The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Halo Bane Of The Battlefield

Chapter 214: Halo: Bane of the Battlefield


Excruciating pain!

The ferocious leader of the Goguryeon warriors couldnt believe that he had been stabbed by Wang Chong.

The targets of their operation this time around were the Imperial Army guards and instructors. Weak martial artists like Wang Chong werent in their list of consideration at all.

More importantly, the Three Saber School was incomparably powerful. It was capable creating an impenetrable defense that could even repel water. He was certain that he had guarded against all possible attacks, so how did Wang Chong possibly breach his defense?


A heavy palm struck Wang Chongs chest forcefully and sent him crashing into the wall behind.

At the same moment, huala, a huge gush of fresh blood and viscera slid down from the gaping wound in the chest of the leader of the Goguryeon warriors.

It may seem like a single slash, but in truth, through the augmentation of Hexad Arms Technique, it was actually six incomparably swift slashes. Wang Chong had already torn his internal organs into pieces, thus severing any possibility of survival as well.

Under the frontal offense of three Imperial Army guards and the distraction from Gao Feng and Nie Yans group, if Wang Chong was still unable to breach the other partys defense, he would be unworthy of his previous position as the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains.


The corpse of the leader of the Goguryeon warriors fell to the ground. At the same time, Wang Chong spurted a mouthful of blood as he slid down the wall.

The disparity in their strength was too great. Even though Wang Chong was prepared and he had made sure to protect his vitals, his organs were still jolted under the immense force.

If not for his Dragon Root Bone granting him immense resilience and density in his bones and muscles, he might have even ended up being jolted to death by that single strike.

That fellow is too strong! If it wasnt for that Ive fought with Goguryeon experts before and uncovered the flaw in the Three Saber School, I really might have been unable to kill him!

Wang Chong took out a recovery pill from his embrace and swallowed it without second thoughts. At that moment, a cold voice abruptly sounded.

Congratulations to user for activating the halo Bane of the Battlefield

That voice sounded so quickly and abruptly that it felt like a hallucination.


Wang Chong was taken aback. What is going on?

That was the voice from the Stone of Destiny. He had heard this voice many times before so he couldnt be mistaken. Did he do something that triggered it?


As soon as this thought surfaced in Wang Chongs mind, several images flashed across his eyes. The scenario where Wang Chong slaughtered the leader of the Goguryeon warriors appeared once more and paused at the very moment before the latters fall.

At the same moment, the Stone of Destiny sounded once more:

User has slayed a soldier from the Goguryeo Empire and the total amount of obtained Destiny Energy exceeds a hundred. The requirements for activating Bane of the Battlefield halo is activated!


Suddenly, without any warning, the world warped. With Wang Chong standing at the very center, a huge storm whipped up. Intangible energy gathered from the surroundings and surged into Wang Chongs body.

Along with the surge of this energy was a slightly obscure message.

This surge of energy traveled through Wang Chongs limbs and bones before eventually gathering at his dantian, forming a hot ring of energy,

Warrior from the Goguryeon Empire The person I killed is an official soldier from the Goguryeo Empire?

Sensing the changes in his body, Wang Chong was suddenly dumbfounded. However, what that left Wang Chong truly shocked was a single word from the Stone of Destiny.


This was the greatest mystery of the world, as well as the greatest disparity between this world and the one Wang Chong remembered from modern history.

In this world, as long as ones cultivation reached True Martial realm, there was a fixed probability that one could gather ones inner energy to form multiple halos harnessing immense power externally.

The primary tier would be the Halo of Thorns at True Martial realm. This halo would have the image of green thorns.

The one that the leader of the Goguryeon warriors utilized would be the normal Halo of Thorns that True Martial realm martial artists possessed.

However, there were differences in the attribute Halo of Thorns each martial artist possessed depending on their cultivation technique, such as the Halo of Strength, Halo of Charge, Halo of Speed, and Halo of Iron.

These were the most basic halos.

The Halo of Strength enhanced the strength of a True Martial realm cultivator significantly. The Halo of Charge allowed one to achieve a huge burst speed even though it couldnt be sustained for a long period of time. The Halo of Speed was mainly used along with ones war steed, and augmented by this halo, regardless of whether it was the martial artist in question or the war steed he was riding one, they could reach unimaginable speed. Ordinary war steeds could only watch the dust left behind in their wake. As for the Halo of Iron, it was a primary-tier defensive halo. Those who possess this halo will be able to augment the armor they wore to a certain extent. Normal blades wouldnt be able to injure them at all.

These were the main halos used on the battlefield!

If one were to go a step further and reach Profound Martial realm, this basic halo will evolve to the stronger Grand Halo of Thorns.

The basic properties of the halo would grow stronger, and its various attributes could be divided into Halo of Earth, Halo of Storm, Halo of Fortress, and Halo of Titan and such.

There were even stronger halos above that, and upon reaching a certain level, one could even use the strength harnessed within a halo to connect with the heavens to display strength equalling to that of a god!

And the halo of the strongest God Martial realm martial artist was said to be capable of even challenging the gods of the world!

In his previous life, Wang Chong had only managed to reach Saint Martial realm pinnacle. However, without a doubt, such strength did exist in the world.

No one had been able to understand the existence of halos, and ever since his transmigration in his previous life, the concept of martial halos had already existed in this world.

Furthermore, it seemed to be something extremely natural in this world, as though it was built into the laws of the world.

In this world, halos represented power!

And the strongest power meant the strongest halo. There was no way to separate the two from one another.

However, before True Martial realm, one was unable to come into contact with the powerful halos.

At the very least, Wang Chong had never heard of any Origin Energy realm cultivator possessing a martial halo.

Bane of the Battlefield? To think that I would actually obtain a halo at Origin Energy realm!

Wang Chong was flabbergasted by the change he was undergoing.

There was one thing he could confirm from the message that had appeared abruptly in his headthe energy that had appeared in his body was a whole new halo, Bane of the Battlefield!

This was something that had never appeared in the long history of the world

At the very least, in the long years of war that Wang Chong underwent, he had never seen before such a martial halo.

From the message in his head, Wang Chong learned of the use of the halo.

Bane of the Battlefield: The effectiveness of the enemies halos will be reduced based on the strength and tier of the users halo regardless of their effects.

If the other party doesnt have an active halo, his cultivation will be reduced by a realm!

This halo only works on soldiers. It is ineffective on those possessing leadership positions.

Current level of halo: 0

A battlefield halo!

In that instant Wang Chong received this piece of information from the Stone of Destiny, he immediately understood the nature of the halo. Without a doubt, this was a halo built for the battlefield.

Probably due to the limited level of the halo, it was only effective on ordinary soldiers or elite soldiers now.

The Goguryeon warrior that Wang Chong had just killed was, without a doubt, an elite of the Goguryeon army. It was precisely because Wang Chong had slain an elite soldier of the Goguryeo Empire that Wang Chong had managed to activate the Bane of the Battlefield.

To think that the Stone of Destiny would have such effects as well!

This was Wang Chongs greatest gain ever since activating the Stone of Destiny.

A halo signified strength and with this halo Wang Chong had obtained overwhelming strength.

I should try out the effects of this Bane of the Battlefield!

Harboring such thoughts, Wang Chong activated the Bane of the Battlefield. Weng! No one on the peak felt anything, but Wang Chong clearly saw faint, intangible ripples spreading into the surroundings from beneath his feet, covering an area of a hundred zhang.

Even Wang Chong was surprised by its area of effect.

The area of effect of an ordinary primary-tier halo would only be three to four zhang. However, even though the Bane of the Battlefield was only at level 0, it was able to encompass such a huge area.

It would be unimaginable how far it could extend upon reaching the max level.

At this moment, Wang Chong finally understood the meaning of the word battlefield in the name.

If the Bane of the Battlefield is exactly as what I think it is, then its might is truly inconceivable!

Wang Chong thought in agitation.

However, something even more shocking occurred.

There was no green Halo of Thorns or anything of that sort appearing around Wang Chong when he activated the Bane of the Battlefield, but within a hundred zhang radius covered by the intangible ripples, something unimaginable happened to the Goguryeon warriors.

A faint white ripple suddenly appeared beneath the feet of the Goguryeon warriors. It didnt appear for all of them, but it had appeared on almost all of the stronger Goguryeon warriors.

It also appeared for some of the weaker ones who hadnt formed their martial halo yet, and in that instant when that white ripple appeared beneath their feet, their cultivation suddenly took a steep dip.

Seeing the ripples beneath their feet, Wang Chong immediately formed a conjecture.

They were all official soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!

The others should be itinerant experts who were dispatched for this mission at the last moment.


Wang Chongs eyes widened.

The effects of all known halos were only limited to the martial artist himself, be it Halo of Charge, Halo of Strength, or even the stronger Halo of Earth and Halo of Fortress, they were all bound by this restraint.

All halos would only appear beneath the feet of the martial artist himself.

This was the first time Wang Chong was seeing a halo which had the effect of interfering with ones opponent. Unlike traditional halos, this one had the specific purpose of suppressing the strength of ones enemies.

If one had to classify it, it would probably be a Halo of Suppression or Halo of Repression.

A whole new type of halo in the world!