The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Hope

Chapter 208: Hope!

Wang Chong, why are you here?

Chen Burang asked in delight.

What about you? Why are you here?

Wang Chong returned with another question. He was rather curious about Chen Burangs presence here as well.

Its a long story. In order to save them, I ended up getting marked by a rather formidable master archer. His archery is formidable, and he can fire eighty arrows in the blink of an eye! The boulder that I was hiding at before got crushed by his relentless attacks. If not for your intervention, I might have really died there.

Chen Burangs face was pale. It seemed like he had exerted himself greatly during this ordeal. However, he had an excited look on his face which showed no signs of fear at all.

Youre able to tell how many arrows he shot in a single second?

Wang Chong asked curiously.

Shot in a second? Do you mean that he shoots very fast?

Not comprehending Wang Chongs question, a sliver of doubt flashed across Chen Burangs eyes. However, he soon broke into a smile. His smile carried the simplicity of a mountain hunter and it felt extremely comfortable.

Hunters like us must have sharp eyes and sensitive ears. Sometimes, it is impossible to see preys hiding in the grass; so, our ears must be sharp as well.

Our village head said that Im born different from the others. I dont really think so but Im indeed able to hear the buzzing of a mosquito several li away.
(li -> 0.5km)

Chen Burang said earnestly. He didnt seem to think that there was anything remarkable about his ability.

The buzzing of a mosquito?

Staring at Chen Burang, Wang Chongs heart abruptly beat wildly. It wasnt surprising for an archers ear to be sharp. In fact, it was common as they were trained with such goals in mind.

But to hear the buzzing of a mosquito several li away

Even the master archers Wang Chong met in his previous life were incapable of such a feat. He suddenly remembered how Chen Burang was able to determine that wolf fang arrows were about to fall on the Imperial Army guard when he himself couldnt hear anything at all.

In that instant, Wang Chong seemed to have suddenly understood something and the gaze he directed at Chen Burang abruptly changed altogether.

This persons capability sure is formidable. Its no wonder why he could become a known archer general and lead the elites archers of Great Tang.

No one knew better than Wang Chong that even though Chen Burang had yet to establish his reputation, in the future, he would definitely become one of the top master archers in the world.

Putting everything else aside, just his hearing ability itself was already far beyond that of the Turk master archers.

Do you know how many master archers there are outside?

Wang Chong asked. The sky was dark, and the location of the master archers were impossible to trace by eye. The imperative matter at hand was to determine how many enemies there were.

There is a total of 43 master archers. They are divided into two main groups, one with twenty-eight members and the other with fifteen. Of which, eleven are stationed in the east whereas fourteen are stationed in the west; eight in the south and eight in the north. The remaining two are hiding at the foot of the mountain three hundred zhang away in the forest!

Without any hesitation, Chen Burang immediately reported the number of enemies and even their hiding positions.

At this point, Wang Chong was completely speechless.

Chen Burangs listening capability had reached an unbelievable level.

Two groups?

Wang Chong soon realized a peculiarity in Chen Burangs words and frowned. Arent they all Turks?


Hearing those words, the group of men stared at one another in shock.

They had heard of the Eastern and Western Turkic Khaganate, but they didnt expect to be attacked by the other partys master archers.

I dont know who they are but their shooting methods are clearly different. One group uses the wolf fang arrows while the other only utilizes high trajectory shots. The group using high trajectory shots possesses immense might, and their arrows are harder to fend against as compared to the group shooting wolf fang arrows.

As he spoke, Chen Burang took out an arrow. It was an arrow with a diamond-shaped arrowhead that looked exceptionally sharp.

The tip and end of the arrow had been cut off, but on the body of the arrow, Wang Chong saw a Three-legged Crow.

They are condor snipers from Goguryeo!

Wang Chong returned the arrow to Chen Burang with a heavy heart.

Goguryeons werent a nomadic tribe, and as such, the number of master archers they had was far beneath that of the Turks. However, the top-notch Goguryeon archers were far more formidable than the Turk master archers.

And these top-notch Goguryeon archers were known as Condor Snipers!

Condors flew at an extremely high altitude. Not only were their wings as tough as steel, their muscles were exceptionally powerful and their flying speed was unbelievably fast. Most arrows, including those from master archers, would have been detected and dodged long before they could arrive.

As such, most archers couldnt pose a threat to a condor.

But Goguryeon condor snipers were very much different. No matter how high or fast a condor flew, they would always be able to snipe it! In the past campaigns against Goguryeo, there were many elite troops that had fallen at the hands of these condor snipers.

To think that the Goguryeons would actually dispatch the condor snipers here!

Wang Chongs eyebrows knitted tightly together.

You all should go in first. Chen Burang, eat this pill.

Wang Chong passed a stamina recovery pill over to Chen Burang. The latters capability with the bow was astoundinghe was even able to make an arrow curve in an arc in the middle of its path. In the Origin Energy realm, this was a completely inconceivable feat.

Wang Chong felt that Chen Burangs abilities were invaluable in this crisis.

Chen Burang didnt turn Wang Chong down. Along with the three men whom he had saved, he entered the room. Currently, Wang Chong had already gathered a total of six people. Including him, they had a squad of seven now.

Wang Chong felt that this force was sufficient for them to accomplish something.

Everyone, take off your clothes and use the splintered wooden planks and furniture to make a few dummies. Jingdian, bring some men along with you and make use of these tiger carcasses to create a defensive line as soon as possible. Itll probably be our turn to fight soon.

Time was something they were sorely lacking at the moment. Even with the Imperial Army guards holding their ground, Wang Chong knew that the battle could possibly reach them at any moment.

Leave the making of the dummies to me. Im skilled in that!

Upon hearing that Wang Chong intended to have the group make dummies, Chen Burang immediately deduced Wang Chongs intentions. Having come from a family of hunters from the mountain forests, creating traps and camouflaging oneself were basic skills.


Wang Chong nodded. Then, he squatted down and gathered everyone.

The enemy has come prepared and they are all experts. In a one-to-one battle, none of us will be their match at all. So, when we meet with enemies later on, fight in this formation. We only have ourselves at this moment.


No one refuted Wang Chongs words. Under such perilous circumstances, everyone wished to have someone to rely on.

And Wang Chong had stepped forward to take up this role.

The sound of slaughter continued ceaselessly beyond the room, and the howling of the wolves shrouded the entire mountain. An overpowering stench of blood wafted in the air. Without sufficient time, Wang Chong could only draw the most basic offensive formation down.

This was one of the offensive formations that Wang Chong implemented in the military in his previous life.

Unlike any other era, in the period of time that Wang Chong took on the role of the Grand Marshal of Central Plains, offensive formations became commonplace.

It wasnt due to Wang Chongs unique interest in it or anything. Rather, the enemies he faced on the battlefield were simply too powerful, and the weakness of his own troops was simply too pronounced in comparison, especially when facing the foreign invaders.

Thus, Wang Chong had no choice but to adapt by implementing offensive formations into the military. However, due to this, the army that Wang Chong led was exceptionally powerful.

As long as it was a battle Wang Chong participated in, enemy expert casualties would be extremely great. Most of the experts, who served as an incredibly offensive and destructive force on the battlefield, would die before they could even raise a storm.

The Turks and Goguryeons had probably planned for this night assault for a very long time. After all, they even went to the extent of collaborating with one another.

Thus, it was likely that they had already ironed out all of the potential threats.

Given that it was late at night and Kunwu Training Camp was located deep in the mountains, more than twenty li away from the capital, it was nigh impossible for the capital to obtain the news so swiftly.

Even if, by chance, the capital were to notice the happenings here, the time taken for reinforcements to arrive would be more than sufficient for them to take down Kunwu Training Camp.

Just the Imperial Army guards in this training camp were insufficient to deal with the assault from more than forty master archers, Goguryeon warriors, and numerous wolf packs.

They had managed to make full use of their master archers through this battle strategy, thus weaving a net of death around Kunwu Training Camp.

Even so, Wang Chong knew that there was one factor that the enemy had neglected. They had underestimated the prowess of the thousands of students in Kunwu Training Camp.

Chen Burang served as an ideal example.

There were many future great generals on this mountain at this very moment. As long as Wang Chong were to deploy them wisely, it wasnt impossible to turn the tables.

Alright. Everyone, remember the formation. We dont have much time left so lets quickly finish up the arrangements.

Wang Chong said as he rushed out of the room from an opening in a crumbled wall. Outside, the howling of the wolves continued sounding ceaselessly. He could feel that a few Turk wolves were headed his way.


A massive Turk wolf bared its fangs and glared menacingly at Wang Chong upon noticing him. Howling furiously, it pounced ferociously toward him.


A cold gleam flashed across, and before the Turk wolf could even approach, it was already split in two by Wang Chongs sword.

No matter how powerful a wolf was, it could never compare to a tiger. The physique and strength of the two simply werent on the same level.

Wang Chong might be hard-pressed to deal with tigers, but slaying Turk wolves wasnt any trouble to him at all. Given the sharpness of the Wootz steel sword, there was nothing Wang Chong couldnt cut through.

Chen Burang was extremely efficient as well. Before long, Wang Chong saw several dummies erected outside the room.

On top of clothes, Chen Burang made use of bedsheets as well. This allowed him to create a much larger quantity of dummies. On top of that, each and every single one of them looked lifelike.

There was no doubt about Chen Burangs talent in this field.

As soon as the dummies were erected, pu pu, the sound of arrows echoed in the air.

The vision of a master archer might far surpass all of those present here but they were, by no means, infallible.

Shooting from a long distance made them nearly safe from harm, but at the same time, it limited their visibility as well.

And the darkness only served to worsen it.

From such a long distance away, even a master archer would find it hard to discern a real person from a dummy.

As such, their outstanding vision could actually be used against them to expend their arrows.

Soon after Chen Burang finished his set-up, Zhao Jingdian and Zhuang Zhengping returned as well.

Wang Chong!

A short moment later, the disappeared Zhao Qianqiu finally returned with four Imperial Army guards and an instructor.

One which, the instructor was carrying a giant bow.

Master archer!

Zhao Qianqiu really managed to fetch White Tiger Peaks master archer over. In an instant, hope sprouted in everyones hearts.

The Three-footed Crow is a mythological creature in East Asia.
It is believed to represent the sun, and even though it is a crow, it is depicted to be fiery red in color, reminiscent of the sun.