The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 296

Chapter 296 Deflecting Blade Manor

Chapter 296: Deflecting Blade Manor

As the first base constructed for the recruits of Kunwu Training Camp, Wang Chong was extremely particular about its renovation.

And fortunately, he had achieved the intended effect.

As the group was looking around the residence, Wang Chong turned around to look at an armored guard beside him. He vaguely recalled the other party's name to be Huang QiuUncle Li Lin had once told him about him. Huang Qiu was an extremely reliable man, and everything in here was taken care of by him. "Have you prepared what I asked?"

"Gongzi, everything is ready," Huang Qiu replied respectfully.

Wang Chong nodded. "Lead the way."

A few pieces of six chi long white paper were placed just in front of the entrance of the main hall, and an old man stood respectfully there.

Placed beside the papers was a huge pail of ink.

When Wang Chong walked to the entrance of the main hall, he immediately caught everyone's attention. Zhao Jingdian, Zhuang Zhengping, Chi Weisi, Xu Qi, Gao Feng, Nie Yan, Chen Burang, and Sun Zhiming immediately joined him.

Their expectant eyes were all centered on Wang Chong.

"Bring me my brush!" Wang Chong said as he stretched out his hand.

"Gongzi!" A guard by the side immediately presented a huge brush into Wang Chong's hands.

The atmosphere abruptly became grave.

Since the construction and renovation were complete, going by the traditions, the owner of the residence should confer a name upon the residence.

But everyone knew that the significance of this event went further than that.

Holding onto the massive brush, Wang Chong fell into deep contemplation.

Ever since his reincarnation, this was the first time he was stepping forward to present the Wang Clan and himself to the world.

This residence, as well as base, held a deep significance to him.

As an idea came to his mind, Wang Chong dabbed the massive brush into the ink pail.

"Through military strategy, we confer the peace of the nation!"

"Through martial power, we toughen ourselves to guard the world!"

Seventeen massive words were sprawled majestically over the huge papers. Wang Chong's standard script was hard to look at, but his cursive script was another story.

The core to the cursive script was emotion, and skills played a secondary role.

These two lines consisting of seventeen words harnessed Wang Chong's ideology. Even though they couldn't be considered the work of a true master, they carried an air of grandeur about them.

"Those commanding an army must not be oblivious to military stratagem! Kunwu Training Camp is a cradle for generals, not soldiers. The main responsibility of a general is to deflect all blades directed toward the nation and usher in peace. Thus, this residence shall be known as Deflecting Blade Manor!" Wang Chong said as his brush flew across the paper, jotting down his beliefs.

As these words were written down, everyone's heart jolted as they felt the strong intentions behind those words.

Deflecting Blade Manor, a base built for fending off all attack!

Wang Chong failed to achieve this goal in his previous life, and this was one of his greatest regrets. That was why he returned here once more, to achieve what he had failed in.

Glory, wealth, prestige, power... None of this mattered to him anymore. He only had a single goal in mind, and he would pay any price to achieve it.

This was his purpose in life!

In that instant, a powerful aura suddenly burst forth from Wang Chong. It didn't come from the fifteen-year-old him, but the war god who dominated innumerable battlefields, the final Grand Marshal of the Central Plains!

In that instant, the entire Deflecting Blade Manor fell silent.

Seeing the words on the paper and the powerful disposition Wang Chong emanated, everyone fell into a momentary daze.

Even the Imperial Army guards were stunned for an instant.

The disposition that Wang Chong carried was simply too powerful. Even the foreign steel cavalry trembled in fear before the war god of the Central Plains, needless to say, these ordinary Imperial Army soldiers.

All of the guards, along with Zhao Jingdian, Zhuang Zhengping, Chi Weisi, Sun Zhiming, Chen Burang, and the others, trembled in fear, unable to utter a single word.

Nobody knew what was going on with Wang Chong, but the supreme authority that he commanded and the overwhelming majesty that he exuded was imprinted deeply into their minds.

This powerful might appeared for a split instant before disappearing without a trace. It was as if a massive glacier had shown the tip of its grandeur before submerging back into the ocean.

Wang Chong knew that this wasn't the time to reveal his other identity yet, so he quickly reined himself back.

Wang Chong turned to the old man who was invited here and said, "Old mister, I'll be troubling you to help me paste this up."

"Yes, gongzi." The old man glanced at the two lines written on the paper, and a hint of commendation flashed across his eyes. He respectfully picked up Wang Chong's work and began to carefully paste it up.

Behind Wang Chong, the group finally awoke from their daze.

"Deflecting Blade Manor! A wonderful name!"

"It sure is fitting for a place such as this."

"To think that gongzi would possess aptitude in literature as well."...

The group began uttering praises as soon as they recovered from the previous impact, finding themselves extremely fond of this name.

"It's good that everyone likes it. I believe that through refining our martial arts, we will be able to bring peace to this world. The primary goal of our Kunwu Training Camp is to protect our nation, anyway. If you find yourself some time, feel free to drop by anytime," Wang Chong chuckled.

"Yes, gongzi!" everyone hurriedly replied. Unknowingly, the group was gradually becoming centered around Wang Chong. Regardless of whether it was in terms of strength, standing, reputation, or background, Wang Chong ranked at the very top of the group.

And furthermore, Wang Chong had also used his actions to prove himself.

"Jingdian, this is the name list for the first batch I have decided on. Help me send it out. Soldiers are prized by quality, not quantity. Seven will suffice for the first batch." Wang Chong passed over a name list which he had prepared beforehand over.

Even though Kunwu Training Camp had over a hundred future generals, Wang Chong didn't intend on inviting all of them over at once. After all, progress had to be made a step at a time. Wang Chong wanted to invite the most influential of people over to the Deflecting Blade Manor first.

Once the Deflecting Blade Manor expanded its influence, more people would be willing to join it.

By then, Wang Chong believed that few would reject his invitation.

"Gongzi, will you be imparting military stratagems here?" a voice sounded from behind. Among the crowd, Sun Zhiming was staring at Wang Chong intently, with a blaze in his eyes.

He recalled Wang Chong mentioning 'military strategy' in his calligraphy previously. To become a general, martial arts were secondary to military strategy.

However, this knowledge was mostly centered among the general clans, and Kunwu Training Camp didn't impart this knowledge, either.

Sun Zhiming had looked into this matter for the past few months, and he had ascertained this.

"Un!" Wang Chong nodded. He wasn't surprised by Sun Zhiming's reaction at all. The other party was an inborn military talent, and in his previous life, Zhiming specialized in the unorthodox maneuvering of soldiers to launch sneak attacks.

In a sense, it could be said that Sun Zhiming was awakening to his true nature.

"Those who intend to become a general cannot possibly be unaware of military stratagems. Those who hope to enter the Deflecting Blade Manor will have to pass a basic military strategy examination first," Wang Chong said.

The military strategies present in this world were coarse and superficialat the very least, this was Wang Chong's view. Thus, Wang Chong hoped to use this Deflecting Blade Manor to impart, train, and educate the future rising generals on various military strategies.

By undergoing his training, Wang Chong was confident that they would become even stronger than they had in his previous life.

And this would in turn benefit Great Tang immensely.

As the final Grand Marshal of the Central Plains, Wang Chong faced enemies whose numbers exceeded him by a dozenfold, but even so, he still managed to hang on for several decades and slew an incredible number of foreign invaders.

In terms of military strategies, there was no one in this era who could best him. Even the legendary War God Su Zhengchen fell in defeat to him, needless to say, others.

"Military strategy examination? Lad, your words sure are arrogant!..."

As soon as Wang Chong uttered those words, a voice suddenly sounded outside, and it was closing on them at an incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, several men appeared at the entrance of the main hall.

"Instructor Zhao!"

"Instructor Zhou!"

At the doorstep of the Deflecting Blade Manor, two brawny men dressed in bulky armor walked in with long strides.

Upon seeing the faces of the two, Wang Chong was astonished. To think that Zhao Qianqiu and Zhou Huang would visit his residence!

The former was Wang Chong and Zhao Jingdian's teacher in the training camp, whereas the latter was a life-and-death comrade who went through the Goguryeon assault that night with them.

"Instructors, why are you here?" Surprised, Wang Chong immediately rushed forward to welcome them.

"Haha, I have been interested to see who could be so daring as to build a private residence in such close proximity to Kunwu Training Camp. It seems like my guess is right, it is indeed you!" Zhao Qianqiu laughed heartily.

On the other hand, Zhou Huang also walked up and greeted the group.

"You sure have a lot of bizarre ideas in mind. The royal court is currently clearing the surrounding land, and the Bureau of Work and Court of Judicial Review have already passed laws banning the sales and construction of private residences on the land within a ten li radius of the camp. Yet, to think that you were even faster than them! I heard that the royal court has already passed all rights of this mountain to you, and it's already too late for them to take it back!" Zhou Huang commented with a smile.

"This fellow has always been the type to leap at opportunities, don't you know? In my opinion, the law which the Bureau of Work and Court of Judicial Review passed is targeted right at him. Those bastards from the Court of Judicial Review failed to assess the area properly before, and only after making such a severe mistake did they finally know how to act," Zhao Qianqiu said.

"Instructors, since you know that this is my private residence, don't you think it's not a good idea to speak of this before me?" Wang Chong smiled. The earliest bird catches the worm. As soon as Kunwu Training Camp started functioning, Wang Chong immediately bought this mountain, knowing that it was just a matter of time before the royal court passed down a law banning the sales of land in the surroundings.

"Hehe, where else should we speak of it, if not in front of you? There's no need to get polite with this lad!" Zhao Qianqiu laughed heartily.

Saying that, he casually pulled a rattan chair over and sat down on it. The comfortable texture and cozy seat immediately brought forth praises from him.

"Lad, you said that you were going to hold military strategy examinations a moment ago. You sure talk big. Let me ask you then, do you even know military strategies?" Zhao Qianqiu knocked lightly on the table beside him as he cozied himself on the rattan chair.

"Does Instructor Zhao intend to enlighten me on the subject?" Wang Chong chuckled as he took a seat opposite Zhao Qianqiu.

"It seems like you disagree with my view. It's fine for you kids to spar with one another to refine your martial arts, but to impart military strategy... you'll only lead them down the wrong path. Such a thing cannot be taught so easily. Alright! If you can defeat me, I'll allow you to teach them military stratagems here," Zhao Qianqiu said.

Even though there was a smile on his face, Wang Chong could sense a hint of gravity from Zhao Qianqiu's words.

Clearly, Zhao Qianqiu didn't approve of Wang Chong imparting the essence of military strategies to his peers.

After all, military stratagems were the core of a general!

A single mistake could easily spell the death of countless soldiers. This was the reason why Zhao Qianqiu was the only one who imparted the Art of Commanding throughout the entire Kunwu Training Camp.

Zhao Qianqiu didn't think that Wang Chong was capable of imparting military stratagems. In consideration of Wang Chong's pride, he chose to use such a method to stop him.