The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 282

Chapter 282 True Martial Small Dipper

Chapter 282: True Martial Small Dipper

Two days after obtaining the resources and formula Wang Chong sent over, Zhang Shouzhi left his dilapidated residence.

He gathered a huge group of builders, craftsmen, and talents in the field of construction in the capital, and the whole group of them began marching for Great Tang's southwest.

Departing along with them was a sum of several hundred thousand gold taels, and a platoon of guards dispatched by the Wang Clan.

Zhangchou Jianqiong and Xianyu Zhongtong had already informed the various authorities concerning the issue, so there should be someone to receive them once they arrived at their destination.

After resolving this issue, Wang Chong turned his attention back to his cultivation.



In his simple but elegantly-designed study, Wang Chong was currently seated quietly on the floor, cultivating.

A surge of powerful aura emanated from him. It was significantly stronger now than it was several days ago.

Even though Wang Chong had only just reached Origin Energy Tier 9 pinnacle, the aura he emanated carried traces of a True Martial realm expert.

At this moment, Wang Chong's consciousness was immersed in the inner state of his body, and his concentration was put into his GuanyuanBeijueFengping, Luanli, and two other acupoints.

Origin Energy with a width an eye could hardly perceive flowed through Wang Chong's body, and like a river splitting into smaller distributaries, the Origin Energy flowed into these six acupoints and began circulating within them.

True Martial Small Dipper!

That was the name of the tiny circulations within the acupoints that very few knew of!

Under normal circumstances, it would take at least a year or two for an Origin Energy Tier 9 cultivator to reach True Martial realm. Even the most talented martial art genius would take at least half a year.

But of course, there were also extremely rare exceptions such as Wang Chong's little sister, who was born with the Eight Characters of Perfect Yin.

The True Martial Small Dipper was a nifty trick used during the era of catastrophe in Wang Chong's previous life to boost the cultivation realm of an Origin Energy realm to True Martial realm in the fastest way possible.

But even during that era, only a handful knew of this trick.

As for the present, probably no one except for Wang Chong knew about this.

True Martial realm and Origin Energy realm were fundamentally different.

Of everything, the greatest difference between the two was that all True Martial realm experts were capable of emanating their Origin Energy into the environment and wielding it like a weapon in battle.

This would make their attacks more forceful and destructive. This Origin Energy was also called Stellar Energy.

True Martial realm experts would often wield both their martial halo and Stellar Energy in battle to deal with their enemies. While Stellar Energy was derived from Origin Energy, there was a significant difference between the nature of the two.

Thus, what Wang Chong was doing was utilizing the small, unique circulations of the True Martial Small Dipper to compress his Origin Energy and change its nature, thus converting it into Stellar Energy.

After which, he would make use of the Stellar Energy to temper his body and make himself stronger.

In other words, through the True Martial Small Dipper, Wang Chong could wield a True Martial realm's Stellar Energy. However, the Stellar Energy formed through this technique was limited in quantity.

Nevertheless, it would still allow him to stand toe-to-toe with any True Martial realm expert for a short period of time.

Congratulations user. For the successful research on superior rice, you are awarded 50 Destiny Energy!

Just as Wang Chong was in the midst of his cultivation, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his head. At the same time, something seemed to have seeped into his brain, leaving Wang Chong with a sensation as though something had changed.


Surprised, Wang Chong slowly opened his eyes, and a gleam reminiscent of the stars in the night sky flashed across his eyes.

"What's going on? 50 Destiny Energy, isn't that a little too much?"

Wang Chong was bewildered by the situation that had occurred.

He was intending to spend the entire day cultivating when such a change abruptly happened.

"It hasn't been long, but there are already some results to Zhang Munian's research already?"

In the blink of an eye, many thoughts flashed across Wang Chong's mind, leaving him perplexed. But regardless, one thing was for surethis was surely Zhang Munian's doing.

It had only been four to five months since Zhang Munian had arrived at Jiaozhi, but he had already met with some success in finding a feasible hybrid rice. This was truly inconceivable.

One must know that this step could easily take four to five years in his previous world.

Is this due to Jiaozhi's unique climate?, Wang Chong thought.

To Great Tang, Jiaozhi could be considered a remote countryside. However, it was indeed the ideal location for the cultivation of crops.

Sunlight was plenty there, and the weather was gentle as well. Crops could typically enjoy three harvests a year, as compared to the usual annual one in most places. It was no mistake to call Jiaozhi a paradise for farmers.

On top of that, with Wang Chong pointing out the general direction, Zhang Munian managed to avoid many unnecessary steps as well. But even so, four to five months was an impressive result.

"That fellow sure is working hard!"

Suddenly realizing something, Wang Chong sighed. The letter received from Li Zhuxin previously mentioned that Zhang Munian had been spending all of his time on the fields ever since arriving at Jiaozhi, be it eating or sleeping.

The only reason why there was significant progress in such a short period of time was due to his tenacity.

But still, given how the words 'superior rice' appeared in the notice instead of 'hybrid rice', Zhang Munian probably hasn't succeeded yet. I wonder how much has he raised the yield by, Wang Chong thought.

The existence of martial arts and a system of cultivation in this world allowed top-notch experts to wield destructive might on par with the gods, but it was a pity that no amount of brute force could possibly work on the research of rice.

Thus, despite the incredible military might that each empire wielded, the crop harvest was still severely limited. It was far from the one mu to two to three thousand jin proportion in Wang Chong's previous world.

(1 mu = 0.0667 hectare, 1 jin = 0.5kg)

And without sufficient rations, it was impossible for the population of a country to expand by too much. As such, the population of the entire Central Plains was only around 50 million.

This was far from the one billion in his previous world.

This was also the reason why Wang Chong sought Zhang Munian to resolve this problem. In that future battlefield, manpower and rations would become the key to their survival.

"... However, this reward is still too generous. It's just a superior rice breedfar from comparing to hybrid riceand yet I could already receive 50 Destiny Energy. Truly inconceivable!"

Rather than Zhang Munian's speed, Wang Chong was more surprised by the reward he received.

That was 50 Destiny Energy!

According to Wang Chong's memory, he didn't even earn that much through changing his clan's fate and interfering in the regional commanders incident.

Could Zhang Munian's contribution in uncovering a superior rice really be more important than the regional commanders incident and the survival of the entire Wang Clan?

A bizarre expression appeared on Wang Chong face, and no words could put his current emotions into words.

He had to put himself at great risk for the matter with Yao Guang Yi and the regional commanders incident, but the rewards he earned from them couldn't even compare with the primary success of Zhang Munian's research in Jiaozhi.

This put him at a loss for words.

I guess it's the scale after all...

After a moment of contemplation, Wang Chong came up with a theory.

The matter surrounding the Vast Crane Pavilion only affects the Wang Clan. Put it against the entire Great Tang, and it means nothing much at all. On the other hand, the matter regarding the regional commanders clearly had far-reaching impact. As such, the reward from it is slightly greater. If I had been able to resolve it perfectly, the reward from it should be comparable to this.

As for Zhang Munian's research... food is the foundation of all civilization. His work will affect the survival and development of many generations to come, and there's nothing else that can compare to this. If this hadn't just been a primary success in his research, the reward would probably be even greater than this", Wang Chong reasoned delightedly.

This 50 Destiny Energy was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. But more importantly, Zhang Munian hadn't successfully bred a hybrid rice yet.

In other words, Wang Chong still stood to earn a huge amount of Destiny Energy from this!

This was the easiest gain Wang Chong had received ever since his reincarnation. He had received a total of 50 Destiny Energy from the Consort Taizhen incident and regional commanders incident, and after the Second World Constraint, he still had 15 left.

Following which, he earned another 25 Destiny Energy from encircling the Goguryeons, and killing their three heads and King Sosurim.

Adding this 50 Destiny Energy to the total sum, Wang Chong had 90 Destiny Energy with him at the moment!

This was a substantial fortune!

Just the thought of it left Wang Chong excited.

"With so much Destiny Energy, I'll be able to trade for that item."

Recalling something, Wang Chong swiftly connected with the Destiny Stone in his head, and amidst the five bundle of lights representing Heart, Body, Breath, Art, and State, Wang Chong approached the second bundle of light representing Body.

When he saw the armor, Destiny Struggler, once more, his heart leaped excitedly, and for a moment, he fell into a daze.

"I wonder how powerful Destiny Struggler will be!"

Two wills fought within Wang Chong's mind as he struggled with the decision on whether he should redeem his Destiny Energy for Destiny Struggler.

Steed, weapon, and armor, these were the three key tools one must have on a battlefield.

Wang Chong had an excellent steed and a powerful weapon, but he hadn't found a fitting armor yet.

The price for redeeming Destiny Struggler was 80 Destiny Energy. With Wang Chong's current points, he could procure it. But soon, he decided against it.

"It won't be too long before the Third World Constraint strikes. If I were unable to earn sufficient Destiny Energy before then, I might just end up getting killed by it."

Reluctant as he was, Wang Chong took a deep breath and resolutely tore away his gaze. Flipping through the various rewards, he noticed something additional to the list.

"Gold Organs!"

This was the newest reward the Destiny Stone had to offer. The requirement for its appearance was a total accumulated earning of 100 Destiny Energy. In Wang Chong's mind, the explanation for the Gold Organs was

Gold Organs can significantly strengthen the various organs of a martial artist, allowing his organs to be able to endure greater pressure and shock waves. At the same time, it also enhances the intimacy between the martial artist and the world's Origin Energy. This would greatly enhance the martial artist's Origin Energy absorption and recovery speed.

30 Destiny Energy is required for redemption.

The Gold Organs could improve the rate of absorption and recovery of one's Origin Energy, and this was exactly what Wang Chong needed at the moment.

Thus, without any hesitation, Wang Chong immediately purchased the Gold Organs.

Soon, a dense surge of energy, reminiscent of boiling water, gushed into Wang Chong's body, filling his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, stomach, and other organs.