The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 200

Chapter 200 Zhuang Shi And Chi Clan

Chapter 200: Zhuang shi and Chi Clan!

Before Origin Energy Tier 6, one mainly trains their tendons, bones, skin, blood, flesh, and internal organs. At Origin Energy Tier 6, one will be able to choose among strength-type, speed-type, and dexterity-type cultivation techniques to cultivate. This choice will determine ones future role on the battlefield.

There are all kinds of cultivation techniques in the training camp, and you are free to learn them. Of the three types, I would recommend you to pick any two to learn. However, I dont advise you all to take on all three of them at once.

Being too overambitious will just make you a master of none. Even though there are people who take on three types of cultivation techniques at once, for most people, itll only mean slower progression.

Alright, follow me. Well be heading to the cultivation ground next!

Zhao Qianqiu beckoned as he led the group beyond the vast training grounds. Behind the training grounds was the cultivation ground.

So the place that we saw from the bottom of the mountain was this.

Zhao Jingdian remarked.


Wang Chong nodded. Lifting his gaze, he looked at the massive flag that stood at nearly a hundred zhang tall. The word on it Kunwu was exceptionally striking.

Beneath this gigantic flag was the cultivation ground. Massive palace-like buildings filled the area, and they were all cultivation chambers.

Follow me!

Under Zhao Qianqius lead, the group stepped into the centermost cultivation chamber in the area.

Walking in, Wang Chong noticed that the chambers were all crafted using metal. Another aspect that caught his attention was the exceedingly flat and smooth ground, reminiscent of the surface of a mirror.

Inscriptions could be seen on the ground at fixed intervals.

Wang Chong realized that even though it was only the first day, there were already many new recruits seated within the chamber, deep in cultivation.

This area is crafted using top-notch metal. An inscription for gathering spiritual energy has been carved below, turning all of these seats into a small spiritual energy gathering formation. In the future, you will be able to use this place as often as you like. Cultivating within these chambers will be much more efficient than cultivating anywhere else.

Zhao Qianqiu led the group through the cultivation chamber.

Behind the cultivation chambers is the cultivation ground.

In the depths of the cultivation area, a dozen fully-armored Imperial Army members stood guard in front of a grand hall, dividing the front part of the cultivation ground from the latter part.

The martial art manuals in the cultivation grounds are divided based on their tier. Origin Energy Tier 6 martial arts are placed in one region, Origin Energy Tier 7 martial arts are placed in another, and so on In the future, choose the cultivation techniques best suited for you based on your respective cultivation realms.

The cultivation techniques stored here are all top-notch, and itll be hard to find any techniques of similar quality outside. However, as my students, youll be different from the other recruits. About this you will understand in the future.

Other than Wang Chong, the other students all revealed perplexed expressions.

However, Zhao Qianqiu didnt elaborate on the matter.

Following which, Zhao Qianqiu led the group to familiarize with the area and just like that, the tour came to an end.

Some of you may already know of it but Ill just say it once more for the benefit of the others.

Beneath a lush Chinese scholar tree at the top of the mountain, Zhao Qianqiu gave his final lesson of the day to the group.

The Origin Energy realm can be divided into nine tiers, which is Origin Energy Tier 1 to Tier 9. Upon reaching Origin Energy, one will be able to learn strength-type, speed-type, and dexterity-type cultivation techniques.

At Origin Energy Tier 9, one will be able to release ones internal energy, forming a circular area of air pressure ripples just like this.

Zhao Qianqiu stomped his feet, and weng! A circular milky-white Origin Energy ripple diffused from beneath his feet. The ripple looked completely normal, but a grim expression appeared on Wang Chong, Zhao Jingdian, and the other recruits faces.

Within the circular ripple, everyone could feel Zhao Qianqius ridiculously immense strength.

Clearly, the other party hadnt given it his all previously.

Once one gains the ability to release ones internal energy, Origin Energy will be able to take on many forms. Fighting will transcend beyond mere movements, just like this!

With his palms facing downward, Zhao Qianqiu did a grabbing action and the milky-white ripple beneath his feet shook. A powerful surge of Origin Energy burst forth from Zhao Qianqius palm, and it slowly morphed into the shape of a lion.

Following which, the Origin Energy morphed into the shape of a tiger, panther, and then a wolf!

The flexible control of Origin Energy adds an additional dimension to fights. Thus, if you were to meet with Origin Energy Tier 9 experts, you must be careful. Experts of that level are extraordinarily troublesome, and you wont be able to deal with them easily.

Saying so, Zhao Qianqiu gently jerked his palm, and the wolf-shaped Origin Energy surged out. Boom! Several dozen zhang away, a boulder exploded. Dust cloaked the area.

The hearts of the group skipped a beat.

Beyond Origin Energy Tier 9 is the True Martial realm. At that realm, one would be able to gather his Origin Energy beyond his body, forming a halo. However, that is a matter for the future.

After explaining all of these, Zhao Qianqiu left.

Are you Wang gongzi?

After Zhao Qianqiu left, a few figures walked up to Wang Chong and bowed deeply to him.

I am Zhuang Zhengping!

I am Chi Weisi!

Paying respect to gongzi!

The duo was no other than the other two recruits who passed Zhao Qianqius test.

From the test location til here, the both of them hadnt spoken a word. It was only after Zhao Qianqiu left that they stepped forward to pay their greetings.

Are you two from the Zhuang Clan and Chi Clan?

Wang Chong stared the duo before him.

Thats right!

The duo bowed respectfully.

Wang Chong assessed the two of them carefully. The Zhuang Clan and Chi Clan were behemoths in the capital, and their influence was far beyond that of ordinary prestigious clans.

The two clans were extremely skilled in commercial activities, and their business expanded across the entire world. At the same time, they also possessed considerable power within the military as well.

In the Zhuang Clans hundred years of history, many of their offspring had enlisted into the military and took up various differing positions throughout the organization, thus forming a sizeable influence.

The Zhuang Clans offspring were known for being valiant, and their steel cavalry was extremely famous in the empire.

As for the Chi Clan, their reputation was slightly beneath that of the Zhuang Clan but the overwhelming number of experts in their clan made them a force to be reckoned with. Their silhouettes could almost be seen almost everywhere on the frontlines of the battlefield.

What that made Chi Clan stand out from the others were their steel guards.

Whenever a Chi Clan offspring stepped onto the battlefield, they would be accompanied by a sizeable amount of Chi Clans steel guards. Each of these guards would be equipped with a Xuan metal plate mail that weighed around four hundred jin and a halberd which height easily reached up to a man. On the battlefield, they were often able to tear open a hole in the enemys defenses, creating an opening for the other soldiers to exploit.

Even though the two clans were still inferior to the Wang Clan, their strength wasnt one to be underestimated.

Just by the fact that the two of them were able to pass Zhao Qianqius test proved testimony to their might.

Given the Zhuang Clan and Chi Clans influence, shouldnt you two be in Longwei or Shenwei?

Wang Chong asked with slightly narrowed eyes.

In truth, we only chose to come to Kunwu Training Camp after hearing the news that gongzi is coming here. Gongzis upright and noble personality has won the respect of both our Zhuang Clan and Chi Clan and thus, we hope to stand by your side.

Zhuang Zhengping and Chi Weisi said respectfully.

In truth, their strength was on par with the current Wang Chong and Zhao Jingdian. What the two of them were truly deferential toward was the immense influence that stood behind Wang Chong.

The Wang Clan was a clan of general and ministers, and Duke Jiu was a meritorious subject who helped the current emperor to the throne, thus earning him the favor and trust of the latter.

But the influence of the Wang Clan didnt stop there. There was still King Song, the officials of the royal court, the protectorates by the borders, and the various Conferred Generals and Han generals

The storm not too long ago had made many realize that they had been severely underestimating the Wang Clan. That massive influence that extended beyond the royal court and into the military

Even behemoths like Zhuang Clan and Chi Clan couldnt help but feel deference. Just from that matter itself, it could be foreseen that even if Duke Jiu were to pass away, the prosperity and influence of the Wang Clan could sustain for a very, very long time.

This was the reason why the prestigious clans like Zhuang Clan and Chi Clan sent their offspring to Kunwu Training Camp instead of Shenwei and Longwei.

After the verdict from the Sage Emperor, Wang Chong was labeled as the rising power of the political scene. What was even rarer was that he was extremely young, being just fifteen at the moment, and thus, his influence had yet to fully take shape.

If they were to intervene now and establish a relationship with him, it might prove to be immensely beneficial to their clans in the future. Most of the clans who sent their offspring here were harboring such thoughts.

The words of the duo were hinting at their clans intention to establish an intimate relationship with the Wang Clan.

You two are being too polite!

Wang Chong chuckled.

Since were all in Kunwu Training Camp, not to mention, fellow students under Instructor Zhao, we can be considered as peers. We should indeed get along well.

The duo was overjoyed. Wang Chongs words were a clear approval of them.

Wang gongzi, this is a token of appreciation from our clan. We hope that gongzi can accept it!

The duo took out a burgundy silk box from their sleeves each and presented it with a deep bow. They werent presenting just gifts in their capacity as individuals; they were acting as intermediaries for their clans.

After a short moment of silence, Wang Chong took the two boxes from their hands.

Gongzi, we wont disturb you any longer. If you have any needs, feel free to instruct us.

Saying so, the duo took their leave.

Gongzi, such prestigious clans tend to hold their interests as priority. Zhuang Zhengping and Chi Weisi are only offspring of the third generation, I fear that their words cannot be trusted.

Looking at the departing back of the duo, Zhao Jingdian advised quietly.

I know.

Wang Chong replied softly. Just the credibility of prestigious clans were doubtful in itself, not to mention, the two clans chose to send out two ordinary offspring who didnt have much of a standing within their ranks.

However, Wang Chong had his own considerations as well.

The Zhuang Clans cavalry and the Chi Clans footsoldiers were both elite troops. In the future battlefield, Wang Chong could use all the help he could get. Only by gathering the might of all of the prestigious and noble clans and uniting them together as one would he be able to change the ultimate destiny of the Central Plains.

This was the very reason why Wang Chong joined Kunwu Training Camp. Thus, why would he reject the goodwill of Zhuang Clan and Chi Clan?