The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 357

Chapter 357 Final Opportunity

Chapter 357: Final Opportunity!


A frenzied wind blew, and Stellar Energy spilled into the surroundings. With ten spears striking Iron Cloak Li squarely in rapid succession, even with Iron Cloak Li's black Stellar Energy chainmail protecting him, he still felt his innards being shaken violently. His face swiftly flushed a bright shade of crimson, and it felt as if blood would ooze from its surface.

This was the first time Iron Cloak Li had been put in a spot ever since the start of the battle.

"This is a good opportunity!" Wang Chong's eyes lit up.

Atop the White-hoofed Shadow, Wang Chong immediately galloped furiously for Iron Cloak Li.


With a ferocious cry, a True Martial realm Halo of Thorns rippled around Bai Siling as she brought her sword down on Iron Cloak Li.

Hong hong hong!

The intense collision seemed to have caused time to slow for this instant. Veins began popping up on Iron Cloak Li's eight chi tall body, and pain colored his face.

But nevertheless, the nine chi large black Stellar Energy chainmail protected his entire body from harm as firmly as a fortress.

Be it the strike from the ten cavalrymen or the slash harnessing Bai Siling's full might, nothing seemed to be able to penetrate the black chainmail.

"It's no use. You won't be able to breach my Iron Cloak Te... AHHH!"

Iron Cloak Li's hoarse voice swiftly turned into a pained cry as a three chi long sword with many exquisite flowing marks on it punched through Iron Cloak Li's black Stellar Energy chainmail and pierced his back.

"What sword is that? How could any sword pierce through my Iron Cloak Technique?" Iron Cloak Li's pained bellow shook even the air itself.

The black chainmail swiftly gathered from his surroundings in an attempt to stop Wang Chong's sword from plunging any deeper.

Hong long!

A violent and pitch-black Deluge of Stellar Energy, accompanied with numerous steel-like Martial halos abruptly appeared around Iron Cloak Li. Boom boom boom, with numerous deafening explosions, Wang Chong, Bai Siling, and the other ten Great Tang cavalrymen were sent flying in all directions.


Under the immense shock wave, Wang Chong ended up flipping in the air several times. Only after using several force-warding techniques and stabbing his sword into the ground did he manage to stabilize himself.

But even so, he still felt a sweet sensation at the back of his throat, and the flow of energy in his body was in disarray.

The first thing he did was to check on Little Shadow, and he heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that the latter was fine.

This fellow is too strong!, Wang Chong thought.

An assault from ten Great Tang cavalrymen charging at full speed, as well as Bai Siling and him, and yet they were still unable to kill Iron Cloak Li.

He did indeed possess a strength that could induce despair.

"Brat, what is that sword in your hand?" a bone-chilling voice filled with killing intent and rage sounded.

Raising his gaze, Wang Chong saw Iron Cloak Li standing upright in the distance, staring at him with eyes reminiscent of a venomous snake.

The reason why Iron Cloak Li dared to challenge Wang Chong and forty Great Tang cavalrymen was due to his powerful Iron Cloak Technique.

This technique allowed him to create an armor out of Stellar Energy that was impenetrable by sword or saber. No matter how skillful a technique was, if it didn't possess sufficient strength to overcome the Stellar Energy chainmail, it would be nothing more than an act.

It went without saying that the defensive capability of the Iron Cloak Technique was incredible, and most True Martial realm experts wouldn't be able to overcome it.

With this technique that provided both defensive and offensive capabilities, Iron Cloak Li was able to kill more than ten Great Tang cavalrymen easily in exceptionally gruesome fashion.

But just a moment ago, the Iron Cloak Technique which Iron Cloak Li viewed as his greatest trump card had been breached by a sword!

This was something that had never happened before!

Most swords and sabers forged by the swordsmiths in the capital couldn't dream of overcoming his defense, and even the best of them could, at best, pierce through his Stellar Energy armor lightly.

None of them were able to stab deep into his back after piercing through the Stellar Energy armor, unlike Wang Chong's sword!

For the first time, a slight hint of apprehension surfaced in Iron Cloak Li's eyes. At the same time, his determination to kill Wang Chong had also been rekindled.

A weapon that could threaten him couldn't be allowed to exist. At the very least, it should never appear in the hands of his enemy.

However, Wang Chong remained nonchalant about it, paying no heed to Iron Cloak Li.

"Everyone, we'll do battle off  horseback. Use your steeds to block the highwaymen while we focus our efforts on slaying Iron Cloak Li!" Wang Chong commanded grimly.

A huge army of highwaymen was swiftly nearing them, and in just a few seconds, they would be onto them. By that moment, defeat and death would be what that was awaiting them.

But even at this crucial moment, Wang Chong had no intention of giving up. He was still calmly issuing orders to deal with the situation at hand.


The discipline of the Great Tang cavalrymen shown through yet again. The surviving cavalrymen swiftly carried out his orders perfectly.

The remaining twenty cavalrymen simultaneously leapt down from their steeds as they pushed them forward, urging them in all directions to block the ferociously charging highwaymen.

Every single steed of Great Tang had been carefully selected and trained over a long period of time.

To the cavalrymen, their steeds weren't just a mere mount. They were their companions, friends, and a part of themselves.

Unless faced with death or complete defeat, they wouldn't be willing to give up on their steeds.

After all, that would be equivalent to giving up on their pride. Without their steeds, they would only be footsoldiers on the battlefield.

However, there was an even greater responsibility that a soldier shouldered, and that was to carry out the commands asked of them.

For their goal, they must be willing to give up the lives of their steeds and themselves.

This was the duty of a soldier, as well as their pride and honor.

Every single soldier who had stepped onto the battlefield must have such realization.

The current circumstances allowed them no room to turn around and make a second charge anymore. The only option left was for them to sacrifice their steeds to block the highwaymen.

But even so, the time they could buy through that was severely limited as well.

If they couldn't end this battle fast and kill Iron Cloak Li as soon as possible, everyone might die here.

Wang Chong's command might seem to be a risky one, but it was the correct one under the current circumstances.


As soon as the twenty or so cavalrymen landed on the ground, they immediately rushed for Iron Cloak Li.

Seeing how Wang Chong was completely ignoring him, Iron Cloak Li couldn't help but fly into a rage.

 His face livid, Iron Cloak Li roared furiously. "You wish to die? Alright, I'll grant your wish then!"

Which of the highwaymen who made a living out of robbery didn't build a name for themselves out of slaughter?


A brilliant halo emerged and expanded from Iron Cloak Li's feet, followed by the second one, the third, fourth, and eventually, the fifth. Five radiant halos beneath Iron Cloak Li illuminated the surroundings, granting Iron Cloak Li the image of a war god.

True Martial realm 5-dan!

Five identical sturdy Halos of Thorns revealed Iron Cloak Li's true cultivation.

Upon reaching True Martial realm, one would be able to forge a unique halo that harnessed the Power of Law.

And with each progression in one's cultivation realm, the halo would be divided to create another halo with identical properties.

Thus, in the True Martial realm, one could possess a maximum of nine halos.

The more halos one had, the greater one's strength and speed would be, and one's control over the Power of Law would be greater as well.

Possessing five halos, Iron Cloak Li's fighting prowess was far above most of the Great Tang cavalrymen, thus allowing him to sweep through them easily.


With a ferocious war cry, the twenty cavalrymen charged right at Iron Cloak Li. However, the one to launch the attack first wasn't them,

Hong! With a surge of shadow, the black Stellar Energy chainmail suddenly fell from the heavens to cover a Great Tang cavalryman. Kachacha! With a fearsome cracking noise, blood exploded from within the chainmail, and the cavalryman was reduced to a pile of bloodied flesh.

"You, you, you, you, you! All of you... Die!" Savagery flashed across Iron Cloak Li's eyes as he retracted his right hand to don his Stellar Energy chainmail once more.

With a swift leap, he charged for the group.

Hong long! Ten Halo of Thorns resonated with one another and pulsated as one as they collided heavily with Iron Cloak Li's five black halos.

The differing halos crashed intensely with one another in midair, grinding and tugging at one another and they vied for supremacy. A resounding metallic chime reverberated in the air.

The shock wave resulting from the clash created a white gush of air that rose several dozen zhang into the air, overturning the top layer of dust and soil in the area.

But eventually, the ten Halos of Thorns were still no match for the five black halos!

However, without their steeds, these cavalrymen were only footsoldiers. They were unable to capitalize on the immense strength granted to them by a charge on horseback.

Single Character Consecutive Slash!

Just when everyone's True Martial halos were completely suppressed by Iron Cloak Li, a cold gleam flashed, and Wang Chong abruptly leaped from the ground with unbelievable agility.

While his cultivation realm was the lowest of those gathered here, his strength, battle technique, movement technique, flexibility, and speed were far beyond the others.

Upon seeing Wang Chong swiftly approaching him, Iron Cloak Li narrowed his eyes nervously. Wang Chong's cultivation was nothing to fear, but the sword in his hands was a huge threat to him.


Iron Cloak Li also leapt from the ground, and clutching his fists tightly, he gathered his Stellar Energy onto his fist and struck at Wang Chong.

As long as he could kill Wang Chong and steal his sword, the remaining soldiers would be no threat to him anymore.


Translated by: StarveCleric
Edited by: RED