The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Art Of God And Demon Obliteration

Chapter 221: Art of God and Demon Obliteration!

In his two lives, the Art of God and Demon Obliteration has been an ultimate technique that Wang Chong craved to obtain.

The main reason why he played chess with Su Zhengchen daily for several months was to win the ex-war gods favor and the opportunity to learn the Art of God and Demon Obliteration! Its just that Wang Chong knew that this ultimate technique wasnt so easily available.

He was not the first to have vied for the Art of God and Demon Obliteration, and he would not be the last either.

Su Zhengchen had even rejected countless members of the royal palace before him. There was no reason to think he was in a superior position to them. Thus, Wang Chong had never dreamed of completing this wish of his in a single go.

But what if?

What if the gift Su Zhengchen gave him wasnt just a simple white playing piece but also the Art of God and Demon Obliteration?

Just the possibility in itself left Wang Chongs heart pounding wildly.

Not even yesterdays assault by the Turks and Goguryeons rocked his emotions to such an extent, but at this moment, he found it hard to retain his previous calm composure.


He tried to brace himself by taking a long, deep breath. Then, carrying a heart filled with trepidation, Wang Chong placed his finger against the fingernail-sized white stone and infused a surge of Origin Energy within.


That short instant felt like an eon to Wang Chong, but the white stone remained completely unresponsive. No reaction at all.

Did I understand wrongly?

Wang Chong raised his head. Even though there wasnt the slightest emotion exposed on his face, inside he couldnt help but feel disappointed.

As expected, it couldnt be that easy to obtain the Art of God and Demon Obliteration!

Old Senior Su Zhengchens white stone was indeed just a reminder for him to not stray from benevolence!

He was thinking too much into it.

Wang Chongs eyes had just darkened with disappointment when, hong long, the white stone abruptly emitted a small shockwave.

The presence of that small and insignificant white chess piece seemed to undergo a great change. It was no longer just a white stone but also encapsulated a representation of endless space.

And in the depths of this space, there was the sharp, desolate, and domineering will of the conqueror. The intention to shatter the will of gods, divinities, and all lifeforms flowed through Wang Chongs fingers and dived into his head.

His body froze, and for a moment under the effects of the overpowering sword intent, he was unable to move at all.

Art of Life Massacre!

Along with the appearance of this sharp and desolate sword intent, a formula that Wang Chong had never seen before appeared in his mind. Though this formula only consisted of a hundred words, it was laced with a fearsome sword intent. Beyond anything that hed been able to grasp even in his previous life.

He was right! His conjecture was right! There was indeed something hidden within the white chess piece that Elder Su Zhengchen gave him!

In that instant, Wang Chong was filled with frenzied joy.

This is great!

He clenched his fists tightly together in excitement. Art of God and Demon Obliteration and Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, hed actually managed to obtain the two ultimate arts. Wang Chongs desire of two lifetimes had been fulfilled.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art allowed him to gather Origin Energy swiftly and achieve breakthroughs in his cultivation in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, the Art of God and Demon Obliteration allowed him to display a might twofold his current cultivation.

With these two ultimate arts, his plans for his martial arts were basically complete.

Wait a moment!

Just as Wang Chong was overwhelmed by joy and excitement over the matter, he suddenly realized that something was amiss and frowned.

Art of Life Massacre? It isnt the Art of God and Demon Obliteration?

Even though they both started with the word art, Wang Chong could sense that the formula that appeared in his head wasnt that legendary Art of God and Demon Obliteration.

Double checking it once more, it was indeed the Art of Life Massacre and not the Art of God and Demon Obliteration.

Thats strange!

Frowning in deep contemplation, Wang Chong knew that his conjecture was slightly off the mark. Elder Su Zhengchen had indeed given him a technique, but it wasnt the one he was thinking of.

Art of Life Massacre? What is this?

Lowering his head, he considered further. There were many legends about Su Zhengchen, and they were very detailed as well. Even without making use of his memories from his previous life, Wang Chong could easily uncover a lot by sieving through the stories told amongst the nations citizens. However, there didnt seem to be an Art of Life Massacre in them.

What kind of technique was this?

Was this a technique that Su Zhengchen had comprehended recently? Was this a secret technique that he had never shown in front of others before?

Wait a moment!

Suddenly recalling something, a strange light appeared in Wang Chongs eyes.

Art of Life Massacre? Art of God and Demon Obliteration? Life, god, and demon Could it be that these two techniques are actually one and the same?

Remembering the Little Yinyang Art and the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, a new line of thinking formed in his mind. To cultivate the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, one had to start from the Little Yinyang Art. The Little Yinyang Art was the fundamental formula, whereas the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was the enhanced formula, the perfect version.

Could Art of Demon and God Obliteration be the same as well?

Thinking so, Wang Chongs eyes slowly began to glow once more. The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed.

Art of God and Demon Obliteration and Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art were top-notch ultimate techniques of the same caliber. If Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art obeyed such rules, it was highly possible that the Art of God and Demon Obliteration was the same.

At this point, Wang Chong suddenly recalled something. Remembering his past life, after Su Zhengchen passed away, there was a rumor that stated that Su Zhengchens Art of God and Demon Obliteration actually consisted of two different ultimate techniques. In other words, it was a combination of two different ultimate techniques.

However, the credibility of the rumor was placed in doubt and there wasnt any evidence to back this theory. Thus, no one believed it back then.

However, Wang Chong now found himself a believer.

Theres no mistake about it. That must be the case! Theres no reason for Elder Su Zhengchen to foist a meaningless technique on me!

The more he thought about it, the more certain he felt that his conjecture was correct.

Wang Chongs Origin Energy Tier 7 cultivation was still far too lacking, and even though it was decent among his peers, it wasnt sufficient for him to learn those top-notch techniques.

Even if Su Zhengchen were to give him the Art of God and Demon Obliteration now, he would be unable to cultivate it. It was just like how his teacher, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, gave him the Little Yinyang Art instead of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

Great! My effort over the past few months has paid off!

Wang Chong thought in delight.

Even though he had only obtained the foundational version, Art of Life Massacre, it was already a huge harvest. Since Su Zhengchen was willing to impart the Art of Life Massacre, there was a high chance he would willingly impart the Art of God and Demon Obliteration to him as well.

However, what would cause Elder Su to change his mind so abruptly?

After a moment of celebration, Wang Chongs expression settled and instead a puzzled look emerged to take its place.

The Art of God and Demon Obliteration was well-known for being nigh impossible to obtain in his previous life. Based on his knowledge, there were many talented and wise men who took on Su Zhengchens tests, only to be driven away in disappointment eventually.

If it was so easy to obtain the Art of God and Demon Obliteration, it wouldnt have disappeared with Su Zhengchen in his previous life. There wouldnt be so many imperial offspring, scions, nobles, and martial arts geniuses distressed over it as well.

Even though Wang Chong had spent several months playing chess with the former marshall, he knew that, compared to the efforts that others had put into coaxing Su Zhengchen, his were nothing at all. There shouldnt be any reason why Su Zhengchen would make an exception and impart the technique so easily.

Could it be due to the regional commanders incident?

Thinking about it now, that should be the only possibility by which Su Zhengchens heart would be moved, and he would impart the primary formula for the Art of God and Demon Obliteration.

Su Zhengchen might have suffered great injustices in his life, but his loyalty toward his nation had never faltered. He even gave his life fighting on the battlefield to save the civilians of the country he loved.

Such a respectable person wouldnt look just at talent when assessing candidates to determine suitability for being his disciple.

The only possibility that Wang Chong could think of was the memorial that he submitted. Only this could explain why Su Zhengchen would favor him over all the other candidates.

To think that that single action of mine would bring me the acknowledgement of Su Zhengchen as well!

Coming to a realization, Wang Chong was filled with complex emotions.

Back then, when he sent the memorial, all he had been thinking about was how to prevent a future tragedy from occurring. Su Zhengchen had never been part of his calculations then. Yet, this one action had served as an impetus, earning that great ex-war gods acknowledgement.

Without that incident, even another half a year spent accompanying Su Zhenchen probably wouldnt have accomplished anything noticeable for Wang Chong.

However, knowing the mans nature, this probably wasnt the end of his tests yet. To obtain the complete formula, he would probably have to put in much more effort.

Regardless, I have to obtain the complete version of Art of God and Demon Obliteration.

Wang Chong swiftly calmed down and closed his hands, grasping the white stone tightly. Subconsciously scanning around the room, he realized that the opposite end was now empty. Su Hanshan had already left the room early in the morning.

All that remained was the bloodsoaked robe he wore yesterday night.

He must be at the cultivation chamber on Kunwus main peak.

Wang Chong hazarded a guess. On the main peak of Kunwu Training Camp was an inscribed formation that gathered Origin Energy from the surroundings, thus allowing one to cultivate at a much faster pace there.

It was the most popular location in the entire camp, and there was a high likelihood that Su Hanshan was there as well.