The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 238

Chapter 238 The Assassination That Was Brought Forward Half A Year

Chapter 238: The Assassination that was Brought Forward Half a Year

Gongzi, we cant proceed any further, or else well alarm that Goguryeon expert. In the midst of his contemplations, a gentle but forceful hand suddenly grabbed Wang Chongs arm.

Besides, we still dont know whether King Sosurim is here. If hes here, I fear that we might not get off unscathed, Miyasame Ayaka said nervously.

It was no secret that Wang Chong intended to deal with King Sosurim, but that Goguryeon spy was not an easy person to deal with.

Putting aside how elusive that person was, he also had a huge bunch of violent and formidable Goguryeon assassins beneath him.

In fact, King Sosurim was the first name that Miyasame Ayaka heard after entering the circle of assassins.

If not for Wang Chong, she would have never considered provoking King Sosurim! But Wang Chong was simply too daring, actually sneaking in here. Even she was unable to persuade him otherwise.

Heh, dont worry. Your considerations are unfounded. King Sosurim isnt here, and at most, that expert is just a Turk Condor Sniper, Wang Chong turned around and revealed his findings with a hushed voice.

This If King Sosurim isnt here, our operation is meaningless, isnt it? To expend so much effort for a mere Goguryeon expert Why dont we retreat for now? We can report this matter to the royal court to clear up this gathering, Miyasame Ayaka advised with a suppressed tone. This was the safest option they had at hand.

Retreat? How is that possible? Wang Chong chuckled. The reason why we went through so much trouble to unearth the gathering point of the Goguryeons isnt to let the royal court clear things up.

If Miyasame Ayaka thought that Wang Chongs actions were just to exact vengeance for that night assault, she was severely underestimating him. The reason why Wang Chong went to uncover the den of Goguryeons wasnt just to leave them to the royal court.

Wait here for me, Wang Chong muttered. After which, he abruptly crawled across the floor as adroitly as a black lizard, heading for the room before him.

Gongzi Astonished, Miyasame Ayaka quickly stretched out her hands to stop him, but it was too late. This time, her face paled, and her body trembled with anxiety.

The senses of those in the True Martial realm were extraordinary. Even she dared not go any further for fear of attracting the latters attention, and yet, Wang Chong was actually still advancing.

What was even more surprising was that even though Miyasame Ayaka could still sense Wang Chongs presence initially, in the blink of an eye, like a burst bubble, he disappeared from her senses.

She could still roughly make out Wang Chongs silhouette, but bizarrely, she wasnt able to sense his aura at all. It was as if he was nothing more than a mere shadow.

This Miyasame Ayaka was stunned. Worried as she was, she dared not step any further. While Wang Chong could succeed, she had no confidence that she could do the same.

Unaware of Miyasame Ayakas dilemma, Wang Chong was only glad that the Tortoise Breathing Art he had learned from Arloja and Ablonodon proved useful now.

This secret art of the Sindhi Saddhus allowed one to plug all of their pores, preventing the slightest aura from leaking out of them. At the same time, ones metabolism rate would be reduced to the minimum, allowing one to survive without eating or drinking for several months, or even several years.

Even Wang Chong wasnt capable of such a feat despite the incredible might he wielded back then. This technique was probably created out of necessity by the impoverished Sindhu. While it wasnt offense-oriented, it could prove useful under extreme situations.

Wang Chongs Turtle Breathing Art wasnt advanced enough for him to forsake the need for sustenance yet, but concealing his aura by plugging his pores was still within his means.

Pairing that with his Constellation Steps, as long as he proceeded carefully, he should be able to stay off the enemys radar.

Candlelight flickered by the window, and vaguely, he could hear foreign mutterings inside the room. Two Goguryeons were currently chatting.

Wang Chong had learned Koguryoan back then, and the reason why he took his chances and sneaked over was because he had heard a familiar phrase.

How is the investigation going? A cold voice sounded from the room. Judging from the authoritative edge to the voice, that person was likely to be a person of high standing.

Its almost done. I have all of the information on the recruits of White Tiger Peak on hand, a masculine voice replied.

A feeling of goosebumps immediately rose up Wang Chongs arm as he heard the very same phrase once again. The furrow on Wang Chongs forehead deepened.

Un. After youre done, submit the report on to the lord immediately. The lord must have a good reason for issuing such an abrupt order, and admittedly, theres something very bizarre about our loss back then. By then, we will know what is going on, the authoritative voice ordered.


Wang Chongs consciousness suddenly jolted, and countless thoughts flashed across his mind. A complete scenario was gradually taking shape in his mind.

I understand! the masculine voice answered.

Theres also something you have to take note of. The lord has instructed for us to stay low for the next few months, and he has sternly warned against causing any ruckus. The Great Tang royal court may look lax on the outside, but they arent as simple as that. The several hundred warriors that our empire dispatched for the previous operation ended up being used by them to temper their soldiers. Not a single one of them managed to escape.

The authoritative voice sounded a little frustrated, and after a slight pause, he continued.

But their deaths were not in vain. They died for the prosperity of our empire. Besides, the lord has said that as long as we get through this ordeal, we will return the favor back to them manifolds. He has already gotten in touch with His Majesty, and a battalion of elite warriors will be traveling here in small batches. By then, we will be able to inflict grievous damage upon Great Tang. The lord has his eyes set upon a group of influential officials. Those people have always maintained a hostile attitude toward Goguryeo, so we shall wipe them off the face of the Earth!

Long live Goguryeo! Long live Yeon Gaesomun! that masculine voice suddenly chanted in excitement upon hearing those words.

Beyond the window, Wang Chongs heart skipped a beat. A furious wind blew in his mind, raising a ferocious tsunami.

... King Sosurim is going to make a move in advance!

Eventually, everything cleared, leaving behind this single thought in Wang Chongs mind.

This wasnt the first operation by King Sosurim. His group would engage in assassination and mass destruction once every three to five years.

King Sosurim had assassinated many influential officials in the past, but Wang Chong knew that nothing would compare to the operation that would occur half a year from now.

The royal courts censors, commanders and generals of the Bureau of Military Personnel, officials from the Bureau of Punishments, and some of the veteran officials of Great Tang; they would all be reduced to cold, lifeless corpses. Even the maids and servants in their residences wouldnt be spared. That incident would shock the entire Great Tang and incur the wrath of the Sage Emperor.

It was due to this that the royal court devoted everything they had to capturing King Sosurim. Even the Imperial Army and Chamberlains of Imperial Insignia were dispatched in that chase.

But prepared for this, King Sosurim successfully retreated from Great Tang after all was done, safely returning to Goguryeo.

With this incident, his name struck fear into the officials throughout Great Tang!

But this incident should only happen half a year from now! Why would it be brought forward by so much?

Wang Chongs heart beat in agitation.

Indubitably, the conversation between the two Goguryeon leaders inside was definitely regarding that incident.

The Goguryeons had already formed a sizeable influence in the capital. There was only one operation throughout the history of Great Tang that would require the dispatchment of an army of elites from the Goguryeon Empirethe assassinations half a year from now.

If not for Wang Chongs ability to understand Koguryoan, the entire Great Tang would surely be caught off-guard.

Alright, you should leave for now! The army the lord requested will only arrive a month from now, so lie low until then. The Great Tang royal court is currently in the midst of tracking us down, make sure not to leave behind any traces.

Hahaha, pardon my insolence, but my lord, I believe you are overestimating them! Its not that Im looking down on them, but if they really did possess such capability, we would have been captured a decade ago.

Hahaha, indeed.

With hearty laughter, the two Goguryeons inside ended their conversation.


A short moment after Wang Chong dived into the shadows, the doors opened, and a sturdily-built man carrying a huge, black scabbard on his back walked out and scanned the surroundings sharply. Sou! He leapt onto the roof and swiftly disappeared into the distance.

With the departure of this man, the entire area was plunged into silence. By the candlelight, the other Goguryeon sat motionlessly in thought.

Hmph! We cant capture you? Such foolish thoughts!, Wang Chong sneered coldly before retreating on the path he took here previously.

Gongzi, how is it?

With Wang Chongs return, Miyasame Ayaka heaved a huge sigh of relief. Wang Chongs actions had really left her panicked. Throughout the entire duration, she waited with trepidation, fearing that Wang Chong would be noticed at any moment.

In fact, she had even prepared herself to make a move at any moment.

But deep in her heart, she felt a little impressed by Wang Chong. It seemed as though there was no shortage of secret arts Wang Chong was capable of. Did all clans in Great Tang possess such strong foundations, or was Wang Chong the only exception?

We can leave now, Wang Chong said. Initially, he was prepared to stake out here for quite awhile, and he had changed his mind.


After leaving the Goguryeons gathering point, Wang Chong didnt return to the Wang Clan immediately. Instead, he headed for King Songs Residence. Wang Chong was probably the only one throughout Great Tang Empire who could open the gates of a kin of the royal family at such an ungodly hour.


Is everything you said true? King Song asked grimly in the main hall. Having just been woken from the midst of his sleep, he had a dark robe draped over himself. Similarly, the only one who wouldnt be criticized for waking him up so abruptly could only be Wang Chong.

Yes, there is no doubt about it. Wang Chong recounted the entire matter. Of course, he also added some additional information inside. Otherwise, he couldnt possibly convince King Song.

With a grim expression, King Song remained silent for a long while. There was indeed a precedent of Goguryeons assassinating Great Tang officials. While they didnt have concrete evidence, all clues were pointing toward them.

If what Wang Chong was saying was true, then this was indeed huge.