The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Reversing The Tides

Chapter 355: Reversing the Tides!

To think that a body of flesh and blood would be able to withstand the full power attack of a heavy cavalryman, not budging in the least! He was like an unmoving mountain, knocking the charging cavalrymen back instead.

If they were not personally witnessing the situation, they would have never thought such a feat was possible.

"It should be my turn now!" A chilling voice carrying irrepressible flames of rage echoed in the air. By this moment, Iron Cloak Li had already disappeared from view.


The first cavalryman seemed to have been struck by an invisible, massive hand, and he was sent tumbling away with his steed. And soon after, the second, third, and fourth victim emerged...

The tip of the Arrow Formation was where the power of the formation was concentrated at, but it was forcefully dissipated by a mortal body.

Even those powerful war steeds who could tear down boulders in their path had their bones and internal organs crushed under his fearsome might.

With every punch he made, a war steed would be sent flying and lose its life.


After clearing away the four Great Tang cavalrymen who made up the tip of the Arrow Formation, he flitted to the side of another Great Tang cavalryman and knocked him down as well.


With a slightly feminine shout, a white gleam of light flashed across the air, dragging a white trail behind it. A three chi sword was headed for Iron Cloak Li's head with astonishing speed.


With an impassive expression, Iron Cloak Li allowed the sword to strike him without resisting at all. Klang! The incomparably sharp sword struck Iron Cloak Li's body, but it felt like it had collided with a steel plate instead, rendering the attack futile.

Iron Cloak Li thrusted both his palms forward, and hong! Air burst out of Bai Siling's mouth as she was knocked into the distance, crashing violently into a tree. Large mouthfuls of blood spilled from her mouth.

Before the chief of the Iron Cloak Highwaymen, who dominated the grounds from Longxi to the capital, even a genius of Bai Siling's caliber was no match.

"Siling!" Wang Chong exclaimed in alarm.

Bai Siling possessed cultivation comparable with Marquess Yi and Cousin Wang Zhuyan, but even so, she was severely injured by Iron Cloak Li in a momentary encounter.

"Junior, be careful. His Iron Cloak is resistant to swords and sabers, I was unable to breach his defense with my slash!" Bai Siling uttered anxiously with a pale face. If not for her considerable cultivation which allowed her to use her Stellar Energy to protect her internal organs, she would have died from the impact of Iron Cloak Li's palm.


But right after saying those words, Bai Siling suddenly felt a sweet sensation on her tongue as a burning sensation rose in her throat. Yet another mouthful of fresh blood poured out of her mouth.

It had only been moments since they had started the battle with Iron Cloak Li, but five cavalrymen had already been killed by him. Even Bai Siling had sustained grievous wounds.

Iron Cloak Li was indeed a fearsome opponent!

"Lass, you seem to be quite worried about that lad. Don't worry, after I kill him, I'll make sure to send you off as well. None of you are getting away alive today!" Iron Cloak Li raged angrily.

With a swift maneuver, he immediately charged for the other Arrow Formation group where Wang Chong was in.

Without bothering with any defensive maneuvers, he headed straight for the tip which harnessed the greatest fighting prowess.

Hong long!

Five spears carrying the might of mountains struck Iron Cloak Li's body from five different directions simultaneously. However, all of them were deflected by the black chainmail formed by Iron Cloak Li's Stellar Energy.

An offense that was powerful enough to pierce through metal and flick up a man along with his mount seemed to be completely ineffective against Iron Cloak Li.


While Iron Cloak Li was stood perfectly rooted to the ground, the other five Great Tang cavalrymen were thrown into the air along with their steeds.

Peng peng peng!

As the steeds crashed down to the ground, many of their necks were snapped. There were also a few which had their internal organs ruptured, and their sorrowful and pained cries were heart-wrenching.

"Brat, you're next!"

A cold gleam flashed across Iron Cloak Li's eyes as his eyes fell on Wang Chong. He was the cause of everything going downhill.

If not for him, the cavalrymen couldn't possibly wield such fighting prowess. If not for him, Hu Lang wouldn't have died, his beloved steed would still be around, and he wouldn't have lost so many capable subordinates!

Having everything that he had built up painstakingly over the years destroyed in the course of a few hours, how could he tolerate that!?

The forty cavalrymen could come later, but that young man from the training camp had to be killed at this very instant to quell his rage.


Iron Cloak Li raised his arm, and a black object reminiscent of a shadow shot forth from him. As if it had a life of its own, the black link of the Stellar Energy chainmail tore through space to strike Wang Chong.

Hong long!

A deafening explosion sounded from where the black chainmail fell. A cloud of dust billowed, and the pebbles in the area were crushed to dust under the immense pressure.

By a hair's breadth, Wang Chong had managed to dodge the attack.

The sharp wariness for danger that the White-hoofed Shadow possessed had saved Wang Chong's life at that crucial moment.


The sudden cry of a horse caught Iron Cloak Li's attention. Turning his gaze over, he saw a Great Tang cavalryman charging over through the cloud of dust, trying to exploit the possible opening he would have shown while attacking Wang Chong.

"Hmph!" Iron Cloak Li sneered coldly.

Hong! With just a thought, the black Stellar Energy chainmail immediately rose up and expanded rapidly before abruptly falling from the sky, covering the Great Tang cavalryman along with his steed.


Crisp snapping sounds echoed as the black chainmail rapidly contracted around him, and crimson fluid trickled from the edges of the chainmail.

The black chainmail trembled, and a sack of skin, meat, and shattered bones fell from it.


Upon seeing this sight, the war steeds immediately backed away in fear.

Even Wang Chong could feel a chill running down his back. Were it not for the timely reaction of Little Shadow, he might have been reduced to that clump as well.

"Brat, you shan't escape!" Iron Cloak Li roared as eyes filled with callous killing intent fixed themselves on Wang Chong.

Hu! Iron Cloak Li retracted his palm, and that black Stellar Energy chainmail returned back to his body.

That black chainmail remained completely unsoiled despite the great bloodshed it had just caused; not a single hint of blood had stained it.

"Praise our mighty chief!"

"Make good work out of them, chief!"


Upon seeing this sight, the Iron Cloak Highwaymen who were still frantically escaping a moment ago suddenly began cheering loudly instead.

"Let's go and help chief eradicate those damn soldiers!"

"Brothers, this is our chance for revenge!"

"Brothers, charge!"

As birds and beasts scattered in fear, the highwaymen stormed back in from all directions amid loud cheers.

Suddenly, the situation became highly disadvantageous to Wang Chong and the others.

With just his individual prowess, Iron Cloak Li had reversed the entire situation.

"Chief, we have come to help you!" A cry filled with ferocity and bloodthirst sounded from the distance. From the eastern end of the main road, the galloping of horses sounded. Thirty members of the Iron Cloak Highwaymen were charging here furiously.

Their arrival was truly timely.


In that instant, even Wang Chong's complexion turned livid.

One seemingly invulnerable Iron Cloak Li was already a troublesome opponent to deal with, but when coupled with those highwaymen who chose to return at this point, as well as the thirty elite highwaymen, the situation was extremely disadvantageous to them.

What was even worse was that their escape routes seemed to have been blocked, and after Iron Cloak Li's attacks, they had lost their greatest strength, speed.

Without speed, cavalry was no different from infantry, or perhaps even beneath them in terms of fighting prowess.

At this very instant, nearly all of the Great Tang cavalrymen could feel the stifling breath of death pressing down on them.

That flurried clopping of hooves seemed like a harp pulling at their nerves.

Unnerved, a Five-Man Squad Leader turned to Wang Chong in nervous expectation. "Lord, what do we do now?"

Even with minimal understanding of military tactics and warfare, it was as plain to see that they were at risk of a complete wipeout.



Time seemed to have slowed to near stop for Wang Chong. This short instant felt as if it could be stretched for eternity.

Wang Chong saw the crushed body of a cavalryman and his steed, as well as the deformed corpses and carcasses lying along the road. In the distance, Bai Siling was clutching her chest, and even remaining upright was difficult for her. The grievous internal injury she had suffered had caused her beautiful face to twist in pain.

Ma Song was also severely injured. A dead steed was weighing down on his legs, and a pained frown stood on his forehead.

A True Martial realm expert possessed the strength to easily raise a horse, but Ma Song couldn't even gather the strength to free himself.

Dust and sand filled the field, and crimson blood was slowly tainting the grass on both ends of the slope. Looking slightly further, many highwaymen were brandishing their sabers and swords ferociously as they made their way here.

Even further ahead, a group of elite highwaymen was rushing over as well.

And at the center of them all was Iron Cloak Li, who was sending cavalryman after cavalryman flying with each fist. It was as if he was an unbreachable barrier that stood in the path of Wang Chong and the others.

And throughout the entire period, his frigid eyes seemed to remain fixated on Wang Chong, as if casting a shadow of death on him.

In the blink of an eye, they were suddenly surrounded by enemies, and they were at threat of annihilation.


Hong long! Wang Chong suddenly rushed forward, and stretching his hand downward, he picked Bai Siling up and placed her on the back of his steed while shouting a crucial command to his troops, "Execute plan, Eight Claws Retrieving the Moon!"

That voice echoed resoundingly, and the surviving Great Tang cavalrymen immediately began to move.


Translated by: StarveCleric
Edited by: RED