The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Defeat Of The Goguryeons

Chapter 215: Defeat of the Goguryeons!

Whats going on?

Why did my strength suddenly decrease!

Why is there a slowdown in my flow of Origin Energy!

When Wang Chong activated the Bane of the Battlefield, Goguryeon warriors within an area of a hundred zhang immediately found their strength being suppressed.

The True Martial realm warriors felt their Halo of Thorns growing significantly weaker while the others felt their cultivation dip. It was as though an intangible force had gripped them, restricting and slowing the flow of their Origin Energy.

It was as though a huge lump of mud had been thrown into a rapid stream, and this sensation left them extremely uncomfortable.

A fight between experts hinged upon the second, lest to say, on such an intense battlefield. All of a sudden, the Goguryeon warriors affected by the Bane of the Battlefield panicked, and their entire group fell into a state of disarray.

Everyone, including Wang Chong, immediately noticed the peculiarity among the Goguryeons.


Currently, there was no one who was more overjoyed than Wang Chong. The effect of the Bane of the Battlefield was much greater than he had imagined. More importantly, until now, no one had been able to tell that he was the orchestrator of this abrupt twist.


Wang Chong let loose a furious howl and charged forth using the Single Character Consecutive Slash.

In that hundred zhang radius, even though his allies didnt understand what was happening, it was clear that the situation was to their advantage.

Kill! Kill them all! Dont let a single one of them get away!

Morale soared. Gathering their remaining strength, the rest charged forward alongside with Wang Chong. In comparison, the previously ferocious Goguryeons seemed to have lost their will to fight. The impact from the Bane of the Battlefield extended far beyond the weakening of their strength.

Under the onslaught, the Goguryeon warriors fell one after another.

Whats going on? Why did I suddenly lose control of my Origin Energy?

What did those Great Tang Imperial Army guards do to us?

Send a signal to the master archers to get rid of them!

The furious and alarmed Goguryeon warriors cursed in their native tongue.


In the distance, a furious call reminiscent of dragons and tigers sounded from one of the surrounding mountains.

Its Zhao Qianqiu!

Wang Chong thought in delight.

Its Instructor Zhao. Instructor Zhao has succeeded! We must do our part as well!

Delighted, Wang Chong exclaimed as he slew two Turk wolves beside him. Executing the Single Character Consecutive Slash, he charged forward and slashed at a distraught Goguryeon warrior.

The Bane of the Battlefield was only effective against members of an official military organization, so Wang Chong only went for targets affected by the white ripple.

Gather here and block them! Otherwise, none of us will be leaving here alive today!

A temporary leader for the Goguryeons stood forward at this moment and began issuing orders. Soon, under that persons leadership, the Goguryeons managed to regain their footing and withstood the onslaught.

But in the next moment, a destructive offense came a line of collapsed wall in the surroundings.

Xiu xiu xiu!

The deafening screams of arrows ripping through the air threatened to pop ones eardrums. Dozens of wolf fang arrows gleaming with a cruel light shot in from the opening in the wall.

But this time, the wolf fang arrows werent directed toward the Great Tang troops but the Goguryeons.

Pu pu pu!

Seven to eight Goguryeons were struck in their hearts and fell to the ground as though uplifted wooden stakes. Even more were struck on their chests and shoulders, and the immense force pushed them back a good eight zhang.

At this crucial moment, Xu Qi had finally finished moving the wolf corpses stacked in one of the buildings that was originally used to ward off the offense of the enemy master archers.

It was precisely because of these fortifications that the group had been able to fight without the interference of the master archers. However, at the same time, these buildings had prevented Zhou Huang from reinforcing them.

Thus, Wang Chong ordered Xu Qi to lead a group to clear away the wolf carcasses in several of the buildings to open up a pathway for Zhou Huangs arrows.

Even though this would put the group at risk from the attack of the enemy master archers, opportunity and risk usually came hand-in-hand.

This is a good chance!

With the support from Zhou Huang, Wang Chong decisively dashed forward. With a cold gleam of light, Wang Chongs sword stabbed into the heart of a Goguryeon warrior ten zhang away.

That Goguryeon was originally wounded, and being struck by Zhou Huangs wolf fang arrow aggravated his injuries. As such, he wasnt able to react in time to block Wang Chongs offense.

Congratulations to user for killing 2 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!

At the same time, the sight before Wang Chong warped as a piece of information flashed across his head. The Goguryeon warrior that Wang Chong had just killed was an official soldier of the Goguryeo Empire who was affected by the white ripples.


A huge wind blew as formless energy from the surroundings gathered and seeped into Wang Chongs body. Even though there were no visible changes, Wang Chong could clearly sense the energy bundle of the Bane of the Battlefield in his dantian increasing in size.

Not only so, Wang Chong could also sense the effects of the halo increasing significantly. From a range of a hundred zhang, it had increased to 150 zhang. At the same time, the Goguryeons under the effect of halo could feel the restraints on them tightening.

Further deprived of their cultivation, their fluster worsened.

To think that the augmentation of the Bane of the Battlefield would be so significant as well!

Wang Chong thought in joy.

When he first triggered the Stone of Destiny and obtained the Bane of the Battlefield, it was still at level 0. This was the most basic tier of a halo.

According to the information he was given, he had to kill at least a hundred soldiers from hostile countries before the Bane of the Battlefield could officially reach level 1, turning the ripples into true halos.

In the path of martial arts, there was a huge difference between the ripples of Origin Energy Tier 9 and the martial halo of True Martial realm.

Wang Chong thought that killing a second Goguryeon warrior wouldnt make much of a difference to his ability. However, the enhancement efficiency of the Bane of the Battlefield far surpassed his expectations.

Given the wide range of the halo, there is no doubt that it is built for the battlefield! Only in such a place can it display its full prowess!

Wang Chong thought as he went after the Goguryeon warriors with white ripples beneath their feet.


Under Wang Chongs Bane of the Battlefield and Zhou Huangs arrow rain, the Goguryeons on White Tiger Peak soon found themselves unable to cope.

Retreat! Hurry up and retreat!

Hiding amidst the wolf packs, the Goguryeon warriors quickly retreated down the mountain.

The defeat of the Goguryeons had come too suddenly and even until now, no one could make sense of the situation. However, if there was one thing that everyone knew, it was that this was the ideal timing to retaliate.

Thus, while the Goguryeons were retreating down the mountain, a huge number of corpses was left behind.

This is a good opportunity!

Making use of this opportunity, Wang Chong charged at the retreating Goguryeon warriors. On the other hand, a few Imperial Army guards and instructors followed Zhao Qianqius path down the mountain cliff.

There were quite a few master archers hidden amidst the mountains, and Zhao Qianqiu himself wasnt sufficient to clear all of them.

Only by killing all of the master archers would White Tiger Peak be safe.

Instructor, they have all retreated!

In Wang Chong and Su Hanshans room, Chen Burangs ears twitched before announcing the good news to Zhou Huang.

Zhou Huangs relentless shots, Zhao Qianqius assault, and most importantly of all, the defeat of the Goguryeon warriors on White Tiger Peak made the master archers realize that the tides were no longer with them. As such, the thought of fleeing began sprouting in their minds.

This is a good opportunity! Chen Burang, tell the others to follow the Goguryeon warriors tightly from the rear. Once both groups are mixed together, given the poor vision at night, even master archers will find it hard to discern ally from foe. This is our best opportunity at counterattacking! As for the master archers who refuse to step down Leave them to me!

Zhou Huang said with glowing eyes.


Chen Burang swiftly replied.

Wang Chong also headed down via the cliff. He knew that there was no need for him to worry about White Tiger Peak anymore. Rather, the fates of Wei Hao and Marchioness Yi were of greater concern to him.

After tossing a few rocks to test the situation, Wang Chong silently scaled down the cliff by grabbing onto the ivy. The arrows that fell on White Tiger Peak were sparse now. It seemed like most of the master archers had retreated, and thus, very few had the attention to spare for Wang Chong.


Wang Chong heard the neighing of a horse from the darkness as soon as he landed. Under the slight glow of the night sky, he saw a dashing, violet colt rushing to his side. The white layer of fur on its hoofs was exceptionally striking.

Little Shadow!

Wang Chong exclaimed in surprise, Great! Little Shadow, youre still alive!

Wang Chongs White-hoofed Shadow was left free to roam, and there was no saddle fitted onto it yet. Thus, when the Turks and Goguryeons attacked, not even Wang Chong knew where it went.

Before so many Goguryeons, Turks, wolves, and the rain of arrows Wang Chong thought that it was unlikely for the White-hoofed Shadow to survive. But from the looks of it though, this little fellow seemed to be exceptionally wary, having escaped in advance to avoid the ordeal.

Little Shadow, you came at the right timing. I need your strength now!

Wang Chong patted the White-hoofed Shadows face and the latter neighed excitedly. It was still young, and going by its age, wasnt mature enough for riding yet, but Wang Chong couldnt care so much at the moment.

The situations at Azure Dragon Peak, Vermilion Bird Peak, and Black Tortoise Peak were still unclear. He didnt know whether Wei Hao was still alive or not at the moment, so all he could do now was rush over as fast as he could.


Wang Chong leaped onto the back of the horse and in the next moment, he felt as though he was flitting through air.


Wang Chong was taken aback. Suddenly, he could somehow understand how the White-hoofed Shadow managed to survive the night assault.

Even though it was still young, its speed and strength were superior to even mature war steeds. In fact, Wang Chong felt that its mobility might even far surpass that of those Turk wolves.

With this kind of speed, it was no wonder why it could escape from the assault of the wolves!