The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 21

Chapter 21 An Astonishing 90 000 Taels

Chapter 21: An Astonishing 90 000 Taels!

Having lived two lifetimes, no one was even more aware of how intense the fight over Hyderabad ores would become in the future. Hundred thousand gold taels for a jun or even higher than that, this was all a result of the struggle over limited resources.

Regardless of whether it was the East or the West, the Abbasid Caliphate which was just beside Sindhu or places further away than that, the struggle over the Hyderabad ores would reach an astonishing level.

The prices there were in no way cheaper than the prices in Great Tang!

That was why a single Wootz steel sword could sell for several hundreds of thousand gold taels. However, the Great Tang was unable to lay its hands on the Hyderabad ores.

That was because in the West, the Abbasid Caliphate was selling the ores at a price much more expensive than that in the Great Tang!

The Hyderabad ores were limited. It was when everyone realized this that the prices of the Hyderabad ores surged by countless folds.

However, the current market was just at the primary stage now. Even the Sindhu monks, who were in charge of selling it, only knew that it was extremely good metal for forging weapons!

300 gold taels per jun, this was a rare opportunity for the Great Tang. No matter what happened, Wang Chong was determined to maximize the benefits for Great Tang through this deal.

And serving as the distributor was the best way to maximize the benefits.

Right to distribute? Whats that?

The two Sindhu monks stared at each other in confusion. They had visited many different locations and seen many different things. They had lived in the Great Tang for a significant period of time, but this was the first time they had heard of right to distribute.

The right to distribute means entrusting the right to sell Hyderabad ores in the Central Plains and the entire Eastern World to me. On the other hand, I would pay you all a fixed fee. Without selling a single ore, you will still receive a fixed amount of money from me every year, and the sum would be massive.

Of course, when you all sell this right to me, this means that you will not be allowed to sell the ores to anyone else. This includes you two as well; you wont be allowed to dispatch anyone to sell the ores here.

On the other hand, as the price for wielding such right, we will guarantee you that we will buy a fixed amount of Hyderabad ores every year, and this guarantees your annual profits.

Wang Chong smiled.

From the world he came from, right to distribute was a concept that couldnt be anymore commonplace. For example, the Southeast Distributor, the China Distributor, the Central China Distributor There were also multiple levels below which and they were terms that even the average person would have heard of.

In the vehicle industry, the one at the very top of the triangle is the Main Distributor and below, there would be various branches, the 4S Shops.
4S -> Sale, Spare parts, Service and Survey; A type of vehicle store in China

Although this term was something everyone was familiar with in another world, in this world, it was an unheard of novel concept.

Wang Chong could sense the interest and curiosity in the two monks gazes. Apparently, they had never encountered such a trading method.

That is to say that Even though our people will lose the right to sell our ores, but at the same time, we will be able to earn more money? Can we interpret it as such?

The two monks tried asking.

Thats right!

Wang Chong chuckled. Indeed, it was much more convenient to speak with clever people.

I understand.

The two monks finally kept up with Wang Chongs thoughts. However, at the same time, doubts sprouted in their minds:

However, wont you be put in a disadvantageous situation like that?


Hearing the words of the two, Wang Chong almost burst out laughing. These two monks were simply too cute. Disadvantageous? Would he do a trade that was disadvantageous to him?

How was that possible?

However, they couldnt be blamed for thinking so. In the world he transcended over from, the right to distribute was something many merchants vied for.

For the right to sell a certain good, countless wealthy businessmen raised the bid over and over again, causing the prices to skyrocket.

Hyderabad ore, if the right to distribute it were to be sold in the world he came from, the price might even reach the skies.

However, in this world, the right to distribute was still an extremely novel concept. It was natural that the two foreign monks were unable to understand the significance of it, and even think that he was making a loss.

It isnt disadvantageous for me at all! If you are still worried, we can sign a contract. We will have the capitals Judge of Judicial Review prepare the contract and sign our thumbprint on it. This way, I cant go back on my words even if I want to. What do you think of it?

Wang Chong chuckled.

The two monks were silent. The Central Plains was countless li away from Sindhu. They didnt know anyone here and there was the language barrier as well. Their mission to sell Hyderabad ores here had been filled with troubles.

If someone were to help them sell the Hyderabad ores in the Central Plains, then it wasnt really a big matter to sell the right to distribute the ores in the Central Plains to him. Furthermore, they would have another source of income this way.

However, the sales of the Hyderabad ores affected the lives of countless starving people in Sindhu. They shouldered a heavy responsibility and they had to be careful on this matter.

Vowing to the Gods!

In Sindhu, promises had to be followed. Even without a contract, the two had no choice but to proceed prudently on this matter.

We can sell you the right to distribute Hyderabad ores in the Central Plains, but you have to agree to a condition of ours!

After a momentary silence, the two monks suddenly spoke.

What conditions?

Wang Chong was overjoyed. Initially, he thought that he would need many rounds of negotiation before he could obtain the right. He didnt think that the two monks would be so straightforward.

He didnt expect that the situation would turn out like this!

Wang Chong had expected to encounter difficulties while trying to fight for the right to distribute, but contrary to his expectations, he received such a reply. The two monks actually didnt have the authority to sell him the right.

However, if you agree to a condition of ours, we are highly confident that we would be able to fight for this right to distribute for you from our High Priest.

The two monks said earnestly.

What conditions do you need me to meet?

Wang Chong asked.

We have brought a total of 300 jun of ores with us on this journey. If you are able to sell all of these Hyderabad ores within a single month and prove your capabilities to us, we can get you the right to distribute in the Central Plains, and perhaps even the entire Eastern World.

One of the foreign monks said seriously.

If you are unable to do so, then Im afraid it would be hard for us to agree to this request of yours.

The other foreign monk added.


Wang Chong took in a deep breath and calmed his heart.

He knew from the start that changing history wouldnt be an easy task. He couldnt possibly convince the Sindhu to sell the right to distribute the Hyderabad ores with just a few mere words. However, Wang Chong didnt expect that the difficulty of the matter would be so great.

300 jun of ores, that is equivalent to 90000 gold taels! Furthermore, in a single month!

Graveness appeared in Wang Chongs eyes.

He had already realized that this matter wasnt as simple as he initially thought it out to be.

To the current Wang Chong, 90000 gold taels was something completely out of his league. Even if he were to empty the Wang Clans treasury, he wouldnt be able to fork out such a sum.

Wang Chong understood that it would be a nigh impossible task!

A trade of 90000 gold taels, probably 99% of the top merchants and traders in Great Tang wouldnt dare to take down this deal.

A month was simply too short!

Perhaps only a genius could do it.

300 jun of Hyderabad ores isnt a small sum. How did they obtain so many ores? Furthermore, the distance between the Central Plains and Sindhu is great, how did they manage to transport it over?

A deep frown lodged itself onto Wang Chongs forehead.

The sum was much larger than he had previously estimated. Wang Chong thought that they would only have a maximum of 50 jun in their possession. Yet, it turned out to be 300 jun!

This sum was simply too massive!

Is this related to the famine in Sindhu?

Wang Chong thought.

Two foreign monks traveling a long distance all the way to Great Tang with 300 jun of precious ore in their possession; without a doubt, this wasnt normal.

Clearly, the famine problem in Sindhu was severe and they urgently needed huge amounts of food.

Otherwise, the two monks wouldnt have listed such a bizarre and nearly impossible request. The one month dateline probably had something to do with it as well.

This isnt good!

Wang Chong was troubled.

If the problem in Sindhu was really serious, this meant that the two monks were forced into doing this. On this aspect, they probably didnt have much choice.

Initially, Wang Chong had intended to ask them to lower the number, but from the looks of it, it didnt seem like it was up for negotiation.

Gongzi, are you able to do it?

The two foreign monks asked gravely.

Even though the two looked calm, their hearts were actually beating even more furiously than Wang Chongs. The problem in Sindhu turned out to be worse than they had expected. In the last few days, they had already received numerous messages to hurry by the Sindhu High Priest.

If Wang Chong was unable to accomplish this feat, their journey to the Central Plains would be an utter failure!


Wang Chong hesitated for a moment before nodding his head solemnly.

90000 gold taels wasnt a small sum, but as long as he worked hard, it wasnt an impossible one. Furthermore, if one didnt enter the den of the tiger, how could they obtain a tiger cub?
i.e If one doesnt put themselves in danger, they would be unable to reap benefits

The Great Tang had already missed out on the Hyderabad ores in his previous life; this life, the Great Tang was already so close to obtaining it. Regardless of the price, Wang Chong could not allow himself and the Great Tang to miss out on such an opportunity.

If the two masters have no problems with it, I hope to head to the Court of Judicial Review to prepare and sign the contract now. Also, I hope you will not reach any sort of agreement regarding the Hyderabad ores with anyone else.

Wang Chong said.

Of course! It is only right that we do so!

The two monks were overjoyed. Given the harsh conditions they had imposed upon him through the deal, they thought that Wang Chong wouldnt agree to it. Yet, contrary to their expectations, Wang Chong actually accepted it in the end.

Looks like we have underestimated gongzi. We didnt think that the clan behind you would be that powerful!

If gongzi and your clan can accomplish this mission, we would become true working partners and you will earn the respect of all Sindhis.

The two foreign monks were delighted.

Hahaha, the two masters are too polite!

Wang Chong laughed.

If the two monks were to know the truth, they wouldnt have thought so. Right now, Wang Chong was trying to catch a fish empty-handed. Given how he had nothing now, there was nothing for him to lose.

Young Master Chong, someone seems to be following us.

Just as Wang Chong was about to settle this matter quickly and bring the two to the Court of Judicial Review, he suddenly heard Shen Hai whisper by his ear.


Wang Chongs consciousness was jolted. In the midst of his words, Wang Chong inconspicuously tilted half a shoulder over to look toward where Shen Hai was gesturing toward. His peripheral vision immediately changed completely.

Shen Hai and Meng Long was incomparably surprised by his moves.

When did their young master learn such incredible moves? This didnt seem like something that could be done by a fifteen-year-old child! At this instant, the two found it difficult to associate Wang Chong with that incapable Young Master Chong in their minds.

Wang Chong didnt know the thoughts of the two. At the corner of his peripheral vision, Wang Chong could see two figures sneaking about in the streets behind him.

Theyre from Yao Residence!

Wang Chongs eyelids suddenly twitched.

Shen Hai and Meng Long had yet to identify their origin, but Wang Chong could already tell that they were Yao Fengs guards.

Back then, the Vast Crane Pavilion was filled with the guards from the Yao Residence. Of the large group that Yao Feng gathered in the room, the duo was also part of the crowd.

By the time the two of them entered, the battle had already ended; his younger sister had already captured Yao Feng. A commotion had already broken out in the Vast Crane Pavilion then, thats why Yao Feng thought that he didnt notice these two people and sent them to follow Wang Chong.