The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Huge Merit

Chapter 254: Huge Merit!

Soon, the allocation of all of the loot was decided, and the corpses of the Goguryeons were emptied as well.

Wang Chong didn't forget that each of them held a ginseng in their possession!

While the battle in the first base had concluded, the fight was still ongoing in other locations.

Congratulations to user for killing 301 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!

Congratulations to user for killing 302 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!

Congratulations to user for killing 303 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!


As that emotionless voice continued ringing in Wang Chong's head, the number of kills soon exceeded the three hundred mark, and it was still rising at an incredible pace.

The pleasure from seeing one's strength rising swiftly was indescribable!

To think that King Song's token would have so many benefits to it. It's a pity that this is a one-of-a-kind event, I will have to return it back to him after the operation, Wang Chong sighed in self-pity.

The core members of the royal court had their own tokens, be it the qinwang or the influential officials. These were issued to them by the royal court, and they had to take good care of them personally. While it was possible to loan a token out from time to time, they couldn't let them out of their hands for an extended period of time.

Thus, it would probably be a long time before he could experience such swift growth once more.

Leaving the first base, Wang Chong, along with Miyasame Ayaka and the guards from the Zhuang Clan and Chi Clan, headed swiftly for the other bases.

Wang Chong's intention was simple. The only reason why the first base could be destroyed so swiftly was due to the support from his Bane of the Battlefield.

However, the same couldn't be said about the other bases.

Thus, by heading to the other bases, his halo could help end the battle faster, thus reducing the death toll on their side.

Congratulations to user for killing 485 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!

Congratulations to user for killing 486 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!

Congratulations to user for killing 487 soldiers of the Goguryeo Empire!


By this moment, the range of Wang Chong's Bane of the Battlefield halo had already expanded to a radius of more than eight kilometers, or a diameter of sixteen kilometers!

An hour later, all of the battles had come to an end. The number of Goguryeon soldier kills ended up at six hundred and twenty-three.

Wang Chong's Bane of the Battlefield halo had also reached a radius of around eleven kilometers. At the same time, he also obtained a few more dozen chests filled with Goguryeon ginseng. What's more, most of them were golden in color; only very rarely would he see ordinary white ginseng of maturity below a hundred years.

Most of these chests were sent to Wang Chong's residence as the reward for the chief of the operation!


"Hahaha, Chong-er! We've really achieved a huge merit this time round!"

By the wall of the eighth Gogouryeon base stood a verdant tree that seemed to reach up to the sky. Beneath its lush crown, Uncle Li Lin's face reddened in excitement as he stared at the huge flame burning down the courtyard.

This kind of contribution was exactly what he was in dire need of!

After all, he couldn't possibly climb up the ranks of the Imperial Army just by depending on Zhao Fengchenhe wouldn't win the respect of anyone that way. However, with such a credit to his name, even without Zhao Fengchen's recommendation, he would still be able to rise up.

He was getting more and more fond of this nephew of his. The more he looked at the boy, the prouder he felt. Other people depended on fawning on the wealthy and the noble to climb through the ranks, but his greatest support was his nephew pushing him, instead!

Even though he was reliant on his nephew, Li Lin didn't think there was anything shameful about it.

Rather, it was an honor that such a talented youth had emerged from their clan. After living in humility for the past few decades, his time had finally come!

"Uncle, you need not worry, this is just the start. Wait until we capture King Sosurim, that will then be a truly great merit. With that, you won't have to worry about a lack of promotion anymore!" Wang Chong chuckled as he stood alongside his uncle. In the period of time they hadn't met, he realized that his uncle had changed once again.

His stature had grown more upright, and he looked like a spear erected on the spot. He was also filled with drive and spirit, and it seemed like nothing was impossible for him.

Without a doubt, uncle's cultivation had improved greatly during this period of time. It was good that the cultivation technique Wang Chong gave him had worked its wonders, and he hadn't wasted his effort.

Wang Chong felt comforted inside.

He hadn't introduced Zhao Fengchen to Uncle Li Lin just for his Uncle to remain under Zhao Fengchen's shadow for his entire life. Rather, Zhao Fengchen should be a means to his Uncles ends.

His greatest goal was for Uncle Li Lin to become an independent and powerful force in the Imperial Army, not a follower of anyone else.

"Uncle, you should take these five chests of Goguryeon ginseng with you. Also, I'll send some pills to you soon." Wang Chong spoke up suddenly as a thought occurred to him.

"Haha, are you afraid that my cultivation is lacking?" Li Lin turned around and chuckled.

"Hehe. Uncle, are you afraid of gaining too much influence? If I recall correctly, the Imperial Army is split into several factions. In such an environment, it would be beneficial to be stronger than the others. Besides, the ranks in the Imperial Army are tied to one's cultivation, right? In any case, there's surely no mistake in raising your cultivation, "Wang Chong replied.

Five chests should contain more than three thousand Goguryeon ginseng. It was more than sufficient for Uncle Li Lin's cultivation.

On the other hand, Uncle Li Lin fell into deep contemplation.

Honestly, his initial thoughts were to reject Wang Chong's offer. He was already content with the merits he had earned from this operation, and since the ginseng was going to their clan anyway, there was no need for him to fight over it.

However, after hearing Wang Chong's words, he couldn't help but rethink his perspective.

His nephew's words were spot-on. The factional rivalry in the Imperial Army was much more intense than outsiders could ever imagine. Just by following behind Zhao Fengchen for a short period of time, he could already feel that he was being rejected by the other factions.

In the Imperial Army, everything was dictated by strength. The strongest fist would gain the greatest respect and loudest voice.

"Alright, then!" Uncle Li Lin eventually nodded.

Wang Chong chuckled in response.

"Report! Lords, we've finished sweeping through the battlefields!" an Imperial Army guard rushed over and bowed respectfully before the duo at that moment.

"Good. You can leave now." Uncle Li Lin waved his hands, gesturing for the Imperial soldier to back down. After which, he turned to Wang Chong with a sharp glint in his eyes.

"Chong-er, now that the battle is over, what is your next course of action?"

"Hehe, you didn't alarm the final base, did you?" Wang Chong asked.

"Of course not!" Li Lin smiled in response.

"Good. Let's withdraw our forces then!"


After sending Uncle Li Lin off with his gaze, Wang Chong turned around and returned to the Royal Jade Pavilion. At such a moment, the advantages of possessing a place of his own were shining through.

The other shops of the capital didn't open at night, and the Wang Clan was too conspicuous. By taking the Royal Jade Pavilion as his base of operations, it was more convenient, and he could avoid unwanted attention as well.

Even if others were to see him visiting the pavilion often, they would only think that he relished the dishes here. It was hard to imagine that he would buy down the whole place.

What was even harder to imagine was that he would actually arrange for Ma Yinlong, Old Eagle, Steel Arms, and Solitary Wolf to be stationed here.

"How is it?" As soon as Wang Chong stepped to the second floor of the pavilion, the group of four immediately turned their gazes to him and asked him hurriedly.

Wang Chong made an 'OK sign, only to meet with the doubtful gazes of the four. Only after a moment of confusion did he realize that the four didn't understand his gesture.

"It's done." Wang Chong smiled. It would take a miracle for them to fail after mobilizing so many elites and experts of the Imperial Army, as well as the authority of King Song.


After hearing Wang Chong's words, the four of them heaved a collective sigh of relief. Their hearts finally fell back into their chests.

"Wang gongzi, please pardon us for not participating in the operation tonight. We are familiar faces to King Sosurim, so we might alert him were we to appear on any of the battlefields. The same goes for Old Eagle's eagles, as well. It wouldn't be good if our existences were to be revealed to him too early on.

"If King Sosurim were to notice our involvement in the operation tonight, the nature of the event would change. Perhaps, he might even cancel the whole operation," Ma Yinlong quickly explained, suddenly realizing something. 

"Don't worry, I understand," Wang Chong chuckled casually as he waved his hands to show that he thought nothing of it. As the saying went, doubt not the man you use, use not the man you doubt. Since Wang Chong decided to put his trust into Ma Yinlong and the others, how could he doubt their intentions?

Seeing Wang Chong's magnanimous gestures, the group of four were a little impressed. This gongzi might be young, but he possessed maturity far beyond his age. A scion he might be, but he didn't possess the aura of decadence that usually came with one.

Fifteen years had passed, but they might really be able to capture King Sosurim this time!

"Elders, what do you think we should do next?" Seated cross-legged opposite to the group, Wang Chong humbly asked for their guidance.

"Gongzi, your men didn't touch the last base, right?"

"They didn't."

"Good. The main goal of our operation is that base. If we were to overthrow all of their bases at once, the Goguryeons would surely suspect that we knew of all of their movements. On the other hand, if we were only to attack some of them, they might still bank their hopes on luck. In fact, the more bases we destroy, the stronger this thought becomes."

"We understand King Sosurim's mentality. He's an incredibly arrogant person, so arrogant that he wouldn't change a plan that he has decided upon easily. No matter how huge the sacrifice may be, he would go along with it as long as he can see success at the end of the route.

"The greatest advantage we have at hand is that he's in the open, while we are in the dark. You are a new player in this game, so no matter how many men you have killed and how many Goguryeon bases you have destroyed, King Sosurim still doesn't know you. Thus, he can't possibly imagine that we are standing behind your back. This is our greatest weapon against him," Ma Yinlong spoke grimly.

"Wait a moment," Wang Chong suddenly interjected. "Elder, didn't you just say that King Sosurim doesn't know me? Hehe, an idea suddenly came to my mind."

Following which, Wang Chong revealed the idea he had.

"Hahaha, that works fine as well. Since you're going to do it, do it big. The more forceful you shake the tree, the more unfathomable you will appear to King Sosurim. He might even underestimate you. Wang gongzi, let's do as you have planned," Ma Yinlong chuckled after hearing Wang Chong's intentions. If they were to cooperate with Wang Chong on his plan, there would be a greater chance of success in the final operation.

"So, it'll be up to you next, Old Eagle."

"Un," Old Eagle nodded his head grimly.

So many years had passed, it was about time to exact vengeance for their fallen brothers.