The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 376

Rde Chapter 376 Interrogation

RDE Chapter 376: Interrogation!

It was extremely difficult to earn Destiny Energy, Wang Chong had personal experience with this.

He had to change the flow of destiny for a major event to earn Destiny Energy.

He didn't expect that by joining the third mission, not only would he be able to earn the reward from the Bureau of Military Personnel and upgrade his Bane of the Battlefield, he would even obtain a total of four Destiny Energy!

With this, he had a current combined total of 79 Destiny Energy.

More importantly, he noted that the death of first Tibetan cavalryman had earned him a bonus of 1 Destiny Energy.

"... In other words, I will be able to earn Destiny Energy for the first kill of the soldiers of other nations as well!" Wang Chong's eyes lit up as he realized a new way he could earn additional Destiny Energy. If he were to find himself in dire need of Destiny Energy someday, this could possibly save his life.

The fight swiftly came to an end, after which came the looting of the battlefield. The foot of the mountain was littered with corpses and carcasses.

Dressed in heavy armor and devoid of any geographical terrain they could exploit in the region, it was impossible for the Tibetan highland steeds to outrun the Great Tang war steeds. As such, not a single one of the three hundred or so Tibetan cavalrymen managed to get away.

However, it was a pity that Wang Chong's Bane of the Battlefield had only two hundred or so Tibetan cavalrymen added to his kills. This was due to a portion of the enemy forces being killed by the other army of eight hundred, which Wang Chong wasn't the commander of. This was something that couldn't be helped.

Eventually, the total number of kills came to a halt at 1861, leaving him around a hundred kills off from reaching 2000, where his halo could be upgraded to level two.

"Such a pity. It seems like I can only wait for the next opportunity to level up my halo!" Wang Chong sighed in pity.

Once the Bane of the Battlefield reached level two, it would gain the ability to dispel the halo of a True Martial realm 2-dan martial artist. But until then, Wang Chong was stuck with what he had at the moment.


After the end of the battle, a bizarre atmosphere began to envelop the battlefield.

Eyes were slowly gathering on Wang Chong and the other "deserters", and admiration could be seen reflected in their gazes. This was especially so for the recruits who had participated in this battle multiple times.

They understood clearly that had it not been for Wang Chong's sudden appearance, they would have definitely fallen in defeat.

Without the protection of the tower shields, there was no way anyone could stand against those furiously charging Tibetan cavalrymen.

"Incredible! When did they lie in ambush there?"

"What a bizarre maneuver! Over the years that I have been in the army, I have never seen a thing like this before!"

"Was this arranged by our commander?"

"Impossible! At that moment the Tibetan cavalrymen breached our frontlines, I could see that even our commander had panicked!"

"I heard that they are deserters!"

"Are you insane? If they are deserters, what would they be doing here now?"

"Are you saying that they had disobeyed commands and moved on their own accord?"...

Many of the troops whispered curiously amidst themselves.

"Hahaha, it seems like we have made a name for ourselves this time around!" Seeing the gazes of admiration centered on them, Huang Yongtu laughed heartily in delight.

This was the first time he had been on a battlefield, as well as the first time he had crushed his enemies so utterly. Thus, he couldn't help but feel a surge of exhilaration.

"Wang Chong, you have my deepest respect. I never thought that we would be able to crush them so easily."

"Indeed, this is inconceivable!" Xu Gan chirped in by the side as he gazed somberly upon the corpses of the Tibetan cavalrymen around him.

When the Tibetans had charged down from the peak of the mountain, the momentum they had built up was so overwhelming that it felt like an avalanche.

Even from afar, they couldn't help but feel apprehensive of the other party's force.

Yet, they succeeded in crushing that powerful force with minimal casualties!

All of this was thanks to Wang Chong's wise commanding!

With such thoughts in mind, the awe in Xu Gan's eyes deepened. As the saying went, "the best way to know someone is through a fight". Even though they had started off on the wrong foot, all of the grudges and hostility were eventually resolved, leaving behind only respect and admiration.

On the other hand, Bai Siling and Zhao Yatong were shooting glances at Wang Chong from time to time as they conversed privately with one another. It was impossible to tell what they were talking about, but at a certain point, they suddenly chuckled lightly, and those momentary smiles on their beautiful faces left the crowd bewitched.

Di da da!

At this moment, the flurried clopping of horse hooves suddenly rose.

"Gongzi, the commander invites you over!" Pulling on the reins of his steed, a soldier stopped before Wang Chong and relayed the commands nonchalantly.

In that instant, the loud commotion in the area suddenly silenced as everyone turned their sights over.

Wang Chong had openly defied deployment orders and moved on his accord, even taking two hundred men away from him. According to military law, this warranted the death sentence.

"Will gongzi be fine?" a recruit from Shenwei Training Camp asked.

The recruit had also come from a prestigious clan, and he possessed a resounding reputation in his camp. The fact that he had been chosen to participate in this mission also proved testimony to his capability.

But even so, he still chose to address Wang Chong respectfully. Subconsciously, he had already viewed the latter as their leader.

"You must be joking! If not for us, this entire army would have been wiped out clean. Does the commander still intend to blame us for that despite everything?" Zhao Yatong spat out coldly in displeasure.

The events over the past three days, especially with this successful ambush, had left Zhao Yatong with no choice but to acknowledge Wang Chong. Despite his young age, she could tell that he was a person with overflowing talent. She had no doubt that he would eventually become a valuable asset to Great Tang.

Such a person shouldn't be punished, especially given that it was his wits that had saved everyone here.

"Yatong, calm down. Perhaps the commander might be inviting him over to offer him compliments. After all, we did play a crucial role in defeating the enemy and achieving victory," Bai Siling consoled her close friend.

Compared to Zhao Yatong, she was much more rational in her judgement. At this point, before anything was clear yet, there was nothing they could do but wait for the verdict. Acting recklessly would just worsen their position.

"Indeed! We have contributed greatly to the battle. How could the commander possibly still blame us given this?"

"If he were to do so, that would only make the hearts of the men turn cold," the others added in agreement.

Were it not for Wang Chong's sharp insight in bringing them to lay in ambush in the vicinity and charge out at the crucial moment, reversing the dire situation that the Great Tang army was in, there was no doubt that they would have been utterly destroyed.

It would be unbelievable if the commander chose to blame him despite the situation.

Seeing this sight, Wang Chong shook his head silently.

He knew that everyone was underestimating the severity of this matter. They were being far too optimistic. The Big Dipper Army was famed for its strict military discipline, and all soldiers were expected to obey orders strictly.

It was impossible for the Big Dipper Army commandant to let him off the hook so easily.

After all, if the commandant had intended to offer him compliments, he would have appeared before him personally instead of sending a messenger over.

"Don't worry, I can deal with whatever that comes my way. Yatong and Siling, take charge here while I'm gone." Wang Chong instructed. After which, he turned to the messenger and said, "Lead the way."


At the far west end of the battlefield, Wang Chong saw the austere-looking Big Dipper Army commandant with his hands placed behind his back.

He was gazing impassively upon a group of Great Tang soldiers, who were busy digging a ditch to dispose of the corpses.

"Paying respect to lord!" Wang Chong got off his White-hoofed Shadow and bowed deeply to the commandant.

In the military, background and the sort had no significance whatsoever. The only factor that granted one authority was one's rank. There were many scions who had broken military laws, thinking that they would be able to get away scot-free with their background, only to be caned harshly.

Naturally, Wang Chong would never make such an ignorant mistake.

"Un." Upon seeing Wang Chong, the complexion of the Big Dipper Army commandant softened.

"Good job, you have done well in this battle. How are the casualties?"

"Not too bad, we are able to eradicate the Tibetan army with minimal casualties," Wang Chong reported with his head lowered.

It was extremely hard to attack a cavalry unit, especially when they were charging at full speed. If you were to raise your sword at the moment which the first horseman approached you, it might already be the seventh one by the time your sword cut down.

As such, the casualties suffered by a group of charging cavalry tended to be minimal.

Furthermore, Wang Chong's Bane of the Battlefield had been active during the battle, resulting in a significant weakening in the prowess of those Tibetan soldiers.

"Un, good!" The Big Dipper Army commandant nodded in delight.

"I have already ordered my men to have your contributions jotted down, and it will be submitted to the Bureau of Military Personnel very soon. All of you will be handsomely rewarded for your accomplishments."

"Lord, you're being too polite. This is the least that I can do," Wang Chong replied humbly.

"Not bad. To be able to remain humble in the face of victory, this is indeed the attitude that a soldier should have," the Big Dipper Army commandant nodded in approval.

However, in the next instant, his gentle face suddenly turned cold, and he stared down at Wang Chong with a sharp gaze, "However, you left the formation on your own accord, deserting the group, and deployed the soldiers privately. What do you have to say about that? Do you know that such actions warrant death?"

As he spoke those words, his voice grew sharp and forceful. In an instant, the calm atmosphere between the two grew incredibly tense and heavy.

Hearing those stern and cold words, even the soldiers in the ditch beneath couldn't help but shudder in fear.

Deeply influenced by Wang Zhongsi and Geshu Han, the commanders of Big Dipper Army believed deeply in upholding discipline and military regimentation.

At the very inception of the Big Dipper Army, there were countless soldiers who were beheaded for failing to obey orders, and many of them had originated from noble backgrounds. The Big Dipper Army commandant's words weren't just an empty threat!