un, alright!

Chen Burang nodded without even thinking over it. Perhaps it was due to his innocence, but he seemed to hold complete trust in Wang Chong.

After some interaction, Wang Chong also felt goodwill toward the other party. Chen Burang had just come from the mountain and there was an aura of simplicity lingering around him.

This kind of aura made instinctively bred intimacy.

Right, how do I address you?

Chen Burang suddenly realized that up until now, he still didnt know the other partys name, and he knocked his head.

I am Wang Chong!


Chen Burang abruptly came to a halt. He stared at Wang Chong with widened eyes.

C-could it be that yo-you are?

Staring at Wang Chong in shock, Chen Burang stuttered. Even though he had come from a clan of hunters and he spent most of his time in the mountains, he still heard of Wang Chongs name.

He didnt expect the person who rendered him assistance to be that Wang Chong.


Smiling, Wang Chong nodded his head. It seemed like the benefits derived from the regional commanders incident was truly immense.

This made it much easier for Wang Chong to unfold his plans.

Kunwu Training Camp isnt very big. If youve any time, feel free to look for me. We can always have a chat or something.

Wang Chong extended an invitation to Chen Burang.

Un, un! No problem, no problem!

Chen Burang nodded his head in agitation just like a little chick.