The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Su Hanshan

Chapter 198: Su Hanshan!

Regardless of whether it was his previous life or his current one, Wang Chong had never been good with bows. Thus, Wang Chong couldnt really guide Chen Burang on this aspect.

Even so, he retained some memory of the various archery techniques from his previous life. Perhaps, this might prove useful in helping Chen Burang raise his capabilities!

After separating with Chen Burang, Wang Chong loitered around the crowd a little longer before returning back to the mountain peak. However, to Wang Chongs surprise, he saw a few more figures standing near Zhao Jingdian.

What happened?

Wang Chong walked over and asked with a hushed voice.

These people came not too long after you left. They are all very strong, and based on my estimates, their cultivation is at least at Origin Energy Tier 7. Like me, they all used the method of mutual destruction to pass the test.

Zhao Jingdian said.

He had been sitting here since Wang Chong left so he witnessed the entire proceedings from start to end.


Hearing Zhao Jingdians recount, Wang Chong couldnt help but chuckle.

Theres nothing too surprising about that. There are many smart people here as well. It is likely that they were observing us when we took the test so it isnt too surprising for them to know about the method as well.

The biggest mistake one could make was to underestimate others. Wang Chong could immediately tell that those people were imitating Zhao Jingdians method.

Furthermore, given how they resorted to it the moment they rushed up, not even bothering to test the waters first, it was clear that they were confident. If they hadnt witnessed Zhao Jingdians fight, they wouldnt have dared to do something so risky.

Those two are still alright. I can sense that their cultivation is around our level. However, that man Somehow, I feel that hes even stronger than you!

Zhao Jingdian said fearfully.


Wang Chongs eyebrows shot up and a grim expression appeared on his face. Zhao Jingdian had witnessed his fight with the instructor, and he wasnt the type of person to exaggerate.

If Zhao Jingdian said that the other person was stronger than him, then it was very likely that that was the case.

Who are you talking about?

That person over there!

Zhao Jingdian pointed to the person standing behind the instructor. Only then did Wang Chong realize that he had overlooked a figure.

That person was standing around ten zhang behind the instructor so Wang Chong thought that he was just a spectating student.

On top of that, the person had an extremely cold face, and the aura he emanated was equally frigid. Even when standing amidst a crowd, his presence would make him exceedingly conspicuous. He seemed to have a natural disposition for inducing fear and distancing others.

There wasnt a single person within a perimeter of three zhang around him. The fact that the crowd was circling around him showed a lot.

Its him?

Wang Chongs eyebrows shot up in astonishment.

That person is extremely formidable. If Im not mistaken, his cultivation should be very close to Origin Energy Tier 9. On top of that, when he crossed hands with the instructor, the instructor was actually unable to defend against him and was left with a small cut.

Zhao Jingdian spoke with a slightly apprehensive tone.

To be able to induce such apprehension within Zhao Jingdian, the other partys strength was indeed extraordinary.

However, that wasnt what Wang Chong was concerned about. At this moment, his mind was preoccupied with something else.

Wang Chong knew who that person was!

He was Su Hanshan!

Even within the future great generals from Kunwu Training Camp, this person was ranked amongst the top tier. He was one of the few from the Three Great Training Camps publicly acknowledged as a talented general capable of standing his own ground on the battlefield!

But right until the very end, he was only considered to be a potential great general. He didnt manage to become a grade-1 general like Wang Chongsi, Go Seonji, and Zhang Shougui.

The public had minimal news on Su Hanshan. All that was known about him was that he had come from Kunwu Training Camp.

To think that he would be a student of this instructor as well!

Wang Chong muttered under his breath.

Looking at that figure ten zhang away, a complicated expression appeared on Wang Chongs face.

In Kunwu Training Camp, Su Hanshan was definitely ranked in the top. The army he would personally train and lead would possess the greatest offensive ability in a frontal fight across the entire Great Tang.

No matter how many layers of defense the opposing army put up, the army that Su Hanshan commanded would be able to tear apart their formation as though a sharp blade, stabbing right into their core and tearing it apart from within.

In a frontal clash on the battlefield, Su Hanshans army was a subject of fear for hostile nations and foreign tribes.

The troops he trained fought right down to their very last breath. No matter how powerful the enemies were, no matter how disadvantageous the situation was, his army could stand bravely against it with composure

And Su Hanshan had always braved through death with his subordinates, thereby becoming their spiritual leader as well! In terms of beliefs, there wasnt a single army as resolute and tight-knit as his.

But it was a pity that there was no such thing as a perfect being. Su Hanshan possessed an aloof personality, and this resulted in his eventual defeat.

Just as could be seen at this very instant, Su Hanshan was simply too cold and proud. His presence in itself made others instinctively distance themselves from him.

In other words, he couldnt fit in.

There wasnt a soul close to Su Hanshan in the military. Even those who graduated from Kunwu Training Camp didnt have much of a relationship with him.

And on the battlefield, Su Hanshan neither needed nor expected reinforcement. His proud personality made him unwilling to accept the assistance of others.

However, there wasnt a single person who could rule the battlefield by himself. Wang Chong had failed back then; Su Hanshan was the same as well!

His personality had already carved out his eventual fate.

He disappeared along with his feared army on the battlefield during the great catastrophe!

To think that I would meet him here!

Wang Chong thought as his heart leaped in agitation.

Destiny was truly something inconceivable. To think that two lone wolves would meet one another here.

Wang Chong needed help, but due to the lack of it, he could only become a lone wolf of that catastrophic age. On the other hand, due to Su Hanshans aloof personality, he was unwilling to accept help. So, he became a lone wolf as well.

Looking at this talented future great general who would die before maturity, Wang Chong suddenly understood what he had to do.


The instructor finally spoke from atop his rock, drawing everyones attention.

Ill be ending the test in advance. Initially, I only intended to accept two to three people but I ended up taking in the five of you. Thats more than sufficient already!

Remember this, my name is Zhao Qianqiu, and from today onward, Ill be your teacher. For now, since the test is officially over, follow me. Ill bring you around to familiarize you with the training camp.

With the exception of Wang Chong, this was the first time everyone was hearing his name.

So his surname is Zhao as well!

Of the people gathered here, Zhao Jingdian was the most surprised to learn of Zhao Qianqius name.

Dont think too much into it. Lets go.

Wang Chong patted Zhao Jingdians back. Before leaving, he shot a final glance backward. By now, the students on the mountain had already thinned down significantly.

The recruitment was already nearing its end.


Facing the bottom of the mountain, Wang Chong whistled. Soon, the neighing of a colt sounded and a cloud of dust flew into the air. Before long, an indigo figure could be seen charging over.

In just a short moment, a colt around Wang Chongs height, with hooves as white as snow, appeared amidst swirls of dust. Its mane flew majestically with the wind as it excitedly licked Wang Chongs face.

Alright, Little Shadow, stop licking me.

Its tongue felt ticklish, and Wang Chong couldnt help but chuckle as he stroked the White-hoofed Shadows indigo coat. It had only been a few days since it started following him but it had already grown very fond of him.

I see that you already have your own war steed. That is great. Groom it carefully and dont waste such a good spirit steed. In the future, itll become your second life.

A deep voice sounded from behind. Turning around, Wang Chong saw five pairs of eyes staring at him with bizarre gazes.

The one who had just spoken was Instructor Zhao Qianqiu.

None of the people here were fools. With just a single glance, it was clear that Wang Chongs steed was anything but ordinary. It was enviable that Wang Chong had such a steed when he had just entered the training camp.

In any case, Zhao Qianqiu didnt speak too much about it. After saying those words, he turned around and advanced forward.

From the examination area where the instructors were stationed to the peak of the mountain, there was a fence. Imperial Army guards were stationed behind the fence to guard the area, and only those who had passed the instructors tests were qualified to enter the barracks within.

Flashing his token, Zhao Qianqiu was able to bring the group in without any problem. Soon, they arrived at the barracks area.

Kunwu Training Camp can be further divided into four smaller campsAzure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoiseand they are located on the four peaks of the mountain. Based on the instructor one is under and ones level of cultivation, the recruits will be allocated to one of the camps. Of which, the allocation for Vermilion Bird is slightly more unique as its where all the ladies live.

Heh. The reason why Im telling you this is to warn you all not to go peeking at the ladies. Dont even dream about sneaking into Vermilion Bird PeakI know that some of you will definitely try it in the future!

Hearing those words, the group couldnt help but chuckle.

This instructor sure is interesting.

Wang Chong thought.

If you were to peep on those ladies, youll definitely be kicked out of the camp. However, that is not the reason why Im warning you. The ladies of Vermilion Bird base are exceptionally powerful. Even though your level of cultivation isnt bad either, you all might not necessarily be a match were you to encounter them.

For some reason, Zhao Qianqius words reminded Wang Chong and Zhao Jingdian of the Little Marchioness Yi, Yi Weiliang.

Zhao Qianqius words were definitely not an exaggeration.

Alright, Ill bring you all to the training grounds now. This is the location youll be frequenting the most in the future!

Saying so, Zhao Qianqiu brought the group further up the mountain peak.