The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Cousins Playing Out A Show

Chapter 23: Cousins Playing Out a Show

Even though she is a girl, this cousin of his had a very valiant aura to her. Her proficiency in martial arts was frightening and Wang Chong could never survive more than three blows from her.

Since he was unable to defeat him, he could only escape. Yet, this cousin of his was skilled in socializing and had many connections. She had many good bosoms and they were scattered all over the capital.

No matter where Wang Chong fled to, he was unable to escape the notice of these close bosoms of hers. More importantly, Wang Chong had no idea whether the lady selling rouge by the street was her close bosom or not.

Whats worse was that this cousin of his liked to meddle in others affairs, especially his. Going by her words, she had always wanted a little brother but Wang Chongs eldest uncle and his wife had not been able to fulfill this dear wish of hers.

Thus, she liked to view Wang Chong as her own younger brother. In any case, they were both of the Wang Clan and came from the same grandfather. Furthermore, she didnt like Wang Chong calling her cousin; she insisted on him calling her Second Sister, as though the both of them came from the same mother.

Wang Chong always felt a splitting headache whenever he saw her.

While Wang Chong was being rebellious and hung out with bad company, she often hindered his affairs and pulled him off the street as though she was pulling a monkey. If he had any dignity, it was all lost due to her.

He couldnt beat her in a fight, and neither could he escape from her. Not to mention, she was his cousin, so Wang Chong could only give in to her.

Why? Must I have something up to find you?

Wang Zhu Yan lifted her head and displeasure could be seen in her eyes. Seeing the threat in her eyes, Wang Chongs heart skipped a beat and he hurriedly waved his hands:

No, of course not! How can that be!

However, Wang Chong knew deeply that this Second Sister of his wouldnt visit him for nothing. She must have something up for him for her to wait outside the Court of Judicial Review.

Only then did Wang Zhu Yan nodded her head in satisfaction. She lowered her head and continued grooming her nails, not saying a word. Since this cousin of his was keeping silent, Wang Chong didnt dare to abruptly say anything. As such, he sat there obediently until she brought up the reason for her arrival.

I have heard that you seem to be quite an incredible figure these past two days, running over to the Vast Crane Pavilion to teach Yao Feng a lesson!

While trimming her nails, Wang Zhu Yan said sarcastically.

Before Wang Chong could reply, a gaze had fallen on Wang Chong. It was from the red-robed lady beside Wang Zhu Yan. The shock on her face was apparent, as though she was looking at a ghost.

Second Sister, what are you talking about? Yao Feng had suffered a setback due to my eldest brother and second brother, and as he wasnt able to defeat them, he sent a hoodlum named Ma Zhou to deal with me. As such, I was furious and I barged into the Vast Crane Pavilion to look for him. After which, a little conflict between us broke out. It isnt really a big matter.

Wang Chong said.

His heart felt numb. He knew that the matter yesterday wouldnt end just like that. Even though the incident at Vast Crane Pavilion was mostly a conflict between youngsters, the relationship of the Yao Clan and Wang Clan was at stake.

Needless to say, the old gramps of the Yao Clan made a big fuss over the matter, reporting it all the way up to the royal court, causing the matter to reach the emperor.

In the Great Tang Empire, the Yao Clan and Wang Clan were two massive trees. Their friends and students filled the entire empire.

Countless families, clans, and officials were involved and many eyes were on the matter. As such, it had created a huge episode in the royal court.

If not for such, his big uncle wouldnt have stomped to his house angrily yesterday to question his family!

However, Wang Chong knew that it was only the beginning.

His cousin, Wang Zhu Yan, was already here personally to ask him for his testimony and stop him from causing any more trouble. However, Wang Chong knew that it had only started drizzling, a huge storm awaited him. After her, there would only be more people looking for him.

Hmph! Little conflict? You sure know how to rephrase things!

Wang Zhu Yan lifted her head to look at Wang Chong and sneered coldly:

That Yao Feng was beaten to a pulp by you, and that Yao Clans Old Master even reported our clan up to the emperor. Yet, you still dare to say that it is a little conflict? Is this what a little conflict should be like?

Second Sister, I was really wronged!

Wang Chong howled indignantly:

Think about it, how old is Yao Feng and how old am I? Given that little bit of martial arts I know, how can I possibly beat him up? Isnt this a joke? If I had the capabilities to do so, would I still be grabbed by Second Sister with a single hand and carried into the carriage?

The red-robed lady beside her nodded her head. She could tell that Wang Chong was not really skilled in martial arts. Putting aside Yao Feng, he probably wasnt even a match for the Yao Residences guards.

Besides, Yao Guang Yi was there. The entire pavilion was filled with his guards. It was up to him to decide on how he should phrase the happenings that had occurred inside. Regardless of what he says, it would become the truth.

Great indignance could be seen on Wang Chongs face as he continued:

Everyone knows how scheming the Yao Clans gramps is. In my opinion, they probably knew that I was going there, so they intentionally set up a trap for me. I was also blinded by anger, thats why I barged in and wrecked Yao Fengs gathering. Just like that, they claimed that I bashed Yao Feng up, dont you think thats a bunch of lies?

Are you speaking the truth?

Finally, Wang Zhu Yan lifted her head and looked at Wang Chong. Clearly, she found Wang Chongs words credible.

Of course its true! Second Sister, other people might not know much about me, but surely you are well aware of what I am capable of? Most of the time, I am busy rearing my birds and playing with dogs, how could I have the time to train up? If so, how could I possibly defeat a martial arts genius like Yao Feng?

Wang Chong said. Technically, he wasnt lying. After all, the one who attacked Yao Feng was Wang Familys little sister, Wang Chong didnt really do much.

Alright, I will take your words for it now. That Yao Feng had always been a figure who had stood above his peers. Given those things that you do and your capabilities, it is impossible for you to defeat Yao Feng.

Wang Zhu Yan contemplated for a moment before nodding her head, acknowledging Wang Chongs words:

Alright! You have succeeded in getting past me! The nail file that you had given me previously is not bad. Is there any other good stuff that in your possession?

Wang Chong glanced at Wang Zhu Yans hands and saw the nail file he had given her previously to please her. Internally, he rolled his eyes. Did this cousin of his think that he had the pouch of a certain robot cat, able to produce gadgets on command?

It hadnt been long since he had given her that nail file, wasnt she being too greedy?

What? Wait a minute! Zhu Yan, this one-of-a-kind nail file in the capital was created by your cousin?

Before Wang Chong could say anything, the red-robed lady beside her couldnt hold in her astonishment as she evaluated Wang Chong from top to bottom.

Indeed! Why? This old lady is interested in my little brother and would like to go for someone young?

Wang Zhu Hong teased.

You lass! Nothing good could come out from your mouth, how am I old!

The red-robed lady protested.

Stop lying! Dont think that I have not noticed that you have been looking at my nail file! Are you jealous? Forget it, I will give you this treat then. Take it!

Wang Zhu Yan rolled her eyes and threw the small nail file with a flick of her wrist over to the red-robed lady.

Hehe, thank you, Sister Zhu Yan, for your bestowment!

The latter chuckled delightfully, not minding the formers words at all. With a swift movement of her jade hands, she took the nail file and carried it gently as though it was a precious treasure.

Even though Wang Zhu Yans nail file was not an ultimate treasure or an incredible martial art manual, it was an item that was useless to men, those sisters of hers had always been wanting to take it for themselves. To think that it would eventually end up in her possession.

The red-robed lady held the small nail file tightly in her embrace and a wide smile emerged on her face.

Since big sister had already bestowed this treasure upon you, shouldnt you scram from this carriage? Or, are you waiting for me to bestow this little cousin of mine to you as well?

Wang Zhu Yan said impatiently.

That would be great! I would very much like that!

The red-robed lady chuckled as she glanced seductively at Wang Chong. However, she still opened the doors of the carriage and stepped out from it.

She had already reached her destination. Wang Zhu Yan was only giving her a lift.

Second Sister, who is she?

Wang Chong glanced at the direction where the red-robed lady was heading to and he felt his heart being unable to keep up. These close bosoms of his Second Sister were fiery and eccentric.

Even as that red-robed lady left, her eyes that lingered on Wang Chongs body was so passionate that it felt as though if she could, she would tear a few pieces of meat off his body.

Daughter of Duke of Yue. Why, are you interested in her?

Wang Zhu Hong teased.

How is that possible! Hehe, Second Sister, I sure acted the show out well just now, did I!

Wang Chong chuckled.

Wang Zhu Yan didnt say anything. She stared at Wang Chong for a few seconds before her eyes chilled once more. Peng, she abruptly shut the doors of the carriage and pulled on Wang Chongs ears.

Compared to before, it was as though she was an entirely different person.

You brat! Did you know what kind of trouble you landed in?

Dont tell me that you just happened to appear in Vast Crane Pavilion. Also, dont tell me that you went head to head with Yao Feng because of Ma Zhou. I dont want to listen to these. If I were to know that you were just fooling about, getting the entire clan into such great trouble for such a foolish reason, I will be the first to break your legs!

Wang Zhu Yan stared at Wang Chong with an expression so cold expression that it felt as though she was speaking to a stranger. Despite knowing her for so long, it was the first time she was being so stern and angry.

There were no other people in the carriage except for the two of them.

Wang Chong hesitated for a moment before deciding to come out clean.

Second Sister, do you believe me?

Wang Chong sat up straight with a serious face.

If I didnt believe you, I wouldnt have brought the daughter of Duke of Yue here to testify for you so as to help you clean your reputation.

Wang Zhu Yans face was still cold.

Fine! Ill say then! I intentionally went to Vast Crane Pavilion! I intentionally got my younger sister to beat up Yao Feng! In fact, I intentionally wrecked my father and Yao Guang Yis meeting! All of these were planned by me.

Wang Chong said with a serious expression.


Wang Zhu Yan was puzzled. She truly had no idea why Wang Chong would do so.

The Yao Clan harbors vile intentions toward our Wang Clan, I couldnt let their schemes succeed! I cant explain this matter in detail to you, but you just have to know this much for now.

Wang Chong replied her gravely.


Wang Zhu Yans expression changed. With a grim expression, she asked, Are you certain on this matter?

Wang Chong nodded his head seriously.

Alright, I will believe you on this matter!

Different expressions flickered across Wang Zhu Yans face, but she eventually decided not to pursue the matter.

You arent going to ask about it?

Wang Chong was surprised.

Theres no need to!

Wang Zhu Yan smiled and waved her hands. Her expression was much better than how it was a moment ago:

You might be mischievous, but that was only that. We are one family, so I believe that no matter what happens, you wont do your clan any harm.

Second Sister

Staring at his cousin Wang Zhu Yan, Wang Chong felt a little touched. Even though he was rebellious, mischievous and created many problems for the clan, it was true that he had never thought of harming the clan.

The only ones who understood this was him and his cousin, Wang Zhu Yan.

Even though his cousin had hindered him on his affairs outside often, she would often only chastise him slightly and eventually let him go.

However, the matter with Yao Feng this time, under the doings of Old Master Yao, had reached the emperor and every single member of the Wang Clan was implicated within it. It even caused a huge uproar in the capital.

For such a big affair, even though he wasnt able to explain the situation to her, she trusted him so readily!

Wang Chong was at a loss for words.

These few days, the clan had been in an uproar. Putting aside my father, even our big aunt and her husband, little uncle, and the other cousins are all angry at you. I am just making the first move. Even if I dont appear now, they will still eventually look for you.

Wang Zhu Yan said with a grim expression:

The daughter of the Duke of Yue is a socialite and with her making a move, your issue would be much easier to settle. This was also the reason why I pulled her here today. As for our big aunt and her husband, I will convey the words you said to her. As long as you are sure that the matter between you and Yao Feng isnt merely a private grudge, I will find some way to help you hold them up.

Second Sister, thank you.

Wang Chong thanked her. Wang Zhu Yan had a good relationship with their big aunt and her husband. All along, big aunt had thought that she had her own views on matters and thus, she respected her views and listened to them with an open mind.

With his cousin making a move, it would be easier to deal with his big aunt.

-> Duke of Yue
I cant really explain this title well. In any case, it is the highest position one can reach without being a family member of royalty.

Alright, basic family structure of the Wang Clan.
At the top of the Wang Clan is Grandpa Wang
Big aunt (If Im not wrong, she should be oldest) and her husband
Elder son of Grandpa Wang is the powerful official in the royal court
-Son: ++
-Daughter: Wang Zhu Yan ++
Second son of Grandpa Wang, Wang Yan (3rd in terms of age)
-Son: Wang Chong, elder brother and second brother
-Daughter: Wang Xiao Yao ++
Third son of Grandpa Wang.

All in all, there are four siblings of Wang Yans generation.