The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Origin Energy Tier 9 Hundred Steps Divine Fist

Chapter 246: Origin Energy Tier 9, Hundred Steps Divine Fist!

Wang Chong's mastery and timing over the execution of the Bane of the Battlefield aura was gradually improving.

Before the four Goguryeon warriors could react, they suddenly felt as though a metal robe was draped over them, limiting their movements and strength.

It was at this instant that a figure eight hundred meters behind the group suddenly moved.


Amid a frenzied wind, a figure flashed across the sky, and a thick arrow tore through space and instantaneously impaled the chest of one of the Goguryeon warriors. The sheer force of the arrow sent him flying more than a dozen zhang away before pinning him firmly onto the ground.

And before one's eyes could even blink, a second, third, and fourth arrow impaled the three remaining Goguryeon True Martial realm experts as well, knocking them flying.

To think that even the powerful Deluge of Stellar Energy from a True Martial realm expert would be incapable of fending off the arrow for the slightest instant, seemingly shattering upon touch!


Putting aside Miyasame Ayaka, even Wang Chong was shocked speechless. He knew that King Song had assigned an expert to him, but who could have known that the latter's archery would have reached such astounding mastery!

Four arrows had sealed the fate of four experts. Wang Chong didn't even have to lift a finger.

"Gongzi, that person is very strong!" Miyasame Ayaka muttered as fear was reflected in her eyes. She had met that metal can of a reticent archer several times before, but she didn't know that he would be that formidable.

Just remembering the sheer speed and force of the arrows raised goosebumps all over her body.


He was way too strong!

There wasn't even the slightest time for evasion or dodging! It was as if the very whizzing of the arrow was the sound of death itself.

Despite being a speed-type assassin, Miyasame Ayaka knew that she would be completely helpless if that arrow were to be aimed at her.

"Don't worry!" Seeing the immense fear gathering in Miyasame Ayaka's eyes, Wang Chong patted her shoulder and smiled. As an assassin, this was her instinctive reaction toward experts. On the other hand, Wang Chong was delighted by the turn of events. "He's an expert on our side! With such a formidable archer standing by us, what do you have to worry about? The ones who should be worrying are our enemies!"

This was the first time Wang Chong was mobilizing the strength of the master archer King Song had assigned him, and he was satisfied with the results.

The expert King Song has assigned us has been following us for a period of time already, but I hadn't mobilized him before. He probably is feeling frustrated inside, that's why he intentionally displayed the prowess of his archery before me!

Wang Chong chuckled inwardly, paying it no heed. The master archer had controlled his might very precisely. The four Goguryeon warriors were left on the verge of death, a state suited for him to use the Little Yinyang Art.


A sword stabbed deeply into the heart of one of the Goguryeon warriors, and concentrated Origin Energy gushed into Wang Chong's body.

The quality of the Origin Energy within the body of True Martial realm expert was far greater than an Origin Energy realm martial artist. The absorption of this Origin Energy left Wang Chong's blood raging, and it felt as though it would release a great howl at any moment.


Wang Chong had been absorbing a huge amount of Origin Energy the past few days, and this surge of Origin Energy from the first Goguryeon expert seemed to be the last trigger. In an instant, the huge quantity of Origin Energy induced a qualitative enhancement in Wang Chong's Origin Energy, and the flowing speed of his Origin Energy increased severalfold.

At the same time, he could feel the foundation of his Little Yinyang Art jolting. With this, he broke through 1-dan, and reached 2-dan.

"This... Gongzi is about to achieve a breakthrough to Origin Energy Tier 9!"

Looking at Wang Chong's back, Miyasame Ayaka's eyelids twitched.

Wang Chong's aura was raging as though a volcano on the verge of explosion, and there were indications that his Origin Energy was becoming more and more compact.

This was a sign that he was about to gain the ability to emit his Origin Energy and form Stellar Energy.

"It hasn't been long since gongzi has reached Origin Energy Tier 8, and he was already about to achieve a breakthrough to Tier 9. How incredible..."

Miyasame Ayaka was a worldly person, but the things that had happened to Wang Chong were simply unheard of, and had exceeded her understanding.

"Still a little off!"

After dealing with the first Goguryeon expert, he moved on to the second. He could already feel the formless barrier before him, and he knew that he would be able to break it very soon.


The Little Yinyang Sword impaled the body of the second Goguryeon expert. Along with the inflow of Origin Energy, Wang Chong's body seemed to have reached its limit, and everything suddenly came bursting forth.

Boom boom boom!

The laoxin acupoint on the palm, songquan acupoint on the sole, as well as jianjinmingmenfengchi... A total of sixteen important acupoints were opened one after another.

With the opening of those sixteen acupoints, a crimson fog immediately came gushing out, and instead of diffusing into the surroundings, wrapped tightly around Wang Chong.

In that instant, Wang Chong could feel himself get lighter, and his body became more nimble. His speed, strength, and dexterity suddenly underwent an immense enhancement, growing more than threefold.

Emission of internal energy, I've reached the level of emission of internal energy!

Feeling a relaxing sensation throughout his entire body, Wang Chong was delighted.

There was a huge growth leap from Origin Energy Tier 8 to Origin Energy Tier 9. Upon reaching this realm, one's blood, flesh, bones, and meridians will be tempered by Origin Energy.

This was the first qualitative evolvement of a martial artist's physical body, and it was known as Minor Evolution. After the Minor Evolution, one's fighting prowess could be double or triple.

To a martial artist, this Minor Evolution was extremely important. While Wang Chong also underwent this process in his previous life, his growth this time around was clearly much greater than back then.

Upon reaching Origin Energy Tier 9, one would have reached the pinnacle of the Origin Energy realm, thus becoming an existence that ordinary humans could only look up to.


A moment later, Wang Chong opened his eyes, and a brilliant glow shone from them. He raised his palm, and before Miyasame Ayaka's shocked gaze, a white glow suddenly shot out and struck a tree a hundred meters away.

Boom! The tree trunk exploded and leaves scattered in the air. Amidst wooden shavings and dust, the four zhang tall tree abruptly fell to the ground.



Upon seeing this sight, a thought flashed across Miyasame Ayaka's mind. That was the only logical explanation for the situation, but even so, she could hardly believe it.


"Hundred Steps Divine Fist!"

Eight hundred meters away, a mysterious man whose presence was reminiscent of a mountain slowly put down his bow as he gazed at Wang Chong's back with some astonishment.

There was only one technique that allowed an Origin Energy realm cultivator to emit Origin Energy with one's fist to strike an object a hundred steps awayHundred Steps Divine Fist.

The Hundred Steps Divine Fist was one of the legendary secret arts of Origin Energy realm.

Even the master archer had only heard of its name but never seen anyone practice it before. Those who were capable of executing this technique definitely numbered in the elite minority of the world.

And yet, despite having just broken through Origin Energy Tier 9, Wang Chong was actually able to execute this legendary technique. It was impossible not to be astonished seeing this!

"Despite his young age, how does that child know so many secret arts?" In the darkness, the master archer narrowed his eyes. For the first time, he felt a little curious toward the young man whom King Song favored.

"Good, seems like I'm still not too rusty with it!" Wang Chong studied his handiwork from afar, and as he slowly retracted his fist, he nodded, satisfied with the effects of the punch.

As one of the legendary techniques of the Origin Energy realm, the Hundred Steps Divine Fist was known by very few people, and none were willing to impart such a valuable technique to others. As such, there were very few people in the world who were capable of utilizing it.

But to Wang Chong, this legendary secret art wasn't anything at all.

While this technique might sound mysterious, it was actually just a unique way of utilizing the ability to emit Origin Energy upon reaching Origin Energy Tier 9.

Gathering one's internal energy was an extremely complicated process, and it was extremely demanding on one's skill. However, if one could gather the Origin Energy, twist it, and compress it, upon reaching a certain point, the gathered Origin Energy would be capable of immense destruction when released.

This was a technique that hinged heavily on one's technique. If one could grasp the essence of it, executing it wouldn't be too difficult.

However, the main problem with the technique was that it consumed a huge amount of Origin Energy.

Even an expert at Origin Energy realm pinnacle could hardly release Hundred Steps Divine Fist more than a couple of times. As such, one wouldn't easily execute this technique.

But still, it seems like I need some more practice to integrate this technique into my fighting style, Wang Chong thought. At a distance of hundred steps, it wouldn't be too difficult for a martial artist to dodge his attack. As such, he still needed a little work on the practical utilization aspect.

But if it were to hit, its might would surely astound anyone.

At this moment, a feeling of weakness suddenly struck Wang Chong. This was a sign of one lacking Origin Energy after a breakthrough.

Thus, without any hesitation, Wang Chong went to absorb Origin Energy from the remaining two Goguryeon experts before killing them both. Nourished by the Origin Energy of the remaining two Goguryeon experts, his cultivation rose and stabilized.

"Let's go!" After taking four superior Goguryeon ginsengs from the dead men, Wang Chong gestured for the group to clean up and leave.

Their surveillance team on the second base had sent word that the Goguryeons were making a move.

Shua shua shua!

Very soon, the battlefield was cleared up, and every single mark and trace of a battle was removed. Even the tree that Wang Chong had broken was carried away.

By the time the Goguryeons arrived, all that was left for them to see was an empty clearing.