The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Letters

Chapter 224: Letters

Ginsengs with a maturity of a hundred years and above were prohibited to be brought out of Goguryeo. Thus, Wang Chong didnt expect the duo to bring him a three-hundred-year-old Goguryeon ginseng.

You have my thanks.

Wang Chong didnt reject their good will. In any case, he was intending to attempt a breakthrough to Origin Energy Tier 8 soon, and this present had come at the perfect timing.

Brother Wang, theres no need to stand on ceremony.

Seeing Wang Chong accept the gift, Guo Feng and Chai Zhiyi heaved sighs of relief internally. Although the ancestors of the Guo and Chai clans were founding fathers of the empire, it had been several centuries and many generations since then.

On the other hand, the Wang Clan was a rising star in Great Tang. Not only did the Wang Clans old master, Duke Jiu, raise the current emperor to the throne, not only did he once serve as the prime minister, he also wielded immense prestige and influence over the contemporary royal court. It was to the point of already showing a strength reminiscent of an established clan at their level.

They had thought that Wang Chong would be a difficult person to talk to, especially given the rumors floating about of the ruckus he had caused in Vast Crane Pavilion when he beat up Yao Feng. Not to mention his notoriety from the regional commanders incident. But, from the looks of it now, unexpectedly, Wang Chong seemed to be an easy person to get along with.

Yes, if Brother Wang has some spare time, do come over to the capitals Leopard Hall for a bit. Brother Chai and I will bring you around. Perhaps, we might even be able to introduce some new friends to you.

Guo Feng said.

Indeed. There are many people who would be delighted to meet Brother Wang.

Chao Zhiyi added.

The populace of the capital was divided by hierarchy, and the same rules applied to every scion as well. They also formed cliques of their own tier.

While the Eight Gods Pavilion was where teenage scions of a family made merry, the Panther Pavilion was a location where only the truly valued offspring, successors of powerful clans or meritorious youths, were allowed entry.

It was an establishment of much higher class than the Eight Gods Pavilion and the ambiance was reflective of this. Under normal circumstances, it would have been difficult for Wang Chong to enter Leopard Hall, but Guo Feng and Chai Zhiyis words had opened a new gate to Wang Chong, thus pulling him into their circle.

Even for the descendants of powerful clans in the capital, the Leopard Hall was still a place that was difficult to enter.

Oh, it just so happens that Im preparing to establish a place for martial artists to spar and trade their martial insights called Origin Energy Pavilion. If Brother Guo and Brother Chai are interested, do come by when the time comes.

Wang Chong suddenly interjected.

Origin Energy Pavilion?

Guo Feng and Chai Zhiyi glanced at one another in surprise.

May I know where does Brother Wang intend to set up this Origin Energy Pavilion?

Its here of course!

Wang Chong pointed outside, leaving the bewildered Guo Feng and Chai Zhiyi staring at one another. For the first time, they found themselves unable to understand Wang Chongs line of thoughts.

Brother Wang, rest assured. Well definitely be here when the time comes.

The pair could only reply.

After idling around in Wang Chongs room for a moment longer, they decided to take their leave. Wang Chong walked them out. Then, returning alone in his room, he swiftly fell into contemplation.

The matter regarding Origin Energy Pavilion wasnt just a casual remark.

Guo Feng and Chao Zhiyi intended to pull him into their circle, but how could Wang Chong possibly agree to it. His purpose in attending Kunwu Training Camp wasnt to join some powerful faction.

This was a place where countless great generals rose from. Wang Chongs ultimate aim here was to unite all of them together! Then, using his prior knowledge, his experience, and his storage of cultivation techniques, he would help them surpass their previous limits and reach even greater heights.

First though, he needed a way to gather them all together, and the Origin Energy Pavilion was the most effective method.

Ill have to trouble Uncle Li Lin for this matter!

Wang Chong concluded.

Lately, most of the people by his side had been dispatched for other purposes. Shen Hai, Meng Long, Li Zhuxin, and Miyasame Ayaka werent around at the moment. Tuoba Guiyuan was busy working with the Zhang Clan. He didnt know his clans current affairs, so they could only assist him in his plans to an extent. As for Arloja and Ablonodan, they had left as per the prior promise, saying that they would contact him if there was any news.

Thus, Wang Chong suddenly found himself lacking in manpower, and a huge gap had appeared in his defense, caused by the training camps restriction on outsiders.

All these worries pressed at Wang Chongs conscious.

Considering the threat from the Yao Clan, King Qi, and the Hu, before he amassed his strength, he would be in a rather vulnerable position.

Perhaps I should get that person here.

A figure floated into Wang Chongs mindInvincible Great General Li Siye!

That was a man who had definitely left a thick stroke in the history of Great Tang. During the era when countless great generals filled the skies of Great Tang, bringing it to the height of its prosperity, he had shone with the brightest radiance, winning him the respect of both his peers and the masses.

Out of all the generals of the Central Plains, he would be the only one with no knowledge of military tactics or strategy. Yet, based on just his personal achievements, he would be conferred the title of a great general. His standing in the military and Great Tangs history, despite never leading an army, would be comparable to that of Zhang Shougui, Go Seonji, Fumeng Lingcha, and those others of the first tier.

Without overwhelming individual strength, background, and qualifications, especially in commanding a powerful army, it was impossible for one to be conferred such a title. Regardless of whether it was Wang Yan, Yao Guang Yi, or the other Conferred Generals, they had all failed to reach the position of great general. To be able to be conferred as the Invincible Great General through just courage and strength alone, Li Siyes prowess was nearly unimaginable.

Historys evaluation of him here in Great Tang would come to be: The man whom, through his courage and individual strength, across large-scale fields of battle, is able to determine the wars final outcome!

A one-of-a-kind evaluation!

Li Siyes battle style was to charge straight ahead without ever retreating, regardless of how powerful the enemies standing in his path were. This could perhaps be viewed as a reflection of his valor, but it would afflict his body with innumerable glaring scars, medals to his many victories.

A true man!

He will come to be the publicly acknowledged number one vanguard of Great Tang.

Among future great generals, the one whom Wang Chong wanted most as a vassal was him, but achieving this would be no easy task.

Firstly, there was little known about Li Siyes origins, or his doings before enlisting in the army. It remained a huge mystery even after his death. Problem was he never seemed to talk about his own affairs around others. Even though Wang Chong knew the name, he had no idea where to start looking from.

On top of that, as the future Invincible Great General, Li Siyes growth was also way too fast. Throughout his entire life, there was only this short half a year that he was free. If Wang Chong wanted to recruit him, he had half a year to do so. After that, the other party would have already been snapped up by some other great general. By then, it would be difficult for Wang Chong to pull him to his ship.

Two years from now, when Li Siye finally revealed his sharp edge, there would be no one who could tame him anymore.

Thus, Wang Chong had to grasp tightly to this opportunity. If he failed, there would be no second chance with this Invincible Great General!

If nothing went wrong, he should be enlisted in the military already!

Wang Chong thought.

This was the first time Li Siye would appear on the stage of history. For now, he should be an inconspicuous, ordinary soldier, one of many troops heading to Anxi to supplement the forces there. This should be the most humble period of his entire life!

Humble or not, bringing Li Siye over to his side wouldnt be an easy matter. As the saying goes, A military commandment is unbending like a mountain. The latters deployment had already been recorded, and it would now be impossible for Wang Chong to mobilize him for his own purposes.

Redeploying someone already under orders to head for Anxi to the Kunwu Training Camp instead was no easy feat. Even his father, Wang Yan, didnt have such authority.

Looks like I can only ask for King Songs help. He governs the Bureau of Military Personnel and has the power to mobilize others freely. Hes the only one I can depend on for this matter.

Wang Chong ruminated.

Calming his thoughts, he quickly wrote a letter and sent it out by carrier pigeon.

The matter attended to, Wang Chong hosted a few more guests before heading to the center of the Kunwu Training Camp. He needed a quiet location, unbothered by further guests, to decipher the Art of Life Massacre that Su Zhengchen imparted him.

At the same time, somewhere on the Azure Dragon Peak.

Hmph, Sun Zhiming, do you really think that you can betray me?

Deng Mingxin led a group of his men and barged into Sun Zhimings quarters.

Due to being assigned to Azure Dragon Peak, hed managed to survive last nights ordeal. Yet, despite the assault being barely behind them, all Deng Mingxin could think about was the servant who betrayed him.

Deng gongzi, I have no idea what youre talking about. Joining Kunwu Training Camp is an opportunity that I vied for with my own hands. Whatever betrayal you spoke of doesnt seem to apply here!

Seeing the crowd that had just barged in, Sun Zhimings face paled. He clenched his fists tightly but showed no signs of compromising or backing-off in the slightest.

Having Sun Zhiming talking back to him, Deng Mingxins anger flared. In the past, Sun Zhiming would act with complete obedience before him, doing all that he commanded. Such a sight had never been seen before, but now, in just the span of a single day, Sun Zhiming actually dared to straighten his back and refute him in public.

Sun Zhiming, dont be getting ahead of yourself! Youre just an insignificant servant of our Deng Clan! How dare you speak to me so rudely!

Deng Mingxins face turned livid. There was a sense of storm clouds gathering around it.

Ill give you one last chance. Do you turn your back against your master in hopes of glory, or will you come back to my side!

Deng Mingxin, regardless of what you say, I will never be your servant again.

Sun Zhiming grit his teeth in resolution.

It hadnt been easy for him to escape from Deng Mingxins clutches. No matter what happens, he wouldnt allow himself to return. Otherwise, given Deng Mingxins character, who knew what else would happen to him.

Deng gongzi, theres no need to be polite with him!

This fellow is itching for a beating! How dare he speak to Deng gongzi in such a manner?

Teach him a lesson! Make the fool understand what fear is!

From behind, Deng Mingxins lackeys roared.

Sun Zhiming, since you show no regret for your actions, dont blame me for getting nasty then. Your father need not dream of staying on in the Bureau of Personnel. He should just retire and return back to his homeland!

Dont imagine youre some big shot just because you latched onto Wang Chong. He wont be able to help you! From now onward, your Sun Clan also need not dream of making it big. You can spend your days plowing the field instead!

Deng Mingxin flung his sleeves with an incomparably cold expression.

Let me tell you, Sun Zhiming, youre the cause of your clans downfall!

Deng Mingxin, you dare!

Sun Zhimings complexion turned a ghastly pale color.

The Sun Clan was a family of farmers. They had come from the poor Annan region, and it was only through their diligence over several generations that they managed to walk out from the remote mountain. In the process, the Sun Clan hadnt received any external assistance. It was with their own hard work that they managed to come so far.

This wasnt the first time that Deng Mingxin had threatened him with such words. Just that, given the current circumstances, he had no way of telling whether Deng Mingxin would really go that far.

With the authority wielded by Deng Mingxins father, it was a simple task to eradicate all the hard work of the entire Sun Clan; a single word was all it would take. To the Deng Clan, the Sun Clan was just an insignificant ant that could be easily crushed beneath their feet.

Hmph! Youll know soon enough.

Deng Mingxin sneered.


As if in answer, the sound of something darting through the skies came from above. Lifting their heads, they saw a black kite gliding down to land lightly on Deng Mingxins arm. It was the same kite hed used to send a note to his father previously.

Sun Zhiming, arent you arrogant just because you thought you managed to latch onto a higher branch? Let me show you the result of offending me!


He slipped out the note from the leg of the black kite and threw it toward Sun Zhiming.

That was a man who had definitely left a thick stroke in the history of Great Tang.

History books used to be written in ink during that era, and the more famous a figure was, the more detailed his description would be in the books.

Li Siye is a real figure in the history of Great Tang (you can Wikipedia it), but his description is different from that depicted in this book.

Anxi is the territory under the rule of the Western Protectorate Manor, Annan is the territory under the Southern Protectorate Manor.