The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Geshu Hans Threat

Chapter 377: Geshu Han's Threat!

In an instant, the atmosphere plunged to the freezing point.

Wang Chong could distinctly feel the pair of cold eyes above him. There was little doubt that the other party wasn't just leaving him with an empty threat.

As I expected, here it comes, Wang Chong breathed out a long, helpless sigh. He had known that this would happen.

"Extreme situations call for extreme measures. If I had told lord about the matter in advance, would you have allowed us to leave?" Wang Chong had been speaking with a lowered head all along, but at this moment, he abruptly raised his head to face the commandant.

"Audacious! There is a reason why discipline is upheld with grave importance in our military. If everyone were to behave like you did, what would become of our army? Without discipline, what difference would we be from bandits and highwaymen?"

"So, does lord intend to punish us? After all that has happened?" In face of the furious commandant, Wang Chong suddenly chuckled.

"Hmph! Are you trying to hold me hostage with your contributions? Do you think that I dare not lay my hands on you?!" Fury flickered in the eyes of the commandant. "Those who have accomplishments shall be rewarded, and those who have erred shall be punished. I have already recorded down your accomplishments, and I will submit them to the Bureau of Military Personnel! But at the same time, you have chosen to act on your own accord, defying the deployment commanded of you, and leaving the formation on your own whim. If I were to let you off without any penalty, wouldn't our military laws be viewed a joke? Men, take him down!"

The Big Dipper Army commandant pointed at Wang Chong and commanded authoritatively.


Six brawny soldiers in the ditch immediately rushed forward with military canes in their hands and encircled Wang Chong.

In order to inflict grave pain on the True Martial realm soldiers, the military canes were crafted not of wood, but steel.

"Wait a moment!" Seeing the vicious glint in the eyes of the six military enforcers, Wang Chong immediately realized that the Big Dipper Army commandant was already prepared for this situation. From the very start, the other party had intended to punish him heavily.

"Hmph! Those who disobey military orders must be dealt with according to the military laws. It makes no difference regardless of how great a contribution you have made. Take him down!" With a cold expression, the Big Dipper Army commandant pointed at Wang Chong and roared.

"Don't err any further and surrender! If you fight back, you will only add to your crimes!" Of the six, a man who seemed to be the chief enforcer bellowed ferociously as he walked up to Wang Chong with shackles in his hands.

It was normal for the targets of the military enforcers to fight back as they were being apprehended, so they would commonly prepare shackles similar to those used by the Bureau of Punishments.

But unlike those used in the Bureau of Punishments, these shackles were forged from the Xuan metal found only in the deep oceans. Furthermore, they had been enchanted, granting them extraordinary durability.


As the chief enforcer stepped forward, the others also rushed forward to restrain Wang Chong's movements.

At this crucial time, they couldn't allow Wang Chong to break free.

"Presumptuous! Who dares to touch me!" Seeing that the soldiers were really going to apprehend him, Wang Chong immediately whipped out King Song's golden token and flashed it up high.

"I have King Song's token in my hands. Let's see who still dares to make a move!"

A majestic dragon was inscribed onto the golden token. Upon seeing the dragon on the token, the six military enforcers felt as if their eyes had been pierced by a needle, and their hearts suddenly skipped a beat. As if they had encountered an intangible wall, their feet came to a halt.

No matter how ignorant they were, they knew that it was a grievous crime to dare to use the form of a dragon privately. It was the symbol of the royal family, and any unauthorized use of it would be dealt with through the death penalty.

With just a glance, it was clear that Wang Chong's token was anything but ordinary. In the face of such unparalleled authority, they knew that they couldn't afford to offend the other party.


On the other hand, the Big Dipper Army commandant froze upon catching sight of the token. He hadn't expected Wang Chong to carry such an item with him.

"Hmph, what token is that? I don't recognize it!" The Big Dipper Army commandant roared. "You bastards, don't be deceived by him. Take him down and deal with him according to the military law!"

"Even if you don't recognize King Song's token, surely you will recognize the Bureau of Military Personnel's edict?" But, as if having expected such a sight, Wang Chong flicked his wrist and took out another piece of paper. After waving it before the commandant, he swiftly stowed it again.

"Under this edict, I am authorized by the Bureau of Military Personnel to make deployments on my own accord. There is the Minister of War's stamp on it, as well as the signature of many lords. With just one word from me, I can have you exiled to the remote borders, where you will start from a footsoldier once more. Or do you think that Geshu Han has the influence to protect you from that?" In the final sentence, Wang Chong abruptly raised his tone by a notch as he uttered sharply.


Even King Song's token and the edict from the Bureau of Military Personnel didn't come as a huge blow as Wang Chong's final words. As if struck by a bolt of lightning, the Big Dipper Army commandant widened his eyes in shock, unable to believe what Wang Chong had just said.

"Hmph! Did you think I wouldn't know that you are acting on Geshu Han's behalf? Think carefully! Even if you wish to please that Big Dipper Great General of yours, are you certain that you can survive the wrath of both the Wang Clan and King Song? In fact, is your Lord Geshu even able to bear the consequences himself?" With an incomparably sharp glint in his eyes, Wang Chong seemed to peer into the depths into the Big Dipper Army commandant's soul, uncovering every secret he had been concealing.

Hong long long!

It was like a storm had started within the Big Dipper Army commandant's heart. He stared at Wang Chong as if he was looking at a spectre. Shock, with a trace of fear, now held the entirety of his being.

The young man before him was far more difficult to deal with than he had thought. He had made sure to conduct everything discreetly, and he had ensured that his plan was flawless before confronting him, so he couldn't understand where he had failed.

The huge pressure from the other party's words weighed down heavily on him, and cold sweat trickled profusely down his back.

Had Wang Chong not said anything at all, he would have pushed on with the matter. However, with the revelations, there was no way he had the guts to continue on with it.

If Wang Chong was only an ordinary recruit before, at this very moment, he resembled a demon from hell. Just a gaze from him could leave his soul trembling in fear.

The Bureau of Military Personnel, King Song, and the Wang Clan; with these behemoths behind him, this young man wielded immense authority that could easily dictate his fate.

The commandant suddenly realized that he couldn't afford to offend the young man before him.

More importantly, the young man had already seen through his secrets.

"Gongzi, I don't know what you're talking about!" Even though his intentions were already revealed, the commandant had little choice but to refute it. The deep fear he felt left his clothes soaked in sweat.

"You know better than anyone else what I am talking about. Tell Geshu Han that he's free to come at me with whatever he has, but spare me from this kind of pathetic scheme!" Wang Chong sneered.

With those words, Wang Chong leapt back onto his steed and galloped away without bothering to spare a single glance at the commandant.

"Know your own place. This conflict isn't something that a measly commandant like you can interfere in. I'll let this slide this time, but in the future... You better count your blessings!" Wang Chong's sharp voice drifted back along the wind as his figure disappeared from view.

With Wang Chong's disappearance, the Big Dipper Army commandant fell weakly to the ground. To think that just a short encounter with the other party would leave him feeling drained of his strength. It felt even more treacherous than the battle he had fought just a moment ago.

But nevertheless, he was glad that he had managed to escape a calamity.

"I was intending to exact vengeance for the great general, but it seems like my thoughts were too immature. This young man isn't a figure who someone of my level can deal with!" the Big Dipper Army commandant sighed deeply.

Just as Wang Chong said, the Big Dipper Army commandant knew his true identity. In fact, when Wang Chong first reported to him at the resting point, he had already recognized him and sent a report to Great General Geshu Han.

Within Longxi's territory, there was probably no commander of the Big Dipper Army who wouldn't recognize Wang Chong.

Regarding the regional commanders incident, perhaps most of the Han generals might be standing on Wang Chong's side, but nearly all of the Big Dipper Army commanders had sided with Geshu Han.

Geshu Han had managed Longxi for many years, guarding the borders and protecting Longxi's populace from the Tibetans. Over the years, he had built up a resounding reputation in the military. He might be a Hu, but he was deeply respected in the region.

Thus, most of them were aggrieved to see Geshu Han humiliated by Wang Chong in the regional commanders incident, and they were eager to get back at Wang Chong for him. The event that had just occurred a moment ago was a result of that event.

This wasn't a sudden whim on his part, but something he had decided upon long ago.

Just that, he never thought that Wang Chong would be sharp enough to see through his intentions.

"The only thing I can do now is to report the situation here to the Great General and have him decide the next course of action." Sighing deeply once more, the commandant took out a piece of paper and brush, and began writing a letter.


With an agitated flapping of wings, a white pigeon soared into the sky to deliver the letter to the frontlines of Longxi.


"I fear that I must leave now!" Wang Chong's first words after returning to the group startled everyone.

"What happened?"

"Does the commander intend to punish you?"...

The group of men asked anxiously. Wang Chong's declaration of departure had come too abruptly.

It was clear that something must have happened in the encounter with the commandant.

"The Big Dipper Army commandant has recognized me, and Geshu Han already knows that I am here. I can't remain in Longxi any longer. Since the third mission has been cleared, I should return to the training camp," Wang Chong replied.

Longxi was Geshu Han's territory, and in the regional commanders incident, an irreconcilable grudge had been created between the two. No matter how naive Wang Chong might be, he didn't think that Geshu Han would stop at this.

If that was the extent of his grudge, he wouldn't have submitted a memorandum to the Sage Emperor imploring for Wang Chong's death. A day that he remained at Longxi would spell another inch deeper he was in danger.

Wang Chong was certain that Geshu Han wouldn't allow him to leave easily. Thus, it was imperative that he make his departure before Geshu Han could make any preparations.

As long as he was out of Longxi's territory, Geshu Han's claws would be unable to reach him.