The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Continuous Breakthroughs

Chapter 245: Continuous Breakthroughs!

"Hahaha, the Wang Clan really stood up for us!"

In the royal palace, Yang Zhao was holding onto the letter that had just arrived with hands trembling in excitement. "This time around, Zhangchou will surely be able to become the Minister of War! Little sister, we won't be completely helpless in the royal palace anymore!"

In recent days, Zhangchou Jianqiong was a name that was frequently raised in discussion. After all, he was the greatest beneficiary of this entire incident. But it seemed that there was another person who was even more excited than Zhangchou Jianqiong over his likely promotionYang Zhao.

"As long as Zhangchou Jianqiong gets into the central politics, I, Yang Zhao, will surely be able to rise through the ranks, and it'll just be a matter of time before I'm conferred nobility!"

Yang Zhao's grasp on the letter tightened so greatly that veins were appearing on the back of his hands.

Yang Zhao was currently in a humble position, despite possessing Consort Taizhen's backing. He wished to climb up through the ranks, but he understood too well that he was lacking in qualifications.

All of those powerhouses in the royal court had probably had his background thoroughly looked into. Only with Zhangchou Jianqiong's support would he be able to truly ascend through the ranks.

"Cousin, that little brother that you befriended really helped us greatly. At least we didn't waste our efforts helping him back then," a pleasant voice reminiscent of a pearl falling onto a jade plate spoke up from behind himConsort Taizhen!

"Hehe, indeed!" Hearing Consort Taizhen's words, Yang Zhao couldn't help but chuckle.

"Back then, when I was at my humblest moment, when everyone in the gambling den was mocking me, he gave me a thousand gold taels without asking the slightest question. Despite his young age, he possessed guts and decisiveness way beyond others. There's no doubt that he'll achieve great things in the future. Afterward, when I learned that he was the grandson of Duke Jiu, the more convinced I became of this matter. Little sister, surely you feel this even more vividly than I do."

Seated on top of a golden frame, Consort Taizhen also laughed. Wang Chong's three poems had solidified her reputation as the number one beauty of the palace, and this reputation was even gradually expanding beyond the palace walls.

As the person-in-question, Consort Taizhen was naturally well aware of this.

While Consort Taizhen was confident in her beauty, sometimes, beauty wasn't enough for one to be accredited.

"You're right. But until now, I haven't even seen him yet," Consort Taizhen smiled gently.

Regarding this young man who had revealed his admiration for her and caused such a huge storm in the royal court, even being locked in the imperial prison at one point, Consort Taizhen did harbor unique feelings toward him.

It was nowhere along the lines of 'love', but fondness, indeed. He was unlike any other youth she had ever met.

"Hehe, he's currently in the training camp, so if little sister wishes to meet him, there'll be chances."

Yang Zhao recalled his previous few meetings with Wang Chong and fell into deep thought.

"It's a pity that the Wang Clan is too powerful. Otherwise, I really wanted to pull him over to our side. But anyway, this works fine as well. With the Wang Clan and King Song's influence, as well as Zhangchou Jianqiong's promotion, little sister, you're no longer alone and weak in the royal court," Yang Zhao spoke happily.

Consort Taizhen nodded agreement.


"I'm a step too late!"

Yao Guang Yi clenched his fists furiously and pounded the table before him with a livid face. Yang Zhao and Consort Taizhen had always been targets whom he was trying to pull over to his side.

And the event with Zhangchou Jianqiong was clearly a good opportunity.

But who knew that Wang Clan would have snatched it!

Zhangchou Jianqiong was an outsider, and his action could be viewed as a ferocious dragon barging across the river. Such actions were a threat to the dominant powers within the river, and this was the main reason why no one stood up for him.

Everyone chose to remain silent before this matter, for fear of earning the hostility of others.

The Wang Clan had remained silent on this matter all along, so Yao Guang Yi thought that they were against it, that they feared Zhangchou Jianqiong's coming.

Who knew that Wang Gen would step up so decisively and declare his support?!

"I was fooled by them!" Veins popped up at Yao Guang Yis temples, and his face twisted in anger. How could he possibly not understand that he was fooled by the Wang Clan? If the Wang Clan had stood up for Zhangchou Jianqiong from the very start, where opposition was the rifest, they would surely have become a public enemy. But at this moment, not only would anyone not say anything about them, they even won a huge favor from Zhangchou Jianqiong.

Just a step late, and he had lost this ideal opportunity.

Zhangchou Jianqiong would only remember the first one to stand up for him, not the second, nor the third...

"This decisiveness and perfect timing, this can't be Wang Gen's doing. It must be that brat, Wang Chong!" Killing intent flashed across the eyes of Yao Guang Yi.


"We're still a little too late!"

Yao Guang Yi was far from being the only one sighing in the capital at this moment. In a residence at the center of the capital, a tall, slender figure sighed as he slowly placed the letter in his hands onto the table before him.


On the other hand, Wang Chong was unaware of the changes that had occurred in the royal court. At this moment, his full attention was directed into killing the Goguryeon warrior before him.

Working alongside Miyasame Ayaka, they hunted down the Goguryeon warriors one after another. The death of every single True Martial realm enemy won Wang Chong a huge surge of Origin Energy.

In a very short timespan, Wang Chong had already cleared away a large number of True Martial realm experts, and his cultivation had risen to greater heights. His strength, speed, and dexterity had been enhanced significantly, and he wasn't too far away from Origin Energy Tier 9 anymore.


Just like that, four days passed.

Deep in the night, when the bustling city was asleep and only the howling of the wind could be heard, at the remote borders of the capital, walked a figure dressed in a long robe.

He was dressed like a person from the Central Plains, but his movements were slow, slightly awkward, and unnatural.


Just as he passed by a lush maple tree, a cold gleam flashed across the sky and fell upon that figure's head explosively.

At the same moment, at a place slightly above the ground, the pitch-black shadow of a sword darted toward the back waist of that figure like a venomous snake.

The two assailants, one from the front and one from the back, were extremely in sync in their assault.


Words couldn't begin to describe how swiftly everything unfolded. At that moment, the figure didn't panic despite his impending doom. Instead, his hands reached for the scabbards beneath his robe and drew his sabers with a shrill metallic rasp. At the same moment, a circle of dense Stellar Energy gushed out from his body.

Boom boom boom!

The intangible Stellar Energy collided with the sabers, but a metallic sound echoed out instead. In fact, one could even vaguely see sparks from the clash.

It was as if the flowing ripples of Stellar Energy was an embodiment of sabers and swords.

Halo of Sharpness!

Those who had inherited this kind of halo would find their Stellar Energy imbued with sharpness reminiscent of sabers and swords. It could be considered as an aberrant halo of the True Martial realm as well.

Upon collision with the halo, as well as three consecutive slashes from the sabers in the Goguryeon warrior's hand, Wang Chong and Miyasame Ayaka were knocked back.

"Hahaha, as I expected, you fell into my trap!" The Goguryeon warrior didn't immediately follow up with his attack. Instead, he pointed his sabers at Wang Chong and Miyasame Ayaka and burst into laughter, as though everything had gone according to his schemes.

"Gongzi, it's a trap!" Hearing the mans words, Miyasame Ayaka immediately realized that something was wrong, and her heart immediately froze.

"Not bad, you sure react fast. But you're too late! Come out!"

That Goguryeon warrior exerted strength at his waist and 'puchi!', his robe was immediately ripped apart, revealing the Goguryeon battle wear beneath. At the same time, he raised his large hand and gestured. Hualala! Three figures emerged from the forest and surrounded Wang Chong and Miyasame Ayaka.

Each of them exuded a deep aura that indicated that they were veteran True Martial realm experts. Any single one of them would already be a difficult battle for Wang Chong and Miyasame Ayaka, but for four of them to appear simultaneously, the duo was immediately plunged into a highly disadvantageous position.

"I'm just the bait, and yet you can't even defeat me. Needless to say, you can't possibly be a match for them, either! Hehe, I suggest you just give up and meet your death!" that Goguryeon warrior laughed sinisterly.

The disappearance of True Martial realm experts wasn't a small matter, and the members of the second base swiftly realized the severe consequences of the matter. Thus, they quickly took precautions.

While they weren't too sure about what exactly was happening, they swiftly organized a team of four to deal with this matter. Of the four, one would be in the open as the bait, while the other three would be lying in wait in the shadows for the target to appear.

This way, they could bait their opponent while ensuring the safety of their team.

However, they didn't expect their efforts to reap rewards so quickly.

"Hehehe, let me just add that your suffering will only intensify if you attempt to try anything funny. Let's see who is behind you after we capture you!" the man laughed heartily, assessing Wang Chong and Miyasame Ayaka as if they were already corpses.

"Gongzi, what should we do now?"

Cold sweat dripped from Miyasame Ayaka's forehead. Regardless of whether it was in terms of individual strength or numbers, they were in a disadvantageous position.

It was nigh impossible for them to win or escape.

"Hehe, don't worry." Wang Chong shot her a reassuring gaze.

"Go, take them down. If they try anything funny, don't hesitate to kill them!" bellowed one of the four Goguryeon warriors as he raised his hands.


The four warriors immediately rushed forward, and another three surges of Deluge of Stellar Energy immediately gushed forward.

Before this huge torrent, Wang Chong and Miyasame Ayaka's strength seemed insignificant.


But at the same moment as the four charged forward, Wang Chong released a shrill whistle.

"Attack!" His voice wasn't directed toward Miyasame Ayaka, but a person far in the distance.


Without any hesitation, Wang Chong immediately activated his Bane of the Battlefield aura.

In an instant, four identical white ripples immediately shrouded the figures of the four Goguryeon warriors, and their auras abruptly plummeted...

Golden frame:

I can't find any apt word to describe it, but if you've watched historical dramas, especially Korean and Chinese ones, it's a kind of like a long wooden couch you can sit and lie on.