The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 300

Chapter 300

Translated by StarveCleric
Edited by RED

Chapter 300: Duel Between the Two Tigers!

The feeling this Hu young man gave Wang Chong was very different from the others around him. The others only viewed him with enmity, but in this one, he could feel animosity.

This wasn't just at the level of differing views, something must have happened between them in the past.

But Wang Chong couldn't recall seeing this person before.

Wang Chong had never really come into contact with the Hu in the capita. But even so, he had an inkling of the other party's identity.

There is a strict requirement that limits those who can enter Kunwu Training Camp. On top of that, there aren't too many Hu who dare to provoke me despite knowing my identity.

Wang Chong had some guesses as to who the Hu young man before him was.

Ignoring the Hu young man, Wang Chong walked across the group and to Chen Burang's side. Squatting down, he placed two fingers on Chen Burang's neck to check his condition.

"... Chen Burang has fainted from his severe injuries. We want to bring him out, but those group of people obstructed our path," Gao Feng and Nie Yan spoke in shame.

"We came here right after hearing the news, but it seems like the other party was intentionally luring us in to blow up the matter. Right after we arrived, they brought in even more reinforcements and overpowered us."

Chi Weisi added. Judging from his swollen face, he had also suffered quite a bit under the Hu.

"Gongzi, be careful. I recognize this man, he is Abutong, the second son of Great Hu General Abusi. Those men beside him are the elites of the Tongluo Tribe. From birth, those from the Tongluo Tribe choose a colt to accompany them for life. They treat their horses just like their closest kin, so their horses also gain human traits. As such, the Tongluo horses are known to be untamable by anyone except for those from the Tongluo Tribe. The Tongluo are famed to be the strongest cavalry in the world. These people won't be easy to deal with!" Zhuang Zhengping whispered with a grim expression.

The Chi Clan was known for their steel guards, whereas the Zhuang Clan was known for their steel cavalry. Naturally, he had a good grasp of the various elite troops in the world.

But even the elite steel cavalry which the Zhuang Clan took pride in couldn't compare with the elite cavalry of the Tongluo Tribe.

The Tongluo cavalry had to adhere to an extremely strict regimen and discipline, and in terms of how they treated their war steeds, the Zhuang Clan couldn't even begin to compare to them.

For one, every single Tongluo steed grew up with a Tongluo youth, and the both of them shared a very strong relationship. On top of that, their steeds were dressed in a close-fitting armor which shielded them from head to toe.

Just the cost of these armors in itself could easily range up to tens of thousands of gold.

Not even the Zhuang Clan could afford such an expenditure.

Before allying with Great Tang, the Tongluo Tribe served as mercenaries, and the money they earned was devoted to crafting such armor for their steeds.

At the same time, members of the Tongluo Tribe were also very adept at battle. The first food that newborn members of the Tongluo Tribe ate was raw food dripping with blood.

At seven years old, they would be expected to hunt wild wolves alone.

Their entire tribe took pride in combat, and it was a glory in itself to die in battle!

Furthermore, the members of the Tongluo Tribe also had a unique set of fighting and cultivation techniques. These were further refined over several millennia years of battle, and they were only passed down within their group.

As such, all members of Tongluo Tribe possessed extraordinary strength.

But even so, the members of the Tongluo Tribe were very limited. Due to long years of standing on the frontlines, the Tongluo Tribe faced as astonishingly high death toll in war.

To date, there were only around thirty thousand Tongluo warriors!

But nevertheless, this army of thirty thousand struck fear deep into both enemies and allies alike, thus allowing Abusi to rise to the position of a Hu great general!

Even the Zhuang Clan was filled with awe for the Tongluo cavalry.

They were true warriors of the battlefield!

Hearing Zhuang Zhengping's words, Wang Chong thought, As I expected, it's indeed him!

He had never come into contact with Abutong. The Tongluo Tribe formed a small faction themselves, and they didn't come into contact with anyone else. Besides Wang Chong, it was the same for the other clans in the capital, as well.

The members of the Tongluo Tribe were extremely strong, so there were many who respected them. However, Wang Chong didn't have a high opinion of them.

The Tongluo Tribe had allied themselves with Great Tang in the era of Emperor Taizong.

The Tongluo cavalry didn't join the ranks of Great Tang because their beliefs were aligned with them or anything. Rather, Emperor Taizong had forcefully annexed them with his powerful army.

Back then, not even the Eastern and Western Turkic Khaganate was a match for the militaristic Emperor Taizong, needless to say thirty thousand Tongluo men.

Judging their current plight, they chose to submit to Great Tang.

And in the time in between, the members of the Tongluo Tribe did contribute much to the empire. However, this was just a means for survival.

Wang Chong knew that the Tongluo Tribe would eventually betray Great Tang.

Considering how the Tongluo Tribe were forced into Great Tang at the very start, it wasn't surprising that they would eventually betray Great Tang. However, what Wang Chong couldn't accept was their action of massacring the civilians of Great Tang right after their betrayal.

As such, Wang Chong truly couldn't find the slightest goodwill for the Tongluo Tribe.

"Hmph, Zhuang Zhengping, you sure do know us well!" On the other hand, Abusi sneered coldly. With their target appearing, their goal had been achieved.

"Wang gongzi, I have long heard of your name. It's a pity that our first meeting turned out like that, but your men have injured my men. How do you think we should resolve this issue?"


"What did you say?"

"Gongzi, don't listen to their nonsense. They are lying!"...

Wang Chong's group immediately became agitated, and they cursed angrily.

"Don't panic." Raising a hand, Wang Chong halted them. His demeanor was composed, and he seemed to carry a kind of charisma that induced trust in him.

Leadership seemed to flow from Wang Chong naturally.

Wang Chong placed a pill into Chen Burang mouth, and the pill immediately dissolved as soon as it came into contact with the latter's saliva. Chen Burang's face slowly regained a red glow, and his breathing also gradually stabilized. Only then did Wang Chong finally stand up.

He turned his head to stare at Abutong and the group of Tongluo youths around him coldly. Even though Abutong had expected hostility from Wang Chong, he still couldn't help but stiffen upon seeing the latter's eyes.

"Abutong, you injured my man. What should we do?" Wang Chong didn't bother explaining himself at all. Staring right at Abutong, a powerful disposition flowed from him.

"Hmph!" Abutong froze for a moment before sneering coldly.

"Didn't you hear my words? It's your men who injured my men! It's your men who took our Spirit Gathering Formation! Wang gongzi, don't you think that you should compensate us?" Abutong stepped forward. Peng! A dark green Halo of Thorns appeared from his body.

"Ah!" A commotion immediately broke out amidst the crowd. Even Zhuang Zhengping and Chi Weisi were alarmed, and they subconsciously took a step back.

True Martial realm halo!

Abutong had actually reached True Martial realm!

Only then did they realize that Abutong had been concealing his cultivation when crossing hands with them.

"Bastard!" the duo cursed furiously. Deep within, they were even more sure that Abutong was using them as a bait to lure Wang Chong over.

"Wang gongzi, I heard that you regard us Hu very lowly. Is that the reason why you sent your men to humiliate us and steal our Spirit Gathering Formation? If you don't give us an explanation for this matter, don't even think of leaving here today!"

Staring at the young man before him, Abutong felt a surge of exhilaration which he had never experienced before. There were too many factors restraining his father in the royal court, so despite being humiliated by the regional commanders incident, he couldn't redress his grievances.

But now, Abutong had a chance to teach the culprit a lesson he would never forget with his own hands!

"Abutong, it just happens that I was thinking the same. If you don't give me an explanation, don't even dream of leaving here!" Wang Chong also slowly took two steps forward. A dangerous glint flashed across his eyes as he glared at Abutong.

Chen Burang was injured because of him.

Wang Chong had an extremely good impression of this innocent young hunter, and the latter also played a crucial role in his future plans.

The latter would become the most capable Great Tang master archer general in the future.

And a man who devoted his entire life to archery couldn't possibly excel in close combat as well. These Tongluo youths had merely taken advantage of his weakness.

It was due to Wang Chong that Chen Burang was harassed by these people.

If Wang Chong didn't cut this problem off from the stem, such matters would only continue to happen.

After all, it must be known that Abutong wasn't the only Hu in the capital!

Wang Chong knew what Abutong was up to, but if the latter thought he could take him down just because his cultivation had reached True Martial realm, then he couldn't be any more mistaken than that.

"Hmph! Seems like talk won't get us anywhere!" Abutong sneered. It was in his favor how Wang Chong refused to go along with him. If Wang Chong had decided to compensate him with money or pills instead, he would be put in a spot instead.

But since Wang Chong was still keeping his head up high at this moment, he need not beat around the bush.

"Hmph, this works fine with me too. We of the Tongluo Tribe have always settled conflicts with our fist. We don't win wars with our mouths!" Abutong stepped forward, and an imposing aura flowed from him.

"Wang Chong, as long as you can defeat me, I'll can treat it as if nothing has happened before. Otherwise, you can placate my wrath with your body, and I can drop the matter too!"


The Tongluo youths behind him burst into laughter.

This was their true motive. Their goal had been Wang Chong all along.


Everyone's faces flushed in anger behind Wang Chong.

Wang Chong raised a hand to stop the crowd behind him.

"Sounds fair to me." Even though Wang Chong's words were calm, a fiery blaze was burning in the depths of his eyes.

"Conflicts that words cannot settle should naturally be settled with fists."


In that instant, the laughter in the area vanished. All of the Tongluo youths, including Abutong, stared at Wang Chong with bizarre gazes.

They didn't expect the belief of this young Han man to be aligned with theirs.

From the very start, this was a world where the strong reigned mighty!