The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Danger

Chapter 213: Danger!

Hong long!

It was as if a volcano stifled to its very brim suddenly broke loose and erupted all at once. A huge fight broke out between the Goguryeon elites and the Imperial Army guards and instructors.

Sabers and swords crossed one another as the sparks from their confrontations lit up the darkness.

Hong long, the green Halo of Thorns ravaged through the area, tearing down the walls of a building like it was paper.

Wielding multiple weapons each, the dozen or so Goguryeon warriors stirred-up an impressive storm of sword qi, displaying a force equaling to more than twice of their number. In an instant, the Imperial Army guards and instructors were forced back.


The wolves howled as they charged through the path that the Goguryeon warriors had forcefully opened up. Together, they charged toward the group behind the building.


Shocked exclamations sounded beyond the walls as the entire situation descended into chaos.

Get into your formations! Ignore the Goguryeon warriors and get rid of those wolves first. Dont let them get near the Imperial Army guards and the instructors!

A voice boomed across the night sky, forcefully summoning back everyones composure. Seated on the ground, Wang Chong clutched onto his chest while fresh blood dripped from the edge of his mouth.

That Goguryeon warrior was simply too strong. If not for his swift reaction, he would have already died. Even so, he still sustained significant injuries from the clash previously, and he felt as though his body had been jolted apart.

However, before he could recuperate from his injuries, tremendous danger once again suddenly embraced him. The aura of death which seemed to press down on him made his goosebumps rise up.

The Goguryeons had no lack of wise strategists. In just a short period of time, they had already analyzed the situation and came up with a countermeasure.

On White Tiger Peak, Wang Chong had created three fortresses, and of the three, the most important one was the one guarding Chen Burang and Zhou Huang, which was precisely where Wang Chong was currently at.

If this fortress were to be torn apart, Zhou Huang and Chen Burang would be left without cover. The two of them would be doomed if they were to face a group of Goguryeon warriors in close combat.

Without the cover of Zhou Huang, there would be nothing on White Tiger Peak that could threaten the master archers.

By then, no matter how many people were on White Tiger Peak, only one fate awaited themDeath.

If the other party were to succeed in this operation, Wang Chongs previous efforts would be entirely wasted!


A cold gleam of light flashed across the darkness, heading straight for a wolf pack. Shua! Six wolves were split into two, and they fell lifelessly to the ground.

Utilizing the Single Character Consecutive Slash, Wang Chong didnt allow himself to stop at all. He charged from one wolf pack to another, and wherever he went, a pack of wolves would fall.

Kill them!

At the same time, the other recruits finally recovered as well. Following the formation imparted to them previously, they returned to their positions and began slaughtering the wolves in the surroundings.

With the backing of the recruits, the group managed to withstand the onslaught of the Goguryeon warriors for the time being.

Lad, youre courting death!

Noticing the clear change in the situation, a Goguryeon warrior lifted his saber and slashed through the deep darkness, aimed straight at Wang Chong.

That slash wielded immense might, and if struck, even if Wang Chong were to escape with his life, he would surely be severely wounded.

Single Character Consecutive Slash!

But before the other partys saber could fall, Wang Chong did a back roll and retreated.

Hmph, you sure escaped fast!

The Goguryeon warrior retrieved his blade and returned to clash with the Imperial Army guards and instructors once more.

These fellows are too strong!

Frenzied wind blew behind the alley. Kneeling on the floor, panting heavily, Wang Chong surveyed the sight before him intently.

What is the condition on Instructor Xus side?

Without turning around, Wang Chong asked.

They arent able to send reinforcements. The Goguryeons are also attacking them. Even though there are fewer Goguryeons there, they seem to be facing a larger group of wolves.

A recruit of the training camp replied. This recruit was a person named Xu Qi. He wasnt the scion of a prestigious family, but he was an extremely courageous and decisive person. After White Tiger Peak descended into chaos, he was one of the few who stepped forward to help others.

When Wang Chong led the group to clear the second strategic location at the White Tiger statue, he left the recruits in this area under Xu Qis command.
(TLN: It might be confusing, but Xu Qi =/= Instructor Xu. Theres no mistake here)

Back then, they had agreed that if anything were to happen, the other fortresses would send reinforcements over to support one another.

Wang Chongs first thought upon seeing the Goguryeons was to ask for reinforcements from the other bases, but from the looks of it, their hands were full as well. Since the second fortress was under attack, without a doubt, the third fortress would surely have their hands full as well.

Their enemies had made sure to strangle all possibility of making a comeback!


Just as Wang Chong was deep in thought, a change abruptly occurred. A bloodied Imperial Army guard was suddenly hoisted high in the air. Following which, a saber from the Goguryeon warriors flew out and stabbed into his left chest, impaling his heart while pinning him to the wall behind.

In that instant, everyones face warped in shock!

The Goguryeon warriors were far stronger than they had expected. The fight had barely begun but an Imperial Army guard had already died.

There werent too many Imperial Army guards and instructors in the training camp in the first place. The death of any single one of them would cause a significant dip in their fighting prowess.

Everyone suddenly felt as though a guillotine was hanging right above their heads.

Xu Qi, listen to me

Wang Chong beckoned to Xu Qi and whispered into the latters ear.

Wang Chong, are you certain?

Hearing Wang Chongs words, Xu Qi uttered in shock. His face had turned significantly paler.

Theres no way around it. We wont be able to hold our ground for long here. Once the other Goguryeons come to reinforce them, well stand no chance at all.

Wang Chong affirmed.

Xu Qi was still hesitant, but eventually, he chose to say nothing at all. After gathering a group, he left.

The mountain wind raged on. Illuminating the darkness were the dancing sparks of crackling flames and the eerie green glows of multiple Halos of Thorns.

Some of them came from the instructors and Imperial Army guards, but theirs were clearly overshadowed by their opponents. At this point, there wasnt a single one of them who wasnt injured.

We wont hold on for too long. In at most fifteen minutes, the entire fortress will crumble! I have to find a way to reverse the situation!

Even though Wang Chongs cultivation was low, he still retained his eye of discernment and the experiences of his previous life. He knew that if he didnt do anything, everyone here would die.

His gaze swiftly swept across the battlefield, and soon, his eye fell on the leader of the Goguryeon warriors, the man who attacked him in the building previously.

The Halo of Thorns surrounding him was exceptionally clear. The three sabers in his hands were elusive and difficult to track, and under the augmentation of the halo, he looked like a walking catastrophe.

Just by himself, he managed to suppress a total of three Imperial Army guards and instructors.

Of the entire battle, he possessed the greatest destructive might.

Gao Feng, lead a group of people to attack his left shoulder and left armpit using the formation!

Wang Chong suddenly pointed to the leader of the Goguryeon warriors and said.

I understand!

A bright reply echoed from behind.

Nie Yan, lead another group to attack his right. Aim at his crotch and his lower body!

Wang Chong continued.


A seventeen or eighteen-year-old youth with determined eyes replied along with the group under his command.

Everyone, move on my call!

Wang Chong lifted a hand as he stared fixedly at the front.

Three Saber School and Two Saber School, these were the two national saber arts of the Goguryeons. They were widely used and practiced within Goguryeo.

Usually, ones dominant hand would have far greater strength and flexibility than ones off hand. However, this concept didnt apply to those who practiced the Two Saber School and Three Saber School. Both of their hands were equally flexible and strong, and thus, it made their enemies feel as though they were facing two or even three people at once.

Even though the concept behind the skill was simple, it was exceedingly powerful.

But while they were powerful, they had their fair share of flaws as well.

Without moving in the least, Wang Chong stared intently at the leader of the Goguryeon warriors.

One second, two second, three second Time passed but he still didnt make the call. Finally, just when the three Imperial Army guards and instructors facing him had reached their limits and the leader of the Goguryeon warriors, delighted by his impending victory, slashed widely to force the other party into a deadend, Wang Chong finally issued the call.


Wang Chongs right hand cut down sharply.


Without any hesitation, the recruits led by Gao Feng and Nie Yan charged forward. Like eagles swooping down for a rabbit, they rushed furiously at the leader of the Goguryeon warriors.

Boom, the face of the leader of the Goguryeon warriors warped. At that very moment, a light flashed and the green Halo of Thorns turned into a green storm, warding away the crowds offense.

The weapons of Gao Feng, Nie Yan, and the other recruits struck against the halo but all they heard was the reverberation of metal. It was as if the Halo of Thorns was made of the most resilient metal.

Halo of Blade Edge, one of the halos of a True Martial realm cultivator!

This was one of the most mysterious strengths in the world. Those who possessed the Halo of Blade Edge had an Origin Energy with an incomparably sharp nature.

Klang klang klang!

Everyones weapons only managed to endure for an instant before being broken into two by the Halo of Thorns of the leader of the Goguryeon warriors.

Everyones face was immediately drained of blood.

You can die now!

The furious voice of the Goguryeon boomed in the air.

Now is the moment!

Just when the Goguryeon warrior lifted his three sabers to launch a counterattack, Wang Chong, who had been kneeling on the floor all this while, suddenly charged forward.

Single Character Consecutive Slash!

Instantly, Wang Chong appeared right before the leader of the Goguryeon warriors. Making use of the gap where the crowd had attracted the latters attraction, as swift as lightning, Wang Chongs Wootz steel sword stabbed into the opening among the other partys three sabers.


Blood spurted into the air as the blade stabbed deeply into the body of the leader of the Goguryeon warriors. Then, without any hesitation, Wang Chong pulled the sword out!

How is this possible?

In an instant, the storm of sword qi which was about to burst out came to a halt. The leader of the Goguryeon warriors stared at Wang Chong with nothing but shock. He couldnt believe that Wang Chong had actually breached his defenses and stabbed him!