The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 302

Chapter 302

Translated by StarveCleric
Edited by RED

Chapter 302: Eight Steps of the Furious Flood Dragon!

The fearsome, bloody edges weren't just directed toward Wang Chong. Even the others standing behind him were within its area of attack.

This was a habit of the Tongluo Tribe.

The members of the Tongluo Tribe would never hold back. As long as they could slaughter their enemies, they had no qualms regarding the means.

This was the same for duels amongst the members of the Tongluo Tribe themselves.

No one would hold back in a battle, so the fight between fellow Tongluo Tribe members tended to be extremely intense as well. In fact, there was a significant number of casualties each year as a result.

Abutong's move had embroiled everyone within it.

"This move won't work on me!"

Seeing the huge number of bloody edges sealing every single inch of space around him, Wang Chong began chuckling instead. In the next instant, without any warning, Wang Chong flicked his fingers, and sou!, sword qi that was as thin as a spider's net but extended over a length of a dozen zhang shot out from his ten fingers.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of sword qi were shot out, and all of them struck multiple bloody edges accurately.

The sharp bloody edges immediately broke apart like fragile glass upon encountering Wang Chong's sword qi. In just a few breaths, Wang Chong had already shattered all of the dangerous bloody edges in the air.

This was the result of Wang Chong's diligence during this period of time!

Wang Chong had continuously tempered his sword qi, compressing them and bulking them up over and over again... And the final result was that he was able to easily shoot a dozen sword qi from his fingers, and perfectly control the angle and force of every single one of them, as well.

Abutong's Tongluo secret art was formidable, but it was not worth a mention before Wang Chong's Art of Life Massacre.

Hong long!

Just as Wang Chong shattered every single bloody edges in the surroundings, a powerful fist suddenly tore through space and crushed down on him.

Abutong possessed sharp instincts that allowed him to see and seize all possible opportunities to destroy his opponent. Even though his thousands of bloody edges had been shattered, Abutong still gained an opportunity to get into close quarters with the real Wang Chong and land a fist on him.

"If this is what you wish!" Wang Chong chuckled. To everyone's astonishment, instead of dodging, Wang Chong raised his fist and faced Abutong's fearsome punch instead.

"Gongzi!" From behind, Zhuang Zhengping and Xu Qi's heart tightened, and their lips turned dry. No one could have thought that Wang Chong would actually face Abutong straight-on.

Given that Wang Chong's cultivation realm was beneath Abutongs, and his movement technique was far superior to the latter, the logical course of action should be to dodge!

Yet, Wang Chong chose the most disadvantageous option.

Hong long!

A powerful shock wave surged through the area, and before everyone's astounded gaze, Wang Chong's arm trembled for a moment before catching Abutong's fist perfectly.


Abutong's face twisted in astonishment.

"Impossible!" Abutong stared at Wang Chong in disbelief. He knew the depths of his strength, and even a True Martial realm 1-dan expert would find it difficult to withstand his blow, needless to say, an Origin Energy realm martial artist.

Yet, Wang Chong actually managed to withstand his attack!

... How could something like this happen?

The powerful rebound he felt from his arm further amplified his shock. Abutong had gone through many battles, but he had never met such a situation before.

"How could this fellow be so strong!!"

The Tongluo Tribe members behind Abutong was completely astonished by the sight before them. They were even more stupefied than Abutong by this conclusion.

Abutong was the young master of their Tongluo Tribe, and he possessed incredible talents.

No one could have expected Wang Chong to be able to withstand Abutong's attack.

Faced with such an unexpected situation, they began to panic.

Before this, they possessed no doubt about Abutong's victory, but at this moment, their faith was shaking.

"Hmph! Abutong, you're too arrogant. It can't be that you thought that you were the strongest person in this training camp?"

As Wang Chong's fist kept Abutong firmly at bay, he gazed upon the latter's astonishment nonchalantly, as if he had expected all of this.

After mastering Might of the Barbaric God, Wang Chong was able to call upon the Incarnation of the Barbaric God, allowing him to rival a True Martial realm expert in terms of strength.

Even though his stamina was still lacking in comparisonafter all, the gap between an Origin Energy realm and True Martial realm couldn't be breached that easilyit was still more than enough for him to withstand a blow from Abutong.


With a burst of Stellar Energy, Wang Chong jolted Abutong away, and the both of them pulled apart.

"Since you have made your move, it should be my turn now." A confident smirk surfaced on Wang Chong's lips as he looked at Abutong. With that previous clash, Wang Chong had gained a good idea of Abutong's fighting style, the might of his halo, his speed, and his reflexes.

So, it was time for him to retaliate.

"Abutong, if you can withstand this attack from me, I'll admit that I'm not a match for you!"

Before Abutong's astonished gaze, Wang Chong exerted the strongest secret art he had at his disposalor perhaps, even the strongest secret art within the Origin Energy realm!

If he couldn't even defeat Abutong with this move, it would basically mean that he would be unable to defeat the latter at all.

"Eight Steps of the Furious Flood Dragon!..."

Wang Chong stepped forward, and a tempestuous aura suddenly burst forth from him. The incredible energy from it twisted even space itself.

All anyone saw was the flicker of a shadow when Wang Chong disappeared right before their eyes.

"Shit!" A strong sense of danger suddenly struck Abutong's heart. This was the first time he had felt threatened throughout the fight. Without any hesitation, Abutong immediately summoned yet another set of thousand bloody edges and shot them in the surroundings.

But nevertheless, Abutong was still too late.

Peng peng peng peng!

Eight deafening explosions boomed in the air. But unlike the previous time where the fist imprints scattered in the surroundings, all of the punches were aimed at the same point!


Vaguely, one could see eight flood dragons rampaging in the surroundings. Before anyone could fully comprehend what was going on, a loud cry echoed. The Stellar Energy surrounding Abutong, along with the thousand dangerous bloody edge around him, were shattered by the frenzied might of the eight blows instantaneously.

And after crushing the layer of Stellar Energy around Abutong, the furious might crashed heavily into him. Abutong could barely yell out before he was crushed down into the ground by Wang Chong's Eight Steps of the Furious Flood Dragon.

"This is bad!"

"Young master!"

"Hurry up and stop him!"

The faces of the dozen Tongluo youths immediately warped in astonishment. Without any hesitation, they charged forward in an attempt to save Abutong.

"If anyone dares to move, I'll kill him!"

With a flash of shadow, Wang Chong leaped across space and sat on top of Abutong. Holding the latter down with his left hand, he raised his right hand and punched Abutong heavily.

Fearful that Wang Chong would really injure their young master, they could only stop.

"Wang Chong! You dare!" Savagery flashed across Huorja's eyes. With Abutong held captive, he had become the Tongluo youths' de facto leader.

Huorja also never expected such an outcome, but regardless of the situation, he had to get his young master back safely.

"Wang Chong, if our young master suffers any injury, you won't be able to withstand the wrath of our Tongluo Tribe!..." Huorja threatened with fury burning in his eyes.

The Tongluo Tribe did take pride in dying in battle, but that didn't mean that they didn't value the lives of their tribesmen. If Wang Chong dared to do anything to Abutong, the thirty thousand Tongluo elites would surely charge up to the Wang Clan and make them regret this dearly.

"Hmph!" Hearing Huorja's words, Wang Chong's eyes turned cold, and rage rose in his chest. He had long heard that the Tongluo Tribe often threatened others with the might of their cavalry in the capital.

Even the scions of powerful clans weren't spared from this.

After all, the Tongluo was a warrior clan. To avoid unnecessary trouble, most would choose to stay out of their path. But it was a pity that they had encountered the wrong opponent.

"Hmph! Are you all planning to revolt?" Grabbing Abutong by his neck, Wang Chong lifted the latter up from the ground. An incredibly cold aura suddenly burst forth from him, turning the atmosphere so frigid as if it was the middle of winter. Even Xu Qi, Nie Yan, and the others couldn't help but be astonished by this turn of events.

"Where do you think you are? With those thirty thousand men of yours, you still dare to start a rebellion in Great Tang? Give it a try, then! Let's see how every single last one of your thirty thousand Tongluo cavalry will be beheaded for leaving the military barracks without any deployment order!"

Wang Chong was the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains in his previous life, and the blood which had drenched his hands could fill a river.

If the Tongluo thought that they could threaten him like that, they were truly barking up the wrong tree.

"If a rebellion is what you want, I'll accede your wish then!"

Chi! A cold gleam flashed, and a three chi sword was stabbed into Abutong's left shoulder. Blood began trickling down the sword.

"Bastard! You lunatic!"

The eyes of the Tongluo youths turned red with agitation at Wang Chong's actions. If not for their young master being held hostage, they would have dashed forward to rip the latter into pieces.

No one could have thought that Wang Chong would really dare to lay his hands on Abutong. And what further infuriated them was that they were completely helpless in this situation.

They were all intimidated by Wang Chong's attitude.

The latter's expression and disposition were so compelling that they had no doubts that he would dare to kill even Abutong.

In the capital, there were no scions who wouldn't concede to the Tongluo Tribe.

Putting all aside, even though Great General Abusi didn't have many soldiers under his command, he was still a trusted aide of the Sage Emperor, a person on equal standing with Fumeng Lingcha, Wang Chongsi, Zhang Shougui, Go Seonji, and Geshu Han!

Just based on this, no one would dare to trifle with the Tongluo Tribe.

On top of that, the Chamberlain of Dependencies had also emphasized time and time again that they should give in to the Hu's customs and tolerate them.

But simply none of this worked on Wang Chong!