The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 260

Chapter 260 An Arrow

Chapter 260: An Arrow!


Drawing a specially-crafted arrow from his quiver and holding it between his forefinger and middle finger, Luo Chong doubtfully walked over to the place Wang Chong pointed at before nocking the shaft onto his bow. After which, he turned around to look at Wang Chong.

Wang Chong found the sight rather hilarious. How could he possibly not know what Luo Chong was thinking?

He indeed did not know much of archery, nor was he a master archer. However, he didn't need to rely on his archery talent to guide Luo Chong; just his experience and sharp judgement were enough.

'Master one and you master all. Having neared the peak of martial arts in his previous life, peaking at Saint Martial realm pinnacle, it was a walk in the park for him to gauge Luo Chong's height, arm length, and center of gravity so as to correct his shooting angle.

He might be only be at Origin Energy Tier 9 at the moment, but hidden within his young body was the bona fide soul of a Saint Martial realm pinnacle martial artist.

On the entire battlefield, he was the only one who was qualified to interfere in the battle within the monastery.

"Wait for my order!"

Wang Chong shot a glance over before turning around to staring intently at the scene of the monastery below, not moving in the slightest.

However, his head was whirring into action.

It has been too long!..., Wang Chong thought.

This was the first time he made use of the experience from his previous life to interfere in a fight far beyond him.

The mountain wind raged, rustling the trees and the shrubs. Wang Chong and the hundred Imperial Army cavalry remained motionless on top of the hill.

Within the deep darkness of the night, it seemed like the huge uproar in the monastery had turned into the center of the world.

After some time-


Wang Chong uttered sharply, and boom!, a thick metal arrow whizzed out, seemingly ripping the sky into two. The intense wind from the sheer might of the arrow slapped on faces like whips.

This was the first time Wang Chong and the others had seen Luo Chong in action beside him. In that instant, even the night sky seemed to have dimmed further.


Like a work of magic, amidst a shrill shout, a massive storm of crimson flames rushed into the sky. Behind the crimson flames, a figure miraculously leaped up and appeared at the point between Luo Chong and the toad on the roof.

Hong long!

The arrow pierced through the chest of the Goguryeon expert in an instant, and the astounding momentum of the arrow threw him out of the crimson storm.


In that instant, the eyes of everyone on the hill widened in shock.

"Gongzi?!" Miyasame Ayaka turned around to stare at Wang Chong in shock, trying to reassess the young man before her.

In this battle between Profound Martial realm experts, even she was unable to intervene at all. There were simply too many interfering factors.

Yet, Wang Chong was able to accurately predict the moment when the Goguryeon commander would leap out, as well as his position, and even issued precise instructions of Luo Chong to shoot him.

She had never known Wang Chong to possess such capabilities.

"Th-this is too incredible! To think that the Wang Clan's heritage was this powerful!"

In truth, the hundred Imperial Army elites deployed under Wang Chong's command weren't too content with their role. Even though Wang Chong had led them on two crucial charges that destroyed the formation of the Goguryeons, they still thought that he was too young and inexperienced to command them.

But upon seeing this sight, every single one of them fell silent.

Wasn't this youth of the Wang Clan a little too formidable?!

But the one who was the most shocked of all was Luo Chong!

Only he himself knew exactly what had happened. Every split second counts in the fight between experts; when he drew his arrow and released the bowstring, the Goguryeon didn't step away from the surface of the ground at all.

But as if Wang Chong had peered into the future, the Goguryeon abruptly leapt up and fell into the trajectory path of his arrow.

In that entire process, he did nothing more than to pull the arrow. All he did was lend his strength to Wang Chong.

"It is no wonder why His Highness King Song has such a high view of him... He really cannot be gauged through common sense!" In that instant, countless thoughts flashed across Luo Chong's mind.

He was a man in the field of archery, and only experts in the same field could win his respect. And at this very instant, Wang Chong had won his acknowledgement!

Luo Chong finally understood why Wang Chong favored him so much. In his entire life, he had never seen a talent like that.


A shout in Koguryoan suddenly echoed from the monastery. Putting aside Luo Chong and the others, even the other Goguryeon heads were stunned by the sight.

The two Goguryeon heads suddenly exerted a monstrous strength, and despite the numerical disadvantage, they pushed back Li Lin, Ma Yinlong, and the others, and immediately rushed in the direction where the Goguryeon head was shot.

"Seems like we shot quite a formidable figure!" Wang Chong muttered in surprise. But soon, a smile crept up on his lips.

"That works better for me."

In truth, Luo Chong's arrow didn't kill the Goguryeon head, but it did seal the conclusion of this fight. Outnumbered, the three Goguryeon experts were already hard pressed to stand their ground. With one severely injured, it wouldn't be long before they fell.

More importantly, the arrows impact also broke the intimate cooperation among them.

It was due to this very cooperation that they withstood the combined might from the group for so long!

Compared to how the allies on Wang Chong's side were fighting independently, the Goguryeon warriors showed incredible synergy in their teamwork.


With a resounding boom and a few cries of agony, the battle at the monastery finally came to an end. The three powerful Goguryeon heads had finally fallen.

The surroundings were a complete mess.

Congratulations to user for killing Grade-5 Commander Dae Hyeonseok! For changing the flow of destiny, you are awarded 3 Destiny Energy.

Congratulations to user for killing Grade-5 Commander Dae Insu! For changing the flow of destiny, you are awarded 1 Destiny Energy.

Congratulations to user for killing Grade-5 Commander Dae Gyeonhwang! For changing the flow of destiny, you are awarded 1 Destiny Energy.

As the the trio fell, three independent notices sounded in Wang Chong's head.

"Hm, Dae Hyeonseok, Dae Insu, and Dae Gyeonhwang..."

Wang Chong was surprised. In Goguryeo, commanders whose name were granted the title of 'Great' possessed superior standing to their peers.

Regardless of what their surname was before, upon reaching that rank, they would be addressed as Dae, such as Dae Hyeonseok. This reflected their standing within Goguryeo.

"Dae Hyeonseok, this name sounds a little familiar!"

Frowning, Wang Chong fell into deep thought. Soon, he suddenly recalled something. Dae Hyeonseok, wasn't that the Koguryoan name of the Goguryeon warrior Li Jiuhuan, who led a huge group of Goguryeon warriors to raid the northeast of Great Tang, resulting in massive unease among the populace back then?

In that period of chaos within the Central Plains, that person was the most hated Goguryeon warrior amongst the populace living around the Eastern Protectorate Manor. Who knew that he would actually end up dying here?

To think that he would be together with the King Sosurim from the very start. If not for this operation, he would have escaped back to Goguryeo together with King Sosurim after the assassinations and caused great harm on Great Tang's northeast border, Wang Chong thought.

Considering how Dae Hyeonseok, or rather, Li Jiuhuan, had been in Great Tang alongside King Sosurim for so long, it was no wonder why he would eventually lead an army back here and ravage the northeast border.

Too bad he wouldn't be given the opportunity to do so in this life!

But very quickly, Wang Chong's attention turned away from Dae Hyeonseok.

Hahaha, to think that I would actually obtain 5 Destiny Energy. It sure is an unexpected gain!,  Wang Chong chuckled heartily within as he looked at the additional Destiny Energy he had earned.

All he did was to lead a squad of cavalry and charge into the Goguryeons' formation twice before instructing Luo Chong to shoot an arrow, and yet, he had already earned 5 Destiny Energy.

He knew how hard it was to earn Destiny Energy, and so far, this 5 Destiny Energy had been the easiest to earn. He had practically obtained them just by speaking a few words!

Given Wang Chong's current strength, it would have been impossible for him to kill any of those three Profound Martial realm Goguryeon commanders and obtain this Destiny Energy. If it were on any other occasion, he would surely flee as far as he could. This time, he had benefited from the efforts of the Imperial Army that the royal court dispatched, as well as his Uncle Li Lin.

It's a pity that this is a one-time only event. There won't be such opportunities in the future anymore!, Wang Chong thought regretfully.

Enemy commanders would never appear alone, By their sides were always huge armies of elites.

Killing them was never, and would never be, an easy task!

With this operation, the Goguryeons had suffered a severe blow. They would be unable to conduct assassinations or the like within the capital for a short period of time. At the same time, the other nations, such as those from the Western Regions, would be deterred from plotting any schemes.

In other words, such easy Destiny Energy would be the first and the last time for him.

But at the very least, Wang Chong did learn a vital piece of news from this.

So it seems that if I kill a commander of a hostile state and change destiny, I'll be able to obtain a bit of Destiny Energy, Wang Chong thought.

In truth, he felt that this was his greatest gain from the operation. As the Stone of Destiny didn't mention such stuff, he had to uncover it himself.

While he only earned a total of five points from this, it was cumulative.

Stacking them up, they would surely form a sizeable harvest!