The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Victorious

Chapter 375: Victorious!

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A series of notifications popped up in Wang Chong's head. In just a few short moments after the Arrow Formation plunged deeply into the Tibetan cavalrymen's flank, aand  huge number of casualties emerged in their ranks.

The Tibetan cavalrymen were too focused on the eight hundred Great Tang soldiers before them, Wang Chong and his group's appearance came as a complete surprise. Unprepared, they were unable to make any effective countermoves on the spot.

Besides, Wang Chong's charge was designed to not grant them any time to think. From the moment that the Tibetan army spotted Wang Chong's group until the moment the Arrow Formation pierced deep into their echelons, there was only an interval of six seconds.

Six seconds was completely insufficient for the three hundred Tibetan cavalrymen to make any effective maneuvers against them. On the contrary, any attempt to do so only resulted in further chaos.

Under the furious charge of the Great Tang cavalrymen, soldiers and steeds were knocked into the air.

Watching as the Tibetan cavalrymen fell one after another, Zhao Yatong couldn't help but feel that she was in a dream. After the previous few encounters, the Tibetan army had already engraved an infallible image deep in her mind. She never could have imagined that a day would come that they would topple like dominos.

She could hardly believe what that was happening before her would actually be true!

"Kill them!" With a furious roar, Zhao Yatong swiftly put her Scarlet Tassel Spear together, forming a two-meter long spear.

Hu! A surge of flames shot forth from the spear as the Zhao Clan's famed spear technique, Spear of Searing Flames, appeared once again. With just a flash, the heads of three Tibetan soldiers were severed from their heads.

The appearance of Wang Chong's Bane of the Battlefield had reduced the effect of all war halo by a tier. As such, the Halo of Yak formed by the Tibetan cavalrymen was nerfed by a tier. Even worse, the primary Halo of Fortress which they had formed with great difficulty became unstable, and was dissipated forcefully.

It was on this kind of battlefield that the war halo granted to him by the Stone of Destiny displayed its true prowess.

It wasn't born for the sake of dueling with others, but for the purpose of turning the tides of a battle.

This was also one of the main reasons why Wang Chong chose to participate in the third mission without any hesitation, as well as the true basis behind his confidence.

Under the effects of the level one Bane of the Battlefield, the three hundred Tibetan soldiers were no threat at all.

"The hell! What is going on?"

"Where's the halo?"

"Damn it! We still have three hundred men, so how in the world did our Fortress of Halo vanish?"

"Why did my cultivation suddenly fall so sharply?!"

"What is going on?"...

The sudden appearance of Wang Chong's cavalry had caused the Tibetan horsemen to descend into chaos, but what left them truly panicked and frightened was the sudden disappearance of the Halo of Fortress, as well as the sudden nerf of their strength.

The former was their strongest weapon, while the latter was their self-protection tool. It was based on those two that they were able to emerge triumphant on the many battlefields they had fought on.

Thus, having their cultivation abruptly falling was extremely fearsome to them. It felt like the work of black magic, as if they had been cursed!

But before they could contemplate what was happening, the matter which the Tibetans had been the most worried about occurred.


A furious bellow echoed from the foot of the mountain. The arrival of Wang Chong's two hundred cavalrymen was like a sudden ray of hope to the eight hundred Great Tang soldiers who had already resigned themselves to fate.

What left them even more agitated was that the seemingly infallible Tibetan soldiers actually turned out to be no match for the two hundred Great Tang cavalry at all.


Such a sight had roused their spirits, and making use of the Tibetan cavalry's moment of weakness, the army of eight hundred immediately charged forth to coordinate with Wang Chong's group.

"Shield bearers, axe soldiers, archers, and cavalrymen... Charge!"

The Big Dipper Army commandant was also stunned by the sudden turn of events. He could hardly believe his eyes. He didn't expect the "deserters" to appear at this crucial moment.

Nevertheless, he didn't hesitate in grasping this opportunity to crush the Tibetan cavalrymen altogether.

The matter regarding why the two hundred cavalrymen had disobeyed orders, disappeared, and appeared abruptly could come later.

The important matter at hand was to capitalize on the current opportunity to swiftly destroy the three hundred Tibetan cavalrymen. If they were allowed to get away, who knows whether they might venture even deeper into Great Tang and wreak havoc wherever they passed.

Hong long!

The two hundred shield bearers raised their tower shields up and charged at the Tibetan cavalrymen. Boom! The heavy tower shields collided forcefully against the highland steeds.

Neighhhh! Despite the physical resilience of these highland steeds, their bones and tendons still snapped under the incredible force behind the tower shields.

To be able to withstand a full charge of mounted soldiers, the strength of these shield bearers was prodigious. If one were to assume that the sole purpose of these tower shields was to fend off enemies, they couldn't be any more mistaken. They were a powerful tool of offense as well!

Amidst agonized neighings, highland steeds collapsed to the ground. At the same time, the several hundred Great Tang cavalry behind also began their charge.

In just an instant, the Tibetans were pincered both from the back and the front. Their formations flew into chaos, and their echelon formation finally collapsed.

After the innumerable battles Great Tang had with -Tsang, the consequences of the Tibetan cavalry having their formation scattered was apparent.

Hong long long!

In just an instant, the three hundred Tibetan cavalrymen found themselves plunged into a dire state.

War steeds collided with war steeds, swords clashing with swords, halos wrestling against halos, Stellar Energy vied against Stellar Energy, roars of aggression, cries of agony... All of these converged together to form a chaotic scene.

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As the Tibetan cavalrymen fell, notifications sounded ceaselessly in Wang Chong's head. Hong long, a seemingly endless source of energy gushed into Wang Chong's body.

At the same time, the Bane of the Battlefield halo also began expanding once more. Wang Chong could see the beautiful but imposing white ripples pushing their boundaries further...

"Incredible!" Wang Chong closed his eyes as he indulged himself in the marvellous sensation of having his strength growing rapidly. It was as if every single cell in his body was moaning in pleasure.

Since the three hundred Tibetan cavalrymen were goners, there was no need for him to interfere in the battle anymore.

In truth, it wasn't a necessity for a commander to step on the battlefield personally, either. From the moment that Wang Chong had succeeded in executing his plan, he already knew that he had won.

As the saying went, "the one who analyzes deeper wins the battle". That is the true role that a commander should assume.

Compared to the strategies that Wang Chong grasped, the warfare in this era was still far too lacking.

They were still stuck with the notion that warfare was only about organizing an army in a formation and making use of everything at their disposal to win the battle.

When Wang Chong first arrived in this world in his previous life, he had already realized that despite the advanced martial arts existent in this world, warfare was still very underdeveloped.

Strategies used tended to be too simplistic. For example, the Tibetans relied too heavily on the advantages they acquired from charging from a higher position.

On the other hand, Great Tang was smart to utilize the tower shields to stop them, but they failed to prepare any follow-up plan should it fail.

Military strategies were divided into two main types, convention and novel. Through conventional strategies, one could organize their army to prepare an offense or defense, but it was through novel maneuvers that one would be able to outdo their opponent and claim victory!

The military in this world had done well on the "convention" aspect, but they lacked the "novel" maneuvers in their strategy. It was based on this that Wang Chong was able to outdo most generals, be it the Great Generals, Conferred Generals, or Protector-Generals, and win the support of the elders of the empire!

Of all the formidable generals in the world, he was the only one who rose to the very top and won himself the title of "War Saint"!

This war might be a life-and-death battle to the others, but it was nothing more than a walk in the park for Wang Chong.

Hong long long, horse after horse, the highlands steeds fell, and soldier after soldier of the Tibetan cavalry was killed.

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By the time the death toll of Tibetan cavalrymen reached a hundred, a different notification appeared in Wang Chong's head. It displayed the sum of foreign soldiers killed that Wang Chong had accumulated over time.

Looking at it, he wasn't too far from reaching level two for Bane of the Battlefield.

"AHHH!" a loud bellow sounded out. The Tibetan commander was finally beheaded by the Big Dipper Army commandant.

With the death of their leader, the remaining Tibetan cavalry finally fled in fear.

At the same time as they did, a mechanical voice sounded out, signaling the end of the war.

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