The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 202

Chapter 202 The Best Future Marshal

Chapter 202: The Best Future Marshal!

Unknowingly, the sky started to darken.

Damn it!

How dare that bastard steal my man!

In a room on the Black Tortoise Peak, Deng Mingxins reddened face was distorted with anger. He abruptly smashed his fist into the table in the room, reducing it into smithereens.

He had eventually managed to pass the test and entered Kunwu Training Camp.

However, without Sun Zhimings help, Deng Mingxin had to make use of another loyal lackey to pave his way instead. In the end, the lackey ended up being eliminated.

Losing one of his two additional arms, how could he not be resentful?

Gongzi, given that Wang Chong has stepped in and poached Sun Zhiming away, should we inform Zheng gongzi of it? We could have him step forward and deal with Wang Chong for us!

The remaining lackey said in discontentment.

Theres no need for it!

Deng Mingxin was tempted for a moment but soon shook his head.

Zheng gongzi is a connection we made not too long ago, and Sun Zhiming was originally a subordinate of our clan. Wont he look down on us if we cant even deal with a single subordinate?

Deng Mingxins faction had chosen to ally themselves with the person named Zheng Xuan. Even though the two were both under King Qi, the latters clan was much stronger than Deng Mingxins.

Without Zheng Xuan, given his standing, he would have never been able to liaise with King Qi.

Zheng Xuan was a shrewd man who possessed astounding martial arts. On top of that, he was also highly-valued by King Qi. Deng Mingxin didnt wish to be underestimated by such an influential individual.

But if not, what else can we do? Do we have to take this lying down? So many people saw with their own eyes how Wang Chong poached our people! Even if gongzi can tolerate this humiliation, I cant!

The lackey egged Deng Mingxin on.

Of course we cant allow this matter to rest just like that.

Deng Mingxin harrumphed and his eyes slowly turned cold.

I might be unable to deal with Wang Chong and the Wang Clan, but Sun Zhiming? Hehe. This is a world where the big fish prey on the small fish, and the small fish prey on the shrimp. Sun Zhiming is just a mere shrimp yet he still dares to betray me. Since that is the case, he shouldnt blame me for getting nasty. I want the entire Sun Clan to pay the price for his actions!

Resentment flashed across Deng Mingxins eyes. He quickly wrote a letter and soon, a black kite darted straight toward the capital.

Sun Zhiming, since you dare to betray me, your father need not preserve his job. Return back to the countryside with your father and spend your entire life tilling the fields!

Gazing at the black kite as it disappeared into the dark night sky, a cold glint flashed across Deng Mingxins eyes.

At the same time, unbeknownst to Wang Chong and the others, their instructor was currently headed toward the main hall of Kunwu Training Camp.

The location of the main hall wasnt known to the others, and even the Imperial Army members werent allowed to enter the area freely.

Qianqiu, youre here.

The main hall was dark; there were no candles or oil lamps to illuminate the area. From the darkness, an authoritative voice echoed. At the top of the hall sat a majestic armored figure reminiscent of an exalted deity.

A powerful and heavy aura reminiscent of the oceans and mountains lingered around him, inducing deference in those who stood before him.

Qianqiu pays respect to lord!

Walking into the hall, Zhao Qianqiu bowed deeply to the figure above. It was clear that he held great respect for the person seated above.

And in truth, the true head of the Kunwu Training Camp was that person seated above him at this very moment, Zhao Qianqius direct superior.

How is it? Did you manage to get anything?

The figure above asked nonchalantly.

Hehe, of course I managed to get something. Furthermore, theres quite a few good buds this time.

Zhao Qianqiu chuckled after hearing the other partys words. He began describing what that had happened during the day.

I only came and gave it a try because of the Sage Emperors command. I didnt expect to find so many promising students this time around. One of them, Su Hanshan, despite his young age, already possesses incredible offensive ability.

There are very few people who can break the defense of my Ten Directional Lightning Fingers. Yet, he managed to do it forcefully with a frontal attack. His offensive ability was so ferocious that even I found it difficult to withstand his blows. He even managed to breach my defense and leave a cut on me.

Despite his lacking cultivation, he still managed to force me to a corner. Were he to mature, its hard to imagine how far he could go.

Zhao Qianqiu said with a look of awe. Su Hanshans performance must have truly left a deep impression on him for him to say such words.

To be able to overcome your Ten Directional Lightning Fingers and injure you, his ability is indeed astonishing. The greatest gem you have uncovered this time around must be him then? If so, we should focus our efforts on grooming him!

The authoritative figure said.

But unexpectedly, upon hearing those words, Zhao Qianqiu fell silent instead.

Why? Whats wrong?

Seeing Zhao Qianqius bizarre behavior, the authoritative figure above asked doubtfully.

Zhao Qianqiu was a candid and straightforward person, and it was rare for one to see him so hesitant.

That is a little hard to say. I can sense that Su Hanshan has a fatal flaw in his personality. Even as I stood beside him, I could feel his cold and distant aura. The other recruits instinctively avoided him as well. This isnt a good thing.

What we are choosing are talented marshals of the battlefield, not ferocious generals or reclusive experts. To become a marshal, maintaining good relations with ones peers and subordinates is of utmost importance. Only when the entire army is united as one can they coordinate to destroy their enemies.

However, Su Hanshans personality is way too cold. It is too difficult for others to approach him. Im afraid itll be hard for him to become a figure capable of commanding an entire army on the battlefield.

Zhao Qianqiu said hesitantly.

If Wang Chong was here, he would definitely be impressed. Zhao Qianqiu had only interacted with Su Hanshan for a short period of time, and on top of that, it mostly consisted of formalities. Yet, he was able to accurately predict Su Hanshans future.

A recluse who isnt easy to get along with. That is indeed a problem.

The figure above fell silentan extremely rare sight.

However, that child is still young so he can be molded in the days to come. Are you hesitating because of that?

Thats not it!

Zhao Qianqiu shook his head.


This time, the figure above was truly surprised.

Lord, do you still remember the Wang Clan member who caused a huge storm on the matter regarding the regional commanders policy and ended up being locked in the imperial prison by the Sage Emperor, Wang Chong?

Zhao Qianqiu asked.

I do. To possess such passionate love for ones country, he didnt let down his name as a member of a general clan, a descendent of Duke Jius.

Apparently, the figure above had a good impression of Wang Chong.

He is currently under me.

Zhao Qianqiu dove straight to the point. He began to describe the two battles he had with Wang Chong in detail. Throughout the entire encounter, Wang Chong had avoided mentioning his name, thinking that he could hide his identity. However, he had underestimated the fame he had accrued from the regional commanders incident. Zhao Qianqiu had already recognized him at first sight.

Just that, Zhao Qianqiu didnt expose him.

For him to possess superior martial arts on top of his loyalty to the country, it is truly something to rejoice over. Even though he cant compare up to Su Hanshan, hes indeed a good bud.

The authoritative figure above said. Clearly, he had a high evaluation of Wang Chong as well.

Lord, my evaluation differs from yours!

Zhao Qianqiu frowned. He didnt bring up this matter just to inform the latter that Wang Chong was his student.

Even though that child attributed the attack to his instincts, I feel that there is something more to it. I find it hard to believe that a persons instincts can reach such a level.

Instincts can allow you to sense underlying danger, determine the flaws in an opponents moves, and acutely sense possible opportunities But it doesnt allow you to redirect your opponents Origin Energy and send it into disarray.

Lord, you should know my ability as well. Ive cultivated the Ten Directional Lightning Fingers for a long time already but this is the first time Ive encountered a collision in my Origin Energy. Its fortunate that this is only an ordinary test; were it the battlefield, such a lapse in my defense would result in my death.

Zhao Qianqiu said with a grim expression.

Even though Wang Chong had attributed it to instincts, Zhao Qianqiu wasnt duped. He had only pretended to accept the reason.

To be entrusted the task of choosing potential marshal candidates by the Sage Emperor, how could he possibly be fooled that easily?

Wang Chong had underestimated him.

The hall fell silent. The immense presence in the room, for the first time, fell into deep contemplation.

The Ten Directional Lightning Fingers was one of the stronger middle-tier offensive secret arts. Even though Zhao Qianqiu had suppressed his cultivation, this didnt mean that nothing could be said about his encounter with Wang Chong.

After all, the problem that Zhao Qianqiu raised had nothing to do with strength anymore.

Even if Zhao Qianqiu were to use his full strength, it was highly probable that Wang Chong could still use the same method to direct Zhao Qianqius Origin Energy into a state of disarray, resulting in a momentary lapse in his defense.

This was more of a matter of skill rather than cultivation realm.

This was still fine in Kunwu Training Campafter all, this was a place to learn. At the very worst, he would only be slightly injured.

But if it was on the battlefield, this negligence would seal his doom!

Are you certain that it isnt just a coincidence?

After a long moment, a majestic voice sounded from above.

Im certain!

Zhao Qianqiu replied grimly.

But this doesnt make sense. To direct your Origin Energy into disarray while you are executing the Ten Directional Lightning Fingers, even old generals who are two ranks higher than you are incapable of such a feat. Hes just a mere fifteen-year-old child! How can he be capable of such a feat? After all, coincidences dont happen in martial arts.

That person was also astounded.

The matter that Zhao Qianqiu spoke of wasnt a small matter. Theoretically, it should have been completely impossible. This was a feat far above that of Su Hanshan.

Lord, you should now understand the reason behind my hesitance, right? Even though Su Hanshans offensive capability is incredible, it might prove to be a flaw if he were to meet a stronger opponent. On the other hand if a mere half of Wang Chongs meticulousness and wits could be placed into military stratagems, even I would have nothing to teach him.

It is this kind of person who is most suitable to become our future marshal. Theres no doubt about it!

Zhao Qianqiu evaluated.