The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 30

Chapter 30 King Songs Bestowment

Chapter 30: King Songs Bestowment

Men, bring Third Young Master, Shen Hai and Meng Long to the White Tiger Hall and punish them according to the family rules!

After saying these words, Madam Wang stood up.


Wang Chongs expression turned cold. Shen Hai and Meng Longs complexion also turned awful. The Wang Family was a generals family; the punishments it conducted were not just merely kneeling before the ancestor pedestal or cleaning the rooms.

Even a resilient and tough person would shed a layer of skin from the punishments.

Rarely was punishments used in the Wang Family, but based on Madams expression, she was probably serious about it this time. The two of them did not fear the punishment. After all, they felt that they deserved it. However, Young Master Chong may not be able to endure it.


Theres no need to say anything!

The two of them wanted to plead on Wang Chongs behalf, but they were interrupted by Madam Wang. She had hardened her determination this time to leave Wang Chong with a punishment he would never forget.

Only this way would he remember to think about the consequences before doing anything. For this, she even implicated Shen Hai and Meng Long into the matter.

I have already passed down the orders. Arent you all going to carry it out?

Madam Wang was resolute to go through with it. She stared at the guards by the side and they swiftly ran forward to grab Wang Chong, Shen Hai and Meng Long. From the looks of it, it was impossible to avoid the punishments. But at this moment

Madam Wang! King Song has sent me here to bestow rewards!

A voice suddenly sounded. From afar, an extravagant carriage could be seen traveling toward the Wang Familys residence. After which, a strong-looking middle-aged uniformed guard alighted from the carriage with a red sandalwood box in his hands.

In that moment, the entrance turned silent. Everyones gaze, including Wang Chongs, was fixated on the guard.


Madam Wang stopped abruptly and turned around. An astounded expression appeared on her dignified face:

My husband has already left the capital and before his departure, he had not told me anything about a bestowment or that sort. May I ask the reason behind King Songs bestowment?

Hehe, Madam is mistaken. This bestowment isnt for Lord Wang. King Song had specially sent this over to reward his son, Wang Chong.

The middle-aged guard smiled.


In that instant, countless astonished gazes fell on Wang Chong. Even Madam Wang couldnt help but fall into a momentary daze.

Lord, is it possible for you to be mistaken? King Song had never really met my unworthy son, so why would he suddenly bestow a reward upon him?

Madam Wang asked anxiously. She was unable to grasp the situation.

The Song and Wang Clan had several generations of friendship and their relationship was close. However, the Wang Clan had many descendants and it was impossible for King Song to notice every single one of them. Besides, King Song had much work to attend to and the only possible timing for him to have seen Wang Chong was during his grandfathers birthday. Even so, he only stayed for a brief moment on those occasions.

In the entire Wang Clan, only Wang Chongs father, big uncle and little uncle would meet with King Song often. The other children didnt have many opportunities to see him.

The last time Wang Chong met him was probably seven to eight years ago. It was impossible for him to remember such a matter from such a long time ago. Probably, even if Wang Chong were to stand before King Song at this moment, he wouldnt be able to recognize him. If so, why would he suddenly bestow a reward upon him?

Hehe, Im not too sure about the matter as well. However, King Song had clearly delegated me that this item is to be bestowed upon your son, Wang Chong. King Song had said that your son has overwhelming talents and a worldly view that surpassed others. He has high expectations of him and he thinks that he would make it big in the future.

The middle-aged guard looked at Wang Chong in commendation.


The moment he said those words, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar. All the guards, old nannies, servants, and maids looked at Wang Chong in astonishment.

Even Madam Wang turned around to look at Wang Chong in disbelief. She couldnt believe that this was an evaluation from King Song on her incapable, trouble-making, unfilial son.

Madam Wang rarely interfered in the matters of the royal court, but she knew that King Song did not easily compliment others. Yet, he gave such a high opinion of Wang Chong.

Thats weird? Why would King Song remember me?

Wang Chong was even more curious about this matter than anyone else. He didnt remember doing anything that was worthy of King Songs praises. In fact, he had never met King Song before.

But soon, Wang Chong remembered the incident yesterday.

Hehe, looks like Lord Lu played a big role in this matter.

Wang Chong came to a realization and he smiled.

His father had already left the capital and the only one who would speak up on his behalf before King Song was only that Lord Lu. It seemed like he didnt waste his effort trying to perform before the other party.

Mother, I didnt went out to fool about this morning. See, even King Song has complimented me.

Wang Chong hurriedly stood up and grinned.

This was a godsent opportunity. If he didnt make use of this chance well, he would have wasted the effort King Song had put into the matter.

Madam Wang glared at Wang Chong. Even though she didnt know what was going on, it wasnt appropriate for her to reprimand Wang Chong before King Songs envoy.

Hurry up and thank King Song!

Madam Wang said coldly.

Thank you, envoy!

Wang Chong hurriedly stepped forward and bowed, I will also have to trouble you to thank King Song on my behalf.

Hehe, Chong gongzi, youre being too courteous.

Everyone was dumbfounded by the sight. They thought that the Third Young Master would not be able to escape this calamity, but he ended up being saved by King Song in the end.

Wang Chong did not daze on the spot. He made use of this hard-to-come-by opportunity to find an excuse to escape after taking hold of the box.

After returning to his own room, Wang Chong shut the door, poured himself a cup of tea and slowly sipped on it. Then, he heaved a long sigh of relief. Slowly, his emotions calmed down.

King Songs envoy had already left and his mother brought all of the maids, servants, and old nannies back into the residence to rest. Tranquility fell upon the Wang Family Residence once more. Wang Chong had finally found the time to contemplate the future.

He had already settled the issue with his father. Also, he had also received the funds to kickstart his plan for the Hyderabad ores, and little Wei Hao was helping him to look for suitable craftsmen. The Wootz steel weapons werent something that could be done in a moment, and until then, he didnt have much to do.

Now, its time for me to raise my abilities!

Wang Chong thought as he sipped on the tea.

In his previous life, Wang Chong had experienced that earth-shaking catastrophe and as such, he understood that it wasnt something that could be solved by the strength of an individual.

The rage of a peasant destroys a household, but the anger of an emperor forms a river of blood. Only upon reaching the top of the Central Plains could he change destiny for Great Tang to cope with the impending catastrophe.

Thus, Wang Chong had decided to climb to the higher echelons of the royal court. Only by changing his clan and the empire could he change the path of fate to achieve his goals.

In comparison to that, the strength of an individual was insignificant.

However, this didnt mean that ones fighting prowess was unimportant!

If he wanted to join the upper echelons to wield sufficient authority to change the entire empire, he had to possess strength unparalleled by others.

In the Central Plains, in the Great Tang Empire, strength was the basis of everything.

Furthermore, today, when he was with Wei Hao, Wei Hao was able to easily push him down. This very fact further motivated Wang Chong into action.

Just like what Wei Hao said, perhaps he should start working hard.

The metal has to be sufficiently tough before a weapon can be forged from it. If he lacked strength, everything else was just empty talk.

For the next few days, I will remain at home to train diligently!

Wang Chong made up his mind.

There was no one else in the room. After resting for a moment, Wang Chongs attention was diverted onto the small box which King Song had someone sent over.

I wonder what King Song gave me.

Fondling the box, Wang Chong suddenly felt curious.

King Song was a member of the royal clan. This kind of people was exceptionally particular about rewarding and punishing others. They would never easily bestow a gift upon others, but if they did, the gift was likely to be extremely generous. The item he had someone to send to him was probably quite valuable as well.

Even though the Song Clan and Wang Clan had three generations of friendship, that was mostly limited to the older generation rather than the current younger generation.

This was the first time Wang Chong was receiving a present from King Song.

I should hurry up and open it.

At this, Wang Chong couldnt suppress his curiosity any further. He placed the box on the table and unhooked the hidden lock on top of it, click! The box was opened.


As soon as Wang Chong lifted the cover up, he caught the scent of a deep refreshing scent. He couldnt help but take a deep whiff of it.

Its a pill!

A thought flashed through Wang Chongs head. He was overjoyed. Amidst the deep medicinal aroma, Wang Chong caught the scent of sulfur and lead.

These two happened to be ingredients required for forging pills. Without a doubt, King Song had bestowed upon him an extremely valuable pill.

Wang Chong abruptly opened the box and saw a round and dense-looking pill that resembled lead sitting on top of a golden silk cloth placed at the bottom of the box. The pill emitted the glow of a metal.

On the surface of the thumb-size pill, Wang Chong could see many minuscule and exquisite green inscription and moire pattern, granting it a mysterious look.

Body Tempering Pill!

Wang Chong was overjoyed. The pill King Song gave him was actually the valuable and rare Body Tempering Pill. This was the pill beginner martial artists used to cultivate their origin energy and raise their inner energy. It was a precious pill which all rookie martial artists dreamt of.

Wang Chong had long wanted to buy a Body Tempering Pill for himself, but it was a pity that the Wang Familys financial ability was much too lacking for that. Furthermore, apothecaries were rare and usually only served the empires royalty. As for the others, and that was including the nobles, they were unable to afford it at all.

In fact, these apothecaries rarely appeared before others. Even a distinguished clan like the Wang Clan would find it difficult to meet them.

Wang Chong didnt expect that King Song would give him such a precious Body Tempering Pill.

Great! With this pill, I can start to cultivate the Dragon Bone Art!

Looking at that pill, Wang Chong recalled an ultimate skill. That skill was extremely difficult to learn and grasp. Furthermore, it takes a very long time for its effects to show through. As such, Wang Chong did not intend to train it in the first place.

However, everything was different with this Body Tempering Pill.

In the hands of others, this Body Tempering Pill could only raise a persons physical abilities, making his body even more powerful and resilient. However, Wang Chong could unleash the full effectiveness of it.

This would also be useful for later on, when he entered the Kunwu Training Camp.

Looks like I have to get the steward to prepare some herbs for me

Wang Chong thought.

The art of pill making in this spacetime continuum was unique. Large amounts of lead, mercury, sulfur, and metal were included in pills. The pills made of these ingredients were lethal poison to the average human. Not only would they not grow stronger upon consuming these pills, they might even die.

However, it was an entirely different matter for martial artists. A suitable amount of lead, mercury, and sulfur would strengthen a martial artists bones and tendons significantly.

Wang Chong wasnt strong enough yet. He needed to borrow the properties of some herbs to neutralize the poison in the Body Tempering Pill slightly before he was able to consume it.


As he thought so, Wang Chong placed the Body Tempering Pill back into the box and shut the lid.