The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 211

Rde Chapter 211 Impetus

RDE Chapter 211: Impetus!

When Zhao Qianqiu saw Wang Chong once again, he was astonished. To think that the latter would be able to build a second fortress on the mountain!

First, he used stones to fill the metal cages, and now, he was actually using the carcasses of the wolves brought over by their enemies to serve as a barrier against them. Wang Chongs line of thoughts was indeed unfathomable.

However, what left Zhao Qianqiu truly surprised was the group that Wang Chong gathered.

In just a short moment, nearly twenty Imperial Army guards and instructors, along with thirty recruits were gathered.

So many people!

Zhao Qianqiu found this feat astounding.

On top of that, Zhao Qianqiu also realized that the group Wang Chong was directing werent fighting their own individual battles. Instead, the location they each stood-in seemed to obey some kind of logic.

This is a battle formation!

Zhao Qianqiu recognized it in an instant.

This was a battle formation that allowed the entire group of fifty people to form a single entity. By complementing one another, they maximized their fighting prowess and minimized the danger and damage each individual faced.

And the best proof for the effectiveness of the battle formation was the huge pile of wolf carcasses and Goguryeon warrior corpses.

It must be Wang Yan who taught him this!

A thought flashed across Zhao Qianqius mind. The Wang Clan was a clan of ministers and generals, and Wang Chongs father was a well-known general who guarded the borders. It wouldnt be surprising if Wang Chong was knowledgeable in this aspect.

Wang Chong!

Zhao Qianqiu walked over. The mountain wind whistled, and within the darkness, he could see that the young mans face was slightly pale. Even so, he had a clear look of composure.


Hearing the voice, Wang Chong turned around and said, Youre here.

You were looking for me?

Zhao Qianqiu dove straight into the topic.

Do you still have sufficient strength left for a battle?

Wang Chong asked.

You have a plan in mind?

Zhao Qianqiu immediately understood what Wang Chong was up to.


Nodding his head, Wang Chong continued, Instructor, if I can get you off  the mountain, are you confident in killing those master archers at close range?

Are you joking with me? What master archers fear the most is close-range combat. Even though their fighting prowess isnt too bad, theres no way they can match up to close-range troops like us. If we could get to them, do you think its possible for us to be put in such a vulnerable situation?

Zhao Qianqiu frowned in displeasure. He thought that Wang Chong had some masterful plan in mind, but to think that it would just be this.

The current situation wasnt whether they were able to kill the master archers or not but that no one could leave the mountain at all. The other party had come prepared, so how could they possibly make such a crude mistake? Given the huge number of master archers in the area, they were more than capable of preventing anyone from getting into proximity with them.

No one, even Zhao Qianqiu, would be able to descend from this mountain safely at the moment!

Instructor, what if I tell you that Ive a way of getting you down the mountain safely?

Wang Chongs long hair danced in the wind as a slight smile crept onto his face.

If thats the case, I guarantee you that Ill be able to clear away those master archers!

Zhao Qianqiu was stunned for a moment before cold killing intent emanated from his eyes.

The greatest flaw of White Tiger Peak was the lack of cover. It was extremely easy for one to be killed while scaling down the mountain. However, if one could get to the foot of the mountain and dive into the forest which was filled with trees, rocks, and vines They would be able to turn the tables, and the master archers would be placed in a vulnerable position instead.

But thats impossible. This is all just theory. Given the current circumstances, we cant even get to the foot of the mountain, needless to say, get to them.

Zhao Qianqiu soon shook his head.

Hehe, its impossible under normal circumstances but look over there.

Wang Chong chuckled heartily as he stretched out a finger toward a direction amidst the darkness.

The cliff?

Zhao Qianqiu was taken aback. The direction where Wang Chong was pointing at was a depression, and a little further was a cliff. The other party expected him to jump off the cliff to get to the master archers?

Was this some kind of joke? How was he supposed to survive jumping off the cliff? Even with his cultivation, he would surely die jumping from this height!

Ive checked the area during the day and the slope over there is the gentlest. More importantly, there are some ivy growing there.

Wang Chong immediately revealed the reason behind his confidence.

Taken aback, Zhao Qianqiu suddenly understood Wang Chongs intentions.

The presence of ivy on a cliff made a huge difference. Wang Chong had already scouted the area in the day and confirmed that the cliff was facing the shade. Due to the absence of sunlight, a significant amount of ivy was growing in the region, extending all the way from the top to the bottom.

Currently, dozens of master archers had locked onto White Tiger Peak. The shortest way down the mountain was via the ivy, and more importantly, it would be the least conspicuous one as well.

But this is not sufficient. Even with the ivy on the face of the cliff, my mobility while scaling down will be severely limited. I would surely be unable to avoid their arrows if they were to notice me.

Zhao Qianqiu began to contemplate over this course of action seriously and a moment later, he replied.

Chuckling, Wang Chong came clean with his entire plan.

Your plan is feasible! Its worth a try.

After hearing Wang Chongs plan, Zhao Qianqius eyebrows leaped in agitation.

Even though Wang Chongs plan sounded risky, it was actually fleshed out. It could be seen that Wang Chong wasnt just proposing this idea on a whim. Rather, he had considered all different aspects before presenting it to him.

More importantly, this was the only way to break out of the current situation. If they didnt clear the dozens of master archers on the surrounding cliffs, it would be impossible for them to reverse the situation.

On this aspect, Zhao Qianqiu shared the same view as Wang Chong.


A bright flame suddenly bloomed at a distance not too far away. Then, a second one appeared. The two large conflagrations danced and distorted, throwing their surroundings further into shadow.

At the same time, this blinding pair of flames blocked the vision of the master archers from two directions.

Hong long long.

Right after the two bundles of flame appeared, a few oversized rocks were rolled off the edge of the cliff. Pupupu, wolf fang arrows immediately streamed in from all directions in response.

Next, a cluster of wolf carcasses were thrown off the mountain. Following which, another bunch of wolf fang arrows rained down. Thereafter, the defenders baited a third wave and a fourth

After several waves of such, the master archers seemed to have realized that something was amiss. Thus, they no longer reacted as vigorously to this stimulus.

Instructor Zhao, its about time. When you are scaling down in a moments time, make sure to tuck your limbs tightly together. Allow yourself to fall freely for a period of time before using the rocky surface of the cliff to decelerate. While youre going down, Ill release a few waves of rocks to confuse the enemies. As long as we make use of this well, it should be sufficient to allow you to reach the base of the mountain.

Also, there will be a few alarmed war steeds when you get there. Once you reach the bottom, choose one and chase the rest away. This will help you reach the master archers as soon as possible.

Some other recruits on White Tiger Peak had noticed the war steeds and reported it, and so, Wang Chong integrated their presence into his plan as well. The ivy on the cliff and the war steeds at the bottom of the mountain As long as Zhao Qianqiu played his cards well, this could potentially turn the tables around.

I understand.

Zhao Qianqiu nodded. Under the cover of the two flames, just as Wang Chong directed his group to throw another wave of wolf carcasses down, Zhao Qianqiu blended in and slid down, vanishing into the darkness silently.

Instructor Zhao, take care. Youre the key to whether well be able to overcome the current crisis or not.

Gazing at the direction where Zhao Qianqiu had disappeared, Wang Chong soon regained himself.

Now wasnt the time to be worrying about Zhao Qianqiu. Too many people had gathered at the center of the buildings, and this would make them an incredibly conspicuous target. If a rain of high trajectory shots were to fall here, they would suffer heavy losses.

Wang Chong knew clearly that it would be unwise for them to congregate at a single location.

Now, well proceed on to the second location!

Drawing his sword, Wang Chong pointed at the second strategic location in the distance on White Tiger Peak. Looking at the direction he was pointing toward, everyone was flabbergasted.

The direction Wang Chong was pointing toward was the giant White Tiger statue at the peak of the mountain.

To Wang Chong, that location was a natural barrier against the high trajectory shots of the master archers. If he were to stack a lot of wolf carcasses around the area to serve as walls, that could potentially become the third fortress on the peak, as well as a strategic geographical high ground!

The group moved quickly without any hesitation, and a moment later, they managed to conquer the second location. With the prior experience, the movement of the group was much more efficient this time.

In just a few breaths time, they were already half done with the defenses. It wouldnt be long before the second fortress would be complete. Meanwhile, Wang Chong had gathered yet another thirty Imperial Army guards and instructors previously spread across the region.

They already formed quite a powerful force at the moment.

As long as the Great Tangs Imperial Army guards got a chance to regroup at a safe location, the momentum would only continue to pile up as though a snowball. In truth, Wang Chong didnt need to worry about much now.

Wang Chong pointed out the third location to occupy, but he didnt head over personally. Instead, he sat down cross-legged beneath the White Tiger statue.

I should make some preparations for now. I wont be long before I will have to make my move!

Wang Chongs mind was in turmoil. He had already searched through the White Tiger Peak and confirmed that Wei Hao and the others werent on this mountain.

Wei Hao, I hope that you can hold on.

Wang Chong thought as he retrieved the two pills that were bestowed to him by the Sage Emperor back when he was still locked in the imperial prison. Initially, he had decided to only use them after he had successfully cultivated the Hexad Arms Technique.

However, that was too much of a luxury for him now given the current circumstances.

Gu lu, Wang Chong swallowed the two pills. Instantly, immense medicinal energy burst within his body.

His face reddened and his body became extremely hot. It didnt take long for a layer of white mist to shroud his entire body. The immense medicinal energy that came from a pill forged by the top-notch alchemists of the royal palace gushed through his body.

Wang Chong guided the immense Origin Energy toward the meridians and acupoints along his hands.

Peng peng peng!

Under the overwhelming might of the medicinal energy, the innumerable sealed meridians and acupoints were opened. In just this short moment, Wang Chong had achieved progress in his Hexad Arms Technique that would have taken him several months of hard work under normal circumstances.

What concentrated medicinal energy, as expected of a pill from the royal palace!

Wang Chong thought as he continued driving his Origin Energy along with the medicinal energy toward his meridians and acupoints.

Hong long!

After an unknown period of time, Wang Chongs body suddenly jolted. The final acupoint required for the Hexad Arms Technique had been opened. At the same time, delighted cheerings sounded from the distance. The instructors and Imperial Army guards that Wang Chong had gathered had successfully managed to claim the third strategic location as well.

Finally, Wang Chongs plan was reaching its final stage.