The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 310

Chapter 310 Retaliation

Chapter 310: Retaliation!

The Second Prince was too scheming, deceiving even his own blood-related sister. This made Wang Chong extremely unfond of him.

This might be a means for survival in the fight for the crown, but Wang Chong didn't think it justified the action of deceiving even one's close kin.

It is impossible that he is unaware that Princess Ni Huang and I are in the same training camp. Perhaps, it might even be his intention for Princess Ni Huang to come to Knwu Training Camp. After the exposure of the existence of the spirit vein, the Second Prince might have even predicted that Princess Ni Huang would resort to such extreme actions, so he chose not make a move at all.

Such thoughts swiftly ran across Wang Chong's mind. As he recalled the reputation of the Second Prince and the deeds he had committed in the previous life, Wang Chong suddenly felt uncomfortable.

When power came into the equation, even the most innocent of princes would turn into ferocious beasts.

This was also the reason why Wang Chong was reluctant to get involved in the matter.

"Princess Ni Huang, do you think that you will be of aid to the Second Prince just because you obtained the spirit vein?" Wang Chong harrumphed coldly. Instead of retreating, he chose to walk up toward Princess Ni Huang fearlessly.

Regardless of whether Princess Ni Huang was aware of the true character of the Second Prince, Wang Chong knew that he had to cross this crisis first.

"Brat, what kind of tricks are you playing?" As a worldly veteran, the old nanny immediately detected that Wang Chong was up to something upon seeing his actions.

But this time, she had guessed wrong.

"Hahaha!" Ignoring the old nanny, Wang Chong chuckled. "Princess Ni Huang, are you unaware that General Li Yichao has been defeated at the Black Mountain? And yet, you are still in the mood to fight with me over a spirit vein?"


Princess Ni Huang was determined to remain calm before whatever Wang Chong was going say, but upon hearing General Li Yichao's name, Princess Ni Huang and the old nanny's faces immediately changed.

"You brat, how dare you try to fool me?" Princess Ni Huang's face turned cold. Sou! Her figure blurred, and before Wang Chong could discern what was going on, he felt something grab his arm tightly.

This time, Princess Ni Huang had gotten serious. Her movement was several times faster than before, leaving no time for Wang Chong to respond at all.

At this moment, Wang Chong finally understood why Princess Ni Huang was willing to deal with him so leisurely.

"Wang Chong, stop spouting nonsense. How could General Li lose? If you continue uttering gibberish, I won't stop at just taking away a spirit vein from you!" the infuriated Princess Ni Huang bellowed. A deep frosty frown was etched onto her forehead.

She had arrived at the Deflecting Blade Manor with a leisurely attitude, but Wang Chong's words had truly left her incensed.

"This is just a little lesson to you!"

Kachacha! Princess Ni Huang tightened her grip, and that clamp-like strength left Wang Chong feeling as if his wrist was torn into two.

Even so, Wang Chong didn't even utter the slightest shout of pain.

He had undergone far too much for him to be affected by such measly means by Princess Ni Huang.

"Princess Ni Huang, I am only stating a fact. Whether you wish to believe it or not is none of my business. Our Wang Clan has some connections in the military, so it is inevitable that our intelligence network in the field is slightly faster than others. If you think that I am uttering gibberish, you can always treat it as if I have said nothing at all," Wang Chong replied coldly.

However, the more Wang Chong acted in such a manner, the more unnerved Princess Ni Huang felt.

Even the composed old nanny couldn't help but feel a little jittery inside.

Black Halberd General Li Yichao was a subordinate of the Second Prince, and the both of them had a tight relationship. If Li Yichao were to suffer a loss in the northern region and lose a city, he would surely be severely punished by the Sage Emperor.

The Great Tang Empire had severe penalties for generals who lost the territory of the nation.

And more important than that, the Second Prince would also be implicated in the matter. In the struggle for imperial power, this could prove to be fatal.

This was truly a huge quake for the Second Prince. Before that, the spirit vein did seem unimportant in comparison.

On this aspect, Wang Chong wasn't wrong at all.

"Your Highness, let's put the matter of the spirit vein aside for the moment. If what this lad says is true, then this matter is of grave importance," the old nanny said with a grim expression.

Hearing those words, Princess Ni Huang began to panic.

"Brat, if I learn that you are lying..."

However, before Princess Ni Huang could finish her piece, Wang Chong had already interjected.

"Princess Ni Huang, if I were you, I would rush back to the royal palace as fast as I could. Perhaps, you might still make it in time to salvage the situation. Otherwise... Hehe, do you think that grabbing a spirit vein will be able to pull the Second Prince out of that dire situation?" Wang Chong sneered.

This wasn't a lie. Li Yichao's army had indeed been defeated at the Black Mountain, and news would reach the capital very soon.

But of course, there was one thing that Wang Chong didn't tell Princess Ni Huang.

The Turks didn't have the habit of conquering cities. On top of that, considering the immense military might of the Beiting Protectorate Manor, even if they were to breach the defenses of the Black Mountain, they would surely retreat swiftly,

Li Yichao and the others need not face the Turks straight on. They could easily snatch the Black Mountain back after the Turks retreated.

But of course, Wang Chong would never tell this to Princess Ni Huang. It would be good to make this domineering and haughty princess panic for a bit.

With Wang Chong's words, Princess Ni Huang immediately rushed out of the manor anxiously.

"Nanny, let's leave. Brat, if I learn that you are lying to me, be prepared to face the consequences!"

Princess Ni Huang beckoned for the old nanny as she walked out. Peng, with a flick of her finger, a powerful force shot out and struck a massive tree twenty zhang away from the walls of the Deflecting Blade Manor. The towering tree immediately fell, and the massive crown came crashing onto the Deflecting Blade Manor.

"That woman's cultivation sure is incredible!"

Upon seeing that sight, Wang Chong couldn't help but be astonished. Princess Ni Huang hadn't used any technique at all, it was just an ordinary finger flick. Yet, as normal as it was, it still felled a towering tree twenty zhang away. Her strength was indeed fearsome.

Princess Ni Huang's group left as quickly as they came.

As furiously as they marched in, they ended up leaving anxiously. In just a brief moment, they had disappeared in the horizon.

"Gongzi! ..."

Zhao Jingdian climbed to his feet and shook his limbs. He was still a little unnerved by the incident a moment ago.

The old nanny had grabbed his acupoint, rendering him incapable of moving. Zhao Jingdian had considered whether he should persuade Wang Chong to hand over the spirit vein or not, but it seemed like there was no need for that anymore.

Princess Ni Huang had marched into the Deflecting Blade Manor with a group of powerful martial artists. Zhao Jingdian thought that Wang Chong would end up giving away the spirit vein, but who knew that the latter would actually succeed in convincing them to leave with just a few words?

"Jingdian, are you fine?" Wang Chong walked up and asked worriedly.

The torture methods in the royal court were no joke. They were both vicious and cruel, and those beyond the palace could hardly imagine how brutal the torture could get.

From the outside, Wang Chong couldn't tell for sure whether Zhao Jingdian was injured or not.

"I'm fine."

Zhao Jingdian shook his head. It was fortunate that Wang Chong had dealt with them timely, leaving them no chance to inflict more injuries on him other than the first needle.

"Gongzi..." Zhao Jingdian hesitated.

"I know that you have done everything just now to save me, but if they return and realize that you were lying... We might be in trouble then!"

Perhaps a cup of poisonous wine might be able to alleviate one's thirst for a moment, but it would only push one a step further into the abyss. When Princess Ni Huang realized the truth, the trouble would return at an escalated level.

Given Princess Ni Huang's standing and prowess, she would surely stir up a storm in the Deflecting Blade Manor, leaving no peace for anyone.

Hearing those words, Wang Chong couldn't help but chuckle."Hahahaha, Jingdian, do you think I lied to them?"

"Is that not so?" Zhao Jingdian was taken aback.

"Of course not." The smiling Wang Chong shook his head. Seeing Zhao Jingdian's stunned expression, he didn't bother to explain the situation.

"Alright, you should go and take a rest. I will settle this matter."


After settling Zhao Jingdian, Wang Chong went out of Deflecting Blade Manor. However, as soon as he stepped out of its gates, he saw a familiar figure rushing up the mountain.

"Seems like my worry is unfounded. I have made a wasted trip."

Carrying the trademark spear of hers behind her back, Marquess Yi stepped over the gates and gazed at the interior of the courtyard. After which, she glanced at Wang Chong doubtfully.

Noticing the doubt in her eyes, Wang Chong asked, "You saw Princess Ni Huang?"

"Un," Marquess Yi nodded. She had rushed here as soon as she received the news. She had some ties with Princess Ni Huang, so she came with the intention of playing mediator to help Wang Chong. She didn't expect to see Princess Ni Huang rushing off anxiously while she was in the midst of scaling the mountain.

"What in the world did you say to her? I know Princess Ni Huang, she isn't the type to give up that easily." Marquess Yi assessed Wang Chong from head to toe suspiciously.

Given Princess Ni Huang's panicked state a moment ago, it didn't seem likely that she had obtained the spirit vein. However, if that was the case, it didn't make sense for her to leave when she hadn't achieved her objectives here.

Marquess Yi was unable to comprehend the bizarre paradox before her.

For the first time, she realized that she was unable to see through Wang Chong.

"Hehe!" Wang Chong chuckled in response. "I'll explain it to you in the future. For the time being, do me a favor. I have quite a thick name list in my room, and there are quite a few ladies in there. However, I am not familiar with them, so I require your help on this."

Marquess Yi had come at a timely moment.

After giving it some thought, Wang Chong felt that if he wanted to expand the influence of the Deflecting Blade Manor, he mustn't limit his scope. Furthermore, if he were to cut them off entirely, it would result in some troubles.

On the contrary, accepting a number of them could prove to be highly beneficial.


But unexpectedly, upon hearing Wang Chong's words, Marquess Yi abruptly burst into laughter. Following which, she examined Wang Chong once more, and her laughter intensified. Her gaze carried a mysterious intention that left Wang Chong feeling a little uncomfortable.


TL Notes:

The Black Mountain is also known as Yin Mountain and Daqing Mountain. It is located near Mongolia.