The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Expanding The Fruits Of Success

Chapter 217: Expanding the Fruits of Success!

Princess Ni Huang brought that expert from the royal palace. Without this much capability, how do you think we were able to hold on until now? Also, the lady who tried to kick you previously is Princess Ni Huangs maid. The princess doesnt have a good temper, so it will be best for you to stay away from her!

Marchioness Yi spoke without even turning around, seeming to be able to tell what Wang Chong was thinking. Her spear stabbed swiftly into the eyes and out of the heads of several wolves who were rushing down from the mountain. Like always, her movements were simple and clean.

No matter how the wolves tried to dodge, they still ended up being stabbed and knocked flying in the same manner.

Princess Ni Huang?

Hearing her words, Wang Chong was surprised. He retreated to a safe zone and glanced upward, only to see a brilliant red halo spinning around slowly like a beautiful fiery phoenix.

At that instant, Wang Chong understood something.

To think that there would be a member of the royal family on Vermilion Bird Peak! Wang Chong couldnt have expected this at all. Hed been too focused on the future great generals, such that hed neglected the offspring of the royal family.

But thinking about it now, there were indeed quite a few members of royalty who joined the Three Great Training Camps when it was first initiated.

No wonder the Turks and Goguryeons havent managed to achieve anything here!

Wang Chong mused.

The Three Great Training Camps strictly forbade everyone from bringing their servants and kin along. However, Princess Ni Huang wasnt restricted by this rule.

Wang Chong deeply understood how formidable the experts guarding the royal family were.

Considering the powerful experts that Princess Ni Huang brought, it wasnt surprising for Vermilion Bird Peak to be able to stand their ground.

If Princess Ni Huang was able to bring experts from the royal family into the training camp, it means that other members would do the same as well. In other words the situation might not be as severe as I thought.

Considering this possibility, Wang Chong felt a load off his heart.

Princess Ni Huang definitely wasnt the only member of the royal family in the Three Great Training Camps. Even though this assault was abrupt and no one was prepared, the worst scenario that Wang Chong was worried aboutcomplete annihilationwouldnt occur.


A sudden bellow trembled the heavens. In the distance, black figures suddenly charged in. Even though they were a little late, the instructors and Imperial Army guards of Vermilion Bird had finally arrived on the main battlefield.

Retreat! Everyone, retreat!

The faces of their enemies warped in shock. Knowing that they didnt stand a chance now, they hurriedly escaped from the mountain, panic in their eyes.

This is a good opportunity!

Wang Chongs eyes lit up. He hurriedly executed the Single Character Consecutive Slash and pounced forward. Pu! The Wootz steel sword impaled the back of a panicking Goguryeon warrior.

Congratulations to user for killing 8 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!

Along with the voice of the Stone of Destiny, the ripple extended further, and the Bane of the Battlefield within Wang Chongs body grew stronger.

Along with the extension of its area of effect, the Goguryeon warriors were finding it even harder to escape from his halo. This intangible, but definitely existent, restraint on them threw the escaping Goguryeons further into chaos.

What terrified humans the most was the unknown, and until now, no one could understand why their cultivation would suddenly plummet!

Pursue them!

With both sides cooperating with one another, the death toll for the Goguryeons rose swiftly.

Congratulations to user for killing 9 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!

As Wang Chongs Wootz steel sword pierced into the ninth Goguryeon warrior, the Bane of the Battlefield was upgraded once more.

Within a short period of time, Wang Chong had already killed nine True Martial realm soldiers. Under normal circumstances, he wouldnt have been unable to kill even one, but through this battle and their collective strength as a group, he managed to slay a whole nine!

Marchioness Yi, help me gather some people. Well head to the Black Tortoise Peak!

The Goguryeons had been defeated here, and Wang Chong had no desire to pursue them any further. Thus, turning around to Marchioness Yi, he made his request. The latter frowned. If Wang Chong had said such words to her under normal circumstances, she would have surely sent him flying.

But this wasnt the time to be concerned about such affairs. Knowing that the situation at Black Tortoise Peak could be dire, she immediately got down to business.

Fei Yan and Dan Xue, get your group and come over here. Accompany me to Black Tortoise Peak!

Marchioness Yi gestured to the few ladies behind her and five young ladies who exuded strength rivalling Marchioness Yis gathered around them.

All of them had the sharp eyes of an eagle, and at a glance, it was clear that they werent people to be trifled with.

On the other side, Wang Chong also beckoned to the group that had just rushed over from White Tiger Peak. He liaised with some of the more familiar Imperial Army guards and instructors, and along with Marchioness Yis group, they headed to Black Tortoise Peak.

On Black Tortoise Peak, flames engulfed the area. Corpses and carcasses were scattered about, and it seemed like the camp had suffered much greater damage than either White Tiger or Vermilion Bird Peak.


Upon seeing this sight, Wang Chongs eyes reddened. He immediately led the group up the mountain. At the same time, he also activated the Bane of the Battlefield to the max.


Two forces clashed with one another, and at the same time, the Bane of the Battlefield also swept across to cover most of the Goguryeon warriors. The halo was already much stronger than when Wang Chong first obtained it. As soon as it spread across the Goguryeons, panic immediately ensued.

Due to estimation errors from the abrupt fall in cultivation, at least seven Goguryeons were immediately slain.

Congratulations to user for killing 10 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!

Weng! A huge ripple spread outward. Now, Wang Chongs Bane of the Battlefield had already reached an area of effect of four hundred zhang.

This distance was rather astonishing. Almost the entire Black Tortoise Peak was covered by the halo. With the chain effect from it, the Great Tang troops swiftly gained the upper hand.

Everyone, work together to get rid of these fellows!

A leader figure of the Goguryeon bellowed in his native tongue as he looked around with savage eyes. He was gathering some troops to deal with Wang Chongs reinforcements.


However, at that moment, a sharp sound pierced the air from the depths of the neighboring mountains. Upon hearing that shrill sound, the Goguryeons on Black Tortoise Peak suddenly wore frightened expressions. Even the lead figure seemed slightly unnerved.

This was the signal they had agreed upon previously for retreat!

Hong long long, a loud sound echoed from afar. Countless alarmed birds flew into the air from the forest. In the distance, additional reinforcements from White Tiger Peak and Vermilion Bird Peak were hurrying over after successfully chasing off all of the Goguryeons from their own camps.

Damn it! Retreat!

How could the Goguryeon warriors still be in the mood to deal with Wang Chong and the others? They quickly attempted to clear a path to escape from the mountain.

No matter how slow they might be, it was clear that the operations at Vermilion Bird Peak and White Tiger Peak had failed! On top of that, without the cover of master archers, this operation was already doomed.


Just as the Goguryeons were attempting to disengage, the mountaintop suddenly tremored. On the previously empty and silent Black Tortoise Peak, a great wave of figures abruptly appeared and charged toward the rear of the retreating Goguryeons.


Wang Chong was dumbfounded, and Marchioness Yi frowned deeply at the sight. However, she soon realized something and harrumphed.

Hmph, a bunch of tortoises hiding in their shells. To think that they would hole themselves up and only emerge at such a timing. Its no wonder they were assigned to Black Tortoise Peak!

The displeasure in her eyes was clear. It was apparent now that these fellows had been hiding and stalling; waiting for reinforcements to appear and fight their battle for them.

Wang Chong, Marchioness Yi, why are you two here?

An astonished voice cried out. On the mountain peak, a round-faced teenage boy rushed down toward them. On closer inspection, that teenage boy was Wei Hao.

Why are you two here?

Wei Hao widened his eyes in shock. He had heard the battle cries from the mountain and thought an organized army had arrived to rescue them. He didnt expect Wang Chong and Marchioness Yi to be part of the reinforcing group!

Hmph! Do you think that everyone is a little tortoise like you?

Marchioness Yi disparaged coldly.

What do you mean a tortoise? Dont spout nonsense!

Wei Haos face immediately flushed red. How could he stand being insulted by a beautiful lady?

This is called a strategic retreat!

How dare you refute my words? Is your skin itching for a beating?

Marchioness Yi didnt have the patience to be arguing with Wei Hao, and she immediately glared at the latter with hostile eyes. Wei Haos face immediately warped in fear.

Recalling how he was trampled on beneath Marchioness Yis feet, a cold breeze blew in his heart. He knew that this woman wasnt one to be reasoned with, and if he were to get on her bad side, he would surely be the one suffering. He promptly shut his mouth.

In the distance, the Goguryeons had already retreated dozens of zhang away. The instructors and Imperial Army guards of White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise peaks were in close pursuit.

With the crisis to Black Tortoise Peak having been resolved and having ensured that his friend was fine, Wang Chong decided to stop here.

A dog driven up the wall will bite. Wang Chong knew his strength wasnt enough to deal with a desperate enemy, so he decided not to take the risk.

Right, Wei Hao. I noticed that your peak is filled with flames and most of the buildings burned down. How did everyone survive?

Wang Chong suddenly asked.

Looking at Black Tortoise Peak from afar, hed thought they had suffered massive casualties. However, the actual situation was clearly very different. This piqued Wang Chongs curiosity. Even Marchioness Yis attention turned to Wei Hao at these words.

The master archers of the enemy were fearsome foes, and even the buildings were not sturdy enough to withstand their arrows.


Hearing Wang Chongs question, Wei Haos face immediately glowed with delight.

Those wolf fang arrows are indeed formidable, but they arent a match for us! Dont forget, we are the Black Tortoise Peak! Everyone here has a shield, and when all of us are gathered together, how can it be easy for the arrows to strike us?


Suddenly, a bizarre expression appeared on Wang Chong and Marchioness Yis faces. They quickly turned their gazes toward the peak of the mountain. They hadnt noticed it before, but with the slight illumination of the flames there, they now realized that all of the recruits had a black shield in their hand. If they didnt pay careful attention, it was indeed extremely easy to overlook this.