The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Blood Reformation

Chapter 314: Blood Reformation!

With a burst of light, Wang Chong's consciousness was pulled into another world. A brilliant gemstone floated in the boundless space, and information abruptly rushed into his head.

"Let me take a look at the Blood Reformation first!"

Thinking so, Wang Chong swiftly accessed the Blood Reformation ability in the Stone of Destiny. When he first came into contact with it, this ability was still in the sealed state. However, as the amount of Destiny Energy he possessed exceeded one hundred, this ability became unlocked.

Blood Reformation (Primary): Cleanses a martial artist's bloodline thoroughly once, thus altering their talent. It can allow a person suffering from innate frailty to gain the ability to practice martial arts. However, its effects are dependent on the condition of the person himself.

Destiny Energy: 30 Points


It costs five more points than Panther Bones, Wang Chong thought.

Blood Reformation and Panther Bones were roughly on the same level of significance, with the Blood Reformation slightly above the latter by a little.

However, Wang Chong knew that the crux of this ability lay not in cleansing the martial artist's bloodline, but that easily overlooked description of "altering their talent".

This hidden ability was probably the reason why the Blood Reformation ability was five points more expensive than the Panther Bones. Furthermore, this effect was not dependent on any external medicine or anything else. Its effects were directed straight at the core of its target.

I wonder if it will be effective on the Fifth Prince.

Truthfully, Wang Chong felt a little uncertain.

The description provided by the Sone of Destiny clearly stated that the ability was not omnipotent. It also depended on the constitution of the person in question as well.

I can only pray that it works.

Thinking so, Wang Chong made the exchange and boom! The Stone of Destiny trembled, and a searing gush of energy abruptly flowed down from his head, through his arms, and into Fifth Prince Li Heng's body.


Li Heng was still nonchalant at first, but as this searing energy suddenly rushed into his body, his face abruptly changed. He hurriedly drove the energy throughout his body to assimilate it.

Blood Reformation was far more powerful than Wang Chong had expected. Even though his body was only serving as an intermediary for the flow of energy, he could feel his veins popping up, and his skin was threatening to rip apart.


Li Heng's body trembled under the outpouring of energy. As the energy entered his body through Wang Chong's palm, a blaze seemed to have been ignited within him.

Wherever region of his body that surge of energy passed by, the blood in the area seemed to boil and evaporate. This sensation felt as if innumerable needles were piercing deep into his body.

Even though he had undergone all kinds of painful treatment for his condition, none of them could match up to this.

It felt as if someone was tearing off his flesh piece by piece.

Sweat seeped from the pores of Li Heng's forehead, gathering and accumulating before eventually raining down.

The energy from the Stone of Destiny continuously rushed into Li Heng through Wang Chong. Weng! A moment later, when the final bit of energy entered Li Heng's body, Wang Chong's body finally slackened, and he stood up.

It's up to him now, Wang Chong thought as he gazed at Li Heng.

His job was done, but Li Heng's was just beginning. To change the blood in one's body wasn't a feat that could be accomplished in just a short moment.

Not to mention, it had to alter his talent as well.

Making a rough estimation, it should require at least an hour before the reformation was complete.

Worried, Wang Chong stood by Li Heng's side to stand guard for him.

This wasn't just the personal issue of a prince, but a matter that could affect the ultimate fate of Great Tang.

Other than the hybrid rice which Zhang Munian was dealing with, this was probably the matter which Wang Chong valued the most.

He was going to reshape a future emperor. He was going to free him from his weaknesses and grant him strength and decisiveness, turning him into a wise ruler who could grasp everything in his hands and bring Great Tang down the correct path!

And honestly speaking, this was something that Wang Chong dared not imagine in the past.

The mechanisms of destiny had brought this unbelievable opportunity to Wang Chong. Even Li Heng probably could have never imagined the reason behind Wang Chong's actions.

Time slowly ticked by. Li Heng's teeth were tightly grit, his trembling grew more and more intense, and his clothes were completely soaked. The immense pain that showed through his face was enough to make any brave soul cringe fearfully before it, and the pain seemed to still be escalating.

Da da... Flustered and unnerved footsteps sounded outside. They belonged to Li Jingzhong.

The future corrupt minister was also tortured under the current situation as well. Every time a new treatment method was uncovered, Li Jingzhong's heart would be filled with expectations.

His dreams and ambitions for power, just a reach away...

Regardless of what Li Jingzhong would become in the future, at the very least, at this very instant, all of his care and concern was directed toward Li Heng.

"Wang gongzi, how is it?" Li Jingzhong suddenly stopped by the doorstep, and a pair of anxious eyes appeared from the slits of the door.

"Hmph, didn't I tell you to wait patiently outside?" Wang Chong replied coldly.

Li Jingzhong awkwardly backed off and began to pace around the corridor anxiously once more.

Even though this was the first time they had met, Li Jingzhong felt a little fearful of this offspring of the Wang Clan.

The entire room was silent.

After an unknown period of time, Wang Chong noticed that Li Heng's trembling was beginning to ease.

The effects of the Stone of Destiny is gradually receding, Wang Chong noted.

This also meant that Li Heng's reformation was nearing completion.


About a tea's time later, Li Heng abruptly opened his eyes and exhaled deeply.

"How is it?"

The doors to the room abruptly opened, and Li Jingzhong rushed toward Li Heng at first notice. It seemed like he had been looking at the situation in the room from the door all along!

In response, Wang Chong glared at Li Jingzhong with hostility.

"Your Highness, how are you feeling?" Wang Chong asked worriedly. The nervousness he was feeling at the moment didn't pale in comparison to Li Jingzhong. If anything, it probably surpassed the eunuch!

In that instant, the room was so silent that even a pin drop could be heard.

The duo stared intently at Li Heng, waiting for him to give the verdict.

Instead of replying straight, Li Heng closed his eyes to feel the current condition of his body.

"It feels like... nothing has changed at all..." Li Heng opened his eyes doubtfully.

"What?!" Li Jingzhong couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. "This didn't work as well?"

His expectations and hopes would rise with every treatment, only to be burst like a bubble with each failure.

At this instant, Li Jingzhong seemed to feel even more awful than Li Heng himself.

Wang Chong didn't say anything, but the disappointment in his eyes revealed a lot about his current emotions. He had spent an entire thirty Destiny Energy for this Blood Reformation, and that was no small sum.

This was one of the matter he regarded highly, and he understood the huge significance of this matter as well.

Is Blood Reformation useless as well? Wang Chong couldn't help but feel a little low.

While he did understand that there was a possibility of failure, he still hoped that it would work out somehow.

Congratulations to host for participating in the War of the Princes and the Crowning of the True Dragon by altering Fifth Prince Li Heng's destiny. Reward: 45 Destiny Energy!


Just as Wang Chong was filled with disappointment, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in his head. Hearing that voice, frenzied joy abruptly filled Wang Chong's heart, and his darkened gaze suddenly brightened.

Wang Chong suddenly grasped Li Heng's arm and said excitedly, "Your Highness, give it another try."

"What's wrong?"

Li Heng and Li Jingzhong frowned in bewilderment.

Li Heng was already used to failure, and Li Jingzhong had already accepted reality. On the other hand, Wang Chong's face was flushed scarlet in excitement, and the joy on his face was clearly unnatural.

"Give it another try, Your Highness," Wang Chong urged.

He was extremely familiar with the Stone of Destiny's capabilities. If Li Heng had truly failed, it was impossible for the latter to offer a congratulation message.

Since he had been rewarded, his actions must have changed something somehow.

Just that Wang Chong wasn't too sure what exactly the change was either.

A moment later, Li Heng opened his eyes doubtfully once more. "No, nothing at all. Wang gongzi, what's wrong?"

Wang Chong silently assessed Li Heng from head to toe. He knew that something must have changed, it was just that it was eluding him somehow at the moment.

Wang Chong suddenly stared at Li Heng's face and exclaimed, "Wait, something has changed. Your Highness, your face!"

 A tinge of red had surfaced on Li Heng's unnaturally pale face. At this moment, he didn't look much different from a normal person anymore.

"You're right!!"a delighted voice echoed. Under Wang Chong's reminder, Li Jingzhong also noticed the change as well. Having lived with Li Heng for many years, he had a good grasp of the princes condition.

Li Heng's complexion did seem a lot better from before.

Vitality originated from within, so something must have changed within Li Heng's body.

"Your Highness, try feeling it once more. Something must have changed," Li Jingzhong urged as he stared at Li Heng hopefully.

A copper mirror was swiftly brought before Li Heng, and the latter also noticed the changes as well. However, what was baffling was that he truly didn't sense anything at all.

I get it!

Suddenly, a thought flashed across Wang Chong's mind, and he immediately understood what was going on.